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What does Scooby think of leemhayward, ScottHermanFitness, Mark Rippetoe, Luimarco, BrandonCarterTV, StandFirm, vicsnatural, VinceDelMonte, charliejames1975, sixpackshortcuts, the HodgeTwins, Crossfit, P90X, and Ian MacCarthy?

Who cares!

If you like them and they are giving you the results you want then I think they are AWESOME! Not every program is right for every person, find the program that works for you!!! If your program gets you jazzed about working out every day then that is the best program for you, as I always say:

In the fitness class of life, 90% of the your grade is based upon attendance!

If you are working out every day and having fun doing it then you are going to have great results over the long haul!  Having said that, the above group of trainers can be grouped as follows:

  1. Those on YouTube who are trying to the best of their ability to pass on good information, all with their own unique twist.  Fortunately, many of the above trainers fall in this category.
  2. Those who will promise anything just to make a buck, these folks appear in my Fitness Hall of Shame
  3. Acknowledged pro coaches
  4. Those who just criticize everyone else in order to get their 15 min of fame.  These folks don’t offer any workout or nutrition programs of their own so they are really not trainers and often don’t seem to workout themselves.

I will leave it as an exercise to the reader to decide which trainers belong in which categories but it should be pretty obvious.

Now as far as who you should listen to?  If your goals are just cosmetic then here is some great advice:   Choose the personal trainer who has the body you want!  If they can’t achieve it, how do you expect they will be able to help you achieve it?  Have the  they been able to help others achieve great physiques? If not, its a warning sign.  Now what if your goals are sports performance related or health related?  Choose somebody who focuses on that.  For sports performance like football prep for High School, Crossfit would be my first choice.   If brute raw strength is your only goal then Mark Rippetoe strength training program is the way to go.  P90X has a snazzy program that has transformed many a newbies physique in short order.  I will let everyone else describe their own niche but I will describe mine. I focus on natural bodybuilding and good nutrition as a tool to improve appearance, health and sports performance.  I encourage people to do real cross training: weights for strength and then outdoor sports for enjoyment as well as cross training.  I practice what I preach. I have lifted 5x/week for 30 years.  For cardio and cross training I do swimming, running, cycling and beach volleyball.  I compete actively in triathlons and endurance cycling events, my next event this summer is a half Ironman.   Since the swimming, biking and running are very linear and steady state, the beach volleyball adds a very important element of high acceleration, jumping, side to side motions.  OK, and the beach volleyball is really FUN!  Its all about FUN!  Cardio should not be boring, if it is you are doing something really wrong in my humble opinion.

OK, now the exceptions to the “choose a trainer with the physique you want” advice.  With many pro level sports, the coaches are very specialized and may not excel in the sport themselves.  A perfect example is trainers for IFBB bodybuilding pros.  These guys are as much pharmacists and chemists as trainers. If you want to be an IFBB pro then don’t waste your time listening to me!  If you want to win weightlifting events in the olympics, don’t listen to me, listen to Mark Rippetoe!  However, if you want a healthy, natural physique thats as much for go as it is for show then I humbly suggest giving my website a try.

Alles Klar?

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  1. Hello Scooby,
    I have been following your videos for quite sometime. THANK YOU.. Your natural body building and nutrition plans are amazing. For about 4 months I have been getting into bodybuilding. I went from 208 lbs to 188. 28 % body to 22% Body Fat .


  2. Since this is what Scooby thinks, i have a question, what does Scooby think of this website http://www.zyzz.com.au/ and should people be inspired by Zyzz, minus the reported steroid abuse? I don’t know weather his story should be inspirational or completely ignored. 

  3. Hi scooby I already read your plateau busting artice but I’d like to know more about it 
    what are some good OTHER exercises for plateau busting? By the way I am a beginner bodybuilder :)

  4. Scooby,

     Thank you for
    taking the time to create such an informative website. I found that all your
    videos/info has given me a great understanding on nutrition and exercising
    properly. In my opinion you have solved all the mysteries of natural
    bodybuilding. I used to rely on supplements to get fit, spending over $100 each
    month on creatine, multi-vitamins, etc.  In fact, I have felt better working out w/o supplements because
    having all those pills in my stomach made me feel sluggish until an hour later when
    they kicked in. I also noticed that if I skipped taking supplements then my
    body would feel weaker, now I have natural energy and just feel like my body is
    running cleaner.


    Your S61XL program has broken my plateau and I am so excited
    with the results. I am experiencing DOMS like when I first started working out.
    The S61XL program is the answer I have been looking for, it’s awesome because I
    am getting bigger w/o supplements. This website is gold to me and has made
    bodybuilding fun too. I love your sense of humor; it is nice to have a couple
    laughs while educating myself. All your methods work for me and I would
    recommend anyone that cares about improving their body to go to your workshop.


    Scooby is America’s Bodybuilding Hero!  

  5. Incredible article scooby, you’re right, every result depend of us and if that’s works thats good, i understand what you mean when you’re talking about those guys like sixpackshortcuts,Crossfit,ps90x in my humble opinion, what they only want is  “one thing” and the most important for them.. just.. “money” lets get serious.. they dont care, what the people can do with the workout program or what they do whit them selves.. nothing of that.. lets take a look inside a ps90x they promess you the best body that you can make in just “60 days” are you kidding me? ok thats good.. but they give so hard “training” not matter what if you’re beginner  or advanced.. they just give you and that’s it.

    dont take me bad, i mean the hard train is good, but not the “pain” what they trying to give you,  training 7 days a week, whitout any rest, every singles day working so hard and  when your muscle recover of that intense workout? i dont know “how” a normal people, can live with that all the days.

    another thing they give you just the “dvds” and thats another thing that i thinks its no good, why? because dont show you how to train without that, so when you are in vacations or out of your home. how can you train? XD you dont going  have the dvd in every single place jaj

    there’s a lot of mistake.. nutrition *one of those* and how to maintain your goal the most important.

    you’re the best scooby your blog,videos and articles are amazing.

    i’m learing a lot  of  things of you, good training, good nutrition even english lol

    have a good day! and sorry for my english :p i try to do my best.

    god bless you.

    1. Thanks warriorsmith!  P90X may not be optimal but it works for a lot of people.  The fact that its “push play and follow along” really appeals to a lot of people. 

  6. Makes sense. Just as a matter of nitty clarification, Mark Rippetoe is not olympic weightlifting coach, so don’t listen to him if you want to win in the olympics.. yet if you’re going to the olympics, you don’t need to be told that. :p

    1. I understand that but of all the trainers listed above, he would be the most appropriate for someone with olympic aspirations. Can you see me as an olympic trainer? I would use pillow-screams and egg yolks as punishment :)

  7. Hey Scooby, I found out about your website some time ago and I must say I really like it so far. (Came here from the 4chan board /fit/) I really like your approach to mixing both strength training and cardio as I love them both. Also, I love it that you go natural, I don’t want to be taking steriods all the time to achieve a good body.

    Well, anyways. Right now I’m doing Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength program and I’m in on week 3 while cutting. But the thing is, I really really miss cardio, that was basically everything I did before and I really really like your approach to excersice and nutrition. The thing is, I don’t just want to quit in the middle of doing SS to do your program but I’m wondering if I should do just that. Obviously I’ll get stronger and in better shape when doing SS, but will it go away when I start doing your program? Will I lose all my gains as I don’t keep doing the excersices that gave me those gains?

    Also, one more thing. I don’t really feel like giving up on drinking alcohol. I don’t drink very much, but often on weekends, if I can, I do want to get wasted with my friends. So I wonder, could I take my “cheat meal” as drinking alcohol? Those extra unnecessary calories that I’ll get from drinking alcohol, will it be too much than just one cheat meal?

    Yours sincerely Timothy from Sweden.

    1. Losing gains is harder to do than you think! :)  About the booze, its one thing to have a few drinks for a cheat meal but its another entirely to go out and get hangover-drunk.  That will adversely affect your ability to add muscle and will kill your ability to lose fat. 

    2. If you are doing SS FOLLOW IT. There is no such thing as cutting and doing SS at the same time. It won’t work long. Don’t kill your gains getting sidetracked by 1000 things.
      You will have plenty of time to get back to conditioning etc. after SS. It only lasts a few months. When you don’t stick to the program it will not even last 1 month though.
      If you are afraid of cardio regression just 1-2 quick maintenance runs per week.

  8. Scooby, I am trying to do cardio every day, but it seems like my knees are just getting worse slowly but surely. Good running form or not, I think I’m just getting closer and closer to runners knee. Even walking is making them flare up. The only access to water that I have is open water, which I find to be a huge pain in the ass to swim in since I cant see anything 90 percent of the time. What in the world should I do? I want to loose weight so cardio will be less forceful on my knees, but it just doesn’t seem possible without sacrificing my knees :( SO DISCOURAGING

  9. Hello Scooby!
    Greetings from politically unstable Greece and sunny Athens, where the main sort of cardio we can do with that kind of hot weather right now is swimming in the sea!
    First of all i want to say that i am a big fan of your dedication, motivation, and discipline in forming your daily exercise routine for so many years and your commitment to share with us your genuine advice and knowledge about something you are clearly passionate about!

    Myself, i used to play basketball, do chin-ups , swim in the sea and run when i was young but the last 5-6 years i have got pretty lazy due to working hours and lack of time and mood.
    Thanks to a friend from work i was introduced to strength training and your website two months ago and i got hooked in it! In the past i have tried going to the gym a couple of times but i always quit because i got bored. Currently i like it and i will keep on going with it ( you see i use your advice and make goals public:) )

    I also like your approach in using the muscles as a key for a healthy lifestyle and for becoming better in various sports activities like biking or running or hiking. I like your advice that we should always research too. Therefore, i would like to present you three interesting articles. I would like your opinion about them. The main things that these articles focus are the following:

    1) Full Body Training is better than Split Routines.

    Research has shown that following a resistance training session,
    skeletal muscle protein synthesis can be elevated for up to 48 hours. However, these researchers studied untrained subjects.
    MacDougall et al. (1995), on the other hand, found that in resistance
    trained subjects, protein synthesis had returned to baseline at 36
    hours post-exercise

    With Split Routines, even though
    you’re training daily, each muscle group is targeted only once a week.
    So, in essence, those muscles grow for just 2 days out of every 7. With
    total-body workouts, though, you work each muscle more often. When you
    train a muscle three times a week, it spends more total time growing.

    A study at the University of Alabama supports this notion. The
    researchers had one group of men train each muscle group once a week
    for 3 months; another group performed the same number of total sets
    weekly but split them equally among three total-body workouts. The
    result? The men who worked each muscle more frequently gained 9 pounds
    of muscle — 5 more than those who trained each muscle only once a

    The source was an article called “Inside the Muscle Laboratories”.

    2) Protein Supplements are not necessary for building muscles, but they won’t harm you either.

    Research has shown that taken excessive doses of protein ( > 2g/pound ) won’t harm the kidneys of a healthy adult. However protein intake above 0.7g/pound won’t help in building extra muscle either.

    The source is a research paper called:
    “Protein requirements and muscle mass/strength changes during intensive training in novice bodybuilders”

    3) Training with less weight can build same muscle as training with heavier weights!

    The key was that both groups that was studies were trained to the point of fatigue. Clearly the group that trained with lighter weight used much higher reps ( as high as 25 ).

    The source is a research article called:
    “Resistance exercise load does not determine training-mediated hypertrophic gains in young men”

    Thank you for your attention

    1. Yasas Nikos..

      Your first query… the fact the research was on untrained individuals speaks volumes. A full body workout is ideal for a “healthy” beginner and would accelerate his gains more so than a beginner who was doing split routines. Those who are doing splits with heavy weights could be at risk of injuries and of course will be a little slower process! That’s why many people advertise to beginners a full body three day a week exercise program. Scooby’s beginner program is a little different, cautious and rightly so in my opinion, his exercises are aimed at the core working numerous muscles and concentrating on cardio as well. Scooby’s intermediate is basically a full body workout.

      For me, a full body workout is ideal for someone who is a beginner/intermediate or some one of old age who wants to do it as maintenance, in fact I would say it would be suitable for anyone who wants to “stay” fit and healthy. People who have never lifted weights before or heavy objects should really look at building their stabilising muscles, core and tendons first. It will improve your technique and advance your progress when doing the full body workout. Scooby gives excellent advice about whether some one is a beginner, intermediate and advance. He gives examples and implemented some useful benchmarks. Some make the mistake and think that they are not beginners because they have done weights on and off over the years. I believe this is where some people go wrong and is one of the reasons why they get slow progress and create avoidable injuries.

      For those who are advanced “again my opinion” who want to reach their potential safely, then splits is the right way to go. I have tried to combine two split days into one, because I had missed a session. It was a big mistake, ¾ of the way through I had to stop, I felt sick, I was tired and I was way over my time which is very important. Too much training can lead to the opposite effect. No way could I safely fit all my 5 weekly muscle sessions into one session without having a big problem, if miraculously I never had any problems then time would be an issue or I would have to neglect some muscles because of time. At the end of the day it all depends on what you want to do and how you want to look.

      Regarding query 3… I agree, however mixing it up is even better and you will get better results no doubt about it. Again it’s all about what you want from the process.

      I hope I helped in some way, good luck with what ever you do and I hope all goes well for your beautiful country.

      1. Oh yes maybe that was the reason, because i sent references to three research links. I will try to describe the sources without sending the actual link i n my next comment :)

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