When you cant workout

I probably wont be able to lift weights for the next two weeks because tomorrow morning I put on my backpack and start biking across Borneo. Its unlikely I will see a gym, at most I might be able to sneak in a quick pushup workout or a quick pullup workout on a tree before starting the days cycling. Am I afraid of losing muscle mass or strength? Not at all! It requires a LOT of effort to gain muscle but it takes comparitively little exercise to maintain muscle. Doing my pushup/pullup/crunch travel workout two to three times a week is plenty to keep me from losing ground and the daily cycling is plenty of a workout for the legs.

Today is my last day before hitting the road so Im making sure that my whole body has been brutalized before getting on the bike. Today I did a triple workout. At 5am I did a 45 minute pushup workout, at 2pm I did a lat workout, and at 4pm I did a shoulder workout. Now I welcome eleven days away from the gym!

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  1. Please hear me out, scooby.
    You say it doesn’t require alot to maintain muscle. You also said somewhere else that you seem to have reached your full potential, and that you don’t gain more muscle.
    Why would you then continue training hard? Wouldn’t simple pushups, pull ups, crunches, and body weight squat be enough to stay where you are without straining your muscles?
    I would love to hear your philosophy on this.

  2. Hi Scooby!
    I’m 47, since I fould your web site 6 months ago, I’ve lost 71 lbs. and have steadily been getting stronger, healthier, and bigger where it counts! You have changed my life in so many ways, everything is easier now, I look and feel like Superman.I shaved my top half, and am now as bald as my hero. Thank you for all your effort and know that it’s appreciated, I am honored to have been trained by the best. you made me fit, strong, and happier (cardio rocks!), . I love you Scooby. Thanks man! The pull up video rocks, changed me to the core! LOL you are the man!

  3. if you happen to pass through kota kinabalu , go to the body arts gym at putatan , it’s not actually a very nice looking gym but its not the weights that make the bodybuilder right ? I hope you can drop by , i’m a big fan

  4. that asian with the shortcut to six pack abs guy you critisiced on hall of shame s advertises on your site????????????????????????so you dont mind making money out of him yet you roast him???

  5. There are PLENTY of gyms around borneo, just depends which road you hit up. many large cities in Borneo too, to the surprise of many. check out the gyms in Kuching, capital of Sarawak, or in Miri even, its 2nd city. and happy trails! it will be fun.

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