Best Way To Workout Chest

Best Way To Workout Chest

The best place that money can buy to workout your chest to maximize your chest development and maximize your safety is also free – its your FLOOR!  The floor safely limits your range of motion so that you can avoid injury and workout week after week, year after year.  Its this kind of consistency that  is required to build a massive chest, it happens a little at a time.  Honestly, my chest developed so incredibly slowly over my 30 years of lifting that I hardly noticed.

Ask any physical therapist who works with shoulder injuries and they will tell you that the most important thing to prevent shoulder injuries is to limit your range of motion – and this means that you dont let your shoulders go behind the plane of your body.  Common bodybuilding “wisdom” is that you need that full range of motion and the “stretch” to fully develop your pecs.  Well apparently thats not true because at least one person (thats me) has done it without ever putting my elbows behind my back.  Its sad.  Many of these folks cant connect the dots.  They believe with all their heart that full ROM is required for a big chest and then they have “bad luck” and get injured in a “fluke” lifting accident that tears their rotator cuff.  Sorry, its the full ROM that caused the accident.  Its the proverbial tortoise and the hare.  The hare might win over the short term but the tortoise wins over the long term.  You might get lucky, many have done full ROM for years without injury.  Do YOU feel lucky?

Working out on the floor safely limits your Range Of Motion (ROM) and the below video shows you how to easily get very heavy dumbbells into the starting position with grace.  If you are REALLY strong you can muscle them up but why risk elbow tendonitis and forearm injury?  Dont, use my easy leg-technique to get the weights up into position.


Best Way To Workout Chest


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  1. Hi Scooby,
    Thank you for all the advice you gave here. I ve got 1 question about the topic you gave here. Speaking about the chest, I have a suspicion of having a gynecomastia. I ve always had big chest, but I thought it is because I work out. Do you have any extremely intensive chest only workouts, so that I can train my chest (parallel I have a diet on overall fat loss, now I have appx. 15%, weight 70, height 179cm)
    Thank you,

  2. What troubles me is incline work. How do you limit your ROM while doing incline presses or incline flies? I can use the floor for a flat position, but what if you are working on an angle?

  3. If you don’t like the floor, you can use a decline bench when performing presses to limit stress to the shoulder. You should still pack your shoulders however and not stretch the shoulder unreasonably—i.e. try not to go past the plane of the body.

  4. Good vid! I feel the same. I have done P90x 2 times, and did not buy or use the pushup bars for the extra range of motion. Didn’t feel like hurting myself. Doing crossfit now occasionally and we go all the way down on pushups…I am getting used to it.

  5. can’t argue with your results for sure! but i am curious, you do go past the plane in many sports so it seems like this limited range of motion would not be ideal as your only form chest training.

    i suppose for heavy weights though, it makes sense. shoulder injuries are horrible!

  6. Wish I’d read this years ago Scooby; a combination of too much ROM and poor form bench pressing 4 years ago wrecked my right rotator cuff and biceps tendon. I lost a stone in muscle after that as I couldn’t work out for months, however once it recovered I started working out smarter and I’m in better shape than ever (I have to give Scoobysworkshop a lot of credit for getting me there).
    Even nowadays I still have to put ice on my shoulder for 20 mins after every workout just to stop the tendons swelling up. Anyone else reading this – take heed of what this man says!

  7. Do you guys feel your chest when doing floor exercises as much as when going full ROM? Cuz I frankly dont. Accounting for a higher risk of injury when going full ROM but bigger gains I guess that in the long-run it may be wiser to stick to the floor. But its not perfect.

    1. Full Rom of motion ain’t perfect either, it risks injury. His point is there is no perfect solution that gives you the best workout possible while as safe as possible.

      Limit your ROM and you exchange gains for safety.

      His opinion, and I agree with him, is that safety is worth the loss in gains. You can still make tremendous gains with limited ROM. I use the limited ROM and my chest is growing quite well after less than a year of exercise.

    2. SQueeze the pecs more, the “feel” of full ROM is just your muscle stretching nearly its limit. Do the repetitions at a slower pace, you can still do fairly explosive lifts on the floor; explode on the way up, then gring the weight down very slowly, 2 to 3 seconds. Let me know how your chest feels afterwards.

  8. Scooby,
    Great video , thanks for bring it to my attention and possibly saving me from injury because I was doing both full ROM and floor chest workouts .
    From now on it’s chest workouts on the floor.

  9. I still use an incline bench for some exercises but I NEVER go past the plane of my body anymore (thanks Scooby). As a result my chronically sore shoulders don’t hurt anymore.

  10. Hey guys. I followed the floor workouts for a while, got impatient and looked up a few bodybuilding forums. I read about Arnold almost touching the floor during his flyes whilst on the bench. …Three weeks using full ROM and bang a torn rotor cuff. 3 months out of action. Stay on the floor guys!

    1. yea that will tend to happen with most anyone, bodybuilders like arnold are just better equipped for those techniques. If i recall, i think in his prime he could overhead press close to 350 and lateral raise 90 lbs with steady, proper form. So a ~60 lb dumbell flye wouldn’t be too much of a strain on his shoulders.

    1. You can use something like a strong plank of wood (or equivalent to replicate the back of the bench) and lean it up against a wall to create a kind of floor-plank-wall bench – i did it with some heavy duty shelves i had lying around (bolted them both together for double the thickness)

    1. yea, that is absolutely right. By using less ROM on something like a flye, you save your shoulder but dont work the portion of the pecs inserting up into them as much. However full ROM is straddling the line of a normal lift and over stretching the muscle. Once saw a guy doing flyes with 50 lbs weights, he was touching them all the way to the floor for the full ROM, then from across the gym i hear what sounds like canvas tearing, he not only seperated his pec from the chest plate, but tore it clean in half too.

  11. Thanks Scooby, wish I watched this last night before I struggled lifting heavy weights while doing your intermediate workout plan. I will now ditch the bench and do everything on the floor, I find it more comfortable too. Great advice and safer. Also watching your videos and loving it, really inspires me to train again after a 10 year break. Thank you very much, from Australia.

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