Coffee and Bodybuilding

Coffee and Bodybuilding

Coffee is one of the main supplements that many bodybuilders use but is it the most effective form of caffeine?  Not according to several studies!  Anhydrous caffeine as is found in caffeine pills is more effective than coffee.  Below is a summary of the article Caffeine as a Bodybuilding Supplement:

  • Take your caffeine in pill form
  • Take caffeine 60 min before your weight workout, at most once per day
  • Recommended dosage is 3mg/kg to 6mg/kg, that’s 200mg for a 150lb person
  • To avoid building up tolerance and rendering ineffective
    • Do not consume caffeine from any other sources during the day
    • Do not consume caffeine on days without weight workouts
    • Before big events, considering eliminating caffeine for prior 7 days
  • To avoid interfering with sleep, consider morning workouts
  • Do not use caffeine if you have high blood pressure or any heart conditions

Please read the full article Caffeine as a Bodybuilding Supplement for details and for details on the research these recommendations are based upon.

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  1. I had hit a plateau (instead of 2-3 pounds a week it was more like .5 lbs a week) with my weight loss and I was trying to figure out what I have been doing differently. I had cut caffeinated coffee out of my diet! I have been researching supplements for weight loss and almost everyone I read said it should contain some caffeine. So I’m going to start again and see if my results increase.

  2. I don’t want to maximize my workouts. I want to enjoy the taste of a high quality coffee, dark chocolate, wine, cheese etc etc and of course keep working out. I’m 35 y o, not working out to compete in anything but to feel good and see progress for myself and my bf has never been higher than 10-12%.

  3. I have that mug!

    I work out in the mornings, and my cup of coffee and carb-dense breakfast (bowl of cereal) are essential. Have that right when I get up, and about 30min later I’m ready to go.

    I’ll stick to black coffee as my caffeine source. I find a big cup of warm liquid is a great appetite suppressant. And if you drink it black it’s only about 5 or 10 calories.

  4. Scooby, if you have bleeding from your noose after having an energy drink, does that mean that you have high blood pressure because I am sure that I dont cause I have a VERY low bodyfat and I am very fit.

    1. I have low blood pressure, actually very low blood pressure and sometimes when I have caffeine my nose bleeds. It’s not that my blood pressure gets high, it’s only than it gets too high for me, too fast.

      You should measure your blood pressure and ,in any case, if you don’t tolerate well caffeine reduce its intake. Not everybody it’s the same. Some people can drink caffeined drinks just like water and some people get sick with just one. I can’t have a single cup of coffe without feeling horrible.

    2. I’m an MD, practicing internal medicine. High blood pressure is a huge part of my practice. The nosebleed-high blood pressure link is fiction (except possibly at unusually high BPs). Most of the patients I treat for BP run 140s to 170s (systolic pressure in mm Hg) without meds. Virtually all of those have NO symptoms at all until they get a complication. A few patients run 180s to 200, and even most of them are without symptoms. The most common complications are heart attack, followed by congestive heart failure. Thats why we call it a silent killer.
      Nose bleeds are most commonly due to some combination of picking, dry indoor air, smoking, or aspirin use (markedly slows clotting). There may be other things in your energy drink that affect clotting. Many herbal drugs, alcohol, even fish oil have slight anticlotting effects. Its also likely there are stimulants in it that are alpha agonists, which do raise BP, but is also what decongestants are. Drying the nasal membranes makes them more fragile and makes your boogers sticky, leading to picking.
      Try putting a tiny dab of antibiotic/petrolatum (like Neosporin) in each nostril after your shower & pinch your nose to smear it around. It keeps the membranes from drying, and the boogers (and scabs) from sticking, so you wont scratch.

  5. Yes, caffeine is a natural supplement that can be very useful. Studies show that caffeine has all kinds of good benefit.. But just like everything else.. too much is a bad thing. Caffeine pills are pretty easy to come by; you can find them in your local grocery store.

  6. Very interesting. Heard this before. Need to be careful about cheap whey protein as well because it can be laced with caffeine, niacin, etc. in Canada, whey protein is not a registered FDA product. Therefore, not all ingredients need to be listed…

  7. Ah, come on Scooby, I don’t have a problem with a daily cup but “Take your caffeine in pill form? To me that’s like putting a fat man on a pony, it just doesn’t look right…
    I’m thinkin a cigarette will come next for the nicotine hit.

  8. I get mine from chinese/green teas. Does the trick for me, you get the added health benefits associated with drinking it (anti-oxidants etc…), most articles i’ve read point towards it being much better for you than coffee. However as Scooby mentioned you don’t the bonus of exact dosage that you have when taking caffeine in pill form.

    Having discussed tea drinking with my doctor and other tea drinking friends, they have all stated not to exceed 3 cups a day max! On getting a some standard health check ups at the doctor some of my kidney readings were out a bit. They were not dangerously high, but certainly higher than what was considered normal. In the end after a process of elimination, it was attributed to me drinking too much tea…i was drinking Waaaaaaay more than 3 cups a day.

    I stopped drinking it for a month or so to allow my body to return to normal, then started again with a limit of 3 cups a day at most, replacing what i was drinking as tea with water. At this stage we re-tested my kidney functions and they were all back to normal, in fact well within the accepted norms.

    Some random lessons for you…

  9. Caffeine doesn’t seem to have a big effect on me. I can take caffeine in any form (energy drinks, pills, coffee or combined) and I’ll still be yawning and stumbling around an hour later.

  10. Again an interesting article. But I personally am not that much a guy, who thinks substitution. To me motivation and a proper approach to training and nutrition are what counts. On top of it, I am rather a tea guy than a coffee guy.

    Cheers! … or good morning :)

  11. I’m always going to go with my usual cup of coffee. I don’t feel like popping pills, and plus too, I enjoy the taste of coffee. In addition, I’m sure that the difference b/t coffee and pills is very minimal.

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