Scooby vs – David vs. Goliath

All I want is for people to have safe supplements available, is that too much to ask?

Why is the supplement industry lead by fighting me on this?  Why will the supplement industry not even do minimal testing on the products they sell?   I feel like David against Goliath here.  If the industry self regulated, it would be cheaper for everyone and probably allow more products to come to market faster.  By burying their heads in the sand on these supplement safety issues, the supplement industry will force the FDA to start regulating and then nobody wins.  Come on folks. has chosen censorship as their tool to handle this issue.  Anyone who posts a link to my supplement safety video on their forums gets banned and the post gets deleted.  I know that the forums at are just a sales tool to generate more supplement revenue but is deleting links to ideas for making supplements safe a good idea?  Doesnt make the problem go away, doesnt make their $7,000,000 fine go away either.

22 thoughts on “Scooby vs – David vs. Goliath”

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  2. Scooby,  Im getting back in shape and needed a quick routine, I went directly to to find a good workout, since Ive had it bookmarked for years…. Long story short, their website was so ridiculously full of advertisements I shut it down went hunting for another website. Not only that, but after clicking several layers down I still couldnt find what I was looking for….so I googled bicep and tricep workout and your site popped up! You gave me just what I needed….tips on proper form, key exercises, and also doing more pull ups being a good bicep workout., something I always over look ;) Keep up the great work! Oh, and regarding supplements, I dont take any, I juice fruit and wheat grass…..I also dont believe you need one gram of protein per pound of body weight…what is your take on that? 

  3. Scooby, I commend you on your steadfastness against and the supplement industry.  However, the supplement industry (or any industry) will not and cannot regulate itself.  Let us suppose that they are willing to invest the money, time and manpower necessary to test products for heavy metals and potentially harmful drugs.  Do you think they would consistently test and publish their findings without outside supervision?  Preposterous.

    Corporations place profit before the health of consumers and public interest.  I would very much prefer that the FDA regulate them.  Government organizations are at least in principle accountable to the public, whereas executives in corporations are only accountable to their shareholders.

    1. The government isn’t responsible for what we put in our body, WE are. We as consumers must demand these changes by the supplement companies, and if they refuse then we should stop buying their products and only support those that do meet our requirements. That’s how the industry changes. The industry will be even better regulated if this happens, because if sufficient demand exists, the supplement companies will serve to benefit greatly if their customers feel safe taking their products. Less lawsuits, increased revenue, they’ll go out of their way to make sure their products are absolutely safe and certified by independent testing companies. If consumers don’t demand this, it means they willingly take untested supplements. No one is forcing them. It’s THEIR risk, and not the government’s responsibility.

  4. Alessio Michael DeCrisantis

    well scoob, unfortunately, this kind of behavior has been around for a long, long time and it might be a pessamistic view (which i loathe to admit),but i feel it will always be around as long as there are large corporations around. For the past 50 years big corporations have been overlooked in there processes and hardly ever get the regulation that they deserve. As if this last fubar wasn’t enough of an incident, it’ll take a much grander screw up to get any sort of progress on this issue, and alot more people doing something about it..but honestly what can we do? I am just glad that there are whistle blowers like you out there to shed much needed light on occurrences like this (otherwise i would have never have heard about it.) and this would have been bad because there are so many of my friends that are being led to this “supplements are the way to go” lifestyle all because of the propaganda that spreads. thank you scooby for being there for me to stumble upon years ago, like you have said, there are know legit shortcuts and it has been a long journey but i am stronger and faster every year and havn’t touched anything but dairy whey. THANK YOU!!!

  5. justin van Oeveren

    I appreciate that you are willing to stand up to the man Scooby. It takes guts and in most cases back lash. I hope that you are able to continue to do what you do best. I want you to know that I have recently deactivated my account at because of the information that you have passed on. I would not have known otherwise. Thanks again.

  6. Seriously , Scooby ,you may be throwing  your pearls to the swine, don’t waist your efforts on trying to go after Goliath.
    You’re making a difference in the lives of people who value your message, like us and I think that’s what counts the most.

  7. Scooby, what you do for Bodybuilding and Physical Fitness, I wish more people would do for
    the rest of the world. If everyone knew the truths you teach, supplement companies would be out
    of business, and the fresh produce markets would be booming! You are a true champion of the people
    and I hope you never let them silence you.

    And if I remember correctly, David won his bout against the mighty Goliath ;)  Keep it up!

  8. It’s greed all the way with these companies.  I guess they’ve always shown contempt — happily using endorsements from chemically enhanced mutants, yet pretending they got their mutant results because they drank the latest supplement. 

    But putting the health of the customers at risk takes the greed to a whole new level.

    1. It is greed, pure and simple. They could do at least some minimal toxicity testing for 50 cents a bottle but our lives are not worth that to them because 50cents x 10 million bottles is 5 million dollars and that buys a lot of BMWs for the management team.

      1. That’s the problem with so many people in this world, Greed. You’re one in a million for helping people and not asking for a dime Scooby.

        With all you’ve done for me I seriously feel like I owe you money or something

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