Rotisserie Functional Core and Abs Workout

This isn’t a workout for making pretty 6-pack abs. The purpose of this workout is to workout the core muscles that can provide lower back stability to prevent injury in every day life as well as improve your sports performance. If you have a weak core, you need to strengthen it to help prevent lower back pain. This is also good preparation for exercises like squats and deadlifts because doing these with a weak core is just asking for injury.

There are two aspects to the core and they are equally important: strength and endurance. You need muscular endurance because that has been shown to help reduce lower back pain*.

So here’s the workout, you rotate around like a rotisserie making two complete revolutions during your workout:

If you can do any of the above exercises more than 45 seconds then use added weight so to make it more difficult.  If you think this workout is too easy for you then add a round of windshield wipers between rotations!  Its really important to do this workout to music you love as its not inherently an interesting or exciting workout and there can be a tendency to cut it short out of boredom – don’t do this!  Its very important that you work on your endurance make sure you have a good playlist before doing this workout.

So how often do you do this workout? Because we are working on endurance as well as strength, this workout should be done every day or every other day. This is in contrast to the bodybuilding type ab workouts which are only done once or twice a week where you are trying to make the ab muscles bigger.

Lets talk about two additional exercises you can add to build up those spinal extensors once the supermans are too easy. These two exercises help build your extensor strength to the point where you can safely do things like squats and deadlifts. Now you might ask, why don’t you just jump into squats and deadlifts to strengthen your spinal extensors. The answer is because its safer to start with a very gentle and controlled strengthening before you couple it with a complicated compound exercise – it gives you a larger margin for error without injury. My favorite exercises for strengthening the spinal extensors are the Scooby Dead Lift and barbell rows for lats. Only when you get strong at bent over rows and SLDL would I suggest that you move on to deadlifts and squats.



Biering-Sorensen F., “Physical Measurements As Risk Indicators for Low Back Trouble Over a One-Year Period,” Spine, Vol. 9, No. 2, 1984, pp. 106-119.

Strong Functional Core Workout For Sports Performance and Lower Back Injury Prevention

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  1. Hi scooby, I finished my Starting Strength, and now I’m switching to this workout. I can squat 193 pounds with 5 reps, and deadlift 231 pounds with 5 reps. Is it necessary for me do this abs workout?

  2. I am taking the ASVAB on Monday and have maybe 6 months to get in shape. I’m pretty broke, or I wouldn’t be trying to join the Navy, haha, and you seem trustworthy so I signed up. I have a good feeling!

  3. At 66 yrs, 5’7″ 182 I started your 4 days lw crb and 1 day hi crb…with new food scale, religiously… and even only after 5 days, it’s is amazing what this does to fire up and torch that jiggly stuff around midsection! Great Stuff, Scooby. I could shoot a before belly pic, but not until there’s noticeable diff ha. I’m determined to go good with this and there’s nothing like a good plan and this one’s time’s come. Gotta go, ‘time for that ole 10 oclock meal. Thanks Again! Great Vids, too!

  4. Hi Scooby,

    I have to say this is the best health and fitness website I have come across. I admire your intelligent, no bulls**t approach.

    I will be dropping in regulary from now on.

    I’ve been working out since December, too much time sat down at work left me with a 39inch waist and weighing 112kg at 6ft 4 with 27% body fat, I am now 96kg and 16.5%, so still some progress to be made! I aiming for 90kg with 10-12 body fat, I then want to add another 5kg of lean muscle back on.

    I did much of what you suggest here, ate clean. 1hr cardio a day, 4ltrs of water a day and plenty of sleep.

    Will be using your site to continue my progress from now on!

  5. Thanks for this. I had lower back pain from not working out as regularily and working more behind a desk. I did this for a while and it made a significant difference for the better.

  6. Hi!

    I just was searching for a free iphone app that makes a beep every 45 seconds, i found “gymboss 2 (free)” that works fine for the job… you can set up a break between the sets too and the display shows you what you have to do next… (nice for beginners)


  7. Yo Scoob! You like the wrestler’s neck bridge? When I first saw it it seemed scary and like just asking for paraplegia, but then I saw that lots of folk do it and gave it a try. I love it. I will add though that I started slowly and carefully and had done some back work in previous years that probably served to prepare me.

  8. Just spotted this on the net that might be of interest. The current world record for holding the front plank position is 1 hour 20 mins 5 secs. Anybody on here think that they can get anywhere near that? The guy set the record last year was 54 years old at the time. Never to old to be setting endurance fitness world records.

  9. Thanks for this video Scooby, I’ve only recently realized that I have a weak “core”. I just did this simple workout today and man could I feel it. You’re the best when it comes to rational and effective fitness advice. I always tell my friends about you. Keep it up Scoob!!!

  10. I have used your advice for almost 9 months (on and off, I sometimes deviate and end up with more losses then gains) now and I have seen drastic results. I went from a 240lb fat lazy dude, to a 192lb one ripped mofo. Thanks Scooby! I will see if I can start to incorporate this rotisserie into my daily routine. :)

  11. hey this might sound a bit off topic.. but i need some help about my wrist joints..
    i m using wrist supporter because my wrist was once had ligament/tendon weakening b4. i really like to put on heavy weights.. and i really take care of my form to be almost perfect when lift..
    look most guys would say go easy on the weights.. but for me i bodybuilding is not just about building muscle.. i enjoy it when i lift heavy..
    i m not taking proper nutrition.. i mean i m eating healthy.. but may be lacking some nutrients and all.. any help would be appreciated guys

  12. Windshield Wiper Super Sets are a great way to get a chiseled core and promote great lower back strength and stability. Too many people overwork their abs and don’t do any functional exercises. This is a great routine for anyone looking to prevent lower back injury when training their core.

    Troy Adashun
    Formulated Fitness

  13. Loving your website scooby! I am now on my own fitness/bodybuilding program thanks to you and your advice! I am just getting my nutrition down to a level where the meals are not boring, your salsa tip is excellant I now make my own fresh cut salsa!! Its nice to see a website telling it like it is without all the hype and BS you see every where else. Once again many thanks!

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