Saturated Fat And Food Contamination

People give me a very hard time about my unwillingness to act on resent reports that saturated fat can be good for you. People have also have given me a hard time about my stance on eggs and how I recommend limiting their use. In a recent post on saturated fat and common sense, I gave my suggestion for a good allocation of fat in your daily diet which relied upon moderation. I still suggested limiting saturated fats despite all their recent ‘redemption’? Why? We don’t live in a theoretical world. Perhaps in *theory* these fats are good for you but the reality is in stark contrast.

I know in Europe its much better, but the USA has a horribly contaminated food supply – thats the ugly reality. When you tell someone to eat saturated fat, you are telling them to eat pesticide contaminated food.

Prevention Magazines “Dirty Dozen”
1. Beef, Pork and Poultry
2. Milk, Cheese and Butter
3. Strawberries, Raspberries and Cherries
4. Apples and Pears
5. Tomatoes

Notice anything interesting about this 12 most contaminated foods list? Most of  those “good saturated fats that those in bodybuilding tell you to eat are either in the #1 worst or #2 worst when it comes to food contamination! I can hear people’s reply now, “Oh, but you can buy organic!”.   Time to bring you back to the real world. The bodybuilding advocates pushing eggs, milk and cheese for “good saturated fat” never mention the word ‘organic’, go ahead and look for yourself. The reality is that many bodybuilders are either students or just starting in their careers so they cant afford organic.

Some very interesting “food for thought” from the above linked prevention magazine article:

The EPA reports that meat is contaminated with higher levels of pesticides than any plant food. Many chemical pesticides are fat-soluble and accumulate in the fatty tissue of animals. Animal feed that contains animal products compounds the accumulation, which is directly passed to the human consumer.

Animals concentrate pesticides and chemicals in their milk and meat. Growth hormones and antibiotics are also serious concerns and are invariably found in commercial milk, cheese, and butter.

Fat from animals is bad, why? Because pesticides accumulate in the fatty tissues of animals. If you want to eat beef, dairy, and chicken you might consider minimizing your exposure to pesticides by getting the leanest cuts of meat you can afford.

Moderation is the key!  Set your macronutrient ratios then calculate how many grams fat you get per day using a calorie calculator like mine. Then when it comes to deciding how to allocate your fat calories between plant and animal sources, keep the pesticide issue in mind!

I’m not a vegetarian for political reasons. I’m not a vegetarian because of cruelty. I’m a vegetarian for health reasons as the above two quotes sum up. If I was a farmer and grew my own cattle and chickens from grain raised on my own farm then I would certainly eat beef and chicken freely because then I could be sure of its safety. If I lived in Europe, I would probably eat beef and chicken. IMO, the ‘organic’ label is a great start in the USA but its insufficient. Grain raised at Three Mile Island without pesticides or fertilizer would be ‘organic’ and you could then feed it to your cows for ‘organic’ beef – problem is it would be dangerously radioactive. Because of the globalization of the agribusiness, organic foods often don’t come from the USA. Who knows what leaking toxic wasted dump is next to the farm where the ‘organic’ food is being grown.

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  1. gettinglargereveryday

    Unfortunately, this article is absolutely true. We have just purchased 10.5 acres that has not been sprayed by pesticides or other known chemicals. This summer we intend to raise our own chickens, plant our own garden, vineyard, and already have apple, peach and pear trees growing. We have a steer ordered, and by next year we hope to begin raising our own. The American food system is extremely toxic. There are many cultures today who have none of the health issues we currently face, and the main reason is due to their food systems.
    As an aside: I LOVE YOUR SCOOBY SNACKS! And so do my children.

  2. Hi scooby!
    Thanks for this very interesting article. Here is my question: Is eating chiken breasts very often dangerous? Because there is almost no fat in it. And how can I do to replace them? Are Sardines healthy?

  3. Funny..all this talk of eating meat or not for health reasons durring lent.
    Words…. television with 500 channels…Mass media… Celebrity Magazines… that is the “real meat” you should be worried about not ingesting.
    And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.” Luke 22:19

  4. Good article. I am from Sweden and eat chicken everyday and the chicken is from Sweden so I feel pretty safe. I am getting most of my saturated fat from coconut oil. There are a lot of health benefits from coconut oil. It is also great to put on your skin, at least for me. Here are two informative videos.

  5. Thumbs up for the “old world” !
    This is what u get when u let private investers / tycoons finance your political parties, their interests will soon weigh out the public interest.
    “The public says they dont want hormones or pesticides in their food? Well i respect that, but i cant concern myself with that, cause my financers interests are totally different, sry folks…..”
    Anyways, i live in austria, i have no concern (or very little) about what i eat. Surely u can buy pesticide filled vegetables or hormone pumped meat here as well, but at least u have it labelled and always have the chance to work around all that. This is one thing im very happy about, if not proud!

  6. OMG still confidently saying you are vegetarian??? It’s time to get a living Scoob.. How can you be so proud of lying blatantly to your fans??? Your stubborness reflects your immense ego. Grow up!

  7. Great points. Students often have a tight budget and even affording a good isolate protein powder takes you to the bank! *please don’t advertise other websites unless you have a specific article you are pointing to*

  8. This reminds me of a movie called food ink, which is a really good movie btw. It also reminds me of my chemistry teacher who also a farmer(not too uncommon here in Vermont). It reminds me of him because he said that if you raise your own meat like chicken or beef then no matter what it’s going to be low in fat. The reason why industry meat is high in “bad fat” is because they pump them full of hormones and modified corn products to purposely speed of their growing process and plump them up so they can get more meat from one cow. They get so having and they grow so fast that their bones are not strong enough to support their weight because they have not had ample time to develop and have their weight adjusted to their bone mass. Thus, most factory raised meat are sedentary and get fat no matter what because they aren’t moving like should and would otherwise normally do. It all about the money and keeping up with consumer demand. Luckily, if you want to avoid this and are wiling to not support this cycle then you can just go to your local farmer’s market and buy your meat there. Upfront cost are expensive but as far long term goes your saving because your less likely to be paying medical expenses, which are of course expensive. This is just my opinion, take it as you will.

  9. Regardless of anyone’s opinions, which may be different, Scooby, thanks for setting the bar high! You’re right that if you started “giving in” to some of these nutritional “discoveries” (like the chocolate one), well, as they say, if you give an inch, WE’LL take a mile. Thanks again for the great post!

  10. -If I lived in Europe, I would probably eat beef and chicken.-

    I live in Europe and dont eat beef and chicken for healty reasons. You dont wanna know what they put in those animals befor they are grown fat in 2 months, People become resistant because of use of peneciline in the animals.
    Further I dont like the way the animals are treated.

  11. No matter what or where you eat, if you didn’t grow it yourself you can bet there is something on it that is harmful to your health. However you got to keep in mind we have 7 billion people on this planet to feed. Without the use of fertilizers and pesticides we would all be going hungry. Sometimes I think of our ancestors who on average only lived to be 50 who struggled to fight pests and grow crops and often times depended on their land for their very survival. They would hear our complaints of our food’s “cleanliness” then look at how much food we have on our plates and shake their heads. In other words when you have a meal in front of you it’s easy to complain about it. When you go days without eating, and then a piece of meat is slapped in front of you last thing you think about is the pesticides used on the grain the animal was eating. Be grateful for what we got because there are people in this world that have not.

        1. You are dead right my man. You can NOT feed 300 million ( the pop of the USA) “orgasmically” LoL! And anyone that says otherwise is simply un-informed.

          Now…I will tell you I eat more “organic” food than probably most people here. But I am NOT delusional thinking we can feed the entire nation on “orgasmic” farming.

  12. Very very valid argument Scooby, Never imagined you were vegeterian to protect yourself from pesticides and other dangers!
    I always try get my fats from olive oil,natural peanut butter. Sat fat only when its a cheat meal.
    great article as always.

  13. LetTheStormRageOn

    “I’m not a vegetarian for political reasons. I’m not a vegetarian because of cruelty. ” You’re also not a vegetarian, you are a person who loves vegetables but eats meat as well. A veg-meat-tarian aka regular person. I love you to death but this madness has to end, or atleast re-enable the comment section on your Vegetarian body building section….

  14. Bryan do your own research and form your own opinion. Scooby’s word about health and nutrition is not law. It is simply advice and opinion based upon years of personal experience. Not all of it is even scientifically sound. He is not a physician or a chemist, he is not even a nutritionist.
    Scooby i’ve seen you eating chicken before, just saying.
    IMO you are at a disadvantage (albeit not a crippling one) being a vegetarian bodybuilder for several reasons.

  15. Wow, I never considered chicken to be so terrible for me. I usually search for chicken that’s less than 10% cals from fat and just go with that. Maybe I should do some more research and consider being a vegetarian? Maybe.

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