100 Places To Do Pullups

100 Places To Do Pullups

Pullups are the #1 best way to build wide, flaring lats!  Many of you though say that you dont have anywhere to do pull-ups but pull-up bars are everywhere!!!!  Dont believe me?  Check out this video where in three hours I found 100 places to do pull-ups.

In the home:

  • doorway mount pullup bar
  • unfinished attic rafters
  • basement pipes and rafters
  • clothes drying racks
  • garage door opener tracks
  • tree limbs

In the city:

  • back side of stairs
  • back side of bleachers
  • soccer field goal posts
  • playgrounds
  • school playgrounds before or after school hours
  • from tree limbs

On the farm:

  • barn rafters
  • tree limbs
  • tractor buckets

Use your imagination!  What helps a lot is a rope and handle contraption, below are two examples that you can easily make.  With these portable pullup bars all you need is a strong overhead beam or tree limb and you can do pullups anywhere.  Just toss the rope over and go to town!
Handles Assembled
Home made pullup bar
With the above rope apparatus, you can do pullups anywhere there is a strong beam overhead!  You don’t even need to make this stuff though as pullup bars are everywhere around you no matter where you live:

 Pulups bars on the farm

home lat pullup workout on a tractor
home lat pullup workout on a ledge
home lat pullup workout on a doorway


Pullup bars around the home

A word of warning, make sure that whatever you are doing pullups from can hold your weight – especially plumbing. Never do pullups from plastic piping or piping that is not well secured. If the pipe can move, it will likely rip apart the joints and cause a messy leak. Notice in the below photo I am doing pullups from a pipe that runs thru holes in the floor joists. A pipe like this is very secure because it is tightly secured every 18 inches. Grab the pipe as close as you can to the floor joists rather than out in the middle of the span to reduce the load on the pipes. If you have any doubt about the security and strength of the pipe – find another spot.
home lat pullup workout on a garage door track
home lat pullup workout on a doorway mount pullup bar
home lat pullup workout on pipes in a basement
home lat pullup workout on a rafter

Pullup bars in the city

Playgrounds and school yards are great places to workout but do it when they are certain to be unused, either very early in the morning or late at night to avoid panicked parents calling the cops and interrupting your workout :)
home lat pullup workout on bleachers
home lat pullup workout on a goal post
home lat pullup workout on a tree limb
home lat pullup workout on a swing set
home lat pullup workout on a big pipe
home lat pullup workout on a flying saucer

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  1. Hey there scoobs, one of your SF here, I was wondering if you could give me the name of the song you used in this video (100 places to do pullups) I’m a huge fan and watch your videos every morning while i choke down your oats!


  2. Hey Scooby!

    I was thinking of buying one of those pull-up bars you can mount on a doorway. Thing is, I’m about 6 foot tall and the doorway is only about 7 foot. Will it be effective to do pull-ups this way? Also, thanks for sharing all this cool stuff with the rest of the world!

  3. Scooby, would i have gains taking less than 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight?

    I weight about 180pound and i take 80g daily.

    also im curious why some athletes like David Belle are so strong but don’t have muscular size?

  4. i do pull ups all over town, everyone always looks at me funny, but i can do 10 good pulls ups and they cant do a single one, i guess i get the last laugh. another thing you can do almost anywhere is dips, i do them all over, parks, waiting in line at restaurants, waiting for the bus, in my office chair(takes a bit of balance lol) just like the pullups once you can see something from a different angle they are everywhere!

  5. Is anyone else having trouble viewing the youtube video for this post? It seems to be in nonexistence. I’ve tried watching it from two devices but no luck.

  6. Scooby, is there a chance of you making a leg workout video? Or to be more precise a video where you show exercises that are designed to prevent knee pain and/or to strengthen the muscles around the knee. I have week knees and haven’t been able to find any info on that subject.

    Either way, love your videos and thank you in advance!

  7. I’ve almost completely abandoned pullups/chinups on a fixed, straight bar, and now do them almost exclusively on gymnastic rings. I love the added natural movement they allow, less elbow pain and the lateral plane movement. Of course, it meant swallowing ego and doing fewer of them.

    1. With my weight (230lbs +) its risky to do door pullups except on steel framed doors. If you are sub 170lbs you can do it safely on all but the weakest doors

  8. Scooby, those are some really great ideas for no excuse pull-ups. I’m going to make the rope gadget today !
    I think you may have stolen a few of my pull-up bar ideas LOL
    Thanks so much keep’em coming !

  9. Here’s an (emergency) pullup place that an acquaintance showed to me once. This works in every room which has a door:

    1) Open a suitable door about half-way

    2) Stuff some kind of papers underneath it to stabilize and prevent it from moving

    3) Put a towel on top of the door to protect your hands

    4) Hold onto the top edge of the door to do pullups (wearing a T-shirt makes it easier to slide)

    Disclaimer: Door might break, if you’re too heavy and/or if your door is too weak. Try it at your own risk.

  10. A couple of days ago i had to spend the entire day at the nursing home. So i went to the yard and started doing pullups on the pole they use to dry their laundry. You can really do pullups everywhere!
    Thanks scooby

    1. I could do a “Where is Scooby now” and show me doing pullups all over the world like that kid 8 years ago who did his little jig at different places around the world.

      1. Actually that would be an incredible PR stunt. You could make it a game, who ever wins (guesses where you are the most amount of times) gets to spend a day working out with scooby, or a bunch of singed T-shirts.

      2. Scooby, thanks so much for the rope and bar pull up idea. I’m 18 now and just moved back to Bolivia and have had a tough time finding pull up places since I moved back to the U.S. when I was 15. Then I was able to do 24 wide good form pullups but because I had horrible sleep habits, no place to do pull ups(no permission to go out and find one), loads of homework, for the past 4 years now I can barely do 10. I came back to Bolivia excited since the were two perfect interlaced tree branches that had sort of loops to place your hands on but was dissapointed to see my uncle had chopped it to put up a crappy basketball hoop(low , ugly,and barely holding on :*P). I have no money for the gym where I would only go for the pullups. This is a much more convenient idea. Thank you very much. Please put sleep readjustment advice. I would really apreciate it.

    1. You do need to use common sense in deciding where to do them. Only do them on very well secured pipes because any movement of the pipes can cause joints to rip apart.

  11. I can personally say I’ve used lots of different playgrounds in several cities across the southern US. Nowadays many city parks will not only have really nice playgrounds but simple outdoor gym sets as well (“adult playgrounds” I call them!) They’re usually near tbe playgrounds and can blend in with the childrens equipment, especially when the children are playing on them! The city park in the town of 14,000 people that I currently live in has a set! That and the Walmart are all we have for entertainment! Your city surely has one too!

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