Funny gym rules

I love looking at the posted rules in gyms, often they are funny and this gym in Kota Kinabalu is a great example:

“Smoking is not allowed in fitness center”

It was one of the best hotel gyms I have seen in Asia, its sad and funny that they needed to have this rule!


16 thoughts on “Funny gym rules”

  1. I dunno, this message is really no different than the black circle through the cigarette logo we see so often in North America but without the picture.

    If you COULD smoke in gyms, there are a few people who go to the one I go to who probably would. they are usually outside smoking weed and cigarettes in their car before they come in and stand by the dumbbells and talk for 2 hours…

  2. Perhaps they (gym management) were concerned with the intensity of people’s workouts and this was merely a proactive way of reminding them to not overdue it too much… Or maybe not.

  3. Spray On Jaundice...I Mean Tan

    In some asian countries smoking is considered/taught to be healthy and good for you and has been for a long long time. Its only now that some are attempting to turn the tide and speak out about the associated health risks etc… It is a funny sign from a western perspective but makes perfect sense when interpreted from a local point of view.

    Some governments refuse to speak against smoking or discuss/publicize the effects on your health as the corporate giants give them too much money…Similar in some respects to “health supplements” and a lot of “protein/mass powders” we find on our shelves ;)

    Having said all that i’d still have a good ole giggle at such a sign :) lol

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