How to Fake Before And After Testimonials

Those before and after photos used to sell expensive eBooks, DVD workout programs, supplements, and infomercial exercise devices are easy to fake – you dont even need to use photoshop!  This great howto video shows you how to go from muscular and ripped to fat and puffy in just five hours, then all you have to do is switch the “before” and “after” photos!  Check out this video from furiouspete on youtube.

Just to be clear though, FuriousPete is not saying that the before and after pictures that he shows in his video are fake. That is not the point of this very funny video. The only point of the video is how amazingly easy it is for the same person on the same day to look either fat and out of shape or ripped and muscular just with lighting, posture, oil, and good old fashioned bloating.

83 thoughts on “How to Fake Before And After Testimonials”

  1. An impressive share! I’ve just forwarded this onto a colleague who
    has been conducting a little homework on this. And he in fact ordered me lunch due
    to the fact that I found it for him… lol. So let me reword this….
    Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending time to discuss this
    subject here on your blog.

  2. Dang! You had to go and proove my wife right! She says all those pictures of awesome bodies are photoshop. I’m one of those people that overweight people hate, because I’m a Hard Gainer, and have had to work as hard putting on the weight as people do taking it off. Thanks for the fun Video.

  3. Hey Scooby! First off I just want to say I’ve been doing your workouts and have made your advice on nutrition a way of life. I’m also one of your success stories. Thanks for everything:)

    What I really want to ask you is your opinion on HCG Ultra Drops. I’m a huge believer in working for what you get and the “run more, eat less” motto to lose weight. My mom has taken my/your advice on losing weight and she has lost 30 lbs, but now is thinking about trying HCG to save time sense she works a lot. What is your opinion on HCG, Scoobs?

  4. Samuel Lamontagne


    I did follow Mike Chang’s videos for about two months but I stopped when I started to get back pain. I then stumbled on Scooby’s website. I decided to go back to the basics. Back pain went away. I guess my core muscles were not strong enough to follow Chang’s routine. I blame myself for that because I’m not in good shape.

    Anyway, my point is that Scooby’s and Chang’s routines are great. Both. What is bothering me is the advertising around Chang’s services. But then again, it is to be expected as he is living off his program. If I suscribe or not is my own decision. Not Chang’s fault.

    As for me, like I said, I will follow Scooby’s advices then incorporate Chang’s ideas as I get a stronger core. I will also seek advices from friends and professionals in and out of the Internet. My father-in-law has been working out for as long as Scooby has but followed a different path. His opinion is as good as theirs.

    Bottom line: You may not agree with one’s methods but that does not give you the right to personally attack that someone.

  5. What I noticed about most before and after pictures is the dude got a darker skin, put some oil on, and the arms don’t really change in size. Also the posture makes a big difference. Big belly or vacuumed, flexed muscles or relaxed muscles etc.

  6. Doug please stop with your negative comments across the board. Its clear you have one view, and you’ve said it once we’ve heard. It’s also the general consensus that you are wrong.

    Chances are, I’m not saying you are, but you could very easily be a member of sixpackshortcuts trying to defend his immoral business, and I think I have every right to state its immoral, as it is my opinion alone.

    I have had this opinion since before I even knew of scooby (ironically I found scooby after sixpackshortcuts had subscribed to scooby.)

    Maybe in the actual world ‘little’ people can’t stand up against the big corporate money makers, but on the internet we can give them a dam fight.

    How can you argue against someone who has this in their legal documents?

    “It is entirely possible you will gain fat, lose muscle, lose abdominal definition, and experience other negative outcomes as a result of the advice contained in our products.”

    ” Testimonials found at and/or from Mike Chang Fitness are unverified results that have been forwarded to us by users of the Six Pack Shortcuts program, and may not reflect the typical purchaser’s experience, may not apply to the average person and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. ”

    “The information contained within is not intended to provide specific physical or mental health advice”

    And there is much much more.

    Today millions of people are struggling with ill health (such as obesity) and bad nutrition, and there are those that genuinely care and there are those that are out there to take advantage of these things.

    1. Hello truth is clear.

      Let me ask a simple question. Do you and all your friends and family have the same opinions and beliefs on everything you hear?

      Quite obviously the question is rhetorical, and your answer would be a resounding NO. The fact of the matter is that you have come to believe what you do as a result of the things you have been told, the things you have seen the things you have experienced.

      I too have opinions that differ from yous. The difference between me and you is this. I have no trouble with other people expressing their opinion. You on the other hand seem to have major difficulty accepting another opinion without making ridiculous claims about me, either being Mike Chang or one of his affiliates.

      With regard to legal documents, exclusionary clauses and disclaimers, this is a normal business practice.

      Take the time to read through just about every Finance Contract put out by Investment Institutions and you will see similar wording.

      Look on the packaging of almost all herbal and vitamin products and you will see similar wording.

      The issue is not deception…the issue is the excessive law suits.

      I respect that you have a different opinion than me. However if you look carefully, and objectively you will notice that on no occasion have I said that Mike Chang is innocent or guilty of anything. What I have said is that he is entitled, as a business, to charge fees for his services. Furthermore, that individuals have the right to either pay for those services or go elsewhere. As Scooby has clearly stated in his “would the last real gym stand up” video….Gyms are a business’….and so are personal trainers.

      Your post shows quite clearly that you are an educated person. You have expressed yourself well and make a good point.

      Surely, before you go attacking Mike Chang, or any other individual, you need to be fully aware of what he is offering, and not just listen to the comments of most of the people on this forum who have simply accepted the word of Scooby.

      Scooby is an excellent example to those that wish to improve their physical well-being. Scooby is to be applauded for his philanthropic approach to home fitness. But please don’t make him out to be infallible, or accept that everything that comes out of his mouth is the Gospel Truth.

      As for the possibility of me being Mike Chang, or one of his affiliates, let me say this….yes it is entirely possible. In much the same way you could be Scooby. But that idea is absurd to me, and should be equally absurd to you.

      And, I would add, that even if I was Mike Chang, which I am not, I would have to say that Scooby’s Home Fitness and Body Building workouts are excellent. I have been using them myself now for some time and find them informative, and practical.

      I am NOT anti-Scooby. Scooby does an awesome job and is to be applauded. What I am is anti unimformed and malicious attacks on anyone.

      1. Why should it be absurd for the commenter “truth is clear” because it is absurd to you??? Even though you said it is possible that you could be Mike Chang to truth is clear and truth is clear could be Scooby according to you! I think it’s absurd not to have doubts and to believe everything you read or hear!

        I think (correct me if I am wrong) that you are the type who needs solid evidence to believe in something or not to believe. I however I need evidence to believe in something and need no evidence to “not” believe in something. When people come out with extraordinary claims like “shortcut” “secret technique discovery” or “walking on water” etc … I may seem crazy to the likes of you, but I need extraordinary evidence to make me believe. If I don’t get that evidence, I have the right to question it and be very suspicious, just like Scooby has done.

        Would you believe me that I have a pill that will bring forth an invisible unicorn that will help me with my bench press? Good luck providing evidence that invisible unicorns “don’t” exist. I HOPE that people do question me and be very suspicious, not defend me and say I have the right to lie/mislead for a quick dollar, because it’s a business and provides food for my family etc bla bla.

        How do you know people have accepted the word of Scooby regarding Mike Chang without studying themselves? Who said Scooby speaks of the gospel truth? If they did, how do you know they have not researched and come up with the same conclusion? I think you are arguing with yourself and making up sentences along the way to fit your ideology.

        I applaud Scooby and all those who stand up for other human beings. Keep exposing those LIES! I know it’s hard because the law seems at times to protect those who knowingly LIE, allowing those to capitalise over those who are less fortunate, naive and too trusting. Lets face it, people do need a helping hand sometimes, if we don’t help them and let the status quo go on, Greedy people will get greedier, lies will be confused as the truth. I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD LIKE THAT.

        Someone once said to me, if someone “knowingly” lies they should lose all credibility, regardless if there is some truth/good in what they are saying. Why would they need to lie???

  7. Bottom Line: If it feels like a sales pitch, it’s usually a sales pitch. Everyone has this innate button that get’s pushed when they feel like they are in the middle of a sales pitch. It’s the same feeling you get when your doorbell rings, and you see the guy with the clipboard, or the kid with the magazine sales form. You have been programmed since you were little to avoid sales people, yet, when it comes to fitness, people think, “oh this guy is ripped, this must be super legit.” Any workout program, if followed rigorously, and adhered to strictly is going to give you the same result…a good body.

  8. Greetings Scooby. I watched some of Pete his movies on youtube where the guy eats like a monster now you tell us all about the value of good nutrition , so my question is “How can this guy stay ripped??” it got me very curios.

    Love what you do.

  9. if you look closely, at the traps, the biceps and forearms in the before and after pics of the guys he posted, you will notice something, traps are about the same size, and the arm muscles as well look like they would when the cut photo is, if he wasnt flexing them. theres no stomach on traps or arms, so its harder to hide them with pushing out the stomach. but no one looks there, they just look at the abs and dont pay much attention to the other parts as a singular object. kind of like being in traffic with a large amount of cars around you, your not going to notice unless your looking specifically for it, for something like the back seat being down or up in a SUV with factory tint, or something of that effect

    its an illusion of perception. real before and after you will see drastic changes in the areas that dont usually store as much fat, or gain and lose a ton from lifting, like traps, arms, or how legs will look loose vs tight from conditioning

  10. i found out that 1 gram of sugar is 12 calories lol….. at first i thought that wasn’t bad, then i ate 2 gummys and realised i ate 100 calories. just thought you would like to know if u didn’t – bet ya did ;p
    the gummy info said it was 40 calories per gummy then learned that sugar can be relevant to it…. more than doubled the calories…

  11. Hi there scooby

    I know its a little off topic but i wanted to ask you one particular question. Im having issues with loosing that last tiny bit of fat around my belly which is proving very annoying indeed, as i am eating pretty much exactly how you say to and doing regular exercise daily. Do you have any advice?

    Also i would just like to say how much i love your new live videos there really great, very inspirational to witness you working out! I did your chest workout yesterday and its really great my chest feels really good today.

  12. Hello Scooby. Thank you for responding to my posts. Just so that you are aware, please understand that I have great respect for all that you offer to those that wish to improve their physical appearance and inner strength . I, myself use your videos as an educational and inspiration tool to improve my well-being. Please keep up the great work you do.
    In saying that, I also follow a couple of Mike Chang’s exercises and have found them to be excellent. I tend to ignore those comments of his which have no supporting evidence, and instead, focus on the positive exercises he advocates.

  13. HAHAHAHA i saw this on youtube suggestions a few hours ago and said to myself ‘yea maybe after 5 hours of surgery. wonder what scooby will say about it’ and i didn’t even bother to click it because if i do it’s gonna get one extra view

  14. Scooby,totally off topic. I am a soldier writing you from Afghanistan. i have been training for a long time. I am an athlete,former college wrestler, brazilian jiu jitsu competitor and avid weight lifter. I just wanted you to know that I think what your doing here is awsome. Your advanced program is right on par with any “more advanced programs”. You emphasize simplicty and i think thats a beautiful thing. People come to me for advice and I refer them to your website. Thanks for all you do

    SSG Dave R 3rd Ranger Batalion US Army

    ps if you would like to email and talk advanced fitness its [email protected]. Would love to hear from you. We are either scared out of our minds or bored to death which leave plenty of time for training

      1. Im prior active, now a reservist. Been a seabee for 8 years. I was a physical training leader for a good part of it. After i found your site, i refer it to coworkers and other reservists. Its a no BS, no frills advice webpage that I hope anyone who is serious about being healthy and feeling better about their body and what they can do with it will take my advice and read through it thouroughly

    1. Dave, being a US soldier is never off-topic. Keep up the good work, man. For whatever it’s worth, you guys have my support, and I wish you and everyone with you a safe return home. God Bless

  15. I would believe the Free program results over the ones you have to purchase always! Why would you lie about results from a free program? No one is getting paid ! I dont beleve you can put on 30 lbs of muscle in three monthes unless your taking proformance enhancing drugs. Also some of these people look alot older in the AFTER photos. Scooby is trying to protect people from getting ripped off. Everything on this website is FREE. Everyone who has succeeded using this info and there are no shorcuts, just hard work and good nutrition.

  16. First of all Scoobys rocks. He has been teaching this things in a better way even before the “Mike C*cksuck%r” was born. So Doug “or Doug Chig Chang” whoever you are, fuck you for liking Mike Chang. These suckers are born every day and every where.
    Guys on top of that this ” Mike Cokskr” has a formula develped by chiense scientist who will suppose to give you instant abs. B.S. Again FU Doug……………..

    1. It is shame that you do not have enough intelligence or respect, even for yourself, before being so rude and impolite. If you take the time to read through the posts Scooby himself has responded to me in a most positive way,

      Here is a copy of Scooby’s response to my comment…just in case you are too lazy to scroll up and look for yourself:

      “Took me awhile to understand what you were saying, thank you for persisting. You are correct, that is not what I was saying at all and I amended my post to make that clear. “.

      Unlike you, Scooby is not afraid to state his case, and listen, without resorting to foul language and personal insults. It is a pity you have not bothered to follow Scooby’s example, and instead chosen to demonstrate both emotional and intellectual immaturity.

      1. “Hello Scooby. I do think you need to be careful about presenting these sort of negative videos. You yourself have many testimonials with Before and After pics…..and I would be very surprised if you had the time or resources to investigate to see if each of the pics are genuine or are the result of a similar practice as seen in the video. It is time to lay aside the negative….and believe that by far the majority of people are genuine, and that those who are condemned as fakes are indeed investigated thoroughly before denigrating and trashing someone’s character and reputation. ” Who the f*%k are you tell scooby what to do and how to be careful ? Are you a lawyer or something ? So BUZZ OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. What the fuck is wrong with you fucking moron. All you are doing is proving his point and showing that hatred breeds hatred. Do you think that somehow attacking him like this makes Scooby look good? As he said in his post, Scooby responded in a good way appreciating his persistence and here you are showing the Scooby has a fucking wanker on his side with no fucking idea what to do but shoot his mouth off.


          2. Listen you fa**ot. Mind your own f*%kin business. Don’t try act smart moron and stop peaching others you fruitcake.

          3. Suck my redneck c%$k you fag. Guys like you are burden on the earth. I wish death to the haters and hell with the rest…………………….go FU MF.

          4. Do urself a f*in favor. Stop creating tons of different account with different e mail id. Save some time and sk some rednks c$%k u a hole.

        1. Ron you are an idiot with about as much intelligence as a potato. Keep your mouth shut before making pathetic comments and showing how ignorant you are. As great as Scooby is, he is not infallible (go look that word up in the dictionary) and acknowledges that himself. Scooby put this forum here for feedback and that is what that guy Doug gave him. If you didn’t like it then STFU because all you did was look like a total idiot

        2. ron you need to grow up dude and stop with your bullshit. you may be working on your body but you need to take a few minutes to work on your brain coz at the moment it is the size of a peanut.

        3. It is official. ron is the JERKOFF OF THE MONTH. As you can see dickhead nobody agrees with you and every time you open your bog mouth to say something more you just confirm you are a wanker. At least Scooby thanked the Dude Doug for posting and even said he had amended his post to make it clear. If the Dude hadn’t posted to Scooby then it would still be unclear. As for you, I don’t see anyone supporting your ill informed and jackass comments. so take a walk buddy and don’t t come back

        4. OMG this dickwit ron is an absolute asshole and proves it more every time he says something here. Do us all a favor asshole ron and crawl back under the rock where you came from

        5. Ron you lost your integrity with the BUZZ OFF!! statement, so you are either one of the fitness money makers or simply a poor soul who has been brainwashed by the latter. :)

      2. Hi Doug,

        I understand what you are saying but the issue is that the the name with “shortcut” in it is misleading and say what you will is all part of the fitness spin campaign. If the person in question selling that product has simply stated “this is a great workout technique which will have effects it you follow it etc” then fine. However, he used “shortcurt” and other STATEMENTS which point to the goal of making money first and foremost. So the criticism is merited.

        1. Hi Tim…I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my posts, and in the manner in which it was done. It is refreshing to have someone address the issue rather than attack me as a person.

          I don’t really know what Mike Chang is meaning when he says “shortcuts” and will never know until I ask him or he decides to explain it personally. My own understanding of the name is this:….From watching his video’s he shows the exercises that are required to increase the strength of the core muscles , which will, when used in conjunction with a healthy, fat reduced diet, result in being able to show off a six pack.

          I suppose, like you and many others, I have seen a lot of people promoting the most ridiculous of exercises that have very little to do with abdominal muscles…..and others that promote supplements, that alone, without exercise are supposed to magically give someone an amazing six-pack.

          My take on sixpackshortcuts is this…that Mike Chang is saying…in his own way….Cut out all the crap and forget the silly non effective exercises, then forget the supplements that don’t work…here is the shortcut…do away with all that crap and follow these simple, (notice there is no mention of easy), but simple exercises and the results will follow.

          Maybe I am too generous in my understanding, however, I am one who prefers to give the benefit of the doubt until it is proven otherwise.

          I mean to say, if Mike Chang was giving all his advice free of charge, and did not have any product to sell and no financial incentives whatsoever would his exercises still be good. Would they still result in a physical improvement, both in appearance and my physical well being?

          I think you and I both agree that they would. So the issue is not Mike Chang’s exercises. It is not his videos per se…it is the fact that he tries to make a living by it. As far as I know there is nothing wrong, illegal, or unethical about people selling their knowledge and skill. And I would add, there is absolutely nothing wrong with people like Scooby who choose to be philanthropic and give their time, knowledge, and skill free of charge.

          They are both to be applauded. They present in different styles. I try to garner the best from both of them.

          1. Yes DJ Seph…You are quite correct…it would seem he does charge $197. And everybody in the world could cancel their gym memberships and cancel all their personal trainers…and get all their information from Scooby free of charge.

            Isn’t it a wonderful world though, where freedom of choice is allowed. Where people can choose their own method of learning and training.

            Scooby is a great example…and to be applauded for all that he does.

            In saying that, there are many who have studied hard and long, and also put in the hours, weeks, months and years to offer their services at a reasonable cost to those that choose, yes choose, an alternative means of increasing their strength, appearance, and well-being.

            God help us when only one method of physical training is allowed and our freedoms are stripped from us because a few think that there is only one source for fitness and body building.

            Go Scooby…and go all the other trainers that offer their services.

          2. Just another point DJ Seph. I don’t know what country you are in. In my country we have an excellent FREE education system…one would think, in your vernacular, that it would be a no-brainer, and yet, quite literally, hundreds of thousands of parents choose to send their children to a private, fee paying school, where they pay, not $197 but many many thousands more on top of that. Keep in mind that the same education, the same curriculum, and the same examinations are offered in both educational systems.

            It would appear that the “no-brainer” solution is not quite so simple, and that people regardless of what another may think will choose that which they believe best suits them.

            The Home Fitness and Body Building industry, and let us not fool ourselves, it is an industry, offers people the self same choices. Free and/or Fee paying…and we should not be too critical of those that offer the choice, or those that take up an offer that we ourselves would not have chosen.

          3. Fee paying schools tend to be much better and the results show it.

            However in this scenario it seems scoobys workouts are the free ones… that are much better.

            Therefore your analogy is flawed.

          4. Your statement itself is flawed. In my country ALL schools are registered on a Government web base where parents, teachers and students alike are able to access this site and see the results of each school on a state basis and on a local level. Fee paying schools have no record of producing higher graded students. Of course there are some fee paying schools that are up there with the free ones, however to say that fee paying tend to be much better results is felonious.

            If you truly believe what you say to be true then support it with the facts, ie documentation that is accessible on the internet from a government website (assuming, of course, you do live in a democracy) and that can be verified or from an official site supported by the State Education Department.

            And I will state again…Scooby’s workouts are EXCELLENT…..and his philanthropic approach to home fitness and Body Building is to applauded.

            You seem to be missing the point. Fee paying or free is not the issue. The industry has enough room for Scooby, Mike Chang, and anybody else who has the knowledge and skills to help people reach their goals.

            I live in a democracy where people have the freedom of choice and I for one will not stand by idly while people who choose to charge for their services are lampooned and lambasted simply because they chose to develop a business to support themselves or their family.

            If you want free then go for free, but don’t be so critical of those that choose an alternative program.

            It is about Freedom of Choice.

          5. I personally believe that you do not “really” understand the word democracy but that’s another subject. I know that in a democracy people have the right to question and condemn those who knowingly lie or mislead people without fear (that’s one of the main reasons why democracy was brought about). I don’t want to live in your (idea) democracy where people (I am not talking of only lobbyist) don’t question, and encourage those who mislead people. That’s more like dictatorship and its followers are suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

            No one is complaining whether they should charge people or not, your missing the point. People are unhappy with people constantly misleading/lying/spinning call it what you want, people are fed up bullsh*t! Some people find it harder than others to smell it.

  17. If somebody says that he gained x kilos of muscles in 3 months and got ripped body out of a fat guy in less then 5 weeks simply lies. And what can make your lie more reliabe? Of course a fake photo.

  18. Hello Scooby. I do think you need to be careful about presenting these sort of negative videos. You yourself have many testimonials with Before and After pics…..and I would be very surprised if you had the time or resources to investigate to see if each of the pics are genuine or are the result of a similar practice as seen in the video. It is time to lay aside the negative….and believe that by far the majority of people are genuine, and that those who are condemned as fakes are indeed investigated thoroughly before denigrating and trashing someone’s character and reputation.

    1. The key difference, Doug, is the economic incentive: scooby does not claim on the basis of testimonials that people should send him money. Moreover, Scooby does not make absurd claims about “secrets”, “chinese scientists” or exercises that “kill stomach fat” to further induce the credulous to part with their money. Those genuinely inspired to help people in their fitness journey will continue to expose the exaggerations and lies of likes of Mike Chang irrespective of your protestations.

    2. I am actually quite careful about the people I include in my success stories pages and dont include anything that smells fishy. If the stats don’t match the photos, the story, and the timeframe then I leave it out. One big differencetoo , my success stories have no financial incentive to fake. Industry standard is to give people $1000 for their success stories – I give them a $15 t-shirt. As Gareth says, my success stories have little incentive to fake.

    3. Doug. The HUGE difference here is that Scooby never says that key phrase during any of his videos. The phrase of course is, “I would like to think…”, or “Today’s show is brought to you by…”. And in case you haven’t noticed, the only things that Scooby sales are hard work, motivation, and physical/mental balance. You would be hard pressed to find someone as willing to do this, without any monetary gain.

  19. If everyone would listen to this FREE info that Scooby gives out it would put these rip off artists out of biz for good. Iam glad that we have a person like Scooby to show us that through hard work and commentment you can achive a heathy life style. There are NO shortcuts!

  20. That’s true, when i am working out it looks actually like my bodyfat went down because of the blood flow to the muscles i think. I can definitely notice the difference.

    1. Scooby, please demonstrate you have integrity by addressing comments like this. There was no suggestion on the video that Mike Chang had engaged in deceptive activity, any more than you yourself have engaged in similar behavior before you shoot your videos. This is what happens Scooby when you rally your supporters on a crusade against sixpackshortcuts…They make uninformed, and to be quite frank malicious statements without any evidence to support their claims. Scoby you are better than this…. don’t keep lowering yourself and dragging your followers down to that level.

      1. Go troll somewhere else. shortcutsixpacks could have very well faked there pictures. We will never know. You sound as if you are connected to shortcutsixpacks so get off this site.

        1. Isn’t that the whole point…WE WILL NEVER KNOW….so stop accusing people over stuff without the evidence to support your claims.

          As for getting off this site; when did you become the administrator of this site? At least Scooby has been polite enough to respond to me.

          I don’t see him responding to your baseless accusations and ridiculous statements.

          This is a forum…. you will occasionally get alternative opinions….grow up and learn to accept it.

      2. Not to sound rude or anything.

        But Doug could very easily be Mike, or another affiliate of his concerned by the money he makes and this is his motive for posting.

        Lets take some quotes from sixpackshortcuts terms and conditions:

        ‘And even when consumers implement our product in full, more often than not they do not report increases in fat loss, muscle gain, abdominal definition, or other positive results of any kind. ‘

        ‘It is entirely possible you will gain fat, lose muscle, lose abdominal definition, and experience other negative outcomes as a result of the advice contained in our products.’

        It’s taking advantage of our society today, when legal documents are too long and complex for people to read, so they no longer even check the documents.

        Frankly Sixpackshortcuts is disgusting and preys on people who do have health and confidence issues, purely concerned about money.

  21. It’s rather pathetic the amount of deception people will go to make a buck. Six pack shortcuts and his ilk are defrauding the people who buy from them. And although the disclaimers they post ensure that they are within the law, the public should be offered greater legal protection from these creeps.

    1. Scooby, please demonstrate you have integrity by addressing comments like this. There was no suggestion on the video that Mike Chang had engaged in deceptive activity, any more than you yourself have engaged in similar behavior before you shoot your videos. This is what happens Scooby when you rally your supporters on a crusade against sixpackshortcuts…They make uninformed, and to be quite frank malicious statements without any evidence to support their claims. Scoby you are better than this…. don’t keep lowering yourself and dragging your followers down to that level.

      1. Please see my “Hall of Shame”! When sixpackshortcuts stops making his ridiculous claims, I will stop picking on him. He has a multi-million dollar advertising budget to plaster his ads all over the internet. Its only little voices like mine and FuriousPete’s that have any chance of keeping people like him honest.

      2. Took me awhile to understand what you were saying, thank you for persisting. You are correct, that is not what I was saying at all and I amended my post to make that clear.

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