Finally, the secret to big muscles!

The shocking discovery we have all waited for has arrived! How to get huge muscles, fast!

Read all about the shortcut to big muscles or watch this video!


The shortcut to huge muscles!

17 thoughts on “Finally, the secret to big muscles!”

  1. You really put things into perspective. You make it funny by showing how easy it is to make an infomercial to sell basically anything that claims to give you A GODLIKE Physique in just 3 months., You show us that under the claims that it really is a big lie.Lets face it we have all fallen for one of those types of commercial in our lives. For example I bought one of those 6 seconds abs types machines and it broke after 2 uses. So I know how it feels to buy things that sound too good to be true. Moreover you are trying to get people to realise that they do not need these gimmicky and useless equipment. So that is basically all I wanted to share. And btw I love your Scooby Poo Bars.. :)

  2. Scooby, have you ever considered releasing your measurements (i.e., biceps, calves, chest, ect.)?

    For as long as I’ve been following your blog posts and YouTube videos, I don’t think you have released them, but I also think that, if you decided to, it would benefit natural bodybuilders in general. That is, if steroid users can’t give us realistic standards toward which we can strive, who will?

    By the way, here are my guesses: Biceps: 17-19 (sorry but the Dutch have skinny arms); Chest: 48-51; Waist: 33-36; Calves: ?-?; Neck: 16-18…

    Was I close?

    1. As far as I can tell. The only thing we can do is wait for it to naturally spring back and adjust itself to the new body proportions, as skin is an organ there is very little we can do, save for regular training and a healthy diet, keeping hydrated etc.

      That is what all the different sources have in common and on top of that they put something else, a product they want to sell (a machine and or pill) or else.

  3. Great video Scooby
    I’m buying it today. LOL

    Scooby, I’m still waiting to see the second video on sleeping you were supposed to do. You did the first one a long time ago. Remember?

  4. Ha Ha Ha, No prizes for guessing who you are taking the P out of here. I watched a few of his video’s on you tube the other day just out of curiosity and he doesn’t have a clue does he. Some of his advice is just plain wrong. He was doing bicep with clearly too much weight, no doubt trying to impress his followers and then tried to justify the bad form that he was using, swinging the weights up as it being OK. His videos amused me though. Just in a different way to yours ;o)

  5. May I suggest you don’t pay too much attention to all those conmen? Real athletes play a different game. Personally I don’t want to waste too much precious time to what I call “noise”.

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