Welcome 9gag!

Welcome 9gag!

For the few of you who havent heard, the following was posted on 9g9g:

Scooby’s chest looks like a woman in doggystyle

Do I care that they find this funny? Of course not! Welcome 9gag! The way I figure it, for every hundred 9gag folks that come to laugh at me, one will watch my thru to the end and get hooked on home fitness. I try to use humor all the time to get more people interested in health and fitness (like my mock-infomercials). Just so happens that this one was completely unplanned. So be it! Welcome 9gag! :)

Here is the video they are coming to watch:

Best Way To Workout Chest

41 thoughts on “Welcome 9gag!”

  1. make a joke about his chest it is not to be a hater, i love 9gag and i found that joke particularly funny as a starting weight lifter i have absolute respect in Scooby he doesn’t take those jokes so serious cause they aren’t i mean they are comparing his chest to a more muscular and bigger area (women’s butt in some cases can be incredibly big) thanks scoob keep doing your videos

  2. I was thinking… if there are a lot of people with minds like 9gag then you should use a part of your chest as a thumbnail for some video. Then a lot of people would click it! xD

  3. Giannis Athanasiou

    To all the ppl out there critising 9gag…The purpose of each post isn’t to mock,if you notice the comments @ it you’ll find out we have lots of respect for Scooby.It was just a fan observation ;)

  4. hmmm ..i can’t see it really… doggystyle, right? your pecks should be hanging right? how’s that when you are lying on the floor? perhaps my english is very, very bad =)

  5. Hey Scoob – I like to say thanks for getting me into weights and fitness! – ive gone from a 16 stone lump to a fairly ripped guy who now runs marathons (3:30 hrs). and basically it was your site that i learned most of the stuf from especially weights and nutrition.

  6. I bet most women wish their behinds are as toned and in as good a shape as your chest. Haters are going to hate. It’s easier for them than having real hobbies. Scooby, you are doing good work here and you shouldn’t let anything get you down :D

  7. Ogod, now I can’t unsee it. Those warts on her arse aren’t very pleasant though. Anyway, keep it up Scooby. Thanks to you and your awesome videos and website, I’m well on my way from lardass to being fit.

  8. Well, I can see why a virgin guy who never saw a naked woman can make this mistake…
    Oh well,
    Any way, Scoob, it’s a good opportunity for me to say thanks for the great info you provide us with.
    Keep up the awesome work.

  9. Shame on anyone who makes fun of you! I think your chest looks beautiful and my husband and I love your videos. We really like you and think you are great, Scooby! You are an inspiring individual and you look amazing and have a wonderful personality. You inspired me to start running because you said we should do cardio everyday. I run and swim to try and lose my pregnancy weight. I have have lost over 30 pounds since I had my baby 4 months ago and I am about 5 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight! We love your Scash recipe and I just wanna slap whomever is making fun of our Scooby!

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