Importance of Fitness Goals

Importance of Fitness Goals

If you  dont know what you are trying to achieve, you will never achieve it.  Not only that, your goals need to be specific , measurable and realistic.  I’m no exception to this rule!  In fact, the more advanced you are in fitness, the more important that setting goals becomes.  A beginner can just do a haphazard workout now and then and still make progress.  Intermediates can make progress just by doing a stock workout 3x/week.  Advanced athletes have a much tougher time with progress even with hardcore workouts.  Working harder is not a guarantee of progress, you have to workout smarter and choose your goals carefully.   An advanced bodybuilder like myself has a much harder time finding areas that can be improved since I have reached my genetic potential on my major muscle groups.  Its just unrealistic for someone like myself to make a goal of adding an inch to my arms or chest – not gonna happen in a kazillion years as those are genetically maxed out.   The only way I could add more muscle is to find some muscle that is undertrained and hit it hard, my traps or calves for example.   The other thing I could do to make my physique more competition ready is to drop my bodyfat down to 5%.  (Please read about fitness goals).  In any case, neither of these goals interests me as I dont plan on entering any bodybuilding contests.

My current goals are related to endurance sports, cycling and triathlon.  In 2012 I am going to complete a 200 mile bike race and a half Ironman (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, half marathon).  I have my half Ironman scheduled for June and just looked at scheduling my double century bike ride.  Somewhat to my horror I found that only two races fit my schedule, one that is in less than 3 weeks (not nearly enough time to prepare) and the other is not till October.  Aaaargh!  What to do!  I dont want to wait till October but 3 weeks isnt nearly enough time to adequately prepare for a 200 mile race.

This is a good time to point out another important aspect of setting goals – dont be afraid of failure!  The journey is as important as the destination.  Its better to set agressive goals and fail than to set wimpy goals and know you could have done better.  Every failure is a learning experience.  If registration is still open for the double century in 3 weeks then I plan on learning a lot!


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  1. My goal is to become leaner while maintaining strength. I’ve always been heavy and big boned. Moving big weights but having trouble with bodyweight exercises. Sometimes I see someone who looks really muscular and I ask him how much weight he lifts. And I”m like what? Thats a lot less than I lift! I figured I’ll look awesome just by removing fat.

  2. desde Reynosa, Mx

    I did a half Marathon last Feb 2012. I set up the half marathon race because I had a bicep injury, so I tried to focus in other area, now I am working out and keep running 3 times per week.. it feels awesome, highly recommended. Scooby I saw your “injuries” videos back again and those were very useful, Thanks again and go for it!

  3. I Don’t have a specific goal…i only know that i’ve never felt so good in my life like now that i workout…i started a year ago and i feel better every day…more self-confident….that’s enough for me to keep going….greats from Ittalyyy

  4. Hey Scoob, didn’t know how to get ahold of you but I wanted you to know that your success stories page on this site is not showing the before or after pics clearly, they are scrunched. If you could fix it, it would be great because I come to your site often for motivation. Thanks…And my goal is the drop from 205lbs to 190lbs by the April 28th.

  5. my goal is being in the best shape, feeling good and having energy. should i be more specific about it? like come up with numbers i want to achieve etc (weight, dates, etc.) ?

  6. Would you count shoveling snow as cardio and or leg workout? I do this on average 5 times a week living in Alaska. It’s hard to tell if it gets my heart rate elevated, but warms me up at 30 below.

    1. The sign is that it becomes extremely hard to put on muscle and your strength levels are maxed out. But this only applies to people like scooby who have serious muscle mass.

      If you reach your genetic potential or get very close, then even though you might train very hard and strict, you have little or no gain even in a long period of time.

      1. Thank you Pouya for the reply.
        Just being pragmatic here. Why would someone who reached his genetic potential continue working hard. Why wouldn’t he just continue 3 days a week with pull ups, push ups, crunches and jogging. They should keep your muscles working without adding any muscle mass, shouldn’t they?

  7. I got about 18 pounds of muscle last year and intent to add another 15 or more this year. Also want to get a few medals( may be gold ones) in some jiu-jitsu championships here in Brasil. maybe even take a shot to the national.

  8. 200 mile bike race is possible!!! I am riding my bike for ages now and i did a 202Km race with over 4000m height difference (only uphill) and my perp was one week hardcore training in the mountains with my brother. Well…. we did 100Km trips the whole summer before :-) so we werw not untrained, neither are you!

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