Jungle biking and fatal elephant goring

I’m clean which means its morning, in an hour I will be sopped and muddy again. Every day at the end of biking involves doing laundry in the sink.

On a more tragic note, the woman I met yesterday at Tabin reserve was killed by a charging elephant at the mud volcano where I visited. They were talking about how they so wanted to see an elephant at dinner the night before, unfortunately their dream became a nightmare :(

Scooby Biking in Borneo

Here is a link to the tragic elephant goring death.

Off for more mud now,


25 thoughts on “Jungle biking and fatal elephant goring”

  1. Sorry to hear such tragic news. Hope your adventure goes well. I’ve been trying to register ( I’m new to your site), but the drop down menu on nutrition faqs and such won’t go away for me to fill in registry info. You might let your IT guy know. Thanks! Kimberley

    1. “IT guy” here :P Do you mind pointing me to where you are having issues? I don’t see anything wrong on my end. Make sure you have cookies enabled on this site or the menu won’t remember where you last clicked.

  2. Hey, scooby, not planning to tour in West Malaysia???
    Theres the national park in Pahang where there is the largest flower in the world, the rafflesia sp..
    Penang is also a nice place !!

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