Scooby Moving Back To Germany

Rumors have been floating around for a few weeks now, yes they are true. I am planning to move back to Germany. I am frustrated with my lack of progress in reaching people in the English speaking world so I’m going to go back to Germany and focus my efforts there.



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  1. Ich würde mich wirklich freuen, wenn du auch mal Videos auf deutsch machen würdest. Immerhin gibt es einige Ausdrücke und Anleitungen die doch in deutsch einfacher zu verstehen wären.
    Danke für all deine hilfreichen Tipps!

  2. Hey Scooby,

    falls du doch mal auswandern solltest, dann komm lieber zu uns nach Norddeutschland (Kiel) ;-)

    Since then I’m really looking forward to follow your instructions in english!

    Stay awesome!


  3. Well, technically I am part of the English Speaking World and I live in Berlin, and my ESW-friend in Barcelona introduced me to you…
    So you’re not doing too badly. But I welcome you back to Europe and Germany with open arms, and my slight paunch!

  4. Scooby if you feel you have to go well I guess I can respect your decision. But I hope you dont take your english videos off Youtube because I’m going to need them. I’m pregnant now and I’m due on May 25. Soon after the baby is born I plan to start using your videos more strictly to help me shed the baby weight. So far in I have been doing good, in two weeks I will be 9mts and I have only gained 20lbs. So when you move back to Germany even if you dont upload any more english videos please dont take down whats there or your english website. I wish you the best on your journey in life. Love you and thank you for everything. Sorry we disappointed you :(

  5. Hey Scooby:

    I’m truly disappointed to hear your throwing in the towel for us Americans but I can truly testify without your guidance and lessons my life would not have changed dramatically in all spheres thanks to your beginner workout series especially the pullup portion. I am now 41 years of age and since starting your program 4 months ago I have never felt so great physically and mentally. At the beginning I could not do a pullup but thanks to your workshop now doing 8 plus weighted; also dropping weight thanks to your health tips……………… This is one individual where you have made a life changing difference for that I will always be indebted…………………..THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  6. I just found your site and I have to say after 2 years of working out mostly wrong and eating (all the way) wrong, its been you and your knowledge that has made the change in me for the better…I wish you the best in Germany, I hope you continue to post. Thanks Scooby…

    Thomas S.

  7. Scooby, you’re one of the few who tell it like it is… it doesn’t matte where you are just stay on the net and it’ll be cool… but really,… how about just continue to hang here in the U.S?

  8. Please, Scooby, don’t go!! You’re reaching a lot more of us than ya know!!!! I have a friend who almost stayed in Bremahaven after WWII… but we need ya here, dude! cjleblanc

  9. If you are going to spend the summer in germany, interested in giving some private lessons? i’ll pay you back in a nice knackwurst dinner and some sinfull belgian chocolate ;)

    greetz from belgium

  10. Scooby, I’m glad you are moving back. While you’re there, you need to teach those krauts how to lay off the schnitzel. It’s as big of a problem there as big macs are here. Stupid Americans don’t know jack crap about fitness like those guys there. All the great bodybuilders are from that area anyway, Schwarzenegger, Lundgren, Van Damme, and who knows who else. You’re decision is a sound one. Good luck Scoob! So much for my dreams of meeting you in person one day!!!

  11. IM glad your not really leaving scoob.
    you have tought me so much!!!!
    i will be entering your contest soon.
    you inspired me so much i became a personal trainer.
    when i was a teen i was 240 lbs at 5’8 now im down to 150 lbs 3%body fat!!
    i love it..
    the only hard part is putting the weight back on now (health) haha, well im only 22, i have a whole life time to try :)
    thanks scooby!!!!

  12. Hallo Scooby,

    den Deutschen würde etwas Bewegung nicht schlecht tun. Von Bier und Schrippen bekommt man jedenfalls keine Muskeln. Vermutlich ist der Unterschied zu Amerika auch garnicht so groß ;)

  13. Just received a confirmed report from IRS of USA that Scooby was arrested on April 1, 2012 for the following reasons:
    IRS assesses the value of Scooby’s workout website at 3.57 billion US dollars. Scooby has never report this capital earning on his personal income. He is now charged 1.88 billion US dollars in back taxes and penalty. Since he has plans to leave the US, he is held without bail.

  14. Very nice schooby, your german is much better than my english :D
    It would be very cool if you come back to germany, but like others sayed, thing goes on it.
    So greetings from Deutschland :)

  15. Why don’t you come to Italy and try to stop people eating only carbs 24/7 instead? :D

    Anyway i really wanted to see you advertize some magic voodoo for growing abs on the back too XD, nice april fool anyway!

  16. Greetings from Rome,

    I love Germany too, so I can really understand your decision. Good luck for your moving.
    I have an unrelated question; what do you think of wheat germ as protein source? I’m using it for when I can’t eat at home like you oats and protein emergency meal.


  17. i was actually pissed after watching the first 30 seconds.. then i realized how completely random and weird it would be for scooby to all of a sudden decide to make all of his videos in german.. then i realized todays date LOL

  18. Hey Scobby..I don’t understand German language, but i love it for unknown reasons. I request, please create video in 2 languages…1 german and other English, so that we non-German speaking fans can also understand it. BTW Thank You so much for all you inspirational videos till now. Danke!

  19. Hey scooby,
    I understand and I feel for you…. It’s really hard to preach to the choir over and over when they (we) won’t listen. Germany is a great place to be and the culture is amazing. I do hope you include subtitles because my German seeing as how I am a freshman in high school ist nicht sehr gut…

    I hope you don’t change you website and you still use/post on the English one because a lot of people still follow you and will follow you because we want to be stronger and become more fit. Please still post the occasional English video so that we don’t have to read subtitles all the time…

    I’m somewhat disappointed in the change but I’m also looking forward to it because we will see a new you, a new personality…. Also the German population at least the younger population speaks English very very good do to the intrest in American music and videos. However it is not the other way around, Americans neglect to learn other languages because we think that we are powerful enough and everyone will learn our language…. 

    One final thought. Scooby isn’t the type of guy who would go out of his way to make people mad. He’s funny and likes to joke around (referencing the Star Wars farting intro) but he’s not the type of guy who wants to make the 50 thousand or so people that watch his videos mad… Meaning this probably isn’t a joke.

    Just a thought….

    Auf Wiedersehen 

      1. Perhaps you should understand that Bimthurn was going along with the joke, so people who come across this page won’t read any “That was a good April Fool’s Joke” comments.

  20. If this is an april fools joke, then its going to piss off a lot of German fans. If its not an April fools joke, its going to piss off a lot of American fans. Bad move either way?

  21. even though im almost positive its a prank im stil sad at the possibility.. i honestly love scoobys program and stay tuned for all of his video and website updates checking it daily even so fingers crossed im right

  22. It makes perfect sense for Scooby to move back to Germany. Everyone needs to realize he is almost ancient and on the generous German pension he will be able to get his false teeth cleaned free of charge over there.

    Also the air in Germany has a slightly different level of oxygen atoms….the simple result being that lifting 20 pounds only seems like 16 pounds.

    Anyone who has been paying careful attention to Scooby’s videos over the past few months will have noticed he is wearing his hats lower and lower. This is not intentional…it is a result of his ears sagging due to the earths rotational spin. By moving to Germany Scooby is locating himself closer to the equator and that should see a slow-down in his sagging ears, and a reversal of this trend…and in a few months his hat will, once again, be perched properly on top of his head.

    Finally, and perhaps most tragically… Scooby has come to the painful realization that he and Hans will never be accepted in the USA as a genuine couple. Hans has applied on numerous occasions for a Green card….but now feels it is pointless to continue and has decided to settle in Europe, and specifically Germany where gnomes are accepted as real people. What else could Scooby do but follow him?

    You will be missed Hans………oh…and you too Scooby.

    1. Before too many more people attack me for my comment, it should not take too much sense to work out that this is meant to be humorous and not an attack on Scooby.

      It is a pity that Scooby has not confirmed that his Blurb was indeed an April Fool’s joke, as then it would be so much easier to see that my comment was posted in the same light. The fact that Scooby said that his future Blurbs would be in German, and yet in his latest one has reverted back to English should have been enough for people to realize he was teasing. (And only a few days previous Scooby had asked for ideas for April Fool’s jokes. That particular Blurb he removed)

      Most of you that follow Scooby’s advice on home fitness and body building do so to improve your physique and feeling of well-being and you do so already starting off from a reasonable healthy state and wish to improve.

      I started off following Scooby’s training advice weighing no more than 103 pounds following chemotherapy treatment due to my battle with an aggressive cancer that was determined to win the battle. I am pleased to say that though it won many battles it did not win the war and here I am.

      When first starting off with Scooby I was unable to lift any more than 2 pounds and even then it was for a maximum of 3 reps, and forget about repeat sets that was just impossible.

      So I, much like many people have a reason to thank Scooby . He has helped us reach goals that have made a difference to the way we approach life. If I express that in a way that is different than you, please try to understand that we are all unique and each has something to contribute.

      I am currently in remission and hopefully with good nutrition and a healthy approach to exercise and fitness I will be here to post more comments for the years to come.

      Perhaps also that will help to explain the play on words with regard to my name. You may just see the one word…..But I see Cancer vive….and Can Cervive.

      Anyway, enough from me as I know some people will still attack as that is what they enjoy. Regardless, I wish them well and leave a BIG THANK-YOU to Scooby.

  23. This is the first video I don’t like! I simply don’t believe that you give up on us! If you will do that, you will do that again. And again….. Never never never give up.

  24. I believe this is a joke. However, there is no reason why not to do two sites. Keep this one and copy to the German alternative.
    P.S. Thank you Scooby for your work !!! I just cannot find appropiate words to express how gratefull I am for what I learned from you. Best wishes from Poland !!!

    1. I agree with ‘baati!’
      I just found your site today, and am so happy I found it!
      I am an avid runner, and have been on a track team for 2 years now. This year I totally was behind on my running, struggling with running fast and bad arches. I came to this website in hope to find something- and did! I went from a 20 second 100 meter sprint, to a 13-14 second 100 meter sprint!!! In under 5 minutes, using your floating head, patended pea technique! Thanks!!!

  25. Thanks for everything that you have done scooby, your a great guy, but it just not the same from now on, you really helped me a lot, even if I just started watching your videos and am a total beginner, somehow you just pushed me forward and I’m seriously thinking about going for cycling now and maybe triathlons in the future, I’m not going to follow your videos anymore , I will experiment on my own so I wish you good luck with your experiment :D

  26. God Dag Scooby! Come to Norway. We need you here. :-) You can buy farm and grow your own food. By the way. Thank you for this website. Don`t stop typing in English. My German is not to god.

  27. Nice to hear, that you enjoy beeing in Germany. I do like your well explained videos and exercises. By the way, your german is really good, altough Bavaria is only a little part of Germany and a very special one – some people might say that it´s not a part of Germany ;) If it´s no april joke – Willkommen zurück und viel Spaß. Ich würde mich freuen. Ob in englisch oder deutsch, Hauptsache es geht weiter ;)

  28. I just found your website and I wanted to say thank you for all the videos you have done, and all the information you have shared. There are not enough people like you who want to help other people, simply for helping them and wanting nothing in return. I haven’t seen all the videos you have done yet, but I hope you can keep this site up even when you move back to your home. Good luck.

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