Planks Can Be Fun!

Planks can be fun!

Everybody knows that planks are great for core, but because they are a static maneuver, they are about the most boring exercise you can do.  In this video I show you three ways to do do side planks that not only are more fun, but work the obliques as well!  I also show you how to do front planks in a way that is fun and works the obliques.


If you would rather read about how to perform these exercises, please see my abdominal exercises page.

10 thoughts on “Planks Can Be Fun!”

  1. Yes, things aren’t really funny untill you don’t throw some objects on yourself.

    Anyway, I think the idea of watching a video is quite good.

    Yoga is good for this, you learn to relax while you are doing this kind of things and this way you last much longer.

  2. Forum does not work properly for me either. I have started to follow your posts and and doing one of the meal plans in your nutrition section. Getting results after 3 days!!!!…Can’t wait for the forum to work so I can read the first posts on the page.

  3. scooby, ehm, what is that hole in the door behind you? i am just really really curious :o)
    great post, planks are boring but this should make them a bit more fun.
    also, i notice the forum is still not functioning properly or is it just my comp?
    i am still on your advanced intemediate program. i couldn’t do one overhand pull up at the beginning of last summer. now i do 3 sets of 15!! great feeling! thank you so much scooby :o)
    life is good

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