Live Video Bodybuilding Q&A Talkshow Today!

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Scooby’s Bodybuilding Talkshow

Please join me for a live question and answer talkshow on YouTube/live  Today at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific!  To find out when the broadcast will begin in your area, go to the  YouTube Live page and find my event in the section labeled “Events in the next 24 hours” and see what starting time is displayed.

I will have my complete home gym at my disposal so you can ask about form on particular exercises, you can ask about basic fitness,  bodybuilding nutrition, sports, weight loss, abs, my hat collection – or whatever.  Please join me for this live broadcast!  I will be answering questions posted in the YouTube video comments as well as on my facebook fan page Get Fit For Free.

 Asking Questions During The Show

We are going to try something new this time.  In order to give my loyal viewers the ability to get their questions answered I will be pulling about half the questions off this blog so post your questions here, you can even do it before the session starts if you want so I can start with some good ones.  I will still be answering questions from the YouTube comments but will give preference to the questions posted here.

Options for Watching Today

First a note, if when you are trying to view the video and get an error message, wait a few seconds then refresh your browser.  There are two options for watching this live broadcast, listed in priority order:

  1. Watch from the below embedded video in this page, this is the preferred option as I have total control over this.
  2. Watch on the YouTube Live page, at the start time it will be listed in the “Live Now” section.


EDIT:  Sorry, this event was a complete and total disaster – crash and burn.   I tried some new fancy software and it had some horrible bugs, so bad in fact that I deleted the video immediately.  Thats why this YouTube live is beta.