Improve life for an entire village

English Teacher Needed

Want to help an entire village and make friends for life?  If you have some experience teaching English, consider volunteering to teach for three months in the village of Hassainabad in Gilgit-Baltistan.  For more info, please see my “Charities I Support” page.


English Teacher Needed In Hussainabad

24 thoughts on “Improve life for an entire village”

  1. one way to look at it, majority of countries with a high literacy rate do not have a tyrant or a dictator in charge. nor do they have as many extremists to normal people ratios. when i was in iraq it had a 60-70% illiteracy rate. which compared to afghanistan isnt actually that bad. imagine this. you are not able to read, your religious, and have to listen to someone who can read. who may or may not have views that arent actually in your religious text. but since he can read, and you cannot, you follow his words even though they may be false in hopes you get to heaven/nirvana/ at one with the universe. anyone on here who is able to argue about trying to be a non humanist and working only for those around you because it will improve your life somewhat and not those who are across the world is only diluting themselves. If you were able to stamp out illiteracy across the world, i bet a lot of the issues today, would not necessarily vanish, but would reduce drastically because now the people who suffer these tragedies can learn possible ways to get out of it.

    Literacy is a major tool, because it allows you access to the knowledge of past people who have lived and done things. you can learn from their mistakes and not do them yourself. you can tell when someone is lying about a particular scripture or text.

    Illiteracy is a plague. it denies rights and better lifestyle, it creates issues on a global level which affects even those who would rather try to fix issues at home in their country behind the oceanic wall than reach out and help their fellow human regardless of their origin, religion, or any other variable which people use to separate themselves from others.

  2. While looking at the charities you support, namely COPE, I couldn’t help but think to myself: regardless of how many insurgents we may have killed, and regardless of how advanced and exact our methods may be, civilians have invariably had to bear the short- and long-term consequences of war.

    In addition to the UXOs, for example, families in Vietnam (of course, as well as in the US) have also had to cope with the deleterious effects of agent orange, for which, only until recently, they’ve received very little support. And in our most recent conflict, we managed to kill 4 times more Iraqi civilians than insurgents.

    Why have certain wartime victims been given more support than others? And why are people complaining about their petty problems, when there are still thousands people being raped, murdered, and dying of starvation, waterborne diseases, and AIDs every day?

  3. you’re causing quite the commotion with this post scoob!! A person in need is a person in need, it doesn’t matter where they are or what language they speak or what they look like, we are all equal, so help who you can, what’s the difference if you help an American or one of these kids, we’re all one on God’s earth. Be easy

  4. Scooby – you ARE making a differance right now, by challenging people to stop and think about our place in the world, and by doing your part to help. You’re a freakin’ legend man. Keep working out and keep on inspiring! :-)

  5. Scooby,
    I appreciate your thought as a humanitarian.
    However, this country is in such a mess we need to help ourselves first.
    On a health related note, Diabetes 2 is running rampant because of poor dietary choices, we need to educated ourselves first.
    Also, near where I live in Massachusetts people as still trying to get their lives together from a devastating tornado a year ago. Wonder how people are faring from Katrina’s devastation? Remember that?
    I terms that you can relate to : Would you ask an obese person fitness questions and expect worthwhile advise ?
    Has any country ever extended a helping hand to help the USA ? Not that I can ever recall.

    1. Yes we have plenty of disasters in the USA and we have plenty of needy people. Its a human tragedy. There is a big difference though. Yes, Katrina victims have it tough but they have *some* support. No they dont have their old standard of living back but they have food and shelter. In some of these remote places, they have *no* hope of getting help. Its also amazing how incredibly little help it takes to raise an entire village out of poverty. One English teacher volunteering for 3 months can teach every child in a village english so they can get jobs and feed their families. What kind of impact could that same english teacher have volunteering in New Orleans? Would anyone even show up to their classes?

      1. Thanks for your reply Scooby.
        I was agreeing with you until the last two sentences then the train wreck.
        America ranks about 35th in education in the world that’s pretty pathetic.
        “Would anyone even show up to their classes? ” That comment certainly doesn’t sound like you.
        We’re doing something wrong and we need to fix our own problem before trying to help others.
        The health of the country is horrendous. Where do we rank for longevity ? I believe the US ranks behind Cuba and whole bunch of others.But I agree with you, better to light one candle than to curse the darkness , ” One English teacher volunteering for 3 months can teach every child in a village English so they can get jobs and feed their families.” Good point there…

        1. I think the point is to get out and help. For Scooby it seems the little town has struck a chord in him…..awesome. If something local strikes a chord in you then the challenge is to get out and do something local and encourage and lead others to help in some kind of way. What ever it is that strikes that chord and motivates you do something ….please ….do it ……you’ll love the way it feels.

        2. You say “we have to help ourselves first”. The day where America (or any nation for that matter) finally resolves all their problems, will be the day I learn to fly. There will always be problems associated to a nation, be it economical, political financial etc. Besides, Its about wanting to help out those less fortunate than yourself, whether they’re in the same country or not.

        3. I think the point is that in the States, including New Orleans, there is already a public education system that provides English education. Ample English language resources are also available through radio, television, and local environment.

          There are a whole lot of problems to be solved in the US, but English language education for native residents is probably not the #1 on the list (obviously English classes for immigrants are a different issue, but those are fairly easy to find. Taught one myself, actually).

    1. Thats a cop out for not doing anything. When did you last volunteer and help someone locally? When did you last give money to a local charity? My website is not a get-big-muscles-fast website, I take a holistic approach to fitness and health and an important part of that is helping others. Under “About Me” menu item, check out the “My Philosophy”. You will see that a big part of what I preach is helping others out by passing on your knowledge. By helping others you help yourself. Alles Klar???

      1. Wow, what a arrogant reply.
        Why is “helping people around you” a cop out? Doesn’t make sense at all.
        And why did you act like a stupid Fox News TV host when i gave you my approach to the theme helping people and point a finger on me with “what did you do…”?
        Turn the god mode off Scooby, there are other opinions in the world and even in the USA too as you could read in the comments. Just overreacting like bitchy Lady, shame on you.
        But, my door is open for a serious apology. Take the chance and overcome your ego.

        PS: Are you addicted to “thumbs up”? Serious question.

        1. People are people, no matter where they are I guess. Personally I think there are more important issues to deal with than teaching some kids english, but whoever you feel the need to help go for it.
          It’s seems ridiculouse to get upset with Scooby over the charity he decides to support, especially when that charity is simply helping less privileged kids.

          1. I agree with this poster. It seems ridiculous to get upset over someone inviting you to give to a charity, and on that person’s own site at that.

            As far as global/local is concerned, the world is a much, much smaller place today than it used to be. Today it’s possible to get almost anywhere on the planet in less than 24 hours, and everyday many people do just that. The integration of local with global is already an established reality.
            It’s good to help anywhere that can be helped.

    2. How about just helping people where your heart calls you? If that happens to be in Turghadjibiduladistan, then great! The point is to soften the heart a bit. The funny thing is that the people who actually do things like this (go help the poorest of the poor) tend to be greatly humbled and enriched by the experience and come home with a greater capacity to benefit those around them. And since when is it verboten to talk about something other than pumping iron?

      1. Well said Aaron….I went on a medical mission to Haiti. I’ve never quite seen the world the same since. If a person did chose to go after the 3 months they would have the rest of their lives to help out locally and a unique perspective in which to frame their help.

    3. Scooby can do what he wants with his website, and visitor are free to take in his knowledge. Personally, I enjoy when his topics branch out from bodybuilding. It makes for a well rounded experience. Keep up the good work Scoob.

  6. Hey Scoob,i have a question,if u can help me…for how long should i bulk ! 1,2,3 months?! i mean whats the regular period to do this?! cuz i guess i cant have like 5000 calories for too many months…Gratz

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