Problem During Live Workout

Arrgh!  The problem during the live broadcast appears to have been all mine. This was NOT a YouTube bug but an OHS (Operator Head Space).  I started streaming properly and I was able to see the video thru YouTube however, it appears that I forgot to click the below button:

YouTube Live Broadcast Problem

The button to “Start Broadcasting” so that YOU people could view it. Arrgh! I wasted the entire hour of your time, I’m really sorry! Live and learn. Worse yet, it wasnt recorded anywhere unless someone captured the stream.

Sorry folks, as I mentioned, this was my first time.  I will get it right next weekend.  I have already re-scheduled the chest workout for the same time next Saturday the 4th of Feb.  I have also scheduled a lats workout for the same time slot on next Sunday the 5th of Feb. Wanted to give you advanced warning so you can plan your workout week accordingly :) I will do a blog posting announcing these workouts early in the week.

63 thoughts on “Problem During Live Workout”

  1. Well, see you next time then! But like others said, I too saw the last 20 minutes or so from another blog. Somehow the embedded video worked there but it didn’t work if you watched it from Youtube directly.

    And yeah, the audio was not that great. It sounded like a fan was near the microphone. But next time will be better!

  2. I’ve seen something similar happen to an Adobe representative. He was giving a presentation to a group of professionals ans his internet connection died. Unfortunately, he didn’t realize it at the time so as we heard from him later, he’d been talking to himself for about an hour XD

  3. Actually Scooby, I’ve decided to use your other long upper body workout that you posted in the past for this weekend :D Will join next weekend too- thank you so much

  4. Yoko Joséphine Matsui

    That’s okay. I did see the video and enjoyed it. I wrote a blog about your live workout and from that link, I could view it. Don’t know why but I saw it and enjoyed it :)

  5. I was able to watch the event through a blog that someone mentioned in the youtube comments and you thought the blog was a spam … so how come! I am from the uk by the way

  6. thanks to synergycomplex i could at least watch the last 20 minutes but audio quality was so bad – due to a running fan near the mic i guess – that i only watched without sound :(

    maybe use a bluetooth headset next time ;)

  7. By “you people” he didn’t mean anything racial, he simply meant “you weak mortals” ha ha in no way am I trying to put people down by this comment because “you weak mortals” includes me lol

  8. Kenneth Evan Powell III <—- that link had your workout streaming, but the sound quality was horrible, though I don't know whose fault that would be. In any case, we're only human, Scoob. You'll get it!

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