Bodybuilding and Research

Question everything you read or hear about bodybuilding, even from me!  Research is important but in bodybuilding, good solid research is spotty because there is no money in it so you have to rely on common sense, experience, and intuition to fill in the gaps.  Please read the whole very important article on Bodybuilding, Research, and Common Sense!

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  1. Hey Scooby! I have read on your site that you are a fan of working a muscle every 5-7 days. Have you ever thought about increased frequency? That you can actually get some muscles to recover even from a hard workout enough to hit them more than just once and see faster gains in muscle mass?

  2. hey scooby first and foremost id like to say that i love your website…its my go-to site for bodybuilding and i had a question and dont know where to ask you…i posted it on yahoo answers on this link:;_ylt=ApNVcUysWQINAmhU7jx30SPAFQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20120112011548AAmANeq

    but if you dont have time heres the short version: i just changed my diet…according to your calorie calculator i must eat 600ish calories for 5 meals in order to build muscle…my meals consist of a scoop of iso sensation protein (delicious with glutamine already in it), a cup of oats, a tbsp of flaxseeds and some leafy greens (cant even taste it) and i blend it up with water into one large and very filling drink. i also take a multivitamin and green tea extract pills and eat some veggies, fruits, milk and fish here and there…if i were to continue with this diet would it be horrible for me? and why? as far as eating that much goes its difficult for me to do so and my method gets me all the micro and macro nutrients i need.

    P.S. i did read your dont drink your calories thing but it only talked about drinking juices/pop vs water

  3. Somebody needs to tell this to that Ian kid over at liftingforlife, he preaches research but doesn’t put anything into practice so he doesn’t really know that half the things he beleives in are BS

  4. Hey there scooby. Ive been coming to your website for over a year now for all my weightlifting needs or questions.great stuff your very knowledgeable. Recently ive come across the idea of working out twice a day just to see the results. Lemme run my idea by you and if you could give me your 2 cents on it thatd be great.
    Early morning workout- light weight, high rep exercises with little to no rest 30-40 minutes
    Night workout-15 min cardio, high weight, low rep exercises with adequate rest between exercises, 30 to 40 minutes.
    Depending on what i wanted to workout that day like if i was to workout chest and triceps that day i would be doing 2 completely different workouts for the same muscles throughout the day spaced significally apart.
    I just wanna know if you think this would hurt more than help.
    Please get back to me as soon as you can and let me know before i start a routine thats just gonna ruin my progress

  5. A great blog and so very true.

    In the beginning, I took every thing as gospel, and got nowhere. These days I spend a lot of time researching, trying out things and going by gut instinct what I think would work for me, for the record, I love researching as much as lifting weight.
    A lot of stuff on the net for the average Joe, is absolute B.S.

    For you youngsters that aren’t keen on researching, or to save a lot of disappointment and spinning your wheels, look no further than here, scoobys workshop. This as good advise as you are going to get. (and it’s free) I can verify that there is no magic supplement or workout plan that would make you gain 10 lb a month. It takes consistency and perseverance, back this up with a solid nutrition plan, you will sleep like a baby and grow like a weed.

  6. Hans,
    Thanks for confusing me even more…LOL
    Hey, how about coffee? It’s good , It’s bad , might be good…
    Chocolate ? Good,bad, now good.
    Smoking? Good in the 1960’s, then not so bad, now anyone who smokes is a moron.
    One thing I’ll stick to is sugar is bad. Bad then,bad now and bad tomorrow…
    Alles Klar ?

  7. I started fitness last year and from a simple going to the gym and mess around at the beginning I am getting more into it now with proper workouts, targets, good nutrition and all heavy research!… I came across your site and its great! Today I actually referred it to couple of my friends.

    You doing a great job! Keep it going!

    Petros from Greece

  8. Very well thought out and well written. I sincerely appreciate your sincerity throughout all of these years. You’ve made such a positive impact in my life sir. I hope i can thank you in person some day, but i’ll probably have to wait in line. Rest assured that people like me who have successfully taken your teachings and knowledge and made them a reality in our own lives are spreading the knowledge to others and helping beginners sift through all the garbage out there to find the right information for them. You really have made a huge difference in many peoples lives and have started a “fit revolution”. Down with the hamburger !!! Up with health !!!

    All the best in the new year too you and yours Scooby. Keep it coming dude, your loyal fans/followers are forever greatful that you have helped us in a free and honest manner. THIS WEBSITE AND SCOOBY FOR PRIME MINISTER !!!

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