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Colonoscopy is not a pleasant subject but since I talk about all things relating to health and fitness, this subject cant be omitted. Why spend hours a day working out and eating right so you can life a long, active life if there is a polyp growing in your colon that will kill before you can retire? When it comes to cancer, colon cancer is in the top 5 killers – and its easy to prevent. By the way, if you are under 50 you can stop reading now and just set popup reminder on your 50th birthday with a link to this post :)  Please remember that I am not a doctor nor am I an expert on colon cancer.  The reason I know a lot about this subject is because I’m over 50, I have done a lot of research about strategies for colon cancer detection, and I talked to my doctor at length about my options.

Bad news first: 5% chance that you will get colon cancer in your lifetime.  Good news: colon cancer is very easy to treat successfully if its found early and with a number of testing methods, its easy to do. The polyps that turn into cancer grow relatively slowly and they are fairly easy to spot, relatively speaking. Other than stopping smoking to prevent lung cancer, colon cancer is probably the next easiest to prevent. Its not just the colonoscopy that can be used, there are a number of other methods and each has drawbacks listed below:

  • Colonoscopy – This is what I am having done.  Its the gold standard for finding and removing cancerous polyps but carries the risk of perforation, especially in older people.  They run a scope all the way up looking for, and removing, any polyps they find.  Perforation would then require surgery to fix, not a happy thing.   There is about a  0.2% of getting a perforation during the procedure.  Typically the first colonoscopy is recommended at age 50, then again 10 years later at 60 if nothing bad was found the first time.  Most people realize this already but having a colonoscopy isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world so it requires sedation. Most people now report that the preparation 24hrs before is far more unpleasant than the procedure itself.
  • Poop test (Fecal Occult Blood Test)- Pre-cancerous polyps typically bleed so an easy way to find them is to look for blood in your poop. Blood is red, why not just look in the toilet bowl you say?  Because the blood we are looking for isn’t visible because its in such trace amounts.  The poop test doesn’t catch cancerous polyps as early as colonoscopy and can have false positives because there are a lot of different reasons you might bleed other than polyps. Any positive result means a colonoscopy.  A common colon cancer screening procedure is to get the poop test yearly after age 50 and to then do a colonoscopy if a positive result is obtained.
  • Sigmoidoscopy – Its like a colonoscopy except it doesn’t go nearly as far in.  The good thing is that the part it checks is also statistically the most likely to have the cancerous polyps.  What I was told is that it finds about 80% of the polyps. It also has a very low chance of anything going wrong, much less than the colonoscopy.
  • Barium Enema – You get a barium enema and then they X-ray you.  The polyps absorb the barium and become visible on the x-ray.    The main disadvantage is that it misses small polyps so it only finds about 30%-50% as many polyps as a colonoscopy does.
  • Virtual Colonoscopy – A new procedure that does a 3D X-ray of your guts to look for polyps.  Certainly a lot less unpleasant than a colonoscopy but its not clear yet  what percent of the polyps it finds.  Personally the main reason that I wasn’t interested in this is the radiation needed for this.  For the same reason I don’t want CAT scans unless its a life threatening emergency, I don’t want a virtual colonoscopy.  Radiation from x-rays adds up and these 3D scans pummel you a lot more than the basic broken ankle x-ray AND they are irradiating organs and other important soft tissues.   I’m a true techie but I wasn’t interested in this.

So where does this leave us?  When you are over 50 its really a good idea to do some sort of screening for colon cancer since there is a 5% chance you have it.  The easiest is the poop test but it only catches some of the cases.  Barium enema is the next easiest but it too misses a fair number of the cancerous polyps.  If either of these two tests come back positive then you need to get a colonoscopy anyway.  Next in complexity and cost is the flexible sigmoidoscopy, it finds about 80% of the cancerous polyps. Then their is the colonoscopy, finds everything but its a pain in the @ss.  No single right answer, you need to talk to your doctor and decide which is the best for you!

EDIT: June 5, 2012  My colonoscopy experience

So since I have just gone thru a colonoscopy, thought I would report on it.  Apparently the technology for colonoscopies has gotten much better in the last 20 years because I have to say, this was not at all like the bad stories I remember hearing.  So let me describe the procedure I went thru.  The prep procedure started about 30 hours before the exam – I had to stop all solid foods.  The only acceptable form of nourishment was sugar water, either clear fruit juices or soda pop.  Going 30 hours without solid food was very difficult for me.  My system is used to *lots* of fiber (more on that later) and when I stopped eating it, my stomach turned somersaults all day long.  That day I had to do a 10km training run and it was thee most pathetic run I have ever done.  I drank 16oz of apple juice before for energy and I was fine for about 25 minutes then I bonked big time, lost all energy – thats the trouble with simple carbs.  Anyway at 6pm on the day before it was time for the first dose of “Suprep”, a nasty tasting liquid that empties your bowels.  Its about the nastiest thing I have ever tasted and I could barely quaff it down.  The following 3.5 hours I had to stay very close to the toilet if you get my meaning, no biggie, from international travel I’m used to getting travelers diarrhea all the time.  Slept fine.  When I woke up I got rehydrated with apple juice because I knew I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink anything the last 4hrs before the procedure.  At 4hrs before I got another yummy dose of the “Suprep” which kept me near the toilet another 3 hours but by this time nothing solid was coming out, just dirty water.  So the prep wasn’t really that bad at all, up to this point the worst thing was being deprived of solid food for 30 hrs.

At the colonoscopy clinic I got to wear one of those high fashion gowns that was too small for me and they got the IV put in.  I have to say, I have a real problem with needles.  Not just normal squeamishness but a near phobia of needles.  That was definitely the worst part for me.  After wheeling me in and getting me hooked up to the monitors they started the light sedative.  Over the next 30 seconds, I started to get a feeling of well being and comfort, like laying in the warm sand on a perfect beach day.  I wasn’t totally out, I could hear their voices but my brain didn’t do a good job at parsing what they were saying.  A few times during the procedure their was slight discomfort but no wincing pain at all.  It seemed like the elapsed time was about 5 minutes when it was really more like 30 minutes.

I sobered up quickly and was able to walk to the car fine but it was clear that my balance and reaction time were compromised so its a good thing they require you to have someone drive you home.  My first meal (black beans and salsa of course!) was not quite as satisfying as I had dreamt it would be.  No pain or anything, just didn’t taste as good as it normally did.  WIth the afternoon off from work I was *really* tempted to go up on the roof and continue with the work mounting our solar panels but I wisely decided that should be left for a later date when my judgement, balance, and coordination are at 100%.

So the doctor didn’t find a single polyp, so I’m clear for another 10 years.  Honestly, I wasn’t surprised because the odds were really in my favor.  I have no family history of colon cancer, I get lots of exercise, I eat no processed meats or red meat, and I have a high fiber pseudo-vegetarian diet.  Will I follow the recommendation and get another colonoscopy in 10 years?  You bet!  Its one of the cheapest life insurance policies available :)



On a more humorous note, there is a positive side of having a colonoscopy.  Its one of two or three days in your life when  the doctors orders are to eat nothing but sugar and to someone with a sweet tooth like mine, its a dream come true! Pure, refined, glorious sugar.  No solid food allowed.  There is virtually no healthy food I am allowed to consume in this 24hrs!  No vegetables, no fruits, no grains, no brussel sprouts – no nothing.  Just sugar water.  For 24 hours I get to live like a hummingbird sipping the nectar of the Gods – Coca Cola.  As I type I am having my ‘breakfast’ which is 16 ounces of Coca-Cola, 300 calories worth of high fructose corn syrup!  I am really excited about my next meal, its mountain dew!  As with wine tasting, you start with the subtle flavors and work up.  Since Mountain Dew is even sweeter and more caffeinated, I will leave that for last.  I know some of you are gasping right now with your jaw in your laps.  You are thinking its appalling I’m drinking this junk when I could have apple juice or honey.  Sorry, its just sugar with a vitamin pill added.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I am drinking Coke and Mountain Dew – you can have apple juice. :)

Pre Colonoscopy Meals - the one time soft drinks are recommended!

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  1. I have never and will never have any form of invasive procedure. Most of the time, they are unneccessary and cause more problems than they sort out. I have a perfectly good immune system so will take my chances instead of having these so called medical professions poking around inside me for no good reason.

  2. Scooby_Werkstatt

    So I’m about 4hrs out from the colonoscopy now so I’ve done most of the prep. I have heard many people say that the preparation is the hardest part. OK, the nasty 16oz of medicine I had to drink to give me diarrhea was about the least pleasant thing I have ever tasted but it wasnt THAT bad. Ya, I had to stay very near the toilet for 3hrs but that wasnt so bad either – I travel a lot internationally and seem to get travelers diarrhea every where I go so this was no biggy. Not being able to eat solid food for the entire day before was tough as my stomach is used to LOTS of fiber and without it, my stomach was turning summersaults all day long. Honestly the thing that I think is going to be the hardest for me is the needle – I HATE needles. Not your run of the mill dislike, a phobia type fear of needles. I might have to ask them to punch me really, really hard in the jaw to knock me out before they attempt to put the IV in.

  3. Good for you Scooby – do it for you, do it for your family! Had mine (a 50th birthday present – Ha!) recently. Worst part is drinking the laxative stuff they prescribe. If you haven’t already, drink it with a few ice cubes added. The taste is terrible, esp. if you don’t use salt in your food. First pitcher goes down OK, but the second – this is a toughy. Bonus is the anesthetic. For me at least, it’s like waking up after an amazingly good sleep.
    Have fun!

    1. As for getting off Scooby’s case…

      Let me quote a well known supporter of a healthy lifestyle who has strong views on this issue…

      “If I controlled the President of the USA, Congress and the Senate I think I could solve our obesity problem with my 9 step program:”

      Step 6: Make all artificial flavors illegal.

      That would include the artificial flavors in the sodas Scooby is drinking.

      1. And many people might want to make chocolate illegal, because it causes obesity. Will it kill you if you eat a little! NO! He says to make it illegal because people obviously can’t control themselves to having small amounts, and makes people obese! Will drinking this soda make Scooby obese? Hell No. The man makes a dramatic effort to make sure he eats healthy all the time. So you’re whinging about something that isn’t even a problem!

          1. look im sorry for ur loss bro, but its about more than cancer and more than all of us…if u freak out over a soda and increase stress and other things then ur gonna be over all unhealthy still, so calm down kid…yea respect is very lacking, and really u can have my respect when u make ur point and drop it but to drone on and on u lose it,(not talking about u aeo just in general)

        1.  You didn’t really do your research.  This NOBODY you are referring to is Scooby.  

          I simply quoted directly from a previous Blurb that is here on Scooby’s site.

          So, you criticize the so called nobody, so I wonder if you will hold the same opinion now you know it was Scooby who actually said this?

          Nine step program to end obesity in America
          Written by Scooby on December 19, 2011I guess you are just another one who blindly follows like a sheep.

          1. you dont read very well huh? cause i qouted nobody and i dont think scooby ever said “no one cares, bro”…i never said he said that if anyone said it acuse me of that…. if anything i was referring to myself and in no way scooby and i dont really follow him i just read random forums all day while bored at work…

  4. Thanks for sharing. I turned 51 this year and while my doctor hasn’t suggested a colonoscopy, my HMO has been sending info and suggesting I ask my primary care physcian to schedule one. Your sharing was just the nudge I needed. I will have him schedule one when I see him in August. I drink diet soda. It will be a challenge to drink soda with sugar in it. I love Mt Dew!

    Please share your experience.

  5. Cancervive, it is ironic humour – cheer up mate! Let Scooby be naughty once or twice in his life. Especially when he’s about to get something stuck up his bum!

    I knew Scooby was full of it when he described Coke as “nectar of the gods”, considering the only thing in it that is not manufactured is… um……. someone help? LOL

    1. If Scooby just went about his business and drank his cancer causing drinks quietly I wouldn’t be saying anything at all.

      But here he is recommending the Colonoscopy to prevent colon cancer, and then in the next breath, tell us how much he is looking forward to drinking Coca Cola that has chemicals known to cause liver damage and lung cancer.

      Do you really believe that his many young, and impressionable fan base, wont in some way, follow his example?

      1. I think people are responsible for their own actions. If they choose not to actually read anything written on this website, where he encourages people to think for themselves and take time to learn about nutrition (he has done many videos/articles on – ON THE WEBSITE!! FOR FREE!!! lol), then it’s their own fault! It’s a bit over the top to presume that this article is going to turn all of the dedicated body builders in this community or those who want to get fit into soda guzzling couch potatoes!

      2. Independent thought is a wonderful thing, people can make up their own minds about the message Scooby is sending. I’m still scratching my head trying to work out how Scooby is advocating the consumption of manufactured lolly water, but for necessity to get the simple sugars his body needs first and foremost as he is not permitted to consume solids to allow a successful medical procedure. The issues that arise from consumption of said beverages occur over a greater period of time than one day and are usually in addition to poor lifestyle and eating habits. None of these elements are promoted on this website – just clean eating, good exercise and drinking WATER!

      3. Get overt it….Scooby stated in the starting itself, if you are under 50 you can stop reading now and just set popup reminder on your 50th birthday with a link to this post. So young people should not have read this article in this case. Please don’t try to make a point when there isn’t any….

  6. Note that colon cancer, along with the other most frequently occurring (in the West) cancers such as lung, prostate, breast and ovarian, have substantially higher incident rates if you either smoke or eat a western diet. Okinawans and Japanese eating non-western diets until recently had very low rates of these types of cancer, whereas ethnic Okinawans and Japanese living in western countries had the same rates as other people living there. In other words, eat a plant based diet based on fruits, veggies and whole grains and avoid processed foods and significant quantities of dairy/meat/animal protein and you dramatically improve your likelihood of avoiding cancer. Colon cancer in particular is caused by eating processed meats such as sausages/hot dogs, cold cuts and bacon. And I’d say avoid whey protein — casein protein is linked to cancer, haven’t seen anything one way or the other on whey but it is animal based. In any event, I don’t think even bodybuilders need any where near as much protein as the general consensus seems to think.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      As a pseudo-vegetarian, you are preaching to the choir here :) I havent had solid food for about 20hrs now and you know the thing that I am craving more than anything, the thing I will have the moment I get out of the doctors office? Bean! My beloved black beans. I am serious, I have the equivalent of about four cans of black beans on an average day.

  7. I wouldn’t say if you’re under 50 you need no colonoscopy. Had my first when I was 41 (11 years ago). Blood in the stool ya know. But alas it was just a hemorrhoid. However it’s be 11 years and now at 52 I need to do another for prudence sake.

  8. Haha! That is awesome! I never thought I would hear of Scooby drinking soda all day. hahaha. That made my day. Try getting away with that in New York. Hope all goes well.

    1. LOL! People in New York who are getting colonoscopys are going to have to go to another county to buy their soda! Maybe they can expand the medical marijuana dispensaries to include sugar sodas for people needing to get calories with a clear beverage :)

  9. Scooby, I really am quite surprised about your choice to drink Coca Cola to absorb the required sugar for your test.

    Let me quote a proponent of a healthy lifestyle that you fully support. “Again, I applaud Mayor Michael Bloomberg for bringing this important issue to the forefront but I respectfully disagree with his proposal. I think that by giving people healthier choices and the necessary information, they can make good decisions on their own.” Scooby, these are your own words, so what happened to the “good decision making”?

    You have always been one to suggest and recommend healthier alternatives and yet here you are for want of a better word, “promoting” Coca Cola.

    If Coca Cola was simply sugar I would have no issue, however, there are many chemicals in Coca Cola that are detrimental to health. For example, California sets a limit of 29-micrograms for 4-methylimidazole in food products. Coke and Pepsi show levels between 103 and 153 micrograms. And this is just one of the chemicals.

    4-Methylimidazole (4MI) is used in the manufacture of photographic chemicals, dyes and pigments, cleaning and agricultural chemicals, and rubber.

    In controlled Lab tests using rats exposed to 4-methylimidazole the following were observed
    • Clonic seizures, excitability, hyperactivity, and impaired gait observed.
    • mononuclear cell leukaemia was significantly greater
    • hepatic histiocytosis (liver damage), chronic inflammation significantly increased
    • hepatocellular eosinophilic and mixed cell foci were significantly increased
    • alveolar/bronchiolar adenoma (lung cancer) were significantly greater alveolar epithelial hyperplasia (lung Disease) was significantly increased

    It is any wonder that the cost of treating diseases and the health of people in general has deteriorated over the years. We have more knowledge today than ever before about the toxicity of chemicals, our food labelling laws are more stringent than ever, and yet people still CHOSE to drink toxic carcinogenic inducing soft drinks.

    The soft drink giants are now tweaking their formula to avoid having to include a cancer warning label. Notice they are simply tweaking the formula, rather than removing the toxic chemical.

    Coca Cola should never be promoted, especially with pics, by someone such as yourself who is constantly promoting the healthy choice lifestyle.

    And even a one-off is no excuse. Would you drink gasoline as a one-off? Or eat rat poison as a one-off? So why Coca Cola’s chemicals?

    C’mon Scooby, You know better than this.

    1. This is about one of two times in my life I can drink sugar soda guilt free and I’m going to live a little! Drinking calories is a bad idea and in my book fruit juice is almost as bad as coke. The right thing to do is to eat the fruit and drink water, but all solid food is forbidden. I think I will survive the negative effects of one day of drinking soda. As far as your comment that I shouldnt promote the drinking of soft drinks, you seem to have missed the whole point of this article. The purpose of this article is to educate people about colon cancer and encourage people to get tested. If the ‘reward’ of being able to drink soft drinks for one day encourages someone to get the colonoscopy then its a worthwhile tradeoff in my book. Yes, soda does have a lot of health concerns which is one of the reasons you will note on my website that I always say to drink water (or home made carbonated water). Please look at the big picture – 5% of people will get colon cancer.

      1. Scooby, you don’t need to remind me about the risks of cancer. My name is a play on words, as I am already a cancer survivor. I do see the big picture, and your information on colonoscopy and the other available testing procedures are excellent.

        I just don’t see why you could not have promoted the drinking of a healthier alternative to a proven carcinogenic filled, soft drink. Get it right in the small things and the big things may well look after themselves.

        Also, I have no doubt you will survive the negative effects of drinking soda for one day. Most children will survive drinking it every day…but that is not the point, or is it? Isn’t the whole point being to promote the healthier alternative and do so by example?

        You say (and I quote) “This is about one of two times in my life I can drink sugar soda guilt free and I’m going to live a little!” C’mon Scooby, are you really trying to suggest that the drinking of soda is your opportunity to “live a little”?…and by inference, that not drinking soda is somehow less than a full life?

        You recommend the colonoscopy to prevent colon cancer, and then in the next breath, tell us how much you are looking forward to drinking Coca Cola that has chemicals known to cause liver damage and lung cancer.

        Something is not quite right.

        Enough said.

        1. Truly enough said, well maybe a little too much even ;P
          Let him have his stupid coke and stop moralizing him please? OMG, he obviously has enough will strength to be in maybe the best shape a 50+ can ever be.

          If you took his article as a recommendation to drink cola and the likes, no one can help you. If you however speak about what it might suggest to some people (those who cannot be helped) your worries are in a way justified, but blablabla.

          We’re all just humans ;D

        2. Get over yourself! He wants to drink Coca Cola this one time because it tastes good, and that is a fact! There’s a reason people keep drinking it after there obese! Obviously it will do virtually nothing to him as he has lead an extremely healthy life for at least 30 years! Who cares? Get off his back! Also you sort of claim him as promoting it – how?? and also seriously the man has done so much, lets see you create a website which has obviously taken an incomprehensible amount of time with two jobs and working out 2hrs a day! And for free! Stop whining!

          1. What I was getting at is that you have unrealistic expectations of the man! Most people with that amount of busyness in their life have a very different diet to Scooby’s. Life is a balance between health and enjoyment. this often overlaps, but sometimes something is risky but enjoyable, as long as you calculate that risk and don’t do it all the time it’s fine! We are all human, enjoy the journey and balance it out. Sure having a few treats now and then might give you more risk of cancer, but if you’re overall healthy then you should be OK. You need to consider quality of life vs. length of life!

          2. Also wanted to say that I do acknowledge it probably does cause cancer, but yeah it’s not the point (you’re beating up on him even though he’s not promoting regular consumption of coke – the kind which will kill you). You’re point is lost, it’s like saying having one piece of cake is going to give to make you fat even though you work out everyday and eat well 95% of the time. It won’t, if you take up a habit and eat cake every day (or drink coke) all the time then you will definitely have a much increased chance of getting fat. But to me it’s great to see someone who is honest. Honest about how long it takes to get muscle, honest about the fact that they have cheat meals and don’t only eat tuna and vegetables all day everyday , honest about the fact that sometimes they have something that’s bad for you etc. For me that is much more powerful and motivating than someone who pretends they never have anything unhealthy, or never has off days where they miss certain workouts etc. 

          3. If you, take your time to try and understand my comments, you would see that my issue is with the proven cancer causing agents in Coca Cola. As Scooby himself says, the statistics speak for themselves.

            In your blinded state of hero worship you seem incapable of grasping even the most simplest of arguments.

            What has the creation of a website, and two jobs, and free anything got to do with drinking a soda with known cancer causing chemicals?

            Any and all soda drink manufacturers that knowingly include toxic carcinogenic chemicals in their formula, and then simply try to tweak the formula in order to avoid having to put a cancer warning on their product, deserves a place of prominence in Scooby’s Hall of Shame, and NOT an endorsement of how great it tastes.

            Now go ahead, and attack the messenger again, and completely ignore the facts.

        3. Scooby_Werkstatt

          I know that as a cancer survivor you are very focused on things you think are cancer causing but your strict attitude toward nutrition is about as helpful as teaching abstinence as a method of birth control. Early on here on my website I was criticized, and rightly so, for being to strict about nutrition. When most people try to be strict it results in eating disorders, binging, or other problems. This is exactly why I toned down my nutrition page from what it was earlier. I would rather make nutritional suggestions that are healthy and achievable by 95% of the population than make very strict nutritional suggestions which are extremely healthy but achievable by only 5% of the population. Eating more vegetables is easy. Eating more whole grains is easy. Eating more unprocessed foods is easy. Reducing the amount of junk food and fast food is easy. Eating your calories instead of drinking them is easy. Total abstinence from bad foods is NOT easy for 95% of the population. Moderation is far more successful than abstinence. As I have mentioned many times before, I have an incredible sweet tooth and if left unchecked I would be clinically obese. I control it by making sure that I dont have access to anything sweet in the house. I have no self control when it comes to sweets so I use restricted availablity to successfully control my sugar consumption. Am I perfect, of course not. As a part of a cheat meal I will have all kinds of things that are not healthy: candy bars, cake, cookies, fast food, alcohol, etc. And yes, I drank coke for one entire day for my colonoscopy prep when I could have had apple juice. If you are seeking a perfect role model then look elsewhere because I am not it.

    2. i completely agree with u….a person who has adopted a healthy lifestyle and a die hard fitness freak will never go off drinking cola even once if he z aware of its dark side as u mentioned.. there r many other healthy alternatives…fruit juice…glucose-d….m also surprised hw he can promote nd say…its only once…toxic chemical…!!!

  10. Hi Scooby
    Great article.
    I lost my Mother and Father to Colon cancer. Just a note for all your readers, my Mother was first diagnosed when she was 42, then developed another primary cancer in her Colon when she was 62. She had regular colonoscopies, but the tumour was mis-diagnosed as scar tissue from the first tumour surgery. If you have a history in the family it is wise to have colonoscopies from the age of 40. I am 46 and have had 4 colonoscopies. You are 100% correct that early detection of polyps is crucial and they can be removed painlessly during the colonoscopy.
    My family history of cancer made me realise that I had to change my lifestyle and I have been using your site for 4 years now. My physique has totally changed. Unfortunately I did not take a “before” photo!
    Scooby thankyou so much for all of your efforts.
    Best Regards

  11. Funny how american people are obsessed with soda drinks. Even a health icon as you Scoob… It’s just a matter of perspective and culture since childhood when you develop the palate. Not that I don´t like a coke once in a while, but I’d never trade a good fresh squeezed orange juice, a fresh water melon juice or another fresh tropical frute juice for a coke.

    1. oh yea, good luck with that colonoscopy, ive got 25 years to go..but ill put it on my calander. ONE more thing, i work in a hospital laboratory and deal with occult blood stool specimens everyday. Its amazing how many people use this method, and actually how many people discover internal bleeding with just 3 little stool cards! This is definatley my first choice! ;)

  12. Actually I’m a little surprised you’re gonna drink this shite soda’s. Ok I realize It’s just a one time event, but for me a healthy lifestyle excludes this kind of processed garbage at all times. Actually I can’t stand the too sweet artificial sugary drinks anymore. Why don’t you drink water flavoured with fresh fruit instead. Just asking.

  13. I too, will be back in 31 years. Scooby I know it’s not the place but make a video on importance of calcium. Calcium deficiency is something I had to deal 80% of my life until the point it affected quite a bit my spine and muscles [chronic pain for many many many years ahead says doc. We really need to increase awareness. Well …good luck with the colonoscopy.

  14. Scooby I’m glad you’re my fitness trainer ! Very important health information.You boldly go where no trainer has gone before .
    I had a colonoscopy done twice and it’s not a big deal. The sedative they gave me was cool…

    Got to say though,I don’t agree with ingesting all that sugar.What’s up with that ?

    BTW If you wake up from the colonoscopy with your underwear on your head you’ll know something went really wrong… :-)

  15. Scooby_Werkstatt

    This is going to be a very long, rough day as my system is used to MASSIVE amounts of fiber. I have only been on liquids for 4 hours and my stomach is already twisting and turning from the lack of bulk.

    1. I wonder if your stomach would be twisting and turning just as much if you had chosen a healthier alternative to Coca Cola? All those chemicals, without the benefits of the fiber to slow down the ingestion and digestion cannot be doing your stomach any favors.

  16. Jon Kaneko-James

    Good luck man, my Dad’s life was saved because of a routine colonoscopy when he was in his fifties, and he had to have colonoscopies every few years for the rest of his life, but regardless of all the nonsense you go through with a colonoscopy, it’s better than being dead and there’s nothing that quite equals it for detection in the modern day.

  17. Good luck scoob. Good thing you are so healthy. I lost my father to colon cancer back in 2008. they removed the tumor , but the cancer had already spread throughout his body. That is why I found fittness. Hopefully I can combat those issues before they arise..

    1. Jon Kaneko-James

      Sympathies. My Dad’s life was saved (as I posted above) but one of my friends wasn’t so lucky. She was in her sixties, and we lost her just after Christmas. It’s a horrible way to go, so deepest sympathies and all that.

    2. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Sorry Robert :( Thats why the colonoscopies are a good thing because the cancer gets caught before it spreads. If people wait till they have symptoms then its too late.

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