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Its been a really embarrassing month for First a $7,000,000 by the FDA for laced supplements and now they are smack in the middle of the Gaspari’s Myofusion protein powder debacle.

In June 2012, someone on reddit discovers that Gaspari’s Myofusion only has about half the protein that the label states and publishes their test results. is probably the nations leading seller of this protein powder and pushes it all the time on their website. The Gaspari team’s response left even people on the forums incredulous. Gaspari chose the disgraced testing lab Covance and promised additional testing later which never materialized. For those not familiar with Covance, it has a very tainted history. In the 1990s, Covance performed studies paid for by the tobacco industry which ‘proved’ that even extreme exposure to secondhand smoke was safe for humans. Doesn’t give you warm fuzzies about the integrity of their work.  You can look at the Covance test results yourself on Gaspari’s website.

One big thing that people on the forums were upset about (in addition to their findings that second hand smoke isn’t dangerous) was that they are not an ISO accredited laboratory as it says at the bottom of the test results.  What bothers ME is that these test results have a glaring hole in them. What about the testing for toxic impurities? Consumer Reports Magazine, the most respected product testing group in America listed their #1 concern with protein powders to be the toxic materials lead, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic.

Consumer Reports Magazine

September 2010: supplement quality problems
July 2010: heavy metals in protein powders

“Because of inadequate quality control and inspection, supplements contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides or prescription drugs have been sold to unsuspecting consumers” – Consumer Reports

“China, which has repeatedly been caught exporting contaminated products, is a major supplier of raw supplement ingredients” – Consumer Reports

Why on earth did Gaspari do only partial tests in response to the reddit accusations? Didn’t they realize that their companies reputation was on the line and that they needed to convince consumers beyond a shadow of a doubt that their product was safe and effective?  With all the labs out there, why did they choose the reputation-tainted Covance laboratories and why did they leave out the toxics tests? Do they know something that we don’t? What are they trying to hide?

So have consumers only been getting half the product they have ordered? People are going to be very rightly very upset if this is the case as protein powder is expensive and many people have to work hard for their supplement dollars.  What I’m much more worried about is why the toxic tests were omitted.  Is this product tainted with lead, mercury, and arsenic? Why hasn’t taken the leadership role in this issue in assuring consumers that the disputed product is safe and effective? Why does push this product so hard?

The management team at seems to have learned nothing from their experience with laced supplements which happened back in 2009. Their recent $7,000,000 fine was because was selling supplements containing steroids. No they didn’t make them but they were selling them and as the FDA made clear to them that all those who distribute supplements will be held responsible for their contents and they needed to take steps to insure this didn’t happen again. Well any intelligent person would have seen the writing on the wall and said, “Hey, we are going to be held liable for stuff we sell so perhaps we should test all our products so we don’t get our butts sued”. Well its been over 3 years and management seems to be a sleep at the helm.

The silly thing is that could have easily prevented this protein powder kerfuffle had they learned from their 2006-2009 FDA trouble selling laced supplements. All had to do was start testing each of the products they sell once a year and publishing the results, not only would this weed out the few bad supplements but it would eliminate the call for strict FDA regulation and also squash internet reports like this reddit protein powder report. With all the test results on available on the internet, all would have had to do is post a link to their Gaspari Myofusion test results from an accredited ISO lab and the issue would have been closed. It would cost too much? Not at all! Yes sells lots of products but they make hundreds of millions of dollars. Testing each product just once a year would only add pennies per bottle to the supplement price. The $7,000,000 that was fined for distributing laced supplements could have provided years of testing and a lot more consumer confidence.

Perhaps it will take a second scandal at to get them to do the right thing and start testing all the products they sell and post the results online. Maybe this Gaspari protein powder issue will convince them. With their recent $7,000,000 fine by the FDA, the writing is on the wall – large distributers like are responsible for the products they sell. If they don’t start acting responsibly they will be fined and sued out of existence or regulated into oblivion.

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  1. this really makes me upset as i just got 2 – 5lbs tubs of pro-biotic after hearing that it was made in a high quality lab on another fitness youtube channel, I’ve also been using super pump for a long long time. If i kick the bucket in 3 years at 25 i guess we’ll find out!

  2. And people trust a random reddit user testing random samples sent in by random other reddit users? Wow.

    Anyway, I surely do not expect people agreeing with me here since this is a page for trashing the companies and the products in question. So whatever…

  3. i do not trust any supplement companies. they are only supplementing their income. how do dudes in prison get so big when they don’t take supplements? just eat good food and lift hard.

  4. I posted some news articles on’s forums about the recent $7 million fine, and it was deleted! So were my comments about it on another post there (nothing offensive).

    I noticed that other threads about the issue have been disappearing. are censoring what they have done. Such bastards! I didn’t know about them before, but I know now to completely disregard their whole site, as I do not trust it one bit.

    1. Censorship, what an excellent way for the management at bodybuidlingDOTcom to deal with this issue!  Bury your head in the sand and your problems magically goes away!  The bean counters managers there need to wake up to the fact that they either need to effectively self-regulate and provide safe supplements or they will be squashed with fines, lawsuits, and government oversight. 

    1. Good question and I’m not sure the answer.  Are protein bars considered food or supplement?  If the are considered food then they are covered by the FDA and would at least have the same safety as other food in the grocery store. If they are considered supplement, then its the wild, wild west. 

    1. Unfortunately without lab test results, you have no way of knowing.  Having said that, as far as untested supplements go I would trust ON more than the others.  Reason?  They dont make ridiculous claims.  They keep their protein simple and dont add a whole kitchen’s worth of other ingredients.  

    1. Who knows whats in it, without lab test results it could be anything – banned or legal.  My guess is some stimulant, the legal ones that comes to mind is caffeine but there are many other options. 

  5. I take body fortress whey protein, how the hell am I suppose to know if it is toxic? No point in having muscle if I am not going to live to use it…. guess I will just buy chicken instead…

    I actually posted on the forum a while ago that I would get sick to my stomach after consuming the whey protein I bought this one month… wonder if it had something in it… this is making me very paranoid…

  6. I use protein powder from costco(not muscle milk), its very cheap, 6 pounds for 40 bucks. Is this bad? Are you saying most supps are poison? Or am i safe with the costco brand? It is cytosport i believe

  7. I’ve been a big time supplement user. I have a friend that is a nurse always telling me to stop using the stuff just to eat good meals and work hard. I feel really bad I didn’t start listening to her till April this year. I was on a stack of supplements in March. That stack included MyoFusion… =(

    I’m glad that I found Scooby on youtube, you’re a great inspiration and a no bull guy. I wished I had seen your stuff earlier then I did. I wished I would have listened to my friend earlier then before. I can’t believe how much money I have actually wasted and not had very much success, especially from when I started two years ago. All from bad nutrition, and bad help. 

  8. Small Question – Supplements aside, are the recipes on any useful? They ask us to use frozen and fresh vegetables and eggs… are these recipes any good? I’m not a fan of supplements and do not plan to take them

  9. Good read here Scooby.  

    I will say, I have used the new Myofusion before, and it is junk!  That was my opinion before reading this article.  I am always weary of protein powders now ever since I read findings on Dr. Mercola’s website showing how Cytosport’s Muscle Milk and EAS Myoplex had arscenic in them.  I was using Jay Robb’s protein, but it is expensive.

        1. Danielo…I don’t know your location, but I understand.  A great thing to do is Farmer’s Markets.  Here in Sacramento, they’re all over, almost everyday except mondays.  I can walk outta there like this last weekend…5 sacks of food, for $39…including zucchini, white nectarines, broccoli, 18 rack of free range organic eggs, apples, half rack strawberries, etc….Cut out the middleman and wholepaycheck(wholefoods).  haha

  10. “China, which has repeatedly been caught exporting contaminated products, is a major supplier of raw supplement ingredients” – Consumer Reports
    Many vitamins sold in this country have raw ingredients now being supplied by Chinese manufacturers. You can only wonder what kind of crap is in there.

  11. Seems like such a bad idea to talk about smoke and protein at the same time. Toxic impurities in protein powders ? could be, even smells like a conspiracy. They are probably also laced with something to addict you. Hear about protein powder killing and hospitalizing people all the time !

  12. these recent events are all the more proof and reason to just eat natural whole foods and not mess with supps. or protein powders, i know not all are bad and there are some that you can benefit from but like my momma always said “better safe than sorry”. im gonna stick to my chicken and beans and brown rice for a while till these companies can get their act together and have more definitive tests and posted results!

      1. I’ve gone just about entirely on your advice for the past 2 1/2 years, Scoob. It’s done wonders and changed my entire body and health. To hear you speak about not using supplements is confusing to me… I remember a long time ago reading your creatine article, and how it cost you ‘x’ amount of dollars in med bills. But I also remember you posting a link to for Optimum Nutrition’s Gold Standard Whey protein (which I’ve used for years). So, you ‘do’ use supplements, or did I miss something?

        1. I think your problem is you are confusing supplements with complements.  A Suplement by definition is stuff you use instead of something else, as in sustitution.
          A training supplement is a substance that replaces your food for pills or powders that SUPPOSEDLY should contain the exact same stuff food does, only in more concentrated packages.  It could be vitamins, minerals, or the “holy grail” of body building: protein.  A quality supplement in theory shouldn’t be hazardous or dangerous to ingest, sine it supposedly it’s just your food in pellet form.

          Now, a complement is something you take that you CANT get naturally, either by your diet or lack of it.  This would be anything you take that adds to your diet, like vitamin pills or even hormones you can’t produce for one reason or another.

          There should be nothing magic about complements or supplements; in practice they should be just meal replacements but as you can see, it’s not that simple.

          Protein powder is not a magical substance, it’s just concentrated protein from a natural source and it was created so people can ingest controlled measures of the protein they need when in a hurry or unable to eat (like surgery patients) at any rate, excess protein just turns into body fat, so it’s not like you can ingest a Kg of the stuff and get big.

    1. What do I think of GNC supplements?  I dont know, give me the LAB TEST RESULTS of their products and I can give you an informed opinion – anything else is just a guess. 

  13. Good job I listened to Scooby years ago and never got into protein shakes. I drank one in 2009, banana flavour, and became a leading supplier of natural gas for a few hours. My girlfriend was unimpressed. 

    I was recently in a sports supplement shop in Toronto’s Eaton centre, just out of interest, I was amazed at how many products there are and what they claim to accomplish. As a biologist I see no benefit in using these products.I know that a healthy diet can supply everything you need in a form thats natural, and hands down natural is best.

    250,000 years of human evolution means that natural sources of protein and vitamins/minerals are THE BEST option for muscle gain and health. I know the UK Marines train all their soldiers without supplements and they produce super fit strong guys in 8 1/2 months. I believe the industry is based on false marketing and hype, i believe this because I have seen strength and fitness achieved very effectively without their use. Nice one Scooby!

  14. Scooby, this is somewhat off topic, but what are your thoughts on German creatine, more specifically, the Creapure creatine? Apparently there are alot of tests that show that this type of creatine is very pure when compared to other creatine brands. Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I would have to know the EU rules on supplement testing.  My guess is that its highly regulated and tested so its safe to take but as I say, I have done no research on what the EU rules are. EU is way more strict about food safety than America is (GMO etc) so I suspect they are way more concerned about supplements too. 

  15. How many of those protein powder recipients we find at Wal Mart or Costco are really free of toxins or chemical impurities? When I started this way of life I never trusted those damn “supplements” and now that I have much more info I trust them less. Of course there should be some products out there in the market that are efficient and safety above all, but in my opinion they are not worth the risk and those products are way too expensive. Is is that difficult for people to do some research and try to eat things naturally healthy and cheaper? You don’t even need to know how to cook, just put some heat in the food in most cases. are a bunch of liars and cheaters who make money on ignorant newbie people unfortunately, but they finally get what they deserve.

  16. Scooby, thank you very much for all the hard work you put into informing the general public about the world of bodybuilding. Its unbelievable how much bullshit and scams are out there. This article was the last straw for me. I use gaspari myofusion because I’ve heard tons of great reviews about it and its been recommended to me by a bunch of people, but I will admit I haven’t seen the results I want to see, and now I know why. From now on all my protein will be coming from whole natural food, not this processed over-priced garbage. It’ll be hard being a vegetarian and all, but with foods like beans and lentils hopefully I can make it work. Thanks again for all the great research you perform and share with us.

  17. Thanks Scooby, Your comments are very refreshing…for the life of me I don’t understand why people don’t eat their protein  (turkey, chicken breast, eggs, etc) instead of use all these simulated protein powders

    1. Cost and convenience.  Cooking takes time, and bodybuilding food is usually rather “untasty” because you eschew most condiments and stay away from salt; specially if you are a pro or train at a pro level.   Red meat is usually very expensive, and the the type of meat you have to ingest for training has to be very low in fat, from the best pieces in the cow, so it comes at a premium; same for chicken (only breasts) turkey and even ham (wich has a ton of sodium even if it’s low fat)

      Add the oils, fruits and other stuff, and your cheapest food is vegetables but then again, it goes bad really fast so you have to go buy fresh every other day, wich is not convenient.
      You can eat healthy on a budget but it’s not really very useful to get “results” that are dramatic.   I can’t afford to eat “good” to get a ton of muscle, and even then I spend around 200 dollars a month on food just for myself, providing healthy for a full house can be very expensive depending on the country and salary; so supplements are an option to replace food you can’t get every day.

  18. Thanks to Scooby I stopped to buy BodyBuilding supplements. I get the same results, no changes at all. I only use pure whey protein powder. Scooby, keep doing what you are doing, you save a lot of people like me and give us amazing body building advices.

    PS I love your sense of humor that is a great way to teach people :D

  19. I was reading a good article recently that cited many studies.  The crux was that protein needs are much lower than we’ve been led to think.  As such, I’m no longer going to even bother with protein powder.  I’d rather not put money into the pockets of such a greedy industry.

      1. Samuel Lamontagne

        OK, so protein powders are laced with poisons and real food is not that real anymore (I am thinking about supermarkets, here.) Why is it so hard to live a healthy life nowadays?

        1. Greed, and overpopulation, food has to be made cheap and fast; so you pump the little chickens full of steroids to make them grow faster so you can butcher them early; also food now has to be a certain way or people won’t buy it, it has to look healthy, smell healthy, and be tasty.   You ever seen a real apple or carrot? they don’t look like the pictures at all.

          1. “If it tastes good, spit it out!” – (quoted from some health and nutrition nut’s website. Good read ;)

  20. Excellent article! I’ve been trying to tell my friend to stop spending tons of money on supplements via Also, just before you cited the consumer reports info you used the wrong hole. I believe it is hole and not whole as you’ve typed. “What bothers ME is that these test results have a glaring whole in them.”

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