FTC crackdown, second Fitness Hall of Shame member fined $25000000

FTC crackdown, second Fitness Hall of Shame member fined $25000000

Ab Circle Pro, a proud member of my Fitness Hall of Shame, was fined 25M this week by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for deceptive advertising.  They are the second Fitness Hall of Shame member to be fined by the government this year.  Just a few months ago, bodybuilding.com was fined 7M for selling supplements laced with steroids.  Who’s next?

My Fitness Hall of Shame webpage was one of the first ten pages on my website.  I was tired of all the ridiculous late night infomercial devices that were blatantly lying to people to make a buck off them.  Their tactics were shameful and despicable, praying off peoples biggest hopes and desires.  I decided that since the government didnt seem to be doing anything about it that I would take matters into my own hands so I opened my Hall of Shame and did mock infomercials to try to shed light upon their tactics with humor.  First there was The Abduminator, then Insta-Abs, then Big Muscle Shortcuts.   Being a public watchdog and keeping people from wasting their hard earned money on junk that doesnt work has always been one of my top priorities.

Finally early in 2012, my spirits soared when it appeared that the government was starting to crack down on the dangerous and deceptive practices in the supplement industry.  The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) fined bodybuilding.com, the nations largest supplement distributor, for selling supplements laced with steroids.  Now it appears the FTC is getting into the act as well!  This HAS been an awesome year!

Who will the FTC fine next?

Well, I have a whole shopping list prepared for the FTC on my Fitness Hall of Shame.  They can just scroll thru the pages and pages of great candidates for fines.  So many ones to choose from, its just hard to decide.  Who would you choose???

Thanks to Andrew K on my Facebook fan page for bringing the Ab Circle Pro fine to my attention!!!

27 thoughts on “FTC crackdown, second Fitness Hall of Shame member fined $25000000”

    1. Not quite, dear.

      False advertising and outright lies from what appears outwardly to be reputable and honest sources should most definitely be fined. You can’t expect all consumers to be savvy enough in every conceivable field to spot the lies or exaggerations. In this case, it’s even marketed towards the demographic that doesn’t know fitness from a hole in the wall.

      No one pointed a gun at them, but they did lie outright.

      The fine is less a tax on stupidity and more a delicious piece of justice levied at those who would take advantage of Average Joe’s ignorance when it comes to fitness.

      1. So where do you draw the line? Why not give huge fines to McDonalds, Burgerking etc? Most people are just stupid or plain lazy. They deserve what they get. Our society can’t afford the cost to protect the stupid. Every minute a sucker is born.

        1. When McDonalds or Burger King lies in their advertising (Big Macs Cure Cancer! Supersize for Mole Removal!) they too fall under the exact same rule as the product above.

          It’s not a question of whether or not something is healthy or not. It’s a question of whether or not the advertising is lying or not.

          Acquiring other people’s money through lies and deceit is against the law and is quite different from mere advertising like McDonalds and Burger King engage in.

          Not to mention that McDonalds, Burger King and others of their kind are vastly over-vilified with little good reason. The food there is not much worse than that in restaurants or even home cooking, for the average joe.

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