Complete Home Workouts Videos

Complete Home Workout Videos

I have finally assembled all my complete home workout videos into one place.  These videos include the live workouts I have done the last two weekends.  With these videos you can just push play and follow along.  P90X move over!

18 thoughts on “Complete Home Workouts Videos”

  1. Thats cool. I usually shy away from fitness videos and home workout because of the kids but seeing you makes me reconsider fitness videos. The hubby and I would wait till the kids went to sleep to do such videos which made it hard to keep up with because it would be so late. I usually just hit the gym now.

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  3. Your online live sessions were excellent, it was like having a personal virtual trainer. It made a lot of difference for my experience of training. The questions answered during the live sessions made a big difference in many ways, It gave me a chance to ask questions and to hear questions that I did not even consider asking, but should of done.

    It’s great to see genuine caring beings helping there fellow brothers and sisters like you Scooby, It’s rare and did feel odd that there was no catch or hidden agenda anywhere! It took me two years of studying your material and others to begin to realise that you were the real deal and learnt also that there are not that many people out there with the same traits as you. The world is a better place having the likes of you in it and I believe that your ideology will cause a positive domino effect, preventing injuries, debts and even premature deaths along the way…. so a big Thank-you from me.

  4. Hey Scooby, love what you do. I am 50 as well but I only started exercise 1 year ago. I’m 6′ 3″ weigh 195 but always been skinny. At my age, you’re my last kick at gaining some mass and muscle.

    I hope to see some more live stuff. It’s the little things you say between the exercises that really tie things together for me.

    I’m deciding to follow your advice on focussing on pullups and pushups first. I can do 40 pushups, but can’t yet do 1 pullup. Damn they hurt!

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