Best breakfast cereal in the world

Here in Peru I found the healthiest, highest protein, least processed breakfast cereal in the world, its puffed quinoa cereal! Its puffed like rice crispies which gives it a great crunchy texture. I sure wish someone would import this cereal into USA! Here is the nutritional info for quinoa, compare this to any American cereal, it even is better than my beloved oatmeal when it comes to protein.

100 g serving (more than most people would eat)

368 calories
14g protein
64g carbs
6g fat
7g fiber

Edit: Just found you can buy this cereal right here in the USA! Puffed quinoa cereal from


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  1. Got an American made cereal almost as good….manufactured in San Fran:  Uncle Sam – whole wheat berry and flaxseed.  Tastes pretty good.

    1.5 cups
    380 calories
    10 g fat
      1 g sat fat
    76 carbs
    20 g fiber !!!
    2 g sugar
    14g protein

  2. Marie-Claude Dugal

    I eat a bowl of cooked quinoa 2-3 times a week with milk and berries for breakfast! I also have some puffed quinoa with milk for night cravings… it’s delicious!

  3. i enjoy all of the videos. except in one video you pour the quinoa directly into the pot. if you go to other videos they always rinse the quinoa in a strainer before cooking.

  4. Gotta try that! yeah, Quinoa is expensive, but I love the taste and nutritional value of it. When I make it, I go 50 50 with brown rice. I also never buy it from natural food stores because I find that they are overpriced. I buy mine online in Australia, and it still works out to be cheaper.

  5. Are you in Peru right now?
    I’m peruvian too and i follow your page since 2008. I suppose you are un Cusco right now.
    Here in Peru we have a lot of meals:
    – Sacha Inchi
    – Maca
    – Cat’s Claw (yes, that’s the name – or “Uña de Gato”).
    – Try to prove Coca leaf (no cocain!).

    I hope you enjoy your travel for my country!

    1. Hey Eduardo, yes I did enjoy your country! I did use Cusco as a home base so I did spend a fair amount of time there. Beautiful country, beautiful people, amazing history.

    1. How timely. Didnt know they did an article on it. Was it pro or con? I assume pro, not sure what you could possible say bad about kwina-winna-winna!

    1. You are comparing a highly processed cereal to something that is natural and unprocessed. The reason that GoLean Crunch has so much protein is that it has soy protein concentrate (protein powder) in it. If you want more protein in your breakfast then add a glass of skim milk, an egg, or some isolated whey. My recommendation stands. The #1 and #2 best breakfast cereals in the world are puffed quinoa and rolled oats.

    1. I’m peruvian, here we call it “quinua” I think it may be a little bit hard to pronounce if you’re american haha but it doesn’t sound to different compared to english anyway. A lot of fitness pple bodybuilders here recommend it. I usually eat it once or twice a week with some meat and veggies

  6. I got a pack of organic red lentils in front of me.

    100g serving:
    27,1g protein
    52,3 cabrs (1,4g suger)
    2,1g fat (0,4 saturated fat)
    7,8g fiber
    <0,01g sodium.

    You should have red lentils in the US, im from Germany.

    1. I found it when I returned to the USA yesterday, updated the post to include a link to where people could see what I was talking about.

      1. We have it in Ireland, only we eat it like rice or pasta with dinner. Cook with boiled water and serve as a side.

        We pronounce it Kwin-own-ah.

        Well… I think its the same thing.

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