Eggs and milk, miracle food for bodybuilders

Eggs and milk are truly miracle foods.  They are the only “complete” proteins out there, even more complete than beef, chicken or fish. Why? Think about it.  These foods are designed to be the sole nutrient source for the first months of a newborn’s life.  If you were to feed a newborn child only beef instead of breast milk it would die of malnutrition.   There is a reason that the number one supplement product sold is dairy whey protein powder.  Its because its one of the highest quality and complete proteins available, even higher than chicken, fish and beef.

On the subject of eggs, let me first say that eating raw eggs is a very, very bad idea.  Please read about raw egg myths!

Whole eggs are good for you – in moderation.  2-3 eggs a week is very healthy thing.  Although the fat in eggs is not on the “good fats” list,  they have lots of vitamins and minerals.   If you are going to use eggs as a significant source of protein, you need to consider using egg whites instead of whole eggs.  You can buy pasteurized egg whites in the grocery store or you can separate the eggs at home.  Whole eggs (whites plus yokes) have a very high fat content (58% fat by calories) so they are not a good primary protein source for bodybuilders.  Why is this the case?  A 200lb bodybuider needs 200g of protein a day, if they used whole eggs for their protein source that would mean they would have to consume 2200 calories of eggs.  By the time they ate enough carbs to keep themselves from being hungry they would be way over their calorie budget.  Then we need to mention the health effects of consuming 11x the USRDA of saturated fat that this would cause.  Good fats are fats like nuts, olives, avocados and cold water fish – not eggs. Eat your whole eggs in moderation.

Again, eggs are great but if you want to use them as a primary protein source then use egg whites. They are 100% protein with no fat. For lots of great egg white recipes, please check out my quick healthy meals section.

Egg Nutritional Information

 Type calories protein (g) fat (g) percent fat
1 egg yoke 61 3 6 89%
1 egg white 16 4 0%
1 whole egg 77 7 6 58%


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  1. Speaking from experience … So I was on a student exchange program in Baltimore, MD, working as a lifeguard. The job was sweet but the pay for one such as myself ( a foreigner ) was pathetic ( $7/hour) and without overtime and after housing costs my week checks were weak. Anyway, point is I was also working out ( the pool I was stationed at had a good gym) and I wasn’t about to stop but had no money for supplements and meat was rarely on the table so I turned to eggs and milk. I ate eggs 3 times a day, whole eggs mind you, 4-5 at a time in any way I felt like ( mostly omelet) for almost 3 months. I’m attaching 2 photos, one is before my egg diet , second ( the tanned one) is after. To summarize – I gained muscle and lost fat while on this super simple diet. I was 19 years old at the time. Today at 29 I frequently eat whole eggs ( around 20 a week ) and work out 4 times a week and I’m far from fat or unhealthy. Just my 2 cents..

  2. Bullshit about eggs. Eat the whole egg, it is very high in vitamins and nutrients. I got diagnosed with a fatty liver 10 years ago, all my liver readings were sky high and my cholestorol was at 6.7 (uk equation), I had ballooned to 99kg. I made a lot of lifestyle changes and increased my egg intake to 3 a day. My liver readings came down to within the normal range after 6 weeks and after 1 year my cholesterol had dropped to 4.5. I have maintained a healthly body weight of 87kg since. I’m 51 years of age and have a resting pulse rate of 51, and blood pressure 122/79. I include saturated fats in my diet, especially cold pressed coconut oil which is about 90% saturated, its the refined seed oils that are damaging everyone not natural saturated fats which the body can process easily. The yolk in egg contains lecithin which actually breaks down fat and makes it more digestable. Trans Fat and Hydrogenated vegetable oils are the problem and this has been proven scientifically.

    Show my the scientific evidence that saturated fatwhich hasn’t been processed) is bad for you!

    The human body can not survive without fat, up until a few decades ago, there was no seed oil. Since the consumption of seed oil and simple carbs, obesity and heart desease and diabetes has increased tenfold!

    What are your views on this Scooby, be interesting to see what your responce is!

    1. Egg yolk contains all types saturated fatty acids which include short, medium, and long chain lipoid acid. Many long term studies were done and the conclusion were that short chain saturated fats work favourable directly at cellular level but medium and long chain saturated fats were not metabolized directly to cellular rather via the liver. Which, many RCT found most of them would converted to lipoid droplets and stored in fat cells if not metabolized and used as energy.
      What Scooby is saying is if protein is what you are looking for then eat more egg whites and fewer whole eggs. Some bodybuilders consumed up to 12 eggs a day. If all of them are egg whites only, then they would consume 80% less in calories. That would make sense if they want to get ripped.

      1. can you supply the details of these studies! It’s like coconut oil, 30 odd years ago when researchers fed animals hydrogenated coconut oil that was purposely altered to make it completely devoid of any essential fatty acids.The animals fed the hydrogenated coconut oil (as the only fat source) naturally became essential fatty acid deficient; their serum cholesterol increased. Hydrogenation and Trans Fat are the real culprits. A lot of these studies were carried out by the American Soya Bean and Seed growing associations to promote their oils. I think if you look into it, the study on eggs was rigged as well. There has still been no study done to prove that saturated fat that is bad for you, just a lot of bullshit put about by the two associations listed above

        1. My knowledge of lipid metabolism come from my years of study in University of Toronto. Currently, I work in York General as Endocrinologist. I received most of RCT paper from CMJ. If you’re interested in learning more on Saturated Fat, I recommend Wikipedia. Although their articles are not too technical, they were neutral and in simple English which were easier to read.
          I agreed that Hydrogenated Fats are bad due its association with oxidation and CVD. However, most fatty acids (including Saturated Fat) can’t simply classify as bad or good. This is not an argument between “old school “and new knowledge. Complexity increase with dosage and ratio. Most importantly, its impacts are greatly depending on one’s current state of health. But, in a simple general statement, even for those believing egg yolk fats are “good”, high intake is compromising due to its calorific and saturated med and long chain lipoid acids properties. However, in smaller amount, 1-2 a week, their saturated short chain fatty acids and micro nutrition can be beneficial.

          1. I respect your views.

            I still believe that saturated fats in their natural state are more beneficail than the array of refined seed oils on the market today. Saturated fats are extremely stable, seed oils oxidise very easily, unlike saturated fats. Not one viable study has proven otherwise.

            As for eggs, I dont train to get ripped, I train to keep fit, and stay strong. I dont think I could find another food source which could give me the density of vitamins and nutrients as found in a whole egg.

            What works for me might not work for someone else though.

  3. “Be a skeptical thinker: Gather as much information as you can, but be a skeptic. Read books, check the forums and, most of all, ask questions! Believe nothing you hear, 5% of what you read, and only 50% of what you see. Most of learning will involve trying things for yourself and see what works for you so don’t trust anything you hear or read unless there is published, peer-reviewed, university research which backs up the claims. Remember that not too long ago proper nutrition was “three square meals a day” with lots of red meat, cheese, and dairy. Especially be skeptical of any claims in muscle magazines because many exist just to sell supplements.”

    You type this, yet you post irrelevant information on a bodybuilding website without backing up any of it with actual studies

    I suggest you to stop posting on a blog and give people advice when you have in the fact the credentials to do so.

    Also, read this:
    and search for information in the future please

    1. What’s your problem? I read the article as you suggested and found nothing in it that is in oppose of Scooby’s statements. What studies had you done or read that were disproving Scooby’s statements? I will welcome your views and study on egg protein metabolism or in technical term “Amino Acids biochemical activity and conversion in human from egg source”.

  4. I eat an egg omelet (3 whole eggs, 3 whites only + ham) as a cheat meal. If that’s actually a good meal, then I’ll just move that to some other day and have pizza or a triple cheeseburger instead.

  5. milk…good news, i drink 2 litres of milk per day.

    from a evolutionary point of view, milk wasnt designed to be consumed by adults but we adapted to be able to tolerate milk.

  6. I disagree about whole eggs being on the bad fats list. Especially grass/insect-fed eggs, you will have a lot more nutrients plus a healthier ratio of omega-3/omega-6 fatty acids. You’d get a healthy supply of mono-unsaturated fats as well, on top of some essential omega-3 EPA (which you would be hard pressed to find in plant sources, as Omega-3 ALA is limited in its conversion).

        1. A bad fat is characterized by its effect on the body. Egg yolks are what is called a saturated fat, these fats in the body promote the generation of low density lipoproteins. These ldls are what transports these fats around the body. Nutritionally everything that you eat goes through your heart (something to keep in mind when your chomping back on a McDonald’s burger). Ldls carry these fats through the arteries of the heart and with the presence of inflammatory cellsYouve, and others cause a hardening and narrowing of a plaque. You’ve probably heard of these ‘heart clogs’, this is what is called atherosclerosis. It’s a cardiovascular disease which can lead to heart attacks, heart failure, etc. This is why egg yolks are considered bad fats. 

  7. Oh Hans,
    Paahlease don’t talk about the fat in eggs and only eating a few eggs a week. Only eating egg whites? You’re kidding me. You think saturated fat a bad for you(not trans-fats)…Scooby, you’re in need for a serious wake up call. Read “Good Calories Bad Calories” by Gary Taubes.
    I’m screaming into my pillow right now…
    I cringe at the thought you’ll tell us to drink skimmed milk to avoid fat. DOH !
    Alles klar?

  8. As good as milk and eggs are it is incorrect to call them “complete” proteins. Milk is very high in sugar content, even the non-fat. Eggs are also high in fat (obviously the egg whites aren’t but that’s not their natural form). Also the milk from a mother at birth is very different to that obtained by a cow – if you gave a baby just cow milk it would likely the same effects of giving it blended beef.
    Just thought I’d point that out to highlight any potential misconception, but everything else you say is correct :)

    1. Here is the point of this post. Many people have the mistaken idea that eating meat is the *only* way to gain muscle, this is not the case.  Eggs and milk are equivelent to chicken, beef and fish as protein sources for bodybuilders.  Regardless of which you believe is the *best* protein source, its unwise to consume it as your sole protein source.  

      Back to my example.  Pretend you were just shipwrecked on a deserted island with your wife, your 1 week old infant, and Bossy, your pet dairy cow.  Your wife tragically dies in the wreck so you have to keep your infant alive, what do you do? Butcher Bossy and serve you infant beef or do you give your infant cows milk?  My guess is that your 1 week old daughter will have a much better chance of survival with the cows milk!  Yes, cows milk is a complete food for calfs, not human babies, but cows milk is more similar to human milk than beef is.

      1. Good Analogy Scooby and I understand the point you are trying to get across. Just something random, 1 week old infant wont have really have any teeth to chew the beef though, so I guess its going to have to be milk :)

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