New Years Fitness Resolution Checkpoint

New Years Fitness Resolution Checkpoint


OK, you worked hard on coming up with your new years resolutions on January first and that required some hard work and soul searching.  Awesome!  Stating your goals is 75% of the battle but the rest is execution.  Its time for execution!!! Now is a good checkpoint as we are 1/4 into the new year.  By this point you should have:

  1. Broken down your big fitness goals into small, manageable chunks.
  2. Signed up for all classes and events required to meet your goals
  3. Have a clear roadmap written down how you will achieve your goals



Lets look at an example so you can see what I mean.  You are 70lbs overweight and want to have a flat stomach by the end of the year but you know nothing about fitness or nutrition.  Step 1 is to break the big goal (losing 70lbs) into smaller and more manageable chunks:

  1. Find a good book on nutrition for weight loss and read it
  2. Find a common sense website for nutrition and weight loss and read it (mine or similar)
  3. Read about exercise for weight loss and decide on the activity type most appropriate for you
  4. Establish a baseline.  Without changing your nutrition, write down every single thing you eat and drink for 7 complete days and then tally the calories
  5. Establish a daily caloric goal using a calorie calculator
  6. Based upon your daily caloric goal, establish weight loss expectations
  7. Decide which of many weight loss methods you will use
  8. Read about how to measure progress and buy the tools necessary so you can accurately measure your bodyfat

Step 2 is to sign up for all classes and events required to meet your goals.  In the case of weight loss, perhaps PE classes at the local community college: swimming,  aerobics, spinning, etc.  Perhaps even a class on nutrition in this case.

Step 3 is to have a roadmap.  Sit down and put dates next to all the small tasks you have listed in step 1.

Having a huge oppressive goal like “Lose 70lbs by the end of the year” just leads to denial and avoidance.  Once you break it down into little manageable chunks, you see that its not so bad after all.  Just take it one little step at a time and you will achieve your goal!!!


A Real Example – Me!

Please check out my 2012 goals and my training progress.  My first event is in two weeks, a 200 mile bike race.





4 thoughts on “New Years Fitness Resolution Checkpoint”

  1. I’m 43 and went from 238 to 210 since Dec.04, 2011. 30+% bf to 18% eating protein 6x a day and cardio 3-4x weekly. 42 waist to 34, 50″ chest to 42″ and I feel like a new man! Still losing!

  2. Shaun L from Stuttgart Germany

    My goals are similar to Will’s in that I’m 5’11” and weigh 214 right now with a body fat % of 24.8 and a BMI of 30.1 (was 228 on New Years). My car was in the shop for over a month and as a result I walked to work which is about 3 miles round trip. Before I knew it I lost 6 pounds from just walking, and that gave me the nice little head start I needed to work out! I’m not concerned with my BMI in that I know I have muscle underneath, and that affects the BMI rating. I’m using it more as a comparison to my body fat, and if my BMI stays steady while my fat goes down then I know I’m gaining muscle at the same time I’m losing fat.

    I am blessed in being able to build muscle fairly quickly, but also cursed in being able to add body fat quickly as well. My goal is to lower my body fat % to less than 10 so that I can finally show off my abs. I’ve lost 8 pounds since starting my cardio (65 min) three times a week plus some weightless muscle building (pushups/dips/pullups/etc.). I went from barely being able to do one dip to over 3 sets of 10 in a matter of weeks.

    Using the advice from your site has really helped me so far, and I plan to take it to heart as I try to pursue my goals. I’m totally motivated in this lifestyle change, and have broken my goals into 10 pound increments (reaching 210, 200, 190, 180 individually). I just crossed the 25% body fat obesity range and now I’m simply in the “acceptable” stage. Obviously this isn’t acceptable to me so I’ll keep going until I’m happily in the 180s. Glad you’re updating your site regularly, and look forward to any other advice you post. Best of luck to your fitness goals this year, danke!

  3. I suspect this years goals will be exponentially harder to achieve. In the last twelve months I’ve gone from 206 lbs and 24.5% BF (6 feet tall)….to…182 lbs and 10.5% BF. My FFMI has gone from 20.7 to almost 23. I’ve lost 37 lbs of disgusting body fat and gained almost 14 lbs of lean muscle…in 12 months. Not bad for a 52 year old fat man.

    But I fear the next 12 month progression will not be so stellar. So I’m setting my goals a bit more “realistic”. I hope this year I can gain 8 or maybe 10 lbs of muscle and drop my BF to 7 or 8 %. I got feeling it may take most of the year to do that at my age.

  4. Great guide Scooby, I’m down 2 Stone in just over a month thanks to your advice, never felt better either. The hardest part for me was just forcing myself to do the work for the first few days and after that you feel compelled to keep going. Thanks again for all the work you put into this site, it’s a massive help!

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