how low can sixpackshortcuts stoop?

Sixpackshortcuts who figures prominently on my wall of shame, has copied the title of my most popular video, killer home chest workout, in an underhanded attempt to gain views. If you think this is slimy, please let him know by giving his video a thumbs down! . While you are at it, please give mine a thumbs up!!!

The funny thing is that his killer ‘home’ chest workout is done in the aerobics room at a gym and requires at least 14′ x 14′ of open space to do his circle pushups. Now I know he probably makes millions of dollars a month selling his eBook and his mansion probably has rooms huge enough to do this workout but he should realize that in the real world, people don’t have 14′ x 14′ empty spaces in their homes. Thats more than some peoples entire living space!

His transparent attempt to start making money off the home workout crowd, many of whom cant afford gym memberships, is dispicable in a season where GIVING is what people should be doing. Check out his website, its just an advertisement for his $97 eBook.

Funnier yet, he is paying over $1 per view to get people to watch his videos by advertising on YouTube, Google and elsewhere:

Sixpackshortcuts pays per click

Why does he have to PAY to get people to watch his videos?  Where does he get the money to pay hundreds of thousands per year in advertising costs?

If you want to give the gift of fitness to you husband, wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend for Christmas or new years, don’t spend any money! Send them a link to scoobysworkshop, the original, free, and unbiased home workout website..

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  1. Top stuff man. As soon as i heard chang say things like, doing squats for 10 minutes with not weights is better than spending 1 and a half hours in the gym, i knew he was bs’ing.
    His constant ads on my favourite youtubers videos is pretty annoying as well, its literally on every hodgetwins and scooby video.

  2. Scooby I like a lot of what you offer for building muscle. But from what I’ve seen of sixpackshotcuts on youtube, there is a difference in cardio, which people need to burn the fat. You advocate for steady state cardio such as biking or being on the treadmill. “Shortcuts” alternates between various compound weight lifting exercises and plyos in a circuit in order to develop the cardiovascular system. It’s tougher but it’s more effective and not as boring as biking on and on.

  3. well scooby is right. At the end of the day that sixpackshortcut guy is robbing people of their money by promoting confused and wrong information. He is using very clever tactics and many people might not be able to notice it at once. The worst part is that hes convincing people to belive that he has some kind of magic metabolism formula, which is complete bullshit.Thanks again scooby for warning everybody.

  4. There are quite a few people in the fitness world upset about your negative posts on sixpackshortcuts.

    If you ask me more respect to you Scooby, it takes a certain type of person to stand against something wrong when he knows it’s going to hurt his popularity. I respect that.

    P.S. Thanks again for all you do, I started following your videos nearly 5 years ago my how time flies…it all started with me getting rejected by my School’s Ball team yet again, but for the last time.

    I decided I didn’t need their aprooval to get strong, determined to train myself and do whatever it took I googled proper pushup form and I beleive it was your Killer Home Chest Workout I found and I’ve been a fan ever since.

  5. Sixpackshortcuts have the right to say what they want. If people are so dumb they believe them then we should blame those people and not sixpackshortcuts. It’s like those commercials on TV. Do all of us believe them? No. Yet they are still allowed.

    People just need to use some COMMON SENSE. If they are dumb enough to believe false information then they deserve to spent their money on it.

    Also I find it quite stupid to convince a small amount of people to dislike some videos on youtube…as if it would change anything…

  6. Scooby…first and foremost thankyou for your informative, entertaining and educational site.

    I would, however, agree that you need to let this animosity towards sixpackshortcuts go. Yes, he is trying to sell his work-out program, but that does not mean he is wrong to do so. Gyms charge membership fees and Personal Trainers charge personal fees for tuition and nobody considers that to be unethical. I know you CHOOSE to be philanthropic and donate you knowledge and experience free of charge, but that does not make it wrong, illegal, or unethical for those that do attempt to make some sort of a living from their endeavours. You say that you do not wear a shirt to prove that you walk the talk. You are not just telling people what to do but you are a living example…..well it is quite easy to see that sixpackshortcuts also practises exactly what he preaches.

    The bottom line is that both of you are promoting the advantages of a healthy body and that is to be applauded. Some people will appreciate your style more than his…and vice versa. There is room in the marketplace for everyone who promotes healthy and fit bodies. You would be best served promoting yourself and the benefits you offer (which are significant), and leave sixpackshortcuts to rise or fall by his own efforts.

  7. I totally agree with you Scoob. Before i say anything, let me tell you that I am very grateful to you for your contribution to us, teens out there who don’t have the money for professional coaches or expensive gym memberships. I can say with conviction that you are the only guy out there who really gives solid advice and complete programs. No rocks are left unturned in your website. Really, you address all the issues. Hoewever, there’s only one thing that makes everything you say highly controversial: why do you advertise this guy on your website if he is a cheat? Because of the money? Honestly i don’t like him as well because his workouts are really ‘jokes’ after what he claims. But if you want all your fans to hate him, then you should set the example and not advertise him yourself. I am not trying to teach you a lesson, i just want to know why you advertise him yourself??? It leaves me open-mouthed..

  8. Ya know I’m a big fan Scoob. But to be honest you can’t copyright “Killer Home Workout”. There is nothing inherently unique about those words. As a matter of fact if you google Killer Home Chest Workout you get 282,000 hits! So if Mike is “infringing” (What F—ing Joke) then so are thousands of others. Truth is as big a fan as I am of yours you are really really starting to sound lame by doing nothing more than lambasting some other idiot on YouTube. Pay attention to your own program and people will follow you. Focus on some other jackass Like Mike and people will leave because you sound like you have a ax to grind.

  9. Hint is in the title “sixpackshortcuts” there are no shortcuts, there is cheating granted but no shortcuts. The people who are drawn into his channel are just dupes who want a quick fix and don’t know that accomplishments such as a six pack and massive arms will make you feel a lot better when you have earned them.
    People need to realize that looking good isn’t the only reason to exercise and eat healthy, being healthy is by far the greater advantage.(as crazy as that sounds)
    Shamefully there is always going to be people like Mr six pack in six seconds and they rightfully belong in your wall of shame. We can only hope that they will tire of crash diets and shake weights and realize that Bodybuilding and being healthy is long, hard and very fun, all it takes is dedication!
    Merry christmas and thankyou for creating this website.

  10. Hey Scooby, I think you’re in the right for bashing this website, I’ve always enjoyed going to your website, and using it as a reference for myself and others interested in getting physically it. Your an inspiration. I hope the person that sells his information for money sleeps easy at night because I wouldn’t. Information such as health care and physical wellness should be free

  11. I would have been kind of pissed If someone said i was constantly whining. Scooby, you are a classy guy. Mature, generous and absolutely within your rights to ask anyone that cares enough to listen to noté the scummy tactics of sixpackshortcuts. Even the name is an affront to all you stand for. There are no real shortcuts. There is commitment, knowledge, and action
    over time. Thank you for standing up for the truth about bodybuilding and fitness in general. There are way too many naive people that are taken in by people asking for money in Exchange for the magic of some trick. God bless you and your work. Thank you from all of We thousands of people who look to you for advice and a few laughs.

  12. I come across another scum bag using your material last week on the net.
    Sorry I didn’t record the address. I Will be more vigilant next time and pass the info forward to you.

  13. Sixpackshortcuts? THIS IS SCOOBY!

    Seriously though lighten up. I use this site all the time but you did not invent bodybuilding and you are not the first (maybe first comprehensive site) or the last to come up with a self help site. The internet is a big place for lots of things.

  14. Scooby. A simple Thanks! for your site and the obvious amount of time and work you put into it. 9 months of lifting and 15 months of cycling here. I advise anyone starting out to go here first.

  15. Scooby , I think some things a really worth while in the hall of shame,like products and gimmicks that don’t work. I don’t think it really makes you look that good when you knock the six-pack guys. If it didn’t bother you you wouldn’t be normal. Take the high road road, that’s obviously your style. To me it’s similar to politicians knocking each other up until election day or people debating religion, who gives a rats ass.
    If someone whats to blow their money on the six-pack guys, I say who cares. When the six-pack guys fade away there will some other hucksters to take their places. Then you’ll need to add that to your hall of shame. I say, forget get about them and continue doing what you’re doing by giving the best info out there.
    I appreciate your work, that’s why I keep coming back.

  16. You know this have a reverse effect on me… Some of the exercises he gives people for free are great. I agree that his payment thing really look like a scam, you should convince him to make a free website for himself (or wait? Are Scooby arfraid of competition?). He have a new thing going on, and your ”old bodybuilder” thing is in danger? More people = more varaity, better and more exercises for more people (as people are different) and as you have said before, your way is not the best, there are alot of good stuff all over the web. He just have the wrong impression, and you should just wait and see if he disappears or changes his metod. There is no reason to send your fanbase at him… (and on Christmas?) You really disappoint me Scooby…. :S

    1. “you should convince him to make a free website for himself”
      I can’t believe how stupid this sounds. You can’t tell someone to work on something and then give it away for free, and since Scooby doesn’t trust him anyway, why would he contact him and suggest this?

      “More people = more varaity”
      But “varaity” is not a word.

      “there are alot of good stuff all over the web.”
      But these good things don’t come from scammers.

      “You really disappoint me Scooby….”
      He’ll also be quite disappointed when he’ll realize that he’s read by people with a severe lack of logic, like you.

      1. I’m sorry that you can’t understand that people write wrong it should be variety.
        And have Scooby tested Sixpackshortcuts’ program is a scam? No… it is perfectly fine to pay for a good thing, please don’t just assume he is a scammer. People should tell him that his stuff look like a scam and that is not the way to go, and why can’t not Scooby be the one to suggest it as he is all about ”free stuff”? And ” You can’t tell someone to work on something and then give it away for free” you can! He could make a website that don’t look like a scam…

        1. Sixpackshortcuts is a scam…there are no shortcuts to a six pack, and why charge for something that should be free? Scooby tells it like it is and doesnt sugar coat anything. Scooby also gives all the information you need to work out safely and correctly, in your home or gym, for free!!! Why? Because he believes it should be a knowledge that is passed on to everyone so that “everyone”, not just those that can afford it, can have good nutrition and healthy bodies for life!

          I am really tired of people knocking Scooby because he keeps bringing the scammers to light for all to see and know who they are. Scooby puts in a tremendous amount of time and effort without asking for us to compensate him for it, just so he can pass on his knowledge and his years of experience. He could easily be doing what the rest of the scammers are doing and charging a mint for it as well but he doesn’t. So keep up the good work Scoob and keep shining light on those trying to make money off of those trying to do better…..Merry Christmas!

        2. I COMPLETELY agree with Jason.

          And regarding your “have Scooby tested Sixpackshortcuts’ program is a scam?”, the answer is yes, because he tests everything before putting it on his Hall of Shame.

          1. Uh…Just saying but…you guys do know that “sixpackshortcuts” is just a term to LURE in customers right? Meaning that the program ITSELF is not actually a shortcut. I am doing his program right now. and I can tell you that it is NOT a shortcut. It is very difficult, and you can only obtain the body you want through hard work and dedication. SO…….. overall point is that sixpackshortcuts knows how to effectively ADVERTISE their product.

          2. hahaha so u agree that is a scam
            its like yelling free laptops for every one that come in my stor
            but when a person come in the person says u have to pay me mony to get the lap top.

            if there isnt a shourtcut then he should not advertise it as one.. soo its a scam!!!

      2. Eduard…how pathetic of to try and belittle someone because of their english spelling. It may well be that Stian’s first language is something other than english, so if you must be critical, be critical of the content but do not be so damn petty as to condemn him for his spelling.

  17. They charge money for things that you provide for free. You will always be the better man Scoob.
    I must admit though that I actualy heard of you through reading some blog that was linked to sixpackshortcuts. That’s how I found your site and youtube vids. So don’t see it all as negative as I could clearly tell you have a much better site and much better resources….. and a much better attitude by providing it all for free!
    You really help thousands of people around the world….sixpackshortcuts help only themselves and their bank balance.
    Sixpackshortcuts I visited once and never returned after I realized that it’s a paid for deal….. I visit your site at least once a week even though I know most of the content by hart that’s on your site. I come back regularly to reference information. Can sixpackshortcuts do that? I don’t think so….
    – They should try a little harder ’cause they’ve got nothin’ on you bro! You change people’s lives for FREE!

  18. Scooby, you are my hero and mentor in many ways but look at how you are allowing yourself to be lowered by sixpackahortcuts and their ethical directives. Show us why we love you and take the higher ground. Your freaking scooby! I shouldnt have to say more. Remove this whole page and think about this!

  19. Kenneth Evan Powell III

    Scoob, you need to learn to let this shit go. Sixpackshortcuts is a joke; I agree. But your constant whining and having your fanbase “attack” his site is just as underhanded and immature as the tactics you opine about. Not to mention that “killer home chest workout” is hardly an original title nor patented.

    edit: to clarify, I’m not trying to sound mean or anything, but you gotta let it go. People like sixpackshortcuts come and go.

    You got a great site, great information, and a loyal fanbase because you focused on quality information for the affordable price of “free.” Don’t squander it on ridiculous internet pissing contests.

    1. In round numbers, I have done about 3000 posts in the last year and about 5 of those have been about sixpackshortcuts. That is “constant whining”? It boils my oil when people use underhanded sales techniques to bilk poor teens of their hard earned money. As long as he continues to do that, I will continue to post about him. Sorry I have lost you as a fan but I’m not going to change for you.

      1. Bunny-police_teddy-and-cat

        Hey man, I understand completely your feelings towards this guy, I appreciate what your doing by warning us about sixpackshortcuts. My advice is to leave it at this, your a happy guy Scoob and we all love you man, so don’t get worked up over this. If you need to, make a video warning others rather than starting a war, like all things good and bad, they come to an end :).

      2. Kenneth Evan Powell III

        You didn’t lose a fan. On the contrary, I respect where you’re coming from. I’m merely suggesting that this recent rivalry is antithetical to what you wish to achieve. If you are right and sixpackshortcuts is baiting you, then how is constantly mentioning him (and thus directing more views to his ads and vids) going to help? You’re playing into his game. If you’re wrong and the title is just a coincidence, then you’ll just come off sounding like a jerk. Either way, this detracts from what is really important. You’ve put forth the necessary information to suggest that this man is presenting incorrect advice at exuberant prices. That’s enough. Getting into a contest/rivalry with him is EXACTLY what he wants. Do as you will; you have my respect. But keep your hand too close to your heart and you’re likely to betray both. Just be chill and let it go. You’ll be glad ya did.

  20. It sucks that people are willing to lie to profit. That soulless bastard will be dealt with in time, karma is a bitch. Meanwhile you keep doing exactly what you’ve been doing, traing us and showing us that it can be done without having to spend a lot of money. Merry Christmas Scooby, you saved my life!

  21. Don’t quite get you Scooby. You gave these guys a “glad to see you back” when youtube readmitted their channel but then you’ve got them on your wall of shame and curse them off continuously. Well some guys do go to church on Sundays and then say there good people on Monday.

      1. Scooby I agree with you . The fitness & health is becoming one of the biggest money making rackets on the web. But please make sure six pack shortcuts advertisements are not all over ur website which is otherwise a blessing fr students like me who cannot afford expensive gym memberships where ppl cme to socialize instead of train. Scooby Dooby Doo!

          1. This post is true, and this post dont have flame’s, its true. Scooby is way better, and it give alot more help for free.

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