Bodybuilder nutrition in foreign countries

When a bodybuilder travels in a foreign country, the first step is often to locate a local protein source. Im here in Borneo and most restaurants have meals that are about 10/50/40 (protein/carbs/fat). High protein low fat isnt available, to get enough protein here would require that I consume 8000 calories a day which would make me fat in no time. I just ordered a chicken and rice dish which probably had 1000 calories but at most a fork-full of edible chicken meat, I couldnt even identify the part of the chicken it came from but there was a lot of bone and grissle – I’m showing how incredibly spoiled I am here. I like eating what the locals are eating but I need my protein so what I usually do is choose good local vegetarian dishes that have lots of veggies and complex carbs but not much fat and then supplement that with protein found from grocery stores. The one thing that is available virtually worldwide is 99.99% fat free UHT milk. Have a carton before going out to eat, then at the restaurant you can focus on your veggies for vitimans and fiber and your carbs for energy and not stress out about getting enough protein.

Im doing an hour long pushup workout in my hotel room right now because a have a bit of time before going out for a sunset walk. After a hardcore workout like this I need to insure I get enough protein. Here is the UHT milk I got today so that tonight when I go out for dinner I wont need to stress about finding a restaurant that has high protein western style meals, I will just drink my milk for protein and go out and eat like the locals do!


Tomorrow, Palm tree pullups!

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  1. I’ve heard that in asian, insects are considered food (not kidding, at all here), and are readily available.
    I would imagine they would be a good source of protein! There was a recent National Geographic article on the subject, incidentally. Guten Apetit!

  2. Scooby haven’t you said that for your vacation nutrition you pack 90 grams of protein powder per day? I was also concerned about my nutrition during my month long trip to Spain.. I just decided to take a 5lb protein jug with me packed in my suitcase.. But I also found out that UHT milk is widely consumed in Spain! What do you suggest? UHT or pre-packed protein powder or both?

  3. Hey Scooby,
    I’m in Indonesia too (past 4 years) and that’s the best milk I’ve found as well. You can always find lots of decent chicken, tofu and tempe here too. Try Padang (Look for “Masakan Padang” on the restaurant sign) food – lots of great protein there… Just beware of some of the street food because it can often be unsanitary! Any of the locally made protein powers are full of sugars.
    We’re in Jakarta if you need a good meal before your flight home!

  4. Hey welcome to my hometown Scooby! A friend spotted you in town and now everyone’s talking about it :)

    Good luck on your bike trip up to Simpang Mengayau(Tip of Borneo). If you have the time I’d like to invite you to maybe have an informal gathering with me and some of my buddies who’s been great fans of you and your workouts. Reply me here or send me an email if this is possible.



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