Does Scooby Do Legs?

Does Scooby Do Legs?

Does Scooby the Bodybuilder Workout Legs?

If you are asking this question, what you probably mean to ask is:

Does Scooby workout legs like I do?

The answer is probably not!  Why?  I know I always come back to harping on bodybuilding goals but once again its relevant.  Your goals for legs are probably different than mine.  In fact the goals for my upper body are different than goals for my lower body.  Nothing says that you need to have the same goal for all body parts, in fact, it doesn’t always make sense – it doesn’t for me.   For upper body I have gone for strength and mass but I like doing endurance events and its really hard doing this using your arms so that means legs.   I love doing long distance races, triathlons and double centuries and these are leg-centric activities.  Look at the legs of marathon runners and compare them to sprinters, what do you see?  Yep, the marathon runner legs are smaller.   There is no way you can have legs like Tom Platz and do the kind of races I do.  I actually have really  big legs for someone who does the kind of races I do.

biking 56 miles at half ironman

Since I make it pretty clear that I don’t do squats, many people come to the mistaken conclusion that I don’t do legs.  In their view, the core of any leg workout is squats that anyone who doesn’t do squats is not working out legs.   Well, as I have mentioned before squats are great but squats are not for everybody.  There are many other ways to workout legs than by doing squats.  Running and cycling themselves are leg workouts – very high rep leg workouts but workouts none the less.  Don’t think so?  Jump on your bike and climb up a 5000′ mountain!  In off season I do leg workouts once a week but when in race preparation I do no weight workouts for legs at all because I am typically doing 1-2hours of running or biking a day and adding weights on top of that would lead to serious overtraining.

When I train legs, I hit the hamstrings a lot harder than the quads.  Both biking and running are quad-centric and you can end up with a lot of knee problems if you let the quads get stronger than the hamstrings because the strong quads can pull the knee cap off track.  When I do leg workouts they are typically 2/3 hamstrings and 1/3 quads to even out the effects of all my running and biking.   In triathlon/biking/volleyball season I do hamstrings only.  In off season I do both hamstrings and quads in the 2/3 to 1/3 ratio.  I love doing SDL and deadlifts but have never been able to do squats because of back issues.  For quads, I typically do a leg press machine which is why I often will go to the gym on leg day.

In a related subject, check out my latest video on Goblet Chair Squats (GCS):

Does this make sense to anyone?  I am quite happy with my legs thank you very much.

Does Scooby Do Legs?

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  1. Leonidas Ventresca

    You know what, I have been looking for a good workout for legs. I have been doing the same thing for too long. I am glad this community agrees that squats aren’t the most amazing workout on Earth.

  2. youre a pussy. thats why you don’t do legs, even if you ride. I ride and my leg workouts don’t use the same twitch fibers. so make all the excuses you want. in the end, its because youre a pussy

  3. Amazing leg muscles. It looks like you can bend metal on there. Great work in developing them at that level. I think the weight loss program you had been using must have been effective. Is there any menu or diet plan that you can recommend?

  4. Tom Platz was a genetic-freak when it came to Legs. Bear in mind, a very- few people have such gifted genetics. Probably 1 in a 1000. So to have legs like tom platz or getting even close, you need more then dedicated training and nutrition.

  5. As an endurance swimmer doing up to 2 hours swimming per day, could it be counter-productive to do resistance-based training for my upper body? In the summer when open water season is in full-force I find myself skipping my shoulder work-outs about every other week, but I keep my push, pull, and leg workouts consistent (unless it’s time to do a taper for a race.)

  6. Hi Scooby, I am also a blogger and you were the reason why I started my fitness journey in the first place. How can I get in contact with you? I couldnt find any means of that. SO I just leave my email address hope its ok. My blog has the same goal as yours so I want to ask you how you like my blog and if you have any feedback for me, please get in touch with me via [email protected]

    thx a lot in advance.

    Keep up the great work !!!!



  7. Hey scooby, I’m not sure where to put this, so I’ll put it here. I’ve recently gotten into bodyweight training with the book You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. The whole purpose of the book is to teach people how they can become fit in the comfort of their own homes without needing any equipment. The content I guess would be like beachbody’s Insanity program, but teaches you how to put it together for yourself rather than being told what to do. The book has fantastic reviews all across the internet and I’ve been getting some good results off it, but I would love it if you would check it out and do your own review of it sometime. The book itself is only $15 with shipping and handling on Amazon, so I don’t think its an outrageous request for me to make.

  8. Scooby, thanks for these great videos, just wanted you to know of all the fitness websites out there you give the advice I would trust most. Ps I have been sticking to IF since 1st July and getting some amazing results, however I wonder if its because my calorie intake has slightly decreased as I find it hard to eat quite as much in the shorter time ?
    Once again a big thankyou

  9. Actually holding your breath when doing heavy lifts on the way down will stabilize your core and improve your stance. Take a deep breath before going down, then on the way up exhale.

  10. i like me some leg press and squats, hamstring curls and deadlifts. i love doing calves it burns worse than abs and it feels good. i would die if i did a damn 200 mile cycle, haha, scooby must be king if he can do that

  11. If you had smaller legs scooby you would be top heavy. Scooby should post some more leg workout videos because they would be helpful to a lot of people. As for me my legs are many times stronger than my upper body so I need to know how to gain strength and mass on my upper body.

  12. I agree with BrassMonkey79. How you describe building and maintaining your legs is excellent but not for everybody. Whilst you don’t do home leg weighted workouts I applaud you for providing the above video. Coupled with lunges, 20 mins daily running, some b-ball and soccer during the week, this makes a great workout.

  13. A unique trick, using a smith machine, you can actually use a lighter weight and plant your feet forward so that your quads are focused a bit more. The downside to this of course, is that it requires a smith machine…..

  14. Scooby, been a follower since ’06. Yup, I got started with your home chest workout video when I got back into lifting after many years away. When I give criticism, it is sincere. With regards to legs, I think you need to consider your followers a bit more. It is true that goals differ, and one should lift in accord with their goals. However, a lot of people are coming here with the goal of getting bigger and stronger in all body parts. Judging from your photos from the past, there was a time when you had the goal of getting really big. In 2001, you are completely jacked, and look to be at least 15-20 lbs heavier than you are now. So it is clear that you know how to lift to get big legs. Why not share what you did back then? Insisting that you don’t need to teach legs since your goals are different now is, in my opinion, becoming a bit of a disservice to your followers. The goblet squat is a step in the right direction – I do them every week. I have a lot of respect for you. If this is the only thing I have had to criticize in 6 years, then you must be doing a great job.

    1. I think this video shows adequetly shows how to do a general squat with regards to body position, however it would be nice to see you do it with a bar just for the visual aspect

  15. This is excellent info. I never new about the legs tracking over the feet. So simple when you put it that way. Becoming a serious body builder is not my aim and there’s plenty of information and disinformation for that already..

    Why is it called the Goblet Chair Squat? you never said where the name comes from. I figure it’s got to be a Scooby Special, not some term of art in the body building world. Am I right?

    My own goals are long term health and all of this is right up my alley. I’m going to 50 this year. My body building trajectory is null. But you’re an inspiration and a good role model for sane, methodical people. Thanks for that. Again.

    1. it is called the goblet squat and is from the BB world. it’s so called because it’s like holding a goblet of wine, your hands make that shape as you hold it. the chair just because it’s what you sit on so you don’t go too low.

  16. scooby i think you are a very special case. most people avoid doing serious weight training for their legs because they think its too hard or it hurts a little bit somewhere when they squat/deadlift and they are unwilling to work through it. They figure oh well running and playing sports is easier so ill just consider that my leg training instead.

      1. yea like i said people like you and scooby who specifically train for long distance running are a special case. im talking about mostly younger people who think jogging a few miles a day is a legitimant replacement for heavy resistance training.

    1. When i wake up on leg day and think about leg training i feel adrenaline and my heart start’s to beat faster.
      The leg training is killing me. i take it the hard way. I do lunges and leg raises, sometimes stiffed leg deadlift. after 20-30 minutes of training i feel sick and can barely walk. i train legs once per week and have excellent results in short period.
      Three days after training, walking and sitting for me is difficult.

  17. Fantastic, Excellent video!!! Great looking legs Scooby ,No Homo. Great info I can use.
    Speaking of leg exercises, How about shin exercises they always seem to be overlooked.
    How about tennis elbow ? I recently had a problem with it.Have you ever had it and what did you do?
    Who’s singing that song?You? The next hit ! LOL

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