Annoying Trainers – Reason #856 I workout at home

Reason #856 that I dont workout in gyms – annoying trainers who think they own the gym.

So Im on vacation now so had the occasion to workout in a gym and it reminded me of why I love working out at home. Walk in, looks like a nice small, homy gym. About a minute later this rail thin 60+ year old woman walks in, mouth blazing, and proceeds to talk to the guy at the front desk for 10 minutes without every stoping to breathe – pretty dang impressive. Her voice is loud, high, and nasal. How is that BIG screech coming out of that little body? Lo and behold, she is a “trainer”! I find this out when her client comes in and the fun begins. The client warms up on the bike and her mouth is still going at full bore, you’d think she would have to pause now and then to let it cool off but she is a miracle of modern science. Then she starts ‘training’ him. Its definitely not an interactive process as the machine gun stream of words flow one way – from her to him. “Training” seems to mean counting out reps, LOTS of them.  ONE, come on you can do it! TWO, good job! THREE, excellent! … TWENTY SIX, keep it going! TWENTY SEVEN! lets do three more! And she spots him on every single rep! AAARGH!! Guess that makes the client think he is getting his money’s worth. I curse myself for not bringing my over-the-ear headphones to drown this kind of thing out, bad scooby. Bad, bad, Scooby. I try desperately to be in the opposite corner of the gym from them but they seem to follow me around like lost puppy dogs. Anyway, there are only 4 of us in the gym now and she is so busy talking she is completely and totally oblivious to anything going on in the gym. Since it was so empty I was moving back and forth between two pieces of back equipment, a T-bar row and a hammer strength lat pulldown. I always leave a personal article on the equipment when I do this so people know the equipment was not abandoned with weights left on. So anyway, I’m doing the T-bar and she waltzes over to the lat pulldown, doesnt notice my hat on it and obviously didnt notice me using it for the last 10 minutes either. With her ear-drum shattering screech she complains to the whole gym about people who dont strip the weights off as she starts to take them off. “Excuse me” I say, “I’m still using that but you can work in if you want”. Flustered she says – “thats … thats too much weight” and walks away. Good grief!


Reason #856 that I dont workout in gyms – annoying trainers who think they own the gym.

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  1. Hi. I am. a female 40+ kilos.over weight but have a resting heart rate of 59… Which is not bad. I spent my youth exercising running.swimming. sports. everything. Ill health..breast canser… has seen me spend 14 years with.terrible self esteem. I guess all those years have stood me in good stead. I have some sort of arthritis condition…possibly from the Chemo… I exercise. …then I feel pain and unwell. So hence the excuses. Now I have the big task of losing soooo much weight. Tough love. …time to pull my head in. I am motivated by the fact my heart is still ok….at.47….I have hope…watch this space. Advice welcome. Kaz.

  2. This is a great blog Scooby. I am a personal trainer and I have even seen this. Just like any profession, sometimes it goes to your head and you forget what a trainer really should be doing. (haha). However, it is also equally important to note that there are few good trainers out there who put weights away, ask if equipment is not being used and who speak only when their clients want to hear insightful information. Keep the blogs coming!


  3. Reason #846 – Teenagers trying to impress their friends via lifting as much wait as (im)possible. When I was still going to the gym my friends and I were trying to bench-press as much as we could out of curiosity, and some random teen of about 14 got on the second my friend got off and tried to impress his pals. Guess what happened, he barely lifted the barbell off and it shot straight down onto his neck, but because a few guys were fast enough to react, they tossed of the barbell instantly and he was ok, and hopefully he had learned his lesson. Nearly killing yourself because you want to look “cool” in the gym isn’t that smart.

  4. I love my trainer. He has his own Pod Cast and is very knowledgeable, there is little to no talking and he has helped me in so many ways and even trains me for free when he happens to be in my gym. But I guess that’s just him. Love my trainer!!

  5. Scoobster, you are the man! Thanks for all the advice over the years, along with the jokes!… Reason number 1,123 – I hate watching people wear plastic bags over their bodies and casually walk around the gym with a coke in hand!!!!! no joke, saw this today.

  6. Reason #1-856 – people. I’m finding it hard to encounter people that
    just want to train and train hard. No talking, no playing music on your
    phone, no forgetting to rack the weights after you finish, pick up
    dumbbells, wipe off sweat, yell “it’s all you bro!”, use horrible form
    on EVERYTHING just to lift more weight, and get mad when you use a rack
    for anything other than squats (heaven forbid you want to have a catch
    bar for bench when you are alone). Why can’t people just be nice and

    I prefer to workout “live” with Scooby.

  7. Scoobster, you are the man! Thanks for all the advice over the years, along with the jokes!… Reason number 1,123 – I hate watching people wear plastic bags over their bodies and casually walk around the gym with a coke in hand!!!!! no joke, saw this today.

  8. Scoobster, you are the man! Thanks for all the advice over the years, along with the jokes!… Reason number 1,123 – I hate watching people wear plastic bags over their bodies and casually walk around the gym with a coke in hand!!!!! no joke, saw this today.

  9. LOL I agree with scooby about annoying trainers.  I have seen so many trainers and not only are they not fit, they are barking instructions like a drill sergeant.  Losing weight and working at home is becoming more popular these days.  In my opinion as a father of two it is the only way to go.

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  10. In an older blog post, you made some good suggestions for gym owners, although it wasn’t as funny as this vignette. That is, if this post is even supposed to be humorous!

    All too often, I also come home from my current gym and rant about the things I saw happening. About 2.5 miles into a 4 mile tempo run the other day, for example, a guy, who  reeked of baby power , hopped on the treadmill next to me and started walking. Unfortunately, I was only able to make it another mile before I threw in the towel and went on to do something else.

    Now, to be fair, not all gyms are terrible. When I lived in Tampa, FL, I worked out at the Powerhouse Gym, where, if you didn’t rack your weights, they would come on the loud speaker and say: “Whoever was deadlifting in the powercage, rack your weights!” In that gym, I made significant gains, because it seemed as though everyone there knew how to lift weights! Then again, it’s also where John Hansen, the former natural Mr. Olympia, was a personal trainer!

    I really miss that gym.

  11. There’s a trainer that comes into my gym who pretty much mounts the women he “trains” it’s seriously  gross. He’s not really loud or anything and respects others around them he just kinda gets all over the clients (always young attractive women). Unnecessary and just plain slimey.

  12. The number one reason I train at home is that every time I went to the gym I caught a cold. Lots of sick people breathing heavily in a confined space. Not for me.

  13. Reason # 823 Guys who socialize naked in the changing room and putting on their pants on last , so gross.

    Reason #849  Around the New Year the gym is loaded with people bent on being fit for the year, The resolution last for 2 weeks and then you might find a machine to work at . sigh

  14. I guess we all have our pet peeves at the gym. I’m only there mostly for my lats, leg, and sometimes shoulder workouts all because I don’t own a pull-up bar. One day, several months ago, I was just finishing my final set of side raises. This guy comes to me and says “You might wanna raise the bench for back support.” I explained the method I learned here where I both squeeze my shoulder blades and stick my chest out. It’s hard to do with back support. I invited him to give it a shot. His response was “F__ that! “I’m not gonna F___ my back up!” and he walks away. I came very close to throwing the dumbbell at him when he was walking away. Geez!

  15. Reason #889
    Guys taking their showers and turning it into  a social event. Walking around butt ass naked and leaning their nuts on the sink counters, So gross . Of all things they get dressed up in the wrong order putting on their pants on last. Argh.
    Haven’t been to the gym  in over 2 years and discontinued the membership back then.
    Never looked back…

    Reason # 902
    After January 1st , Everyone is out in full force by trying to get into being fit for the  coming year. For about a month you’re lucky if you can find a machine or equipment to work on without waiting. Sigh. Come February, the workout warriors revert back to couch potatoes. “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”…

  16. What annoys me is people who think they are personal trainers.
    Who went up to me showing me how to do something, and showed me completely wrong.
    Another annoying thing is people standing right next to my bench, teens mostly, while am doing dumbbell flys.

    1. Oh you know it! I like the gym I go to, but there is this one wannabe trainer who cracks me up. He looks like borat with glasses and does not look like he has lifted a weight in his life yet he acts like he has a ph.d in building muscle as he struts around trying to give people advice. I got a good laugh when he was helping my neighbor with pullups (easy for the guy to approach him, since he is also skinny as heck and has never lifted weights before). After the set, the guy said do this and it will build up your traps (he was pointing at his lats, or lack thereof).

  17. Reason #666 – People who bring their kids to the gym with them and let and/or encourage the child to play with the equipment.  It says in your contract and on several posted signs that no one under the age of 14 is allowed in at all, and 14 to 17 year olds can only use the gym if they have taken the safety course.  Look, I am sorry if you have to put off your workout because you don’t have a sitter but you CANNOT bring your 6 year old with you and put him on an elliptical machine!  >:(

  18.  hate it when i’m using good form and some trainers come and tell me it’s wrong. Like ones i was doing dumbell shoulder press like scooby told and an instructor comes and tells me i have to move my arms more down -_-. In my head i was thinking ‘MOTHER******!!! I do not wish to blow my rotator cuffs’

  19. Scooby, in my last gym i had a trainer just like yours but she was always talking about his 12 years old son, his problem with girls, his school problems, homeworks. Very obsessive. 
    And because i used to go, because of my job, when the gym was almost empty she tortured me for all my training. No way to avoid her.
    I left the gym after a year. Now i work out at home!

  20. Manuel De Oliveira Fernandes

    hi scooby, if have a question, last year when i was in a gym, my “trainer” said it is more effective to train in a circle fashion.
    Like if you want to train your lats,
    than do first underhand pullups, then dumbell rows, then overhand pullups, and starting again with three to four rounds.
    but if i look at your training plans those are always fixed to stay at one excercise by reducing the reps,…
    wich leads me to my qusetion,

    what is the difference?
    is anything more effective?

    (i hope it is understandable, cause my english nix gut)

  21. This was really well written and super funny! Your recollection of this whole incident is hilarious (but probably wasn’t funny when you were there). Thanks for sharing! :) 

  22. I workout at home because I train early in the morning and between sets I make breakfast, shave,  clean and do all kinds of stuff. And at 8.00 clock in the morning I’m the only one in my office who has  completed a heavy workout! My homegym might be the best thing I ever bought!

  23. I really don’t understand why people hire trainers like that. My gym is full of them. They spot EVERY rep, provide an enjoyable chat between sets and oh, the most important, they count reps for you! I mean, how come their clients don’t realize they’re not going to reach their goals this way. 

  24. I don’t know how you managed not to say anything to her. I guess you couldn’t get a word in though if she didn’t even breathe between sentences. There are plenty of other annoying things that go on in gyms. I used to go to gyms for years but I’ve now converted to home workouts since the birth of my daughter so your site was just what I needed when I discovered it, thanks. One of the most annoying things that happened to me in a gym was when I decided to try having my workout early in the morning before work, so like 7:15 to 8:15. It had it’s good and bad ponts. The gym was always pretty empty which was good because I could use whatever equptment I wanted and didn’t have to wait for anything or do things in a different order to what I’d planned but on the downside there was just no atmosphere in the there. You need a little background noise sometimes, anyway, I was doing a leg workout on my own and was in the middle of a set of squats when a cleaner walks in and decides that she is going to vacuum right around the squat rack. I couldn’t believe it. I had to stop mid set. I stopped the early morning workouts after that. Some people just don’t have any common sense.

  25. i hate those guys who just talk and talk and talk between sets on one machine… It takes them forever! and then they brag about how long & hard they train every day … 

    also we used to have dumbells to 30kg ,  but they attracted some annoying people who were harrashing women, so instead of taking action against those guys, the owner of the gym took the heavier dumbells away !!! can you believe that !!!   so the guys left because they needed those dumbells, but now that i’ve been working out for 1,5years i could use those too you know … :-(

    1. One of the gyms that I used to use didn’t have a squat rack. When I asked a trainer how come they seem to have everything except a squat rack, the answer was they did have one but removed it after some idiot decided to remove all the weight from one side of the bar first, causing the bar to flip over and hit someone else in the head. Not too good for the guy who it hit but why should the rest of us have to go without just because of one guy with no brains. grrrrrr……

  26. The trainers at my gym are always trying to do some crazy Biggest Loser challenge in the corner with their clients so they’re usually out of our way when we’re working out.

  27. My partner and I work out at a gym, that we really like (not super busy), but I notice that many people do not put away the weights or equipment they use, they just use and walk away. Being a little ocd, I tend to clean up the area we are working out in, and it amazes me how many time someone will be texting, and just walk up to where we are doing a mini circuit and try to take our space ( I have gotten much more aggressive about keeping or workout space). I love to,and try to share, but draw the line with rudeness and texting while working out!!

  28. This one time I was working legs in the corner of my gym, noticed a dude leave the Calf Raise Machine I needed.

    I wasn’t sure if he was still using it or not so I do other exercises in the area for awhile in an attempt not to be rude. 15+ Minutes later, no sign of him so I hop on the machine. As soon as I start my set I notice a voice yelling WAIT WAIT and quickly getting closer, you guessed it, it’s the same dude, and he wishes to inform me that he’s still using that.

    Obviously I’m not going to act like a kid and get in a fight over a calf raise machine, but I didn’t take kindly to that kind of selfish behavior. Round robbin with two different machines I can understand, but you can’t leave a machine for more than 15 minutes and expect it to be reserved for you until you return come on.

    That said, I do love my gym and things like that are a rare occasion. Sure I get the Obligatory Screamers at least once a week but nothing too Annoying.

  29. i can’t stand people that don’t have any gym etiquette.  there should be postings in every gym of dos and don’ts.  it has really been getting on my nerves lately.  the only good thing about it is i put the frustration in my next set.   

    1.  I’ve been in multiple big box gyms where they have a list of gym rules on the wall, and I look around and every single rule on the list is being broken and nothing is being done about it, it’s pretty awesome

  30. I had an experience wheare a trainer was “using” the 30lb barbell that i wanted for straight arm raises. i waited by the barbell which was abandoned for at least five minuits. I decided to do my set wheare it was left as to not move it if someone else was using it. and as soon as i got my second rep in one of the personal trainers came up and goes we need that in a bitchy voice and just stared at me and held out her hands…. i was thinking how rude at least let me finnish one set

  31. Reason #857 – Guys who feel the need to stand RIGHT in front of the dumbbell rack blocking my path to take and put back the dumbbells I’m using.  This is extremely annoying to me.

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