Start now for sixpack abs by summer!

Just a reminder, NOW is the time to start if you want to get sixpack abs by summer. If you wait till June then its way too late.  I know that with the cold, rainy, and snowy weather the beach is the last thing on your mind but summer will be here in a snap and then it will be too late. Now is the time to get ready for summer and its not too late. You still have 3 full months to prepare if you start today. If you are overweight you can lose 12-24lbs by then -use my calorie calculator to find out how much weight YOU can lose by summer! The key is starting NOW.

Four keys to losing the weight:

Exercise a bit more
Eat a bit less
Drink lots of water!

1) Exercise a little bit more. Just walking 20min a day is fine. Doing cardio puts your metabolism in overdrive so do it daily! Please read about the afterburner effect.

2) Eat a little less. There are many methods for eating less, choose the one that works best for you. For many the smart substitution method is the best. Just choose two foods that you know are bad that you consume on a daily basis and substitute something healthier. For example, substitute water for coke and baked potatoes for french fries. There are many other ways to eat a little less and if smart substitutions doesnt work for you then try healthy eating, calorie counting, or a commercial weight loss program like weight watchers or Jenny Craig.

3) Drink lots of water. It fills you up so you eat less food! Best is drinking 16-24 ounces of water right before a meal.  Read about the importance of hydration to bodybuilding and weight loss.

4) Sleep! Sleep deprivation causes you to lose muscle rather than fat when you are on a calorie restricted diet so if you want to lose fat and not muscle then get enough sleep!  Please read about sleep, weight loss, and bodybuilding.

Remember, summer will be here in a snap and now is the time to prepare! So start doing more cardio, start eating a little bit less, drink lots of water, and get plenty of sleep!

Apologies to my longtime readers who will recognize this content as recycled. Its my annual get-ready-for-summer video designed to try and reduce the numbers of questions I get in June about people asking how they can lose 30lbs and get abs by July 4th – you cant! Losing weight takes time if you dont want to lose muscle along with the fat so you have to start early. Using a 20% caloric reduction is all that is recommended.

7 thoughts on “Start now for sixpack abs by summer!”

  1. Hi there, I am 16 and I have just seen this video, i really want to get a bit of muscle for summer my main aim is to get good pecks, arms, have you any tips for a home work out which doesn’t cost too much money.

  2. Hello Scooby. When I took a bodycomposition-test a few weeks ago (2-4) it said that I have 10.8 % fat. I am “only” 15 , and I’m turning 16 in mid-june so I can’t buy my own food yet because obviously I still live at home. I have been playing soccer since 5 but I quit recently due to lack of skills due to my height. I’m approximately 187cm and I weigh 70-72 KG. Besides doing 10min warmup (stationary bike with moderate/high intensity for my warm-up when I lift weights, I have just started to jog/run on the threadmill at my grandma’s house (lol) for 30-35 minutes on off-days. I cycle between 8km per hour and 10 km per hour , which means I’m not exhausting myself. I do an intervall thingie with 5 minutes 8km/h and then 5 minutes 10km/h.

    I have also cut out soda completely, french fries, butter and I’m trying to cut out candy and I’m doing fine there aswell. Also, I take one tablespoon of a Omega 3 oil thing each morning. I have substituted cheese with chicken on bread. I drink 2-4 DL of water right before/ in every meal which makes it 2-3 Litre a day besides all the other water I drink when I’m training. My diet consists mostly of bread (not white) and fruit, veggies plus whatever mom is making for dinner.

    So my question is : How long will it take for me to get down to 8-9 % fat if I keep doing this? I’m off to Spain the 15th june , so I have six-pack as my highest desire. Two of the obliques are showing good, and my six pack has began to show a little. Please respond quickly and give me a full answer :)

    Kind regards from Norway – Martin.
    (Sorry for my grammar-mistakes but I’m not 100% efficient in English :D )

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