Nine step program to end obesity in America

If I controlled the President of the USA, Congress and the Senate I think I could solve our obesity problem with my 9 step program:

  1. Teach health and nutrition in grade school,  real health, not a course dictated by the dairy industry or other industry lobby groups
  2. Have quality physical education classes every grade starting with first grade that teach the joy of sports.  Every child should be helped to find a sport they find enjoyable.
  3. Promote and encourage after school sports, these have been all but cut due to budget constraints.
  4. Provide free, healthy school lunches.  Real healthy, not the “Ketchup is a vegetable” BS.  Teach kids by example
  5. Make food advertisements illegal in all forms of media
  6. Make all artificial flavors illegal.
  7. Make alcohol advertisements, including beer and wine illegal everywhere
  8. 200% tax on all products containing simple carbs (that would include about 95% of breakfast cereals)
  9. A massive ad campaign similar to the very effective anti-smoking campaigns

Too bad our politicians have to answer to the industry lobby groups that put them in power rather than the people, otherwise this list might be possible.  The critics would say “Impossible, it would  cost too much money”.  To that I say malarky!  America spends 147 BILLION dollars a year on obesity related costs according to the CDC.  Surely implementing my above nine suggestions would be an easy way to save the nation incredible amounts of health care money AND make people live healthier, more active, and enjoyable lives.  Just give me 1% of that 147 Billion and I will cut the obesity health care costs in half.  Thats a yearly savings of 73.5 Billion dollars, that would go a long way to help our government solve the budget crisis.  I’ll sweeten the deal actually, I dont even need any taxpayer money at all.  Just give me the money from the “sin tax” I propose in #8 above and I will use that to cut the obesity related costs in half.  You politicians out there, want to take me up on my offer?  I thought not.  Obesity is big business, cant upset the big political donors from the PACs supported by food conglomerates like Archer Daniels Midland.

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  1. “Every child should be helped to find a sport they find enjoyable”
    This is so important, I spent my school days unhealthy and depressed and a sport would have helped me so much, but unfortunately my Physcial Education experience just involved playing soccer over and over and over.
    It wasnt long ago our (UK) government spent a very large sum of money on renewing our Trident nuclear missle systems, we could have easily scrapped that plan and spent the money on measures like the ones you are suggesting!

  2. You pointed out the hefty tax, including 95% of cereals. I am curious if just plain old Cherios or more likely, the walmart brand, would happen to fall outside this catagory? They seem to my eyes to be the healthiest of the cereals I am able to afford. I was hoping to get your opinion on how close to healthy they are as the ones that are obviously healthy, such as Kashi, fall way outside what I am able to afford….

  3. I would make the argument Scooby that Obesity is not an example of our food choices and exercise habits as much as it is a product of our hectic schedules caused by an unnecessarily long work day. You pass a law saying that all work is to be completed between 10am and 2pm and watch how people begin to exercise, cook their own meals, workout, play sports, enjoy their families, what a wonderful world it would be.

  4. I like 1-5 and 9. I think those would be enough of a step forward to really make a difference. It teaches people these habits and life choices really early and I suspect that a lot of the other proposals you made won’t matter, because the vast majority of people will be eating healthy and exercising regularly. That’s the hope anyway.

  5. I agree with everything except the food / alcool advertisment banning.
    It should be restricted, not banned.
    A cup of wine from time to time never hurt anyone IMO, but massive partying isn’t the best thing ..
    As for food advertisment, why not ? As long as they promote healthy stuff and new recipes, it would be good !

  6. People who lack sense enough to take care of their bodies through their own choices and intuition shouldn’t be catered to with ridiculously overbearing legislation that would further damage the US economy. Survival of the “fittest”. I make healthy choices and live a healthy life because I think it is what’s best for me, not because the government told me to. However we SHOULD stop subsidizing corn (and all agriculture). Not only does it waste tax-payer’s money, but it allows high fructose corn syrup to be artificially because of them. Makes no sense. Less government involvement, not more. Ron Paul 2012.

    1. *artificially cheap (thus driving the prices of unhealthy foods containing HFCS down). Your taxes are making cokes, snack cakes, and all sorts of other unhealthy shit cheaper. Thanks government involvement!

  7. Scooby I am surprised and disappointed with your comments. Your videos have always been instructional and have focused upon a desire to improve one’s health. Self motivation has always been a priority, and yet here you are wanting to legislate to force people into a lifestyle not of their choosing. Prohibition has never worked. That was evidenced in the alcohol prohibition of 1920-23 and the current situation of trying to prohibit the use of illicit drugs. People can not be changed by legal statutes, but by an informed analysis of the pros and cons of any given subject. It is only then that they will make an informed, personal decision, and one that is made of a person’s own free will is one that is likely to be the most effective.

  8. sadly, these are right. some people will see a mcdonalds commercial and think, “its just one it wont kill me” but they dont stop at one. and you already pay close if not more for one beer on taxes then you think, it costs about 50 cents at most to make a beer commercially including the advertising, shipping and handling, etc… trust me i make my own wines.and compared to some this country is “free”. but we arent even a true democracy, more of a republic.and free lunches breaking the bank? na, apples, bananas, and others bought in bulk are about as cheap as a bottle of ketchup. and lastly, i swtiched from drinking soft drinks for years ( like a 12 pack a day) to going through withdrawals from not having them to no longer getting sick once a month, and no longer having little energy spikes and luls throughout the day. i now have the same energy 5 minutes after i wake up to till i sleep. i wake up every day and dont ache. people my age that still do look less healthy then i do. i watch them age at work while i age about half their pace. couple all that with some groups actively trying to switch us to universal health care, realize that when or if we do, we will as a taxpaying group will be taking on their mcdonalds, smoking, excessive drinking and god knows what else bad habits as a society. eliminating junk from everyones diet to lower your taxes since you dont want to pay for their mc double chin will probably change a lot of peoples free speech tune

  9. P.S to all the negative comments regarding socialism, I’m a socialist and proud of it, as in a european style socialist who believes in democracy but also in a greater redistribution of wealth!

    1. Proud to take others hard earned money and waste it on bloated bureaucracies and feel good government programs. Makers and takers. Proud to be a taker. Tax the rich so they don’t hire people for productive work, take a big cut for yourself, and another for your unions and send the rest to unemployed who can’t get hired because taxes are too high. Clever!

      BTW, how is that Europe thing working out for you. I heard they were having financial problems or something.

      But never give up on socialism. Just because it didn’t work out the first hundred times they tried it is no reason to think it doesn’t work.

      1. i often wonder how the word “socialism” is misinterpreted.

        BTW, i heard that north america has even more financial problems than europe. the debt is gigantic in comparison to the european debt. it isn’t that obvious because the FED ist just printing the dollars needed to go on (only possible because of the dollar hegmony). america is basically comsuming stuff without producing stuff.

        1. We won’t talk about the over 5 trillion spent within the past three years by a socialist. In the past 30 years how much debt has been added up? When was the last time the Senate passed a budget? These are all the reason why our debt is so high. I predict that America as we now it will be eroding very fast. We all shall watch and see.

          I say a balanced budget amendment. Less taxes to encourage job growth. And less regulations. I know the ladder is not popular with his site but oh well. Thank God I still live in America for the moment!!

  10. Totally agree on number 2 – sports should be enjoyable, schools, sports clubs etc should emphasis the fun in sports, too often sport at school can be seen as off putting as it can sometimes be taught in a punishing manner and in a militaristic manner.

  11. You are tempting the law of unintended consequences!!

    In San Fransisco they banned toys with happy meals unless they meet minimum nutritional standards. McDonalds is one of the biggest toy suppliers in the world. Did they think there wouldn’t be a work around? So McDonalds has removed the toy, and now charges an additional $0.10 for the toy, but the kicker is that whereas in the past you could go in and buy the toy by itself, it will now only be available with the happy meal. So if you want one, and people do, you buy a burger or rubber chicken with fries.

    McDonalds 1, Naive regulators 0.

  12. This country is already for the most part a socialist country…….and with the implementation of this it would be on its way to a communist country. I too like watching and learning from your videos but 4-9 of your plan are taking more and more freedoms away from the American people. And that sir has been going on way to long. If the founding fathers only could see the way America has turned into!!!!!

    1. USA a socialist country, Ha you my friend are one of the many brain dead americans who have never even crossed the border with Mexico!!. NO NO NO, this is not a question about freedoms, this is a question about obese people costing me money and making my country USA fall further behind. It is time for some good old conservative discipline. Time to make USA strong again and not the slave of the super rich and super corporations. The super corporations are using all of their power to brain wash morons like some of the people in these comments, making them think that their freedom is to be obese and mcdonalds junkies. I elected a government to use its powers to fight back.

  13. You know what, Scooby? Other than accepting ketchup as a vegetable, now a slice of pizza is officially a serving of vegetable!

    They DO have all the answers and solutions, but guess what?

    Scooby, you rock!

  14. #5 is terrible, #7 is terrible, #8 is terrible, Love ya scoob, but some of these are extreme intrusions on our freedom. If someone chooses to be obese, you have no right to tell them they can’t. You can try and show them the downsides, but ultimately some people would rather be obese than healthy/fit and that’s their choice to make. Proper education is the greatest aid in the battle against obesity.

    1. #5 and #7 just limit advertising on products deemed unhealthy, people are still free to buy them. This is no different than cigarettes, those are not allowed to be advertised either but you are free to buy them. As for my 200% simple carbs tax in #8, again, no different than cigarettes or alcohol. Virtually every countrupy puts a steep tax on “sin” items. You would still be allowed to buy snickers bars but the tax would go toward education campaigns to reduce obesity-again, just like the cigarette tax is used.

      1. Every product has people somewhere who believe it is illegal or immoral or unhealthy or whatever. While I agree that healthy lifestyle promotion has a long way to go, this is a slippery slope. Ask PETA what should be banned from being advertised. I’m sure there are huge swaths of people who think meat is evil and bad, and want advertising for that banned. How about climate change? Thats supposed to be bad for you too. Lets ban advertising for cars and trucks.

        Besides, what is healthy changes every few years. 10 years ago we would have banned marketing anything with any fat in it. Now carbs are the bad guy. But sugar has simple carbs in it, and if you pop a 200% tax on sugar you make practically every prepared food at the supermarket more expensive, not just snickers bars. And while it would be great to have everyone shop at the vegetable and meat counters only and prepare everything from scratch, that just isn’t going to happen.

  15. Love your site and workouts but the last half of these are just retarded. sorry. and, even though i love working out and being healthy, i love my freedoms even more. so, lets just hope we can always enjoy making our own choices based on education…and not forced under a jack boot!

    1. You may not LIKE my nine items to eliminate obesity but they in NO way limit your freedom or your choices. People buying simple carbs will just be forced to pay their real cost which includes health related expenses of obesity.

  16. Hehe, you should come live in Norway. We actually have alot of those steps already implemented in our society. Alchohol commercials are illegal, healthy food is promoted, on TV, and they teach you how to easily cook it, fruit and vegetables are tax-free, health and nutrition is taught in elementary school, and healthy food in the cafeteria is half the price of less healthier foods (although the least healthy food there is baguette with ham and cheese). Plus pretty much ALL food is strictly controlled, so that almost all food contains very little sugar, artificial supplements and all that. And those are just are some of the things that i know of. To put it in perspective, having a donut for breakfast here, is frowned upon, which makes a healthy lifestyle “quite easy”.

    1. now, this is the country where i should have immigrated!! hahah :-) instead, i picked a country where people selling raw milk go to jail !!!! if i had only known…. :-)
      we have lots to learn and i think that scooby is not that far off…
      thank you for sharing christoffer, glad to hear there is a country with common sense. i think i will visit next year.

    2. I live in Belgium and here people go for fat loat of bread + a lot of french fries(the big ones) + a lot of mayonnaise or McDonalds and they sometimes say “This looks nice” to my fresh salad.

  17. 1-3 are ok
    4-9 are stupid and ridiculous. I am an adult and this is still a relatively free country. If I want a beer it is obscene to expect a 200% tax . Free lunches. good lord. Our school systems, and government are broke already. Make food advertisements illegal? So you think that people are so butt stupid that not seeing food advertisements will suddenly make them start eating chicken breasts and broccoli? Love what ya do scooby, but these are bone headed

  18. Scooby , I hope you don’t hold your breath waiting for these good things to happen.
    Too much money is at stake for one thing. Can you imagine a cure for diabetes? That would put and industry out of business.
    Best Wishes,

    1. Well, it would partially put the drug companies in a deficit. Let’s not forget that a healthy diet would still not prevent all cases of Type 1 Diabetes thanks to mutations on chromosome 6.

      Again, whilst healthy lifestyles as a whole would help to lower blood pressure, with the strong genetic presence of the disease means that anti-hypertensives will still be required.

      Certainly though, lowering the adipokines that are responsible for metabolic and cardiovascular disease through a good lifestyle will greatly improve the quality of life for millions.

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