Live Video Bodybuilding Q&A Talkshow Today!

Scooby’s Bodybuilding Talkshow

Please join me for a live question and answer talkshow on YouTube/live  Today at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific!  To find out when the broadcast will begin in your area, go to the  YouTube Live page and find my event in the section labeled “Events in the next 24 hours” and see what starting time is displayed.

I will have my complete home gym at my disposal so you can ask about form on particular exercises, you can ask about basic fitness,  bodybuilding nutrition, sports, weight loss, abs, my hat collection – or whatever.  Please join me for this live broadcast!  I will be answering questions posted in the YouTube video comments as well as on my facebook fan page Get Fit For Free.

 Asking Questions During The Show

We are going to try something new this time.  In order to give my loyal viewers the ability to get their questions answered I will be pulling about half the questions off this blog so post your questions here, you can even do it before the session starts if you want so I can start with some good ones.  I will still be answering questions from the YouTube comments but will give preference to the questions posted here.

Options for Watching Today

First a note, if when you are trying to view the video and get an error message, wait a few seconds then refresh your browser.  There are two options for watching this live broadcast, listed in priority order:

  1. Watch from the below embedded video in this page, this is the preferred option as I have total control over this.
  2. Watch on the YouTube Live page, at the start time it will be listed in the “Live Now” section.


EDIT:  Sorry, this event was a complete and total disaster – crash and burn.   I tried some new fancy software and it had some horrible bugs, so bad in fact that I deleted the video immediately.  Thats why this YouTube live is beta.


157 thoughts on “Live Video Bodybuilding Q&A Talkshow Today!”

  1. Hey scooby ..I have a question. I have been doing I.F. on a 30% calorie defect for 7 days and I want to know how can I preform a cheat day. How many calories should i consume and etc.

  2. Dear Scooby,
    Regarding your “Sleep Your Fat Away!” video, I wanted to ask you: I know a lot of my friends, as well as myself work nights and go to sleep at around 8am (getting 8-9 hr sleep in a daylight, which isn’t too good I guess ). Does this affect the building of muscle mass?

  3. hello scooby
    I have been lifting weights for 9 months now and i was getting great results while following your advice but during this time i gott “tendonitis” and i have been resting for 2 weeks but it wont go away and i am afraid of loosing my muscle gains if it doesnt heal by itself, what should i do?
    should I countinue training or should I rest some more?

    Thanks for what u are doing man you are a great guy.






  5. gee,Scube…sorry to hear that…I missed it anyway lol…we have enough respect for you to live with little messups
    Incidentally, I don’t always follow your routines per say…I just play your vids for motivation! It’s a huge help…and I learn stuff subliminally besides!

  6. Hi Scoobs. I would appreciate if you could explain the different types of cardiovascular fitness. For example i can run 5ks in like 15 minutes without to much trouble, but i find it hard to swim more than for or five lengths fast in a pool. Its not my muscles that are burning when i’m doing the swimming its my cardiovascular system that struggles and yet when i run it feels fine im not gagging for air. [btw i breathe every 3 strokes so i dont think my breathing is the problem].
    On an unrelated note would you reccomend whey protein [the one that is shown on your website] to a teen{16} who’s trying to build muscle and has been lifting seriously for a year IF i cant get at least 5-6 small,well balanced meals a day as it is- i dont have the time to make more than 3 or 4 of these meals on weekdays. Thats why i am asking if its ok for me to implement the supplement above {optimum nutr.] into my diet. And i have seen your info on supplements so i am aware that whey protein is not some miracle drug, i know its just protein.[You enlightened me to that fact so thanks].
    Thanks a ton man i respect and admire what you do for countless individuals like myself.
    P.S You are a vegeterian- do you eat fish? I’m just curious because its such a good food source like the late great Jack Lalanne said.
    Thanks again

  7. Hi Scooby. You have mentioned your chronic lower back issues before, and have posted a video about rehab, but you have never mentioned what your issue is. I ask because:

    1. I suffer from a chronic lower back injury (two herniated discs – ten years now)

    2. I workout 5 days a week.

    I work around my back injury, and avoid some potentially dangerous lifts such as squats and deadlifts.

    My request:

    1. Please elaborate a bit on your condition and what you do to work around it.

    Many of us have similar issues and learning better strategies for working out would be very useful.

  8. oh dear, are you gonna pillow scream again with my that post, you don’t wanna hear again that excuses right??but m helpless… those things simply are ungettable or either too expensive to have for somebody like me///

  9. dear scooby,
    i saw your post and video about carb cycling and checked carb cycling meal planner. That was fantastic , and very greatful to you for your such helpful contribution. However it only shows some rigid foods such as flax, etc and the condition here in my place is not suitable as it is hard to find such. please, will you find me some foods (typical nepali foods) that i can do carb cycling without hampering the figures given.
    I will give you my available resources, if you are ready
    thank you

  10. Do you thing that protein powder is bad for your kidneys? And if there is which type of protein is not that bad (whey ,soy ,egg, etc.) i have kidney stones problems. thanks scooby you are the best

  11. Hello Scooby. I have three questions.

    1. Is there a substitute for Incline DB Chest Press? My right shoulder feels weird when I do that exercise.

    2. Is 10-15 sets per workout enough to build muscle? TwinMuscleWorkout (TMW) a.k.a. HodgeTwins have been doing that for almost 4 years and they have a great physique. They lift to failure on every set.

    3. What’s your take on the TMW a.k.a. Hodgetwins? They legit?

    Thanks Scooby.

  12. Scoobs! What are your thoughts on intermittent fasting? A lot of articles/studies have been coming out touting the benefits of doing a 24-hour fast, once per week or more. The benefits include things like improving workout recovery, weight loss (specifically regarding adipose tissue), metabolism boosting, therapeutic brain benefits, improved insulin sensitivity, hormone boost, detoxification and life extension. Do you or have you ever fasted, and do you condone it?

      1. I do have to say, your comment cracked me up….that was so funny. Thank you for your contribution. It is not always about being so serious…sometimes it is good to have a laugh.

  13. Evilchickenzombie

    Scooby, the youtube web players stink! They pause with a spinner icon every few seconds, not with just your videos but with all youtube videos. You may want to consider a temporary account elsewhere to host your videos until google sorts out that annoying problem

  14. Hi Scooby, more than a question is a suggestion; could you please post your week workout here or on facebook? it is hard for some of us to create a workout and it will be an awesome suggestion for us, it could be written so it will take you few time, thanks

  15. Hey scooby, I have a question, I’ve been cutting down on carbs recently and i lost a whopping 2 kilograms in a week.(combined with alot of cardio etc). that brought me down to 76 kg(78 starting weight).
    Today i stepped on the scale for the second time(another week passed) and to my amazement i saw that my current weight was 81 kg(!). I’ve done some reading bout the body reacting diffrently to diffrent types of diets due to salt and liquid levels etc. But should it alter this much? Im currently counting calories to make sure i get what i need(using your calculator with applicable data)

    So the question would be is this normal or pretty unusual?

    Your feed is lagging alot btw. viewing you from both youtube and your homepage(not that it matters since its the same feed). Might want to increase the upload ratio? :D

  16. When will we see a video or any kind of research on loose skin? I’ve lost so much weight with your help, but nothing I try seems to work. I know it takes a while, but there must be something that can be done to speed it up.

  17. Hi Scooby I am wondering about you view on muscle memory? I am assuming there is a difference between the actual muscle strength, and how hard you can mentally push them, resulting in the strength coming back quicker a second time round after a break from working that particular muscle, thanks, Mike

  18. Hey Scooby. Since there are different types of protein, are there certain types that are better for taking after your workout that will be better absorbed by your muscles? I believe that Whey Isolates are best for after your workout, and casein is better for protein to take throughout the day. Thanks in advance!

    1. cardio is good for our,,
      it good to loss body fat,,
      it also make your muscle recuperate fast,,
      by doing cardio,,
      u increase the circulation of blood so it can send nutrient for your muscle..
      if you dor cardio tooo much,,
      your leg will bocome smaller because u continue doing cardio,,
      so u do cardio for stamina and endurance,,

  19. Scooby please don’t waste time answering questions that you already have made videos on, instead just direct the person who asked the question to that video.

    A lot of people say compound exercises are by far the best, yet your workout plan doesnt have many of them. Why is this?

  20. Hello Scooby,
    My question is, what do you do if you have reached your body weight in protein for the day but are low on carbs and calories. Im not trying to loose fat so a caloric deficit is not what I am aiming for.
    Thanks a lot,
    William N.

  21. I know you’re not into supplements but whats your opinion on casein before bed if you have the extra cash? And i try to switch my routine around every month or so to avoid plateau’s but if my progress is increasing every week but its been over a month on my current routine is it time to change or should i keep going until i hit that plateau? Thanks

  22. Hi Scooby.
    First of all I’d like to thank you for all you’ve done. With your advice I finally got the body I’ve always wanted.

    My question is, how close or far from bedtime do you eat? What I’m getting at is that I try to do the recommended 5-6 small(healthy) meals a day, including a protein shake just before bed.
    Problem is, I usually wake up before I care to because I have to go number 1.

    I’d like to ax the protein shake before bed. How important is nourishment before bedtime?

    Another thing, and maybe this is a topic for another video, could you talk about the different protein types? I know them as whey, soy and casein. Is there a benefit to taking them at certain times of the day? I’ve read that casein is the one to take before bedtime because it is a “slow release” protein.


  23. Hello coach!!! I have a rather ‘delicate’ topic to ask you about. Is it true that sexual activity reduces weight lifting performance? Any time schedule tips? I don’t know who else to ask! I’m sure you will enlighten me as always! Thanx my friend!!!!

  24. Hey Scooby, I’m a real beginner and I have a question about sets. Can you mix your sets up and have the same effect as doing them back to back? By this is mean will it have the same effect if you do Upright Row (3 sets in a row) then Rear Delt Row (3 sets in a row) as if you do Upright Row then Rear Delt Row, then Upright Row, then Rear Delt Row, then Upright Row, then Rear Delt Row? Thanks.

    1. Creatine is used as a fuel for muscles.

      Protein is used as building blocks for muscles.

      Whey protein is usually safe but Creatine is sometimes untested and can contain toxic heavy metals. So if you take creatine make sure it is a trusted and tested brand. I wouldn’t trust any creatine made in China for example.

  25. Markus Alexander Angberg

    Hi Scooby! I recently bought a very good MTB, so I could do cardio + get out in the forest more often. I have some questions regarding both biking and lifting. How should I look at it? How should I think about MTB + leg workouts with weight? How do I synchronize both without overtraining my legs?

  26. Scooby I was squatting at the gym today and someone told me to stop squatting because i wasn’t strong enough and my form was off because of it. He said hit leg press and leg curls until you develop more base strength. But how can i learn to squat better if i don’t squat at all? What should I do? Just lower the weight or do what he said and do other leg exercises first?

  27. If you potentially started to sell diet plans, clothing, merchandise, and get sponsorships how much money (ballpark) do you think you could make? I always value an unbiased opinion, but damn scooby you can be making a ton of money.

  28. ive been working out for awhile and ive gained a decent amount of weight in muscle (30lbs) however im still smaller then i would like to be, could you please tell me as to which i should use out of protein creatine and weight gain and how to cycle them

  29. I have a question about net calorie intake: if and when does it become too low?

    I am 6’4 and weigh 186 and want to lower my body fat % enough to really see my abs etc. which means I need to drop down to about 181 according to your website’s caliper calculator and visual assessment. For a guy my size I need about 2000 calories a day to maintain that weight, so I budget to eat 2000 calories and do Cardio to create a calorie deficit. Depending on how active I am on a given day and what I eat my deficit can be as much as 700-1000 calories but it’s usually more like 300-500. I am also doing intermediate weight workouts from your site and eating about 1gram of protein per pound. Until I am finished losing fat, should I really worry about a big calorie deficit from cardio if I am getting enough protein?

    Thank you and thank you so much for your website and guidance, your videos and site I have helped me lose almost 40 pounds and i have gotten much stronger!

  30. I have what feels like a bruise on my inner elbow bone. The only exercise that aggravates it is the best one – pullups. Why I don’t have that problem with my left arm I don’t know. Is there any exercise I can do to build muscle around this area to get it to match my other arm or will it just get worse? I don’t know what tennis elbow really is, can you explain that too?
    Much thanks, Kevin

  31. Scooby, please, give me a few advices about sickness. I mean, I’ve got a disease called “Dengue”. The symtoms are vomit, warmness, diarrea, lots of pain everywhere, head, eyes, back. I’m not feeling really bad, I just fell the pain and the warmness. Should I workout anyway?

  32. Hello Scooby. I have a question about sleep. Before I used to be able to get 8-9 hr/sleep night, now I get about 5-6hr/sleep. I can only get 8-9 hr sleep if I take pills. It’s not that I’m relying on an alarm clock, it’s just I wake up and can’t go back to sleep. Do you think I just don’t need that much sleep anymore? I don’t feel tired during the day and I’m still going up in strength? I’m turning 20 next month btw, if that makes a difference.

  33. Ok Scooby you’ll have to excuse the lack to medical/technical speak for this one. I just got back from the physio and finally got my final sign off for a shoulder injury. I can lift REAL weights again after a good 6mths off! I had only been able to lift weights up to 6kg along with body weight exercises :)

    A very basic over view of my injury was i began to develop slight tendentious in my right shoulder.

    In the end what my physio believes happened with me was with the bodybuilding i was doing, combined with other functional type training my global muscles (delts, pecs, traps, lats, bi’s, tri’s etc…) developed out and ahead from my supporting ones (pass on the names of all them through the upper body, but the small ones that support the spine, shoulder, clavicle etc… I believe the rotator cuff is one without looking it up). So though externally i looked to be in perfect symmetry, my global muscles were getting further and further ahead of my small little internal supporting muscles.

    I know you’ve discussed something similar previously in your last Q&A re muscle groups such as pecs/back, bi’s/tri’s, hamys/quads etc… developing out of proportion for that really attractive “beach body” big chest and biceps that alot of guys get suckered into pursuing lol.

    But what are your thoughts on over developing your global muscles verses the smaller supporting and stabilizing ones? What do you advise to prevent it becoming an issue? Is it something that you yourself had come across before?

    I only really lift free weights with very few machine exercises, and had previously thought that this would be enough to activate these smaller supporting muscles sufficiently to avoid this problem. But having been through all this its apparently not?

    My physio said that for the majority of people its never an issue and any exercise is going to help them, but for those higher end sports persons or those that just train at those levels (me :) its seeming to point more and more towards the cause of alot of their injurys. However its still a topic of discussion in the profession.

    Many thanks from New Zealand…home to many triathlons, iron man comps and amazing bike rides if you ever felt the desire to travel to this part of the globe ;)

  34. I have messed up my knee during a leg session. It’s been a month and I haven’t worked out my legs. My legs were already underdeveloped and I don’t want them to be underdeveloped anymore. What do I do? Do I work out my legs anyways? Or do I just let them be underdeveloped untill I can go to the doctors.

    Thank you Scooby.


    Hi Scooby!!!

    I first got into fitness when I saw the “Bartendaz” (this crazy calisthenics/urban gymnastics group from New York) videos on youtube. As I got more serious about working out, I found your website and I’ve been an avid follower for about 2 years now.

    MY QUESTION IS THIS: What do you think the potential for gaining muscle mass with calisthenic exercises alone really is? Many of the guys in these videos that I’ve seen are HUGE, and they all claim to have developed their bodies without using weights (except perhaps weight vests while doing pull ups, muscle ups, etc…). Could this be from some of the more explosive plyometric stuff they do? Or do plyometrics not really help with mass gain?

    If you’ve never seen these guys in action before, I would definitely recommend checking them out sometime; I would love to hear your take on their “all calisthenic” approach to fitness.

    Ich danke Ihnen für alles, was Sie tun, mein herr!

  36. Hey Scooby, I’ve been working out and trying to eat healthy (the best I can living in the dorms and tight budget) for a 4 months and I’ve noticed strength gains, but I’ve gained at least 10lbs. Please help, Im a girl by the way

  37. Hey Scoobs! much respect for ur website and videos! what do u think about the oatmeal diet ( 3 times a day oatmeal with milk) ? its really low calorie ( 1200 a day approximately) but i need to lose some weight in a hurry , being at 300 pounds im scared i might injure myself working out. Itlle just be for a month or less, just to get my weigth down a lil and then im gonna go with the healthy diet and consistent begginer’s workout provided by ur terrific site :) thank u in advance

  38. Dear Scooby,

    My name is Shany, 29 years old,
    I’m 5.7″ (1.73 meters) height,
    I weight now 187 pounds (85kg),
    I have around 19-20% fat (since the last time I checked it might have change, no calipers atm!)
    My goals: Reduce body fat & gain muscle.

    I’ve started training & building muscle about a month+ ago via an online training plan and follow their steps and guidance. I’m doing very good and eat accordingly (5-7 meals a day), doing daily cardio with my bicycle to/from work/home which is 8.6mile (14km) total, and drink around 48oz (1.4 litre) of water daily and of course do weight lifting at the gym with the online trainer (3-5 training days. 2 days rest – cardio only).
    – I do not take supplements (i.e, I eat fish/chicken breast after a workout instead of protein powder) and does not use pills like: creatine, virtago and the likes. (as the online trainer does).

    My question is:
    How many months (+-) does it take for the body to finally start chopping down the belly fat (with the rest of the fat all around the body of course) that abs could be actually seen?? or it is strictly linear throughout the entire body?
    I have also heard of a method called ‘After Burn Effect’ as many ‘online’ videos that lurks around the web seems to be so proud of, how does it complete or negate to the old fashion cardio/weight lifting training methods?

    And last question:
    Is it a myth that by eating 5-7 daily small (fist size) meals, eventually after few weeks of ‘teaching’ the body, the fat burning process (metabolism) will be much faster that it will chop down fat more efficiently (way faster) ?

    Thank you,

  39. Regarding the usage of Creatine Monohydrate, its been claimed by clinical research and studies, that his supplement is used and recommended for patients that are in rehabilitation, what benefits can we see as bodybuilders?? As an DEUTCH enthusiast and follower, ( which is awsome) its been said that the best creatine is from CREAPURE, a german manufacturer…WHA IS YOUR STANCE ON CREATINE??

  40. What is you stance on Creatine and Protein (Whey isolate) as a supplement to grow muscle and have more endurance on training and increase in workout intensity?? Do you recommend loading or taking it as a maintanance dose?? and what usthe best time to stop using it, on and off ??

  41. Hey Scooby, I recently heard about this thing called ‘insulin spiking’ to improve muscle building progress – what’s your opinion/advice on the subject?


    Matt Vine

  42. Hey Scooby, Alot of talk going on about low intenisty vs high intensity cardio for fat loss. My question is If i switch from high intensity to low intensity will my cardiovascular health or fitness decline as a result? I am just trying to test new things to break through my fat loss plateu,rolling around 10% BF. Thank you kindly

  43. You recommend strength training 6 days a week as an advanced body builder. Is it good to switch up the number of days of strength training to shock the muscle? For example strength train 3 times a week for a few weeks and then go back to 6 days a week.

  44. Besides a stack of books do you have any additional recommendations on how to rest dumbbells? I use a bench to do flys and I would need a stack 3 feet high to rest my dumbbells. I don’t think that is too stable.


  46. Hi SCOOBY, greetings from Italy,i just wanna to ask u if squates can be a good exercise as a leg workout ,because it works calves, hamstringes and quads.Is it appropriate to do squates for a teenager like me,thank u:)

  47. hey scooby i have been working out for a couple of years but i just got serious about now. i just started watching my diet and was wondering what the point of carb depleting is? should i deplete my carbs on the days im not working out? thanks

  48. Hi Scooby! What are you thoughts on the paleo diet (I know you don’t follow it:-))? I’m not talking about low carb but the claim that grains, dairy and legumes are bad for you because they are inventions and we didn’t evolve eating them but we used to eat just meat, fish, veggies, fruits, seeds and nuts. Thanks, Miecho

  49. Dear Scooby,

    I hope you know how valuable your advice and website are for me! As far as I’m concerned, you are THE MAN.

    My wife wants to know whether you are married and, if so, whether your wife is into the fitness lifestyle to the same degree that you are. It’s amazing to me that you say you work 60 hours a week and still have time and energy to do all you do with your website, Utube, cycling, sleep, etc. Could you give your audience some idea about how you organize your life? What’s a typical day for you? What do you do if your family insists that you come to dinner (and they serve ham and frenchfries)? Do you have to wear a shirt at work? A tie? Your hats?

    Du bist Nietzsches UBERMENSCH!

    (Rick, from Valencia, Spain)

  50. Hi Scooby, I’ve heard that its important to change your workout routine once every few weeks. Can you spend a minute or two on why the change is important? What effect does it have on muscle building efforts? Is it really THAT bad to keep the same routine that you are comfortable with, even if you add weight/reps as you move along?

  51. Hey scooby, I have a question do ectomorphs have to workout less than other body types,and if they should,then how can they train beneficially PLS answer this question :)

    1. Actually, you should wake up without using an alarm clock in order to ensure that you got enough sleep. However, because also I am a very busy student, I know that sometimes this is hard to be done. So I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep even if an alarm clock wakes me up. I think, sleeping 4-5 hours is not enough at any price, not only for building muscle mass, but also for having a normal life!

    2. Christian Harrison

      you could, but you will make much more progress if you find the time to sleep 8-10 hours/day.
      sleep is when your muscles repair themselves which = bigger and stronger.
      a good way to find extra time is not goofing around on the internet. no fb, youtube, etc. if you limit or cut these out of your life you will have alot more time in your day. :)

  52. What is the correct rep range for any excercise? I was told that and i think many people told that high reps for cutting and low reps for size/strength. But i recently read that this is all a pile of DUNG. Please elaborate.

  53. I read about this routine developped by Eric Laciste wich is a 7-6-5 progression with lighter weights but less rest. The way it works is you do 7 reps, rest 7 seconds for 7 times, then 6 reps with 6 seconds rest 6 times and so on with one minute rest between the 7, the 6 and the 5….this is the method he uses to get actors fit a little faster he says. Does it work or is it just sansationalism?

  54. Hi Scooby,

    Re : maintenance workouts.

    Can you suggest a possible once a week maintenance workout for those like me without MAX commitment. This way it would be possible to take a break and regain determination later but not loose the hard earned muscle already gained.

    Also, is it possible to look forward to the day when we have reached out max genetic potential (lets say with a normal 3 square meals diet) and then be able to keep it with just 1 workout per week instead of 3-5 times a week?

    You often say you are able to achieve DOMS working out, but also say you are in maintenance mode. Is it still necessary to workout so much and so hard just for maintenance?

    Just want to know if it would be possible to be noticeably muscular one day and then not have to keep pounding on and being sore all the time to keep it.

  55. scooby,,
    i hope u can answer my question because you are my idol,,
    love u scooby,,
    all your video at youtube i have and save in my phone,,
    we will see someday..
    nice scooby,,
    from aziz,,
    from malaysia,,
    i will waiting u scooby,,

  56. scooby,,
    some people say that using barbell is more good than ez curl bar,,
    because they say,,
    when using ez curl bar,,
    our biceps muscle not completely contract while we curl,,

  57. scooby,,
    is it good for biceps when we doing curls,,
    we rotate our forearm,,
    people call it alternating curl
    or some will call it supination,,
    what your opinion??

  58. scooby,,
    some people when do hammer curl,,
    they will bring the weight up to the side chest,,
    when we grab dumbell at right hand and our palm facing into our body,,
    and then lift the weight up to the left pec,,
    what your comment??

  59. can u tell me what the different between dumbell press and bench press,,
    also the incline dumbell and barbel press,,
    what the advantages??
    why bench press will decrease the strength of pec??
    i hope u can answer my question..
    love u scooby!!
    aziz from malaysia,,

  60. Scooby, what advice could give on finding the most accurate nutrition information for foods. For example if I cook dry beans in a crock-pot vs sprouting are they nutritionally the same? What about the glycemic Index and Load? Same? Different? I appreciate any input you may have sir.

    Thank you

    1. deadlift exercise is good for glutes,,hamstring,,
      when u do deadlift you must make sure your abs is tight to support lower back,,
      and u also must use lighter weight so your lower back is safe,,

  61. Hi Scooby! I have big problem with eating enough calories during the whole day.I think many skinny guy’s have that problem, too. I calculated how much I need and my stomach can’t receive that much. I can’t push in my mouth that much, even when i drink a lot of juice which have 100kcal/200ml. If i can’t make it with the protein I just make protein shake before sleep to fill up last 10–25 grams. but how to eat more at all ?!

    1. I have the same problem with carbs. I’ve used the calculator and it’s hard for me to eat all I need considering only “good” carbs. Of course if one eat simple carbs it becomes so easy to eat enough or overeat but it will lead to fat gains.

  62. Wow nice to hear this, but could not find Events in the next 24 hours..
    My Target is to loss weight and tone up muscels..
    I divided muscles in four groups and do cardio 30-45 minutes and workout for each group per day in circle of 4-5 days per week.

    QUESTION: Is it Ok to do regular workout for each muscle group after interval of 3-4 days? or lesser days interval are must required?
    Vielle grüße aus Kassel, Germany
    Waqar Ahmad

  63. Hello Scooby. Can you please advise which exercise are best for Cycling. Especially road bikes with regard to endurance. Please don’t just mention which muscle, for example…lats or hamstrings. Please be specific on the actual exercises. Much appreciated.

    1. I’ve been a cyclist for nearly 30 years, and as far as I can tell, the best exercise for cycling is cycling. If you carry weight on your bike (when I used to tour my bike would weigh out at about 80 lbs), you will get _strong_. You won’t get fast but you’ll get strong. Another good exercise is to do hills or stairs with a well-balanced heavy backpack. I do a 120 lb pack for an hour a day every morning. I do it before dawn so that the only person who sees the nutcase with the giant backpack is the paperboy.

      Best of luck. Push hard, but not so hard that you get injured. Both cycling and backpacking can challenge your back, especially if you’re middle-aged like me.

  64. I’ll be sleeping when the stream starts cause it’s at three in the morning
    What is your opinon on DMAA (ingredient of “pre worlout supplements”)? What do you think of “Hip Thrusts” I tried the single legged version and they really worked my glutes

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