Bodybuilding is not just for bodybuilders!

Many people brush off bodybuilding because they think its just about posing on stage, its not! Bodybuilding makes your everyday life more enjoyable by giving you strength ot do the activities you want to do -without injury. Paddling a canoe or kayak is a great example, its a simple and enjoyable activity that millions enjoy. Although its simple, it requires strength and conditioning. If someone who is not fit tries it, they are going to get sore, injured, or both. Paddling a canoe or kayak requires a very strong core and shoulders. I did 4hrs of sea kayaking in lake Titicaca (elevation 12,500′) yesterday and because of my bodybuilding training, I was able to jump in and go full bore without any soreness at all the next day. Bodybuilding makes everyday life more enjoyable!

Another example, gardening. It requires more strength and flexibility than you think and bodybuilding can help with that too. Building quad, hamstring, and spinal extensor strength thru bodybuilding allows you to handle the constant bending over and lifting without pain or injury. Those lacking strong legs and a strong back end up bending and lifting improperly which usually results in chronic back problems. Bodybuilding is important for EVERYONE, 18 or 80 is can help you do the things you enjoy without injury.

Still not convinced? You say that your job/schoo/familyl keeps you so busy you dont have time for bodybuilding, gardening, OR canoeing? Well apart from the fact that you might want to re-examine your life priorities, you are wrong. You *need * at least a minimal bodybuilding program to keep injury free and healthy. Can you afford chronic back pain or spending days in bed with agonizing pain? Probably not. Most back injuries happen in the home or workplace, not in the gym. You dont have to become a 240 pound slab of ripped beef to get the health benefits from bodybuilding. Just two quick 30 minute home workouts a week can help keep you injury free, here is an example of a great little EDL (Every Day Life) workout:

  • front planks
  • side planks
  • crunches
  • alternate arm and leg raises
  • chair squats or lunges
  • SLDL (light weight)
  • pushups (optional)
  • pullups (optional)

20 thoughts on “Bodybuilding is not just for bodybuilders!”

  1. Its so true – i used to be an arm chair fatty and now i am pretty ripped and run marathons for fun and enjoy it! I do 30 minute weights 5 days a week and run 5 days a week. I am 40 but have a better body and fitter than most 20 year olds. I am no body builder but use it for all my other goals in life and feel really good when i look in the mirror. What more reason do you want!

  2. Hi Scooby, I’m a 19 years old Italian boy. Physically I’m thin and i started your beginner workout. I have a question for you. When can I start the intermediate workout?

  3. Scoobyyyy… Glad to see you replying to posts… I have nt worked out for almost a week now and gonna hit the gym real hard today… Good day scooby :)

    1. I think you would be surprised to see how untrue that statement is. Find a legit womens magazine where they poll women and see what they are truly interested in a man. Big pecs and big arms is way further down on the list than you seem to realize.

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      1. Hi Scooby! When you want to register for the first time, the squares where you enter your username and email are masked by the “nutrition menu”. Therefore it’s not possible to tape your coordonnates in order to register (and it seems I’m not the only one). Es ist sehr frustrieend !…

        Vielen Dank

    1. You have a good point, I find that too. Most often those who make fun of bodybuilding and fitness are those who are trying hard to justify their laziness to set their minds at ease.

    1. As SomeWhiteGuy said, its not because I dont value them – I consider those to be the best two single upper body exercises. Its because for everyday life and injury prevention, core and legs are so much more important. Its pretty seldom that someone would get injured because their chest or lats are not strong enough.

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