Todays Live YouTube Q&A Session Cancelled

I’m really sorry but I have to reschedule today’s live YouTube Q&A session. :(  I’m on a very aggressive and tight training schedule for my upcoming double century (200 mile) bike race and there is a storm coming in so I need to do a long training ride today.

I admit it, its incredibly poor planning on my part that caused this.  My 2012 fitness goal of doing a double century was set back in January but I didn’t get around to looking at race dates till last week and then I got a very unpleasant surprise.  I either had to race in 3 weeks or not till late October – one date far too soon and one far too late.  Anyway, I am going for it but need to use every rideable training day between now and then.  The race is on the 25th of March and I need five rest days before the race.  My personal go/no-go criteria is that I need to be able to do a 100 mile ride with 4000′ of vertical in less than 8 hours before the 19th of March.  That is only NINE days away, yikes! In a normal year this wouldn’t have been a problem at all but back in September I had some serious knee inflammation that curtailed all my cardio for a very long time and its only in the last month or two that I have been ramping back up. Athletes lose cardio fitness far faster than strength with inactivity and I have only a short time to see if I can get mine back up to where I can complete a 200 mile race. We will see if I can do it.

I promise I will reschedule this event soon.
Scooby Biking

18 thoughts on “Todays Live YouTube Q&A Session Cancelled”

  1. Wow, appreciate your effort, youre incredibly dedicated- I often wonder if your heart is getting enlarged with all the cardio you put it through? Does that make any sense?

  2. Scooby, viel glück mein lieber freund !
    Will Hans be riding with you ?
    Get it ell !

    Yesterday I did chest exercises from your live video. Starting to feel DOMS today !

  3. Dear Scooby,

    Lots of luck with your double century! You are an inspiration.

    I want to tell you how much I appreciate your website and your very sound, rational advice. You are providing a wonderful resource for many people, and you should know that you have the best bodybuilding website that anyone could imagine.

    One small piece of friendly advice: ditch the hats!

    Best regards, Rick Hogan

  4. Just discovered you Scooby!! It’s great to find someone who is sincere and honest about bodybuilding, it’s benefits and realistic expectations. I have recently took up natural bodybuilding about a year ago and have quit drinking/smoking and improved my diet 10 fold. I feel mentally and physically alive again and the improvement to my physique is just an added benefit. It would be great if there were more people like you in all area’s of life to guide and inform the population honestly instead of misguidence for self interest. I shall be an avid follower….we believe in you….don’t let us down :)

  5. All the best to your training!

    Don’t worry im sure people will understand (theres always some who wont) but you do it all for FREE which is completely amazing and you should put your training first.

    Doing your complete home chest workout now with the old live recording. Its really great to have on whilst i do it with you, keeps me pushing and motivated.

    Thanks scoob,

    And have fun biking!

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