YouTube removes sixpackshortcuts video for spam, scam, and commercially deceptive content.

When are millions of people going to wise up to the fact that there are no shortcuts to losing fat, getting ripped 6-pack abs, and gaining muscle? Sixpackshortcuts has been #1 on my Fitness Hall of Shame for several years now for his deceptive marketing practices. Back in 2011, YouTube suspended sixpackshortcuts account and now YouTube has removed another of his videos for “violation of YouTube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content”. His last video titled “How to Get Lean for the Summer” has been removed by YouTube as seen below:

sixpackshortcuts video removed by youtube removed as a violation of YouTube's policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content.


I honestly can’t believe that sixpackshortcuts deceptive marketing campaign of the last year has been allowed by YouTube and Google:

"Shocking" Shortcut to Sixpack abs discovered by Chinese "scientists" - photoshop!


We can overlook the photoshopped airbrushed abs but when you are selling a $97 eBook based upon an ad that promises a shocking shortcut based upon a revolutionary discovery by Chinese scientists, that’t just deceptive advertising in my view.

Losing weight is straightforward and its no mystery, you need to eat less and exercise more – here is how to lose weight and get sixpack abs.  One of his many “shocking discoveries” is interval training.  As I discuss in my recent article  “Interval training, fastest way to sixpack abs?”, although interval training is great for athletes, its not good for weight loss because of the high injury potential with overweight people.

Just as he claimed back when his account was suspended for decpetive advertising the last time, I’m sure he will claim that it was all because of a “mistake by YouTube”.  Its really odd how so many ‘YouTube mistakes’ happen to him.  I have been doing videos on YouTube twice as long as he has and I have never been ‘accidentally’ suspended nor have I ever had any video taken down for “spam, scam, and commercially deceptive content”.  Its happened to him three times in the last year.  Is it the fact that people are against him as he claims?  Poor Mike? Do a quick search on to compare the “hate mail” I get there as compared to sixpackshortcuts and you will find that I get FAR more.  If it were simply enemies that were causing sixpackshortcuts videos to be removed and channel to be suspended then I should have had it happen far more often than he but this is not the case.  So why IS his channel having so many problems on YouTube?  Well all good engineers know that the simplest explanation is the right one 99% of the time.  Whats the simplest explanation?  He is producing deceptive content which is in violation of YouTube rules!   I’m sure that because of sixpackshortcuts incredible adversing budget with Google/YouTube that he will be able to get this video reinstated, its just a matter of time.  Buyer beware!

Sixpackshortcuts gets a lot of mileage out of his “before and after” success story. In the below video I had a little fun at his expense:

Whose “before and after’ photos are more ridiculous, his or mine? Tough call!

I’m not the only one who seems to think that sixpackshortcuts “before and after” is ridiculous, check out this video with 8 million views from YouTube user Furiouspete123 which shows how easy it is to make your own “before and after” like this in just 5 hours with some bad posture and bad eating:

June 17, 2012 Update
As predicted, this video went back online. Sixpackshortcuts seems pretty mum about this, havent seen any post or explanation about why the video was removed by YouTube nor why it was reinstated – yet another “YouTube mistake” I am sure :)

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  1. people just don’t get it.To get six pack abs you have to eat less , eat wright , eat healthy and exercise but the first real things u need to have is will power and patience cause it takes a lot of effort and it takes time to achieve so be thankful there are people like scooby to teach and share some of his wisdom and experience in helping others , keep up the good work scooby

  2. Very true! I believe that smattering is worse than ignorance. Perhaps nutrition and proper workout should be part of a completed educational system so that people can at least have the luxury of choise of doing the right thing or otherwise. Scooby you’re the man!

    1. In my dreams nutrition would be taught in school!  Kids wouldnt be able to graduate high school without knowing how to read a nutritional label. 

  3. Evilchickenzombie

    “yet another ‘YouTube mistake’ I am sure”

    Doubt that very much, even though you were being sarcastic. What can Google say? Apparently, money fixes all problems…apparently.

  4. It seems to me that YouTube can be bought, the account and links are alive.

    However pesonally I must thank this guy, because he is the reason I ended here.
    There is no way that at myage and physical condition I can do what he and alike (sixpacksu….) want me to do, probably for at least few months from now.

    So here I am, reading and watching your videos, learning, and do as I told.
    Well I must confess, almost do as I told, I am “going on diet”
    Now don’t jump, I am just extending you “eat less” advise with the goal of losing 2 pounds a week or more. (Imust be lean by christmas :) )

    I still do cardio 6 times a week (40 minutes to an hour), I still eat 6 balanced (as much as I can) meals a day, do my beginer workouts, and sleep :)

    This is a realy great site.

    Thanks a lot,


    P.S. I already made my “before” pictures :) we’ll se how it comes out.

  5. I’ve only very recently found your site (by accident) and i have found it really refreshing. I particularly like the nutrition section with advice about easy/cheap meals that are quick to make. Keep up the good work. 

  6. Just posted a comment here, but doesn’t seem to have stuck…
    Is this sixpackshortcuts the admin of the site  ?
    The ads are on many fitness/nutrition sites with the main pic being that asian guy’s before/after pics…I feel like I see that same before/after for several different fitness programs all over the place..

    1. Yes that is his business also.  I’m not sure if its the same thing with a different name or if its a different product he has come up with.  The website looks the same and the wild promises are the same.

  7. LOL!  Incredible “co-incidence”.  I just noticed that I was banned from the bodybuildingDOTcom forums the day or two after this post!  Steroidjunkies posts badgering me on bodybuildingDOTcom seem to correspond with me poking fun at sixpackshortcuts too. Wow, so many co-incidences!  

  8. Ah

    I’ve never seen such a big mesh of sexist juiceheads who have no clue how to bodybuild properly and Scooby haters.

    To be fair, the staff seems decent enough. It’s the community of that place that makes me want to stay away.

    The guys running that site desperately need to pull out the banhammer more often

  9. Anybody want to take bets?  My guess is that the anti-Scooby posts on bodybuilding(.)com from that very vocal minority there (steroidjunkie et al) skyrocket after this post.  Coincidence?  

  10. I agree, but the funny thing is, Mike Chang shows basically 90% of his workouts on his channel which are not bad workouts. They are mostly interval training which are good in a lot of cases. Anyone who pays 100$ for that extra 10% of the workout is just dumb and would end up spending that money anyways. If you want to get in better shape, get out of the chair and move your limbs!

    1. Thats the whole problem.  He sells his shocking shortcut program (discovered by scientists in China!) as being appropriate for newbies who need to lose fat to get abs but for them, interval training is simply a shortcut to an injury!   As I say in my blog post on interval training, it is excellent for trained athletes but its not appropriate for newbies and its value in fat reduction is limited to pro bodybuilders who are professional athletes.  Consistency is more important than intensity when it comes to fat loss.  Doing interval training for 3 days, then sitting on the sofa for 3 months with a pulled hamstring will not get you washboard abs!  

  11. Scoobie, I am Jamaican. Now I don’t have much money so I really appreciate your videos and advice. Your a true ‘guru’ lol. I would like to play football/soccer professionally one day so I need to be in max shape and fitness to compete. I will keep you informed as your my inspiration.

  12. I actualy like Scooby training video and some of the chinese guys training for biceps and shoulders, my brother gave me this link,I never knew he is selling something i have never bough anything online like that mostly once I bought a game subscription for a month to play…but yeah some dumb idiots do get fooled why the heck should you pay 97 usd unless you are a rich fat kid who has so much money and do not know what to do with it, I think the world is all about this type of business i mean a tiger will not tell a dumb sheep Hi I wana eat you please come to me let me Eat you Im honest..he hunts dumb sheeps…So Thanks scooby for your effort to save the ones that need saving.

  13. This is a quote taken directly from the sixpackshortcuts website small print, right at the bottom of the page, the last line is particularly interesting:

    “Mike offers a 100% money-back guarantee — you can return the program for any reason if you are not satisfied with the results. However, Mike cannot guarantee your results with Six Pack Shortcuts. It is possible that you will not lose fat, gain muscle, or get ab definition with this program. It is also possible that you will gain fat, lose muscle, and lose ab definition.”

    So sixpackshortcuts could actually decrease your health…nice one guys. 

  14. People should quit looking for the next ‘quick fix’, fitness and well-being is a life long process and should be enjoyed not endured!

    Honestly, that before and after pic chang does is a joke. I’ve seem him in some videos actually looking quite high B/F, not much change from the before picture. Anybody can look a little bit better with a 20 min workout a day and cleaning up the diet.

    And as for p90x? that’s another money-making outfit. Really, I have absolutely no problem with people making a bit of money doing what they love, but phoney marketing, hype and false promises we can all do without.

    Props to Scooby for keeping it real and just being a legend in general!

    1. Thanks Tom! Although Id rather see people use my free website than P90X, P90X is a program that people really get excited about and anything that gets people excited about working out is good in my eyes. P90X doesnt advertise any wild claims either as I mention in my review of their program. The key difference is that sixpackshortcuts uses exagerated expectations and deception to make sales – “shocking shortcuts” and “revolutionary discoveries” by ” Chinese scientists”. Look at the ads for P90X, they are free of ridiculous claims like that.

  15. Scooby, rather than continually “bashing” sixpackshortcuts, and condemning him and his advice, surely the best thing to do is rather than waste your time with posts like this, is to simply strive to make your free product far better than his.

    Posting here about how bad sixpackshortcuts is (although I cannot fault that fact) is preaching to the converted, and is tiresome – I don’t care about him, I care about YOUR views on fitness and bodybuilding. Otherwise you’re just wasting your time. 

    I don’t know whether I can post links, but an excellent article from Bret Contreras addressing marketing and fitness: 

    1. Scooby doesn’t continually bash other fitness channels. I saw a video yesterday where he actually critiqued p90x very fairly, giving pros and cons.

    2. Actually, my whole family is new to Scooby’s site, and we DON’T know the difference since we’re beginners. I have two teen sons, my husband is newly diagnosed diabetic, and I have health issues at 54; we are all determined to get healthy (& back in great shape for my husband & I). We are not “the converted”. We need good guidance, and it’s very hard for us to tell what’s legit and what’s bogus. Having read about p90x (pros AND cons) and now this Asian man, I feel lucky to have stumbled onto this site to help train my homeschooled teens at home as we workout along side of them. We don’t have money for a gym membership or private trainer. How grateful we are for Scooby’s generous free videos AND his helpful advice on what not to do, too!

      1. Thanks, I try my best to help people differentiate between the good and the worthless. There are lots of ‘right’ ways to get into shape and no one way os right for everyone. Crossfit works for some, P90X works for some, My programs work for many, powerlifting work for otherss. Programs that offer quick results are just plain mean because not only do they bilk the unsuspecting of money but worse yet, they leave them feeling a failure when what they were trying to accomplish was really impossible.

    3. ‘Continually”? LOL! If you don’t include “insta-abs”, my last post of any kind about him was about a year ago. I DO just do the vids I feel are important without looking sideways or backwards to see what others are doing. If you check the video titles and of sixpackshortcuts you will see that he has blatantly copied my videos and often the thumbnails as well, it is he who is watching and emulating me, not the other way around.

    4. I have the self-appointed job of fitness watchdog, if I dont try to keep sixpackshortcuts honest then who will? Do a google search and see if anyone else reported this, when I did I was the only one. When a prospective customer of sixpackshortcuts does a google search to find out about the program they should be able to find the information that YouTube has removed his videos for “scam and commercially deceptive content”. Do you prefer this information be hidden from potential customers of his? Why? Seems pretty relevant to me.

  16. YouTube makes me feel like a Roman emperor inasmuch as I can decide to give someone either a thumbs-up or thumbs-down.

    Unfortunately, despite the many thumbs-downs I’ve given SixPackShortCuts, the channel just won’t die! To discomfit these mountebanks, we must concert our efforts!

    Aut Scooby aut nihil!

  17. Yoko Joséphine Matsui

    “although interval training is great for athletes, its not good for weight loss because of the high injury potential with overweight people.”  Interval training or HIIT is great, FOR ATHLETES!  Very well said!

  18. One of the key things that SPS does to increase the fat look of the before picture is he stretches the before photo so as to make it look like they are fatter. The face in that picture (and his other “success” stories) are distorted and different shapes from the after photo.

  19. really great article scooby, i been reading your other articles and just make me realize how the life really is…, i train in my own home, because i cant go to the gym, but i promisse i will put all of me to have muscle not matter how “hard” i have to work, obviously i look my nutrition too, everytime.

    greetings from venezuela.  you have many fans here too.

    sorry for my english, i try to write the best i
    i hope you understand, because i actually speak spanish..

    by the way: furiouspete.. one of my inspirirations :)

  20. Scooby I am glad that you have noted this guy’s faults again. Hopefully if enough people band together we can stop scammers like him.

    On another note, I was reading your Copyright notice and immediately thought of my blog. I want to spread the knowledge of fitness to even more people, but I obviously don’t want to overstep any boundaries. Many of the concepts I am blogging about were topics I learned on YOUR site, and I now feel obligated to share what I have learned with others. Can you tell me what you think? Am I overstepping my boundaries?

    P.S. any advice would be welcomed with open arms!

    1. My Fitness Hall of Shame is The thing that makes me sleep the best at night. These folks dont get shut down but at least I can expose them for what they are.

  21. I once read this web forum full of ‘Six Pack Shorcuts Lovers’ and all I can say is that I thank god I found your website. I know you’re not perfect and maybe you’re wrong in some data about nutrition; but who cares? You’re not a doctor nor a nutritionist, yet you bring your best opinion as an experimented bodybuilder FOR FREE and encouraging people to do this AT HOME and avoiding any expensive way like a gym or a personal trainer.

    Thanks to you I don’t pay a gym, don’t have to buy expensive gym benches or bullshit, I don’t have to pay for a suscription to a trainer or whatsoever.

    Fortunately and thanks for your tips and reccomendations, I can wake up early, do my cardio, do my workout and be ready to do whatever I want with my free time and because of that I can feel each day stronger and ready to do better in whatever I do.

    Mike Chang’s routines and advices ‘may be’ truth, but being honest he only cares for money, while you   do this solely for love of bodybuilding so thanks man.

  22. Oh the humanities , you mean I won’t be able to get sixpackshortcuts    SIGH
    Somehow I’ll manage     LOL

    Scooby you’re best !
    The cream always floats to the top :-)

    BTW How were your results with the colonoscopy ?

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Oh, no you can still get all his other videos and I have no doubt that this particular video will be back online soon when YouTube sees “their mistake”.  Their ‘mistake’ was in pissing off one of their biggest customers, sixpackshortcuts seems to have more paid ads on YouTube than anyone else. 

      1. I think YouTube is great for almost anything you want to learn to do from finishing drywall to changing your oil it is full of great videos and information. When it comes to muscle building and fitness there is alot of bad information.

  23. True the word shortcut is never good. What is your opinion oh hodge twins. Besides being vulgar they seem a little misinformed. I like that I can watch your videos when my kids are around and I don’t have to worry about any foul language it means alot. Keep up the good work. On a sidenote I would like to know how you stay so motivated about working out as I seem to be struggling. At first all it took was som new definition in my arms or a new vein I couldn’t see before to keep me going. But lately I am not seeing much progress and losing steam. Sorry to get so far off subject.

    1. Never seen one of their videos so I cant comment, vulgar might just be their schtick, doesnt necessarily mean their advice isnt good.  Motivation?  I have a section covering that on my website, sorry cant post a link here.

  24. So true Scooby – fortunately people like us can see through their conning, but people who are new to fitness and bodybuilding could easily fall for their rubbish.

    1. Scooby_Werkstatt

      Many people tell me that its the victims own fault for being naive and spending $97 on a ‘shortcut’.  I dont see it that way.  I personally feel its mean and immoral to take advantage of people, maybe its the way I was brought up.  

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