Haters will Hate

I do not tell people the things they *want* to hear, I tell them the truth as I understand it which often is very unpopular.  I have never been interested in being popular. I do the videos I think people need to see, not the ones they want to see.  If I just did what people wanted to see then every video would be a variant of “Shocking secret to huge arms”.  If you want a website that tells you how to “target belly fat” or how to “Taylor Lautner secret to muscle gain” then this is the wrong place.  I have over three hundred long web pages full of free fitness information and over two hundred instructional fitness videos and my detractors tend to latch onto one of the following five things to justify their hate:

  • gaining muscle is slow
  • skateboard squats
  • my use of protein powder
  • “spit it out”
  • my stance on egg yolks
  • I “don’t work” my legs and my neck is too small

Although they may agree with my advice on my other two hundred and ninety five pages, they use my unpopular stance on the above topics to blow off all my advice.  If you completely turn off the advice of someone the moment you disagree with them on anything then you would have no one left to take advice from!  Many people in bodybuilding make the mistake of only listening to the advice of people who agree with them.  How can you possibly learn anything if you never listen to anyone with new ideas?  You cant!  Despite what people desperately want to believe, bodybuilding is more art than science.  As with any art, there is no precise formula you can follow that leads to optimal results.  Common sense is just as important to bodybuilding as research is and cherry picking research that agrees with you isn’t very helpful.   If you really want to succeed in bodybuilding, you need to get lots of experience and read as much as you can – both things you agree with and things you don’t.  You need to then be a critical thinker and decide for yourself what makes sense and what doesn’t.  Now lets talk about the above points one at a time.

Gaining muscle is slow.

People really really latched onto my statement that you should expect to gain more than five to ten pounds muscle in a year. People desperately want to believe they can gain more so they lash out at me, the messenger.  What I am attempting to do by telling everyone how slow and difficult it is to gain muscle is to set their expectations appropriately.  Half of teens today have this warped and incorrect notion that its normal to gain 50lbs in six months like Taylor Lautner.  I want people to make fitness, health and bodybuilding a lifelong passion and the most common reason people stop is because of disappointment.  Many teens lift weights for 6 months and then give up because they discover they don’t look like Arnold Schwartzenneger yet. Or they lift for 6 months “without any results” then resort to steroids.  Setting expectations appropriately is vitally important to keep people active in this healthy and lifelong pursuit.  If you look at my bodybuilding expectations page you will see where my 5-10 pounds in a year number comes from – its for an adult who has been lifting more than two years.  You also see there is a wide variation in the amount of lean body mass you can expect to gain in a year depending on your age, bodybuilding experience, and your lifting and nutritional program.  Worst case you gain zero pounds a year and best cast 50 pounds a year but 5-10 pounds a year is a good average which is why I used that number in my videos.  Many people want to hear that its normal to gain 30lbs muscle in six months, its not.  I also have a personalized muscle gain calculator that gives you an estimate of what you can expect.

Skateboard Squats.

Wow, powerlifters have had fun with this one.  The followers of Mark Rippetoe have an unhealthy superiority complex and think that *everyone* should be doing squats/deadlifts/bench and that only idiots would ever consider using machines or isolation exercises.  As I mention, squats are great but they are not for everyone.  Despite what Mark Rippetoe says, squats are not great for older people, people with a history of back problems, or for unsupervised teens.  Teaching yourself to squat by watching videos is a very, very dangerous undertaking.  Injure your back once and it often leads to a lifelong disability.  To learn to squat safely you need an experienced coach to work with you until you have the form down.  My website and videos are targeted to people who are working out at home, usually alone, and they don’t have squat racks, coaches, or spotters.  In short, my videos are targeted to people for whom squatting is dangerous.   Skateboard squats are a clever way I came up with to do a safe and effective leg workout at home by yourself.  It is ergonomically exactly the same as doing a leg press machine at a gym and safely limits the range of motion.    And yes, both leg press and skateboard squats are compound exercises just like squats are :)

My use of protein powder.

Many of my videos and quick healthy meals use protein powder and many people have fun with this one, not sure why.  People have the mistaken notion that only meat can build muscles, its not true!  There are vegetarian protein sources that have higher protein quality than beef does and dairy whey is one of them.   I do not consider dairy whey to be a supplement – its a food.    I do eat meat once or twice a week when I go out but about 95% of my protein comes from non-meat sources which is why I refer to myself as a pseudo-vegetarian. I’m not a vegetarian for political, religious, or ethical reasons.  I’m a vegetarian because I believe it to be healthier. Can I *prove* that a vegetarian diet is healthier? No, but I can’t *prove* global warming either. Everyone has to decide for themselves what level of proof is required before they change their behavior. Many studies have indicated that meat can cause heart disease and cancer, this study suggests that red meat eaters are 18% more likely to have heart disease and 10% more likely to have cancer.  Many who make fun of my use of protein powder console themselves that their chicken eating is far superior in health than my “artificial” dairy whey.  Sorry, poultry is the most contaminated food sources in America. I’m not preachy about vegetarianism and I realize that most people have no interest in it whatsoever which is why many of my recipes include chicken and fish.  When the camera turns off though, I become a “bean eater” and happily use “a scoop of protein powder with that” :)

“If it tastes good, spit it out!”

This is a quote from the late Jack LaLane who was a full 50 years ahead of the country in his grasp of health and fitness.  Although some of his concepts were wrong, he had it far more right than anyone else in his time.   In an era when the government “experts” had put meat and dairy at the top of the nutritional pyramid he was one of the few voices of reason disputing this and promoting daily exercise.   The concept of “If it tastes good, spit it out” is even more important today than it was 50 years ago when Jack LaLane uttered it.  People ran with this without bothering to listen to what I said in my video nor read what I wrote.  Of course healthy things can taste good too, I’m not saying to spit everything out other than dirt, old diapers, and tacks. What I am saying is – know what’s in your mouth! If you don’t know exactly whats in your mouth then spit it out!  If it tastes good, you can keep chewing if …

  • it has no artificial flavors
  • it has no artificial sweeteners
  • it has no simple carbs
  • it low in salt
  • it has only good fats
  • its low in fat

Obesity is an epidemic and a big part of the problem is engineered foods and intentionally addictive artificial flavors.  Knowing what is in your mouth is far more important today than when Jack LaLane coined the phrase.  For those interested in maximizing your muscle growth and getting as ripped as possible, its even ten times more important than for the general population to know what you are eating.  When something tastes too good to be true, you had better know why!

Egg Yolks.

Egg whites are awesome protein.  They are relatively inexpensive and they have just as high a protein quality as most meats. Egg yolks are fine but only in moderation. If you are using eggs as a primary source of protein like in Scooby’s egg hash which typically uses 8 eggs, that is beyond moderation for a single serving in my opinion.  You can either use real eggs and separate out the egg yolks or buy egg whites in a carton if you don’t like wasting food.  I have probably gotten more hate mail about my stance on egg yolks than anything else.  Why not eight whole eggs in a single sitting?  Its true that eating cholesterol doesn’t raise your blood cholesterol, thats been shown.  Saturated fat isn’t the horrible evil it was once thought to be either.  So whats my problem with eggs and saturated fat?  My problem with egg yolks in excess is two fold, calories and pesticides.  Poultry is one of the most contaminated food sources in America.  Very few people buy organic eggs which would solve my contamination objection to egg yolks.  I can’t prove this but its a reasonable educated guess that since most pesticides are fat soluble that the pesticides in eggs reside in the yolks and not the whites so by using only the whites in non-organic eggs you can reduce your exposure to pesticides.  Thats the first reason I feel its important that egg yolks only be consumed in moderation.  The other is calories.  People seem to forget that obesity is a huge problem in the developed world.  This problem isn’t just with sedentary people, many gyms are filled with strong and fat people.  Gaining muscle while staying lean requires a careful nutritional plan to insure that you get sufficient protein without getting an excess of calories.  The number one best tool in keeping hunger at bay with a minimum of calories is fiber, it fills you up and makes you satisfied without calories.  Each of the following breakfasts has 21 grams protein, which do you think would be the most filling?

  • Three eggs
  • One cup cooked oatmeal (1/2 cup dry) with one scoop protein powder (15g)

The three eggs has 240 calories and I don’t know about you but three eggs wouldn’t put a dent in my morning hunger.  The meaty cup of oatmeal with dairy whey has only 210 calories and would go a lot further in satisfying my appetite because of the fiber.

I “don’t work” my legs and my neck is too small.

What people really mean to say is that I don’t workout legs like they do.  Why?  Because my goals are different!  Many people have the mistaken notion that everyone in the world shares their fitness goals, this is why there are so many arguments about the “best workout”.  I am very big on practicing what I preach and I nag people to set their fitness goals and work toward them.  I follow my own advice.  Every year I update my fitness goals and work toward them.  I am not a cosmetic bodybuilder, I use bodybuilding as a tool to help in other sports and everyday life.  Honestly I don’t care if people think my neck looks to small or if people think I should do squats.   I do extreme endurance events like double centuries and half Ironman triathlons and my leg training is going to look different than a powerlifters or a pro bodybuilders.  Biking up a 6000′ mountain might not show up on any leg workout plans but it’s still a killer leg workout.  All the workouts on my website (beginner, intermediate, advanced) are all great general purpose workouts but there is no way that they can be optimal for every single goal!  The “best workout” for a linebacker will be different than the “best workout” for a marathon runner or a MMA pro.


Let the haters hate if it makes them feel better.  I will continue saying the things that I think need to be said and doing the videos that I think are important, regardless of how popular they are.  Target those inner pecs!  


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86 thoughts on “Haters will Hate”

  1. I feel for you on the issues surrounding your skateboard squats Scooby, people in the squat rack give me evil looks in the gym on a regular basis because I’m always using the leg press machine on leg day.

    That’s the least of my problems though, the people on the internet will BITE YOUR FREAKING HEAD OFF if you don’t do Squats. Saying ridiculouse sh*t like no other exercise gives you lower body strength or strengthens thost stabalizers like squats, what a fad these squats are.

    The leg press is the only machine in the gym I use, I don’t see why it makes people so upset. It’s like if I were to start getting all agressive towards overweight people because they use the lat Pulldown rather than a standard pullup bar. Ridiculouse

  2. I Don’t care what anyone says, I have been walking 2 1/2 miles Monday thru Friday then working out with light weights for 2 hours using all that I have learned on your wed site and your videos and I have lost 7 pounds. Everyday it gets better.
    Rolando from Tucson Arizona

  3. scooby, i don’t care what others say..but i have been following ur wesite from past 1 yr and I have gained so much from you. I have lost close to 40 pounds in last 1yr 6m and now weigh around 180..and targeting another 20 pounds..u r really awesum..jus continue doin what you are doin and do not bother what others hav to say bout ur efforts..I really appreciate the way you share your knowledge and expertise with all of us..
    much love,..and continue the good work!!!

  4. Vanity and science do not seem to mix Scoobs.
    And you can’t put brains in statues.
    Me? I enjoy reading your website and your videos. I do not idolise you, nor do I criticise your every word. I take on board a lot of your information and try to fit it into my lifestyle – we’re different blokes after all. But keep it coming mate, I’d rather someone with the right motives in mind rather than those appealing to the vain, effortless or “new for new’s sake” that so many other health and fitness gurus seem to adopt these days.
    My personal aim is clear – to be healthy and fit as a role model to my offspring, something which I sadly lacked at their age and it took me many years to wise up to this fact. But I see the downward spiral of my father’s health… always someone else’s fault and nothing could ever be done about it. That’s not for me thanks.
    Keep it up Scooby!

  5. No reason to hate Scooby, all he does is give out free advice and help people. I know he’s helped me more than anyone in health and fitness! Thank you so much Scooby!

  6. Chin up Scooby, your the best mate don’t worry about what people say, haters will hate, potatoes will potate, its the way of life, think about what the other people think about you, your a hero man, keep up the good work.

  7. Scooby,
    I would just like to say thank you once again for all you have given myself and everyone who follows your website and advice on bodybuilding and nutrition. I am 39 yrs old and thanks to your guidance and instruction, I am in the best shape of my life. There are many people just like me who will say exactly the same thing. If these “Haters” have the same following as you do than good for them. I would like to hope that their followers can say the same thing as I do about being in shape. If they can, Than aren’t we all a little better off having people looking out for us as we strive to attain a better quality of life in fitness ?
    I guess what i’m trying to say is: I have followed your advice for 2 yrs now and it has been working nicely. If those haters have followers that can say the same than good for them. I’m happy with what I’m doing…….

  8. Great article, and great Blog. Just a little nit-picking, if you don’t mind. “Hate” is such a powerful and destructive word causes innumerable pain that I’d prefer to see the word reserved for those situations, not used casually to describe the annoying comments of those that disagree with opinions about the health of eating egg yolks or whether whey protein powder is as good as a hamburger. Okay …. done with the nitpicking. Back to working out!

  9. Most of these haters are ignorant hard-headed power-lifters who have no real passion for fitness and health( only how much they can squat or bench press) and teen ‘kids’ who just want big arms to impress women which is far beyond the real cause of bodybuilding. I’m 18 years old myself, but age is only a guideline to maturity and I respect you and everything you say very much scooby. And it’s not because you just say it. I’m doing a degree in chemistry and was always passionate about biology so I know everything you say makes sense. This may sounds cheesy but you taught me everything I know in bodybuilding. Hats off to you sir :)

  10. I have been lifting on, and off for the past 7 years…. and what I learned, is that old saying is true “Opinions are like assholes everyone has one”….. I agree with what Scooby says on squatting… I have a fused disc in my lower back from squatting when I was in high school…. So for me squatting is iffy… Sometimes I can go up to 400lbs with no issues… Other times just hitting 300lbs can bug my back…. So, I do a lot of leg press….. I feel my legs get the same work out… and for the hatters they are just jealous…. if you are stronger, faster, bigger lets see it prove it…

  11. Scooby ,

    Thanks so much for being my coach…I’ve got to respect you for putting your self out there.

    Remember: Shoulders down and back !!! LOL

  12. Scooby, what you do and the advise you give is fantastic – and the fact you are doing this for free is awesome. There will always be people who dislike you for all manor of reasons, this is what happens in life, but such small narrow minded people need to be simply ignored. What have they done for others? Most likely nothing. It reminds me of this:

    It’s not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or when the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions and spends himself in a worth cause; who at the best, knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at the worst if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat. Theodore Roosevelt

  13. Hi Scooby, I really appreciate your website and your straightforward (and humorous) approach. It’s no exaggeration to say that your video on how to do hamstring stretches properly has changed my life- that single stretch which I now do daily has gone a long way to dealing with lower back pain that was taking a lot away from my quality of life. Thanks a lot, you are much appreciated, keep up the good work!

  14. Scooby,
    I always make a point to visit your site al teast once everyday for gaining more
    knowledge on fitness inspite of my busy schedules.

    You have not only influenced me from fitness perspective on how to gain musle,
    loose fat,nutrition etc but your philosophy has also impacted me in my general
    way of life. Your site is the most genuine site i believe on fitness in terms
    of providing “knowledge on fitness”…

    There are haters because you are gaining popularity for your good work
    which is damaging the evil intent of these so called “a… steroid” preachers and so

    As one liner you are doing great man and keep continuing the awesome amazing work
    you are doing….May God bless you and your good cause…

  15. I think what you tell everybody is your understanding of how to do something great and wonderful for yourself. It is obvious that it is not easy and that it hurts but hey, if it was easy to achieve your goals, it wouldn’t be that great. Keep if up Scooby!, I’m pretty sure the haters are just a fraction of the people visiting your website.

  16. Scooby you keep doing your thing. your video’s and website have helped me change my life over the past year. you tell it how it is. and in the next few weeks im actaully going to send you my before and after pictures.
    -Ben. P.

  17. Hi Scooby, i’m not yet a member of your website yet but i have visited this place very often to learn alot more about fitness & bodybuilding. I’m very sceptic when it comes down to bodybuilding business, i’m following an education to become a personal coach myself and i wished you were my teacher. The information you give is and was very valuable to me. We live in a time where people want fast results and this is very obvious when it comes down to fitness. I just want to say is, you’re great in what you do. Your videos are very educative and entertaining. Let the haters hate, but know that you have MANY MANY more folowers. We love you Scooby, keep going!


  18. Without exaggeration or hyperbole, I honestly think your website is the best website on the internet and arguably the best piece of media in the world.

    I know for a fact that your advice works because I can see it work in real time on my own body. Anyone who ever asks me about anything to do with either diet or exercise gets a recommendation to visit this site and that won’t change any time soon.

    The benefit to my physical and mental health that this site has made is priceless and I’m really grateful that you do this stuff for free.

    I know its the real world and some people are morally shady, so if they need to hate-on you to make money or to make themselves feel important then its unfortunately going to happen. I sincerely hope it doesn’t stop you helping people or people using your advice.

    You are beyond helpful and if I had any influence I would put your advice on the school curriculum and network television.

  19. Sometimes I’m not totally your opinion (e.g. “spit it out”), but nevertheless you’re right. So, please ignore all those jealous douchebags and go on with your great work. You truly managed something good and important in your life. Don’t let some pickly piecounter destroy this.

    You’re the Man!

  20. You dont have to explain yourself man, those who get, get it, those who dont can either choose to try or remain ignorant. You can’t change people’s minds, you can only give them the info and you are doing that very well. Dont worry, be happy :)

  21. Dear Scooby,

    You are the one who OFFER to us valuable knowledge about Fitness and Bodybuilding, nutrition, life attitude etc. Despite the fact that it’s up to us to follow your guidelines/advices, or take only a part of them or just reject them, the crucial point here is that YOU OFFER. You share your knowledge & experience with us, it’s priceless according to my opinion. Who else does that?? And as a matter of fact, free of charge!
    The haters, the only thing they are capable to… (let’s say) offer, is hate, or in the best case disagreement without arguments of course.
    Please don’t bother. You have proven your worth and we love you Scooby. You have fans all over the world. Keep walking!

  22. gettinglargereveryday

    You have completely changed my outlook on “getting large.” I realize I can do it, now, and in 20 years it is possible to obtain the physique I’ve desired. Short story: I’ve given your website to my brother, who instructs at a southern university. He began to apply what I gave to him, and he applied what he learned from your site, and was amazed! He demonstrated a few of your techniques to a sports science major, where he instructs, and the student was amazed. He said, “I’ve never thought about that before!” My brother told him, “I learned it from my brother.” The student said, “He should enter the sports science field!” I told my brother, “Everything I know about lifting, I learned from Scooby.”
    Many fallacies I once believed, you have thrown away, and unfortunately I had already wasted my money on one of those ab machines which promised rock solid abs in only a few minutes a day. I learn from you because you PRACTICE what you preach, and because you speak the TRUTH, no matter what any thinks, or wants to hear. Continue to do what you do, and thank your family for me as they give up 6 hours/week to allow you time to teach us. ALL FREE!! You sir are truly a dying breed. I watch your videos over and over just to continue to remind myself of everything I need to do in order to grow.

    Thank You,

  23. Scooby, I agree with much of what you say, however, just because I express a different view here in this forum does not make me a hater. It does make me a thinking person, who will not always agree with everything I see and hear. Then again, it would be unrealistic to expect 100% agreement.

    I do think you need to recognize and understand that a forum such as this will bring people with different and varying levels of experience and each in their own way may have something to offer. You yourself bring many years of practical experience and demonstrate in your videos that you have the ability to impart that knowledge in a simple and easy way to understand.

    I have gained enormous benefit watching your videos, and yet, I do think it a bit much to say i am a hater if I question or disagree with something you may say. Even the Justices of the Supreme Court don’t always agree and return a majority judgement rather than a unanimous one. Surely we do not consider them haters because they do not always agree all the time?

    Surely we have become a little more tolerant to the views of others without labeling them un-American if they question or challenge political views and policies of the government, or haters when they question or challenge the opinion or a specific viewpoint of an individual.

    Our brave men and women are fighting, and paying the ultimate sacrifice, in an attempt, to bring to others, the freedoms we enjoy in our own country. Let us not denigrate and insult their efforts by labeling people as haters who exercise those hard won freedoms.

    The Founding Fathers cherished and valued the right to Freedom of Speech, so let us not be so quick to condemn those that exercise that right.

    Having said all that……..Keep up the good work Scooby.

    1. ….. I don’t think you quite under stand what he is saying… I believe what he was pointing out, are the people who just spout off and say things like, your an idiot if you think that works…. or, something along those lines… I doubt he would really think too much into a disagreement with a logical purpose…. Please don’t go off an a tangent and bring up court rulings, or people fighting for our freedom as a response to my reply… that is a tad bit over the top

      1. Hello David, and thank you for your response.

        If you read my comment in context, you may see that I mentioned the Justices of the Supreme Court, only in the context of rational sane people who don’t always agree. I was pointing out that a different opinion is not necessarily a sign of hate, or a malicious intent.

        I do believe, that people all too often, are far too quick to judge others by the way they say something rather than listening to the content of their message. If we can get past that initial barrier there would be less conflict and greater understanding. Sometimes we are not as far apart as we initially thought.

        Scooby is, quite obviously, very passionate about what he believes, and that comes across in his videos and his text. I do agree with him that those who have an inclination to lambast and lampoon everything that is said may well be “haters” but I also believe that we need to be careful not to lump all who question and challenge one’s views into this category.

        It was good to have feedback from you..and I am also sure that we would agree on far more than we would disagree.

        You have a great day….Regards :)

        1. Scooby encourages you do to your own research and be critic even on his own advice. You don’t need to agree 100% with him, he said that! I believe that what he call haters are ppl who say things like “hey, Scooby said squats are bad!” or “hey, Scooby said I must agree with him or I’ll be a hater!”, and so on… xD

  24. Don’t bother with this stuff. You’re a role model for thousands of people and a true inspiration for most of them. You’ve built up an own community!
    People who dont have the dedication will never achieve their goals. They get frustrated and since most people will never admit they’ve failed – not even to themselves – they need someone to blame which is You.
    Citizising you and your plans will make them feel better. They came to this website to get a body shape like yours, but failed to get it. So they react like children saying “I never wanted to win anyways, you suck, the game sucks”…

  25. Personally I think that bodybuilding is the most important tool that let sedentary people to express their envy and frustration. It’s just the same story: first they criticize us because of our lifesytle, then they judje us because of their ignorance (it’s not uncommon to find people that really don’t know the difference between supplements and steroids), then they look at us, because though we aren’t Mr. Olympia competitors we are in really good shape, and finally they want to be like us, but without hard work and proper nutrition.

  26. The haters just have to try to follow your advice and then they will be happy with the results they make. I’ve certainly progressed a lot because of your help, thank you Scooby :D

  27. The funny thing is that they do not feel better :)
    You have such a big fancommunity scooby, that speaks for itself!
    I often try to do some kinds of sport to feel betetr and look better, but mostly faild.
    Through your site, vidos and hole informations i keep up mein goal since 2,5 years with good results.
    I have now the mutivation to workout and i feel better, look better and so on.
    You have so many successfull results to show, how many “real” successes will they have? I think not much.
    This few haters are people who want to sell products and make a lot of money with unsuspecting people or want gains how arent realistic.
    Dont think about haters hate, its not healty ;)
    Keep your goal and course scooby. You make much many peoble happy.
    Greetings from germany, Thorsten

  28. The haters are jealous. They dont have anything better to do. I dont believe that haters train the right way otherwise they would feel more love for our sport.

  29. Matthew Jeffrey

    I can prove global warming take the average global temperature of the earth and oceans over the past 30 years plot them on a chart and graph them. You will see the earth is warming! Enjoyed this post.

  30. Honestly Scooby I follow your advice and videos religiously, I’ve lost roughly 45 pounds so far and built up quite a physique and its all thanks to your amazing advice and perspectives!

  31. I agree with you on this wholeheartedly Scooby, unless you allow your mind to be open to new ideas, you’ll constantly fail to learn anything useful. And unfortunately, that narrow minded view tends to be the majority of the infomercial educated inherently lazy sheep. A ruptured disk 14 years ago put paid to any hope I ever held of doing traditional squats, as any weight across my shoulders in that way induces the compression problems I can now recognise. But your advice and explanation on squats and leg presses just made so much common sense; I was staggered that I had never seen it that way before. A second hand multi gym with a leg press attached later, and I can now blast away my legs safely without fear of back injury. And as a cycle commuter myself for the last 10 years who has clocked up 45,000 miles, it takes some doing to get that burn in my legs! Keep up the good work dude, and as already stated, for every 50 haters there are 500 of us quietly waiting patiently for your next article.

  32. Just keep doing what you’re doing Scooby. There’s thousands of people out there, including myself, that love your videos and value the advice you give out. You’re gonna have haters when you’re successful at something, it’s just a part of it.

  33. I would still do whatever I could do keep my sat fat levels as low as possible Scooby. The amount of adipokines that they release is terrible and can cause insulin resistance and CVD when they form deposits in the body. Plus it throws the liver right out of whack. I did a dissertation on these adipokines for my Masters degree if you fancy having a read.

  34. Bodybuilding is not a very well scientifically researched sport. For reasons you’ve explained several times. So it is only natural that people like you, who wander some unknown paths are being ridiculized. I reckon you’ll be proven right some times and other times you’ll be proven wrong. But that’s inherent to making progress in any field. I hope your critical en curious mind (and body) will wander on for the benefit of us all!

  35. Dear Mr. Dooby Doo ;-)

    Yes there will always be haters but don’t forget about the majority, your loyal legion of fans! I’m a huge fan of your work and am always enlightened by your views. I love your ability to approach weight lifting and fitness logically and practically. I eagerly await each new video and am always disappointed when I reach the end of it because I want more! =) Thanks for doing what you do, please keep it up, not only do you help me, I know you are helping so many others.

    David from Dallas

  36. The haters are just jealous!! Simple as that…lol… Your necks to small??? Really?? I would love to see their chicken necks so we can criticize them…lol.. Your awesome scooby! You don’t have to explain yourself to them. The majority of us happily watch these videos, workout and never say anything. Its just how people are… they don’t say anything unless its negative… So you may get 50 people hating about this or that, but theirs 500 of us saying nothing who are patiently waiting for your next live workout week!! Keep up the good work!!

  37. Understanding realistic muscle gain numbers has helped me tremendously. Of course it’s not what most people want to hear, but those are the people who eat mcdonalds every day, lift twice a week and expect to look like Scooby in 3 months. Accepting that fitness is a lifelong passion is something that doesn’t jive with the North American culture. That’s why it’s easy to make millions selling a hunk of plastic and springs if you have a good infomercial.

    Thank you so much Scooby. In my opinion you are the modern day Jack LaLane. Thank you for spreading the knowledge.

  38. Hey Scooby! You’re always talking about your cardio and non-weights training on Facebook, I think it’d be cool for you to make a video on these (similar to your double century one you made in March 2012) Just a thought because I really enjoyed it, even though I don’t cycle myself.

    Much Love and Respect from the UK!

  39. Don’t let the haters get you down Scooby. What I’ve learned in my short time on Earth is that you can’t always fight ignorance. Some people just cannot be swayed, not matter how much reason, logic, and scientific backing you throw at them. No matter how correct you are there’s always going to be people saying you’re wrong.

    Love your videos and information. I also agree 100% with what you say about squats. Keep up the awesome work. I am always eagerly awaiting your next video.

    Also, what’s wrong with your neck? How to do gain neck muscle mass? You’re just extremely muscular that your neck and body proportions differ from the average person.

    Your legs are also quite muscular, and I’m sure if you wanted to you could outdo most of the haters in squats. I really don’t know when legs became the number one focus of young weightlifters…

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