Live Workouts Sat Feb 11th and Sun Feb 12th

Workout with Scooby Next Weekend – LIVE!


Due to the popularity of this weekends live workouts I have decided to do it next weekend too but the format will be expanded:

  • 10 minutes warm up sets
  • 50 minutes hard-core lifting
  • 15 minutes Q&A after the workout


 Sunday the 12th of February – Arm workout (biceps and triceps)

Bodybuilder arm


For this biceps and triceps workout you will need a used set of dumbbells and an EZ-Curl bar or straight bar.  If you dont have the bars, we can work around that.  As with my other live workouts, this will be appropriate for all ability levels.  This live workout will be 10:00am Pacific, 1:00pm Eastern, or you can click here to find out when this live arm workout takes place around the world.


Options for Watching on Feb 12th

First a note, if when you are trying to view the video and get an error message, wait a few seconds then refresh your browser.  There are two options for watching this live broadcast, listed in priority order:

  1. Watch from the below embedded video in this page, this is the preferred option as I have total control over this.
  2. Watch on the YouTube Live page, at the start time it will be listed in the “Live Now” section.


Past Live Workouts

Here are the two live workouts I have already done if you want to check them out,  At some point I will edit them to get rid of the annoying countdown clock at the beginning :)

Here is the live shoulder workout from the 11th of February

Here was my live chest workout which aired on the 4th of February

Here was my live lats workout which aired on the 5th of February


59 thoughts on “Live Workouts Sat Feb 11th and Sun Feb 12th”

  1. Keep doing live workouts!!! please!!! I learn so much and I’m starting to get…not buff like you but buff like skinny me has never been. Thank you for putting up with all the stupid people and their stupid comments. I’m sure its not easy sometimes. However there are lots of us like me who get so much from all your videos and knowledge.

  2. Hello, Scoobster…

    …I did the Shoulder work out with you LIVE last week….very fun….thanks. (and you read one of my questions about the use of assisted pull-up machines, too!).

    …anyway, I like the live format. Please keep that up. Although I would like to support the idea I read in another post about you getting an ASSISTANT to help you screen/read the questions as they come in (so you don’t have to break the flow/concentration….let the assistant cull the questions for you!)

    …it was great with just you. But the assistant could only “professionalize’ your live broadcast a bit.

    …thanks again!

  3. Scooby,
    Sadly couldn’t make this weekends live workouts, and am totally bummed that you’re not going to be doing anymore. Could you please give some real consideration to doing at least one live workout a month, as this is a huge inspiration for us “home” trainers.
    Thanks Scoob, your the man!!

  4. Scooby I am a 51 year old long time fan. I am in Los Angeles and the time to start was 10AM Pacific Standard Time and at 10AM it was already on live for 25 minutes. Kind of disappointing that it was supposed to be on and we were planning on it and then to miss so much was not right???

  5. Scooby – is there anyway you can list each exercise and set you do in the videos in text? I am unable to workout next to my computer so having it written out would be very helpful. Thanks

  6. 2 comments and a quick question.
    Comment 1: THANK YOU! for sharing this info for FREE! I was like you and took me forever to bulk up from my youth. Even at age 22 I was 6’4″ and only 140 pounds. But with principles almost identical to yours I am now 40 years old and 270 pounds. My body fat percentage is probably a lot higher than you (20%?) but strangers in public have asked me if I’m a pysical trainer and that always makes me feel good. Love your sense of humor, Love how real you are, Amazed how you give this info away for free. Keep the web site free and write a funny book! These live workouts are awesome especially for novices to see what a challenging workout should be.
    Comment 2: As a non-flamboyant, masculine gay dude, I have to tell you that you’re hot. Especially in the shorter shorts. ha ha. I can’t believe you’re 50. Keep up the good work! You inspire me to get my fat percentage lower over the coming year.
    Question: I blast a particular muscle/muscle group once every other day trying to push to new strength goals (never the same muscle inside of one week or until fully recovered from soreness). Sometimes I will have really really bad soreness in the muscle a day later or two days later. My calves are the worst at this. Any simple tips to help eliminate the soreness or at least get back to non-painful movement faster?

  7. Thanks for doing the live Shoulder workout, my shoulders are destroyed! I wasn’t able to connect to youtube live so I was disappointed that I couldn’t ask you any questions. If I am able to connect to it tomorrow how do you ask questions on youtube live?

  8. I can’t lift nearly as much with side raises as I can with dumbell press, is that normal?

    How much relative weight are you using for each exercise?

    (not trying to compete, but it is helpful to know how much relative weight to expect for each exercise)

  9. This is awesome, thank you, Scooby. Could you post a preview of the exercises we’ll be doing today? I don’t have that many dumbbells, so if I knew beforehand what kind of setup I need (e.g. 2 dumbbells with 100% of my usual weight for side raises, 2 with 75% …) that would help me prepare a little.

  10. Hi Scooby
    REALLY glad I found your site and Youtube snippets. I look forward to your installments. You’re simply awesome. B.T.W. I thinks some of your other commenters are spot on about that moderator option. I can see how as this might be a one person operation, that option might be more of a logistical issue. But nevertheless it’s a good idea. Hate to see you sifting thru the B.S. is all. Anyhow, thanks.

  11. P_Zawadzkis right. I got tired of the stupid boner comments. I and many others tried to ask you a lot of good weightlifting questions, but they got lost in the “scooby has a boner“ question stream.

  12. Hi, Scooby, thanks for share your knowledge with us…Im very motivate with your trainings cause i wanna make growing my muscles…i wanna ask you if you use steroids or you have built your body of natural form?..cause you are in great shape

  13. Get someone to help you this time, Scoob. A kind of chat moderator who will get rid of the spam and send you only the real questions. We don’t want situation which happened last weekend when u had people who realy wanted to learn something and idiots talking about your “boner”.

    1. Good idea, I’ll be working out with Scooby at the time so it won’t be me unfortunately:)

      I’m really looking forward to this one, the chest and back workout gave me doms as bad as hell, hope the arm and shoulder workout will help break the plateu!

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