Can’t means won’t

As we approach the end of the year 2011, its a time of reflection for many and a time to look forward about how to improve health, fitness, happiness, and stress levels.

Can’t means won’t

This is a quote from a good friend’s parents. For years I thought it was stupid but now I realize how truly wise it is. Its also very important to fitness because people often use the word “Can’t” to rationalize their unhealthy lifestyles. People use the word “Can’t” as a discussion stopper, meaning, I don’t want to think about this issue so stop bugging me. Here are some examples:

I can’t go to the gym, I don’t have time.
I can’t get in shape, I can’t afford a gym membership.
I can’t get daily cardio, I don’t have time.
I can’t lose weight, it’s my genetics.
I can’t get enough sleep, I am too busy.
I can’t workout, I have three kids.
I can’t eat healthy, I don’t have time to cook.
I can’t gain muscle, I’m a hard gainer.
I can’t lose weight, my metabolism is slow.
I can’t workout, I am a single mom.
I can’t stop smoking, I’m addicted.
I can’t
I can’t
I can’t

It’s not that you can’t, its that you are not willing to. People so poison themselves with negativity and “can’t can’t can’t” that they start to believe it themselves.  Get the idea?  Simply saying that you “can’t” is the easy way out, the only response people can give is “well, OK.”.    In every situation above, you and I could come up with a solution for how to solve that problem, but it would take a lot of effort which is what the person is trying to avoid. Its the subconscious trying to protect you and keep you happy – “since you can’t do anything about it, it’s not your fault”.   Lets just take one example because its the most commonly used excuse in the book:

I can’t do cardio, I don’t have time.

Really?  To the person using this as an excuse, let me ask this.  How many errands do you run in your car every week that are within 2 miles of your home?  How much time did you waste sitting in traffic while running those errands?  Why didn’t you walk or ride your bike on those errands?  Did you drive to the gym?  How much time in the week did you waste driving to the gym?  How much time did you spend watching TV in the last week and why couldn’t you do that while on a stationary bike?  How much time did you spend on facebook in the last week and why couldn’t you do that while on a stationary bike?  Did you drive to work?  How much time did you waste driving to work?  Why can’t you take the bus to work, it takes longer but you would get in 30min walking to/from the bus stops and make your commute time effective by doing emails on the bus.

I think you get the idea.  In the future, every time the word “can’t” rolls off your lips, stop.  Think about it.  Is there really some law of physics, mathematics, or biology that is preventing it? Is there some legal or moral reason preventing it?  If not, then it IS possible but you many not like the difficult solution.  Be honest with yourself, you owe yourself that much.  Rather than saying “I can’t do cardio, I don’t have time.” Say the truth, get it out in the open:

I don’t want to do cardio, I find it boring.

This honesty with yourself and others will open many doors.  It’s not possible to solve a problem if you don’t know what it is.  By stating the real reason, your subconscious can work on a solution and your friends can offer suggestions too when they find out the real reason for your cardio avoidance.

Need vs Want

In a very similar fashion is critical that you be honest with yourself about “need” or “have to” versus “want”.  Again people try to use the terms “have to” or “need” as discussion stoppers as well as to convince themselves that they have no choice.

Need: You will die or go to jail if you do not buy/have this item.  Examples: food, shelter.

Want: Everything else! You dont need a nice apartment for shelter, thats what you want.  All you need is a tent or your mom’s sofa.  You need transportation to get to work to make money but you only need a bicycle, a car is what you want.

If you are honest with yourself then you realize that you DO have options and that your hand is not being forced.  You ALWAYS have choices.  Do not use the word “need” to pretend you dont have a choice when you really do.  The choices may be unpleasant but you do have them.

19 thoughts on “Can’t means won’t”

  1. martial arts imo are the most fun way to do cardio…or if anyone wants efficient fat burn id recommend beach body’s insanity (its not anything out of the ordinary, its just cardio that burns many calories in a short amount of time and even that time flies by)

  2. Merry Christmas Hans! I Love the vídeos and all the great info. I think Its also very cool that you bring a large scoop of humor and add It to the mix. You are a funny guy! Thanks for the laughs. You are spot on about the attitude of negativity many people suffer with. Thats gotta go even before the munchies. You have to believe you can, because Its true. Anyone can be more fit. Anyone. You give great examples of Just how to do It. Fitness is a journey, not a destination.

  3. I don’t do any cardio because I don’t want to. Intensive cardio makes me sweat and tires me out and I don’t like that. Light cardio takes a long time. It’s easier to just eat a bit less.

  4. amen to this scooby!! i understand what you are saying because i have been on the “I can’t” side. not anymore and i believe i will never go back. everyone saying “I can”t” is just affraid or lazy to take responsibility for their acctions. sometimes i wish i had woken up earlier but, it is never too late to change bad habits, eat well and get out to move that great body of ours because it was made to run and not to be seated in front of Tv for endless hours and stuffed with junk food.
    merry christmas (oh, is that polliticaly correct? hehe) to you and hans :o)

    thank you again for all your work scooby

  5. See this is why I come here. I mean you are a weird guy to watch. No disputing that. But you know your stuff. Not many people can sit here and read this and say they have no time. If you didn’t have that 10-15 minutes to run or walk around you neighborhood then where do you have the time to read or even listen and watch what Scoob does. It’s not like his videos are short. I mean I do research on what he says for my own piece of mind. Almost everything he says that I check about is right. Due to what I want out of my body what he says is right. I mean the only thing I’m against is his meat choice. Sorry Scoob. Fish isn’t my thing. Chicken surely is though. With ending this statement of mine. Just remember. He didn’t find you out and make you watch/read this stuff. You came of your own free will and if you are overweight or skinny and don’t even workout. No need to comment on this stuff or on his youtube videos. Only thing you are doing is wasting your time typing all of what you gotta say.

  6. fu**ing true scooby, thats the problem, IT IS boring :/ I need to get a TV to my home gym room to make it more exiting.

    another question: What do you think about getting a mirror in a gym room? I think that it could improve my form a lot and also i think it could be good for my motivation..

    greetings from a true fan from germany :)

  7. What do you expect? It’s engrained in us by our own rotten government. You can’t do this… You can’t do that. The control freaks and the thought police are the biggest threat to us ” can doers” and liberty lovers. They don’t want you to do for yourself. They want you to be dependent on them to do for you… So they can control you.

    1. You’ve got to be kidding? Our “rotten government”?? Come on… the government saying you can’t do this or that means you are not PERMITTED to do this or that, totally different than you can’t do cardio i.e. you are not CAPABLE of doing cardio… You can’t tell the difference in the meaning? Geez dude. BTW yes I agree our government couldn’t figure out how to get out of a wet paper sack.

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