My first gym workout in weeks

The last two weeks I have been on a bike tour and just doing my travel workout which consists of pushups, pullups, and crunches. Its a great workout thatyou can do virtually anywhere and it complimented the beating my lower body was getting on the bike. Im now in Kota Kinabalu getting ready for the flight home and my hotel has a darn good gym. Even though I have been working out hard with my travel bodyweight workouts, it feels SO good to lift dumbbells again! Aaaahhh!


28 thoughts on “My first gym workout in weeks”

  1. You are an inspiration Scooby……..!
    Iam faithfully following your advice for the last 2 weeks……and God Iam glad to have made a lot of positive strides…..Thanks again

  2. When I first saw this screen shot from far away it looked like Scooby was wearing an adult diaper. Thanks for the video- I have wondered how to alter workout routine after vacation and build momentum again.

  3. Good work Scoob! :) btw spelling mistake – thatyou – that you* ;) nah good work, keep it up and get back and show us some more videos :) Thanks a lot and good luck Scooby.

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