Resting Heart Rate As Fitness Indicator

Resting Heart Rate As Fitness Indicator

Resting heart rate (RHR) is one of the best fitness indicators.

For all you people who disagree with me and still think your 15 minutes of interval training is good cardio, here is a reality check. Measure your resting heart rate right now. Yep, now – what is it? Where do you fall in Scooby’s bro-science chart below?

Resting Heart Rate (RHR)
Age Improvement Needed     Elite Endurance Athlete
15-25     over 60BPM     35-50 BPM
25-45 over 65BPM 40-55 BPM
45-60 over 70BPM 45-60 BPM

Please post your resting heart rate, your age, and your cardio workout!

If someone has the secret for keeping your resting heart rate low without lots of work, I’d love to know about it! Please, post your cardio routine and your stats!

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  1. Age 35.
    RHR 56.
    Weight 80 kg.
    Height 171 cm.
    Lifting heavy, mostly compound exercises. Low reps.
    No cardio. Walking over 20 000 steps a day carrying boxes at work.

  2. age 30
    bmi 23.5
    hr 78 (hand counted over 60s just now)
    My cardio routine? Sitting at a desk for 8 hours, coming home and sitting at a different desk for 6 hours.
    Not having a car is my saving grace, walking to and from train stations, to go grocery shopping and carrying everything home.

  3. age 37- ride 5-7 day week, 30 to 70 km each ride , been at it now for about 6 years , b4 i started riding had a resting heart rate of 90bpm now i am at 47-50 bpm my only problem is i smoke pack cigs a day. cant kick the habit.

  4. Age 36. RHR 55 and still getting lower! Started going to the gym again 12 months ago. 2-3 sessions a week consisting of 40-45 mins of weights and HIIT. Sympathetic exerises completed back to back with no rest between each set. An example would be 12 incline bar bell bench presses straight into 12 Arnold presses straight and then straight into 1x 12 lat pull downs repeat 3 times without rest. All over body exercises completed in same manner for full workout (approx 20-25 mins) then 15 mins HIIT on 1:1 or 2:1 ratio depending on energy levels (15kph at 4.5 incline on treadmill) Sprint for 45sec rest 45sec or Sprint for 1min rest for 30 sec. Seems to work for me. Body fat dropped by 2% and muscle tone significantly improved with strength gains and definition.

  5. I’m 21 years old and I have a resting heart rate of 63bpm. I do cardio 4 days a week (cycling), in addition to weight training. I have a hard time keeping bad weight off so I have to keep really active to cut and maintain, but I don’t do cardio every gym day.

  6. Hi Scooby, big fan

    Question: I started working out a couple months ago. I really love running and run about 3-4 times a week, doing 4-5 miles (slowly, at 6-7mph). I’m also starting lifting, but I’m not sure how to balance lifting and running (how often/how long). My goal is just to be healthy and lean.

  7. I’ve been running 15-20 miles for about 5 weeks now, stopped smoking 9months ago. Just measured my RHR tonight. 48. Currently training for marathon. 15 weeks to go an need to get up to 40 miles a week. Scooby, You’re the only person that talks sen,se and who I trust online. Thanks for everything. Please keep posting your advice and videos.

  8. RHR 82- I’m 22. and I weigh 235 pounds, and am 6 ft tall. My work out routine usually consists of doing mostly cardio on trails with incline. but I’m not sure if I need weight training as well, because I’m honestly confused on what is considered the quote un quote “Right way of working out.” My endurance in my cardio is improving I’m able to last longer in running. I’m slowly cutting the junk food out of my life. Yet I always get those food cravings. Can you give me any tips on how to still eat healthy but not give up the taste?

  9. age 39 rhr is about 70, not doing any sports activity at all, but do walk all stairs except when I have done grocery shopping for a whole week. I am 85 kilo and have a fat percentage of 22, maybe a bit more when I did run couple of years ago there was no big change. When I start hitting the gym, there is much change. For now I don’t have them money to build my own home gym, but I will I am determent to do it, save up and go for it.

  10. Age 18 – RHR – 72 – I found importance of cardio after long time of liting, and was smoking cigs since I was 12. Now I stopped few months ago, stop drinking alcohol, decrease frequency of weed smoking. Now I do Scooby intermediatte workout with some little modifications for my goals(more pulling and core) and cardio EVERY day, jogging,bike,walking… Cardio helps me with regeneration and it decrease my RHR from 82 after 2 months!

    Thank you for everythink you did Scooby, you are awesome person.

  11. I have a resting heart rate of 72. I am 19 years old, female, and recently joined the gym, im beginning weight training and i do cardio 5-6 days a week on the days i weight train (3 days a week) i do a 15 cardio warm up and 30 minute cardio post workout, on days i dont weight train i do 60 minutes of cardio. which consists of 30 on the elliptical and 30 on the tredmill . Any advice on how to lower my BMI? its at 21% cureently and id like to get it down to 13% so my abs can be more visible?

  12. Leonidas Ventresca

    I am 16 years old, workout 5 days a week, do cardio everyday. I checked on various heart rate machines, and my rhr is 47. I do Tabatas, kickboxing, jump roping, jogging, and I cross train the cardio sessions because I don’t want to do the same thing over and over again.

  13. I’m 21 and my RHR is 55, cycle 5 days a week for 2×20 minutes to and from university and going to start running in order to reduce some body fat and inprove my overall fitness

  14. Just turned 30 and have a RHR of between 45 and 51.

    I only post because of my surprise: I first read this post last year about 6 months after starting to try and get fit and my RHR was about 75 – 80.

    My weekly regime is below – I think the intense cardio session at the beginning of each week must be the key to my RHR reduction. Between the different stages listed I monitor my heart rate and have observed significant improvement in HR reduction time during the workout over the last year.

    Although I think my Monday intense cardio workout has done the most for my RHR, starting lifting last year has done much more for my overall fitness and well-being. Eating more appropriately for my activity has also helped me feel fitter.

    I also walk about an hour a day (but I have always done this).


    Every Monday – Treadmill workout
    5 mins, uphill at 15% 5-6 km/h
    30 – 45mins, uphill (4%) at 9.5 km/h (with speed changes as needed after 20 mins)
    10 mins uphill sprint (at 2%) increasing from 10-13km/h.

    Tuesday: rest

    Wednesday (if work allows): 20 mins cardio (running / spin / rowing)

    Every Thursday
    1 hr lifting session
    10 – 15 mins light cardio (on treadmill uphill at 15% adjusting speed to keep HR between 135 – 145)

    Friday – Sunday: rest

  15. Age 33. Resting HR 35ish. HR right now sitting at the computer (checking pulse)… 37. Cycling 3 consecutive days per week, two 1 hour rides per day I train. Weight training two times per week using full body compound exercises – squat, dead lift, press, chins.

  16. Бреус Евгений

    Age 25 RHR 44 – i do 1h X 7 days on exercise bicycle at speed 22 mph at medium tension, plus i am doing scoobys Intermediate Workout Plan, i started to loose weight 2 years ago when i reached weight of 310 pounds by height of 6’2. I had problems with breathing and high blood pressure. after 1 year i lost 110 pounds. Now i am keeping my weight in 200lbs zone i do stength workout for a year now + cardio. So after two years i have inproved my health ( no problems breathing, blood pressure in normal, and other health benefits).Gained 15lbs of muscel in 1 year.

    Thank you Scooby for these greate resource.

    1. Also I read about heart rate recovery as a health indicator. Measure your high HR and then on a minute of rest measure again!. 15 is very bad and you are at risk. Yesterday mine was 49 after my run.

  17. 40/m 5’11 225 (down from 280 2 years ago). Had my rhr tested just yesterday at 62 bpm. I roll Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at least 3x/week for 90 minutes per session. Strength train 3-4x/week (push/pull) compound movements and walk for 60 minutes 3x/week maintaining a hr of 122 bpm using a hr monitor. With a family, finding time for all the training can be challenging. You have to be creative (early mornings/lunch breaks/late nights). There is a way, if it’s important to you. Edit: Great job Scooby… As always.

  18. Age 38 – RHR 53 – I jog 1/week, do interval runs 1/week, do a fun 45-60min aerobic session 1xweek (dance, martial arts, cardio yoga,… one of those) and a 20-30min HIIT routine 1/week (tabata or similar). The remaining days I do strength training for toning.
    I’m gradually incorporating gentler forms of exercise such as balance, postural exercises and more and more yoga. I’ve reached the conclusion that less is more with exercise in terms of the approach along with a moderate amount of time. No need to overdo things.

    Scooby, thanks for all you do. It’s refreshing to see somebody with sensible common use. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  19. Age 41 – RHR of 44 – I try to run 2 miles/day before I weight train. On rest days, my goal is to get up to 7 miles. I usually end up with around 25 miles/week (notice I said I TRY … some days, the mind/body just can’t get right!) I’ve only been running about 2 years or so, but I find it extremely gratifying as I couldn’t run more than 2 minutes when I weighed 358 lbs.

  20. Male age 37. RHR 50. Boxing training 4 hours per week. 3 min intense intervals with periods of max explosive movements, and periods of sustained lower intensity output followed by 1 minute of rest. Ducking, moving, slipping, punching, jump rope.

  21. ArtemisKalatzakis

    Age 31. Ht 186cm and Wt 77kg. BP is at – 93 SYS / 49 DIA with RHR at around 50bpm.

    Cardio – 3min warmup at 8 km/h then 13 km/h for 17min then a few 20 seconds sprints. This is my pre-workout warmup. I do about 1hr of weight training after that. I do this 3days a week.

  22. Age 19, anywhere from 41-46 I swim hour’s daily (interval sets and so on) on swim team This is in my belief the only way to really get in top shape with swimming because you push yourself to hold a certain pace throughout the whole set on a certain time where you are actually waiting for the clock to go to the certain interval. From this aspect there is no recovery only the wait. (there are sets with active recovery but forget that). The point is that you go faster than comfortable for a brief or long time depending on the distance and continue to hold it. I tell you when you do it right the sets are very painful.

  23. Age: 17
    BPM: 54
    Cardio: I run 12 Miles every other day and cycle long distances every Saturday (typically about 75k)
    Possible Confounds: Just drank two cups of Coffee heheh
    Been doing this for about a year.

  24. Age 41, RHR 74, BMI of 25.5. I just had a strong cup of coffee and am wearing my nicotine patch, so there you go! Normally in the morning my RHR is about 60. I’ve been training for a half-marathon and was running about 20 miles per week until I strained my hamstring 4 weeks ago. I’ve been taking up the slack with frequent walks and riding the exercise bicycle enough to get my heart rate up to about 130 for at least 20 minutes, 5 days per week. I’ve also been doing the Scooby beginning workout (pushups, pullups, and crunches) 3 days per week.

  25. Age 27 – RHR – 54….I lift weights up to 5 times a week and maybe do at most 2 sessions of 1 hour boxing pad work with circuits as my cardio. This is not a regular occurrence though, maybe 2-4 sessions a month
    I never use a cross trainer, treadmill or bike. I walk about half a mile a day too and from work. This is all

  26. Jean-François Gillet

    Age 32 years old
    RHR about 45
    Running 4 days a week : 1 time short interval 1 time long interval 2 times long distance –> best performance this year 1h22 for a half-marathon.
    Lifting weight 2 to 3 days a week : full body workout.

  27. Age: 16
    RHR: 58
    Cardio: differs from week to week. Some weeks I play soccer, Some weeks I don’t. I usually have 4-5 cardio sessions a week, consisting of 20-30 minutes low intensity cardio on training days ora 20 minutes HIIT session on non training days.

  28. Age: 44
    RHR: 55 (taken now, while @ work. normal wakeup HR more like 50)
    Workout: training only for last 3 months, increasing duration/intensity, mostly running, now at 10-18 km, 4-6 times a week. also 4-6 hrs tennis, and about same of cycling. gym 1h, 2-3 times /week. Doing my first ever 1/2 marathon this weekend!
    RHR dropped by about 10 since i started training.

    …same as Gary below, i read everything here when i started, been a huge help, absolutely invaluable thanks and keep it up!
    PS i’m also building a plane (RV-8), er… or was at one time… have to get back to that someday…

  29. Age:25
    RHR: 50
    “Cardio”: I do a standard bodybuilding split and include sporadic cardio sessions. Nothing consistent, just when the circumstances are right. I also cut 3 lawns per week that take an hour each to complete.

  30. Age 40 – 5’6 234 lbs. RHR 68. 30 minutes of brisk walking 5-7 days a week at 70-75% heart rate. Light strength training 4 days a week. I’ve come a long way considering that it used to be 109. I’m still about 85 lbs overweight but I continue to work at it.

  31. 38 years old, resting heart rate 44, heavy weights 6 days (single bodypart for one hour), cardio 3 x 30 min in mornings, fulltime builder/landscaper six days. 115kg, 6ft1″, 15%bf.
    Year ago had huge problem with smoking and drinking, stopped both and got back in gym, feel lot better. Took resting rate ten minutes after waking on blood pressure machine. Regularly below 45bpm

  32. Age 47 – 5’10” – Weight 185 – RHR 65: Last year at this time I exercised only once or twice a week, had a horrible diet, and weighed 200lbs. Since then, I started jogging/walking almost every day and doing pushups/pullups as well. Also, for the first time in my life I improved my diet, I cut out most fast food and I now cook most of my meals.

    Scooby’s work shop has been a great tool for me to learn all sorts of workout tips and nutrition advice. I’ve adopted several of his healthy meals which has helped me out tremendously!

    In the past I’ve always wondered how come I couldn’t put 1, 2, and 3 together to get my body in shape. Thanks to Scooby’s site it does so much of the thinking for me and thus gives me an endless reservoir to tap anytime I get discouraged or have questions. Thanks Scooby!

  33. hi Scooby,

    I’m Badj and I’m from the Philippines, i workout MXXTXSX and every
    time i workout i start with a 30 stationary bike cardio with 7 levels of
    break resistance. i break down the 30 mins into 2 mins high level
    resistance and 2 mins mid resistance and 1 min low resistance. i always
    do the same workout for my chest, back and abs after 2.5 months i lost
    37lbs and is seeing good improvements with my chest and back…i know
    that the abs will come out sooner or later(patience is a virtue :P), and
    i regularly play basketball every tuesday and wednesday. however when i
    checked my pulse just right before writing this its 69 BPM, although i
    drank 2 cups of coffee last night 1 before working out and 1 after, and
    drank 1 cup this morning. im afraid that this is bad for my health. i am
    now diverting into your fruits and veggies diet and keeping off the
    junk and fats. ohh by the way i love you SA-MUSH..

    please give me any insights on what im feeling now because i feel like im palpitating..hahahah :)))

  34. hi Scooby,

    I’m Badj and I’m from the Philippines, i workout MXXTXSX and every time i workout i start with a 30 stationary bike cardio with 7 levels of break resistance. i break down the 30 mins into 2 mins high level resistance and 2 mins mid resistance and 1 min low resistance. i always do the same workout for my chest, back and abs after 2.5 months i lost 37lbs and is seeing good improvements with my chest and back…i know that the abs will come out sooner or later(patience is a virtue :P), and i regularly play basketball every tuesday and wednesday. however when i checked my pulse just right before writing this its 69 BPM, although i drank 2 cups of coffee last night 1 before working out and 1 after, and drank 1 cup this morning. im afraid that this is bad for my health. i am now diverting into your fruits and veggies diet and keeping off the junk and fats. ohh by the way i love you SA-MUSH..

    please give me any insights on what im feeling now because i feel like im palpitating..hahahah :)))

  35. Almost 54, 5’11”, 175lb White Boy
    RHR: 45-56 (I’ve been told my dad had bradycardia, so maybe some genetic component)
    Been running since I was 28, weights since 24.
    Lately run at least 21 miles per week, usually 3 7.1 mile runs per week.
    Alternate running days with weights 3 times per week.
    Alcohol is the only reason I’m not ripped.
    Cyborg? is for the recent hearing aids which really help.

  36. I am 16 years old, heart rate is 49. Why do I think my heart rate is this low: running at least a mile 5 days a week, HIIT, tabatha, walking, cold chowers, yin-yang showers, and meditating.

  37. Age- 23
    RHR- 55
    TREADMILL- (warmup) START @ 3 mph increase by .5 mph until you reach 7 mph. 10 side lunges each side, 10 steps backwards, 10 steps forwards. once you reach 7mph bump up to 10 mph FINISH @ 10 mins.
    SEATED BIKE- set the resistance @ 15, peddle for 10 mins.
    TREADMILL- angle @ 15 degrees, speed @ 3 mph for 10 mins.
    UPRIGHT BIKE- set resistance @ 15, peddle for 10 mins.
    TREADMILL- angle @ 0 degrees aim for a 6 min mile.
    TREADMILL- (cool down), START @ 3 mph increase by .5 mph until you reach 5 mph. 10 side lunges each side, 10 steps backwards, 10 steps forwards once you reach 5 mph stop and walk until the time is 10 mins.

  38. What about people with arthritis? I used to be in much better shape but I have lots of work to do. I can bike, but can’t run. Missing meniscus in one knee and have had lots of trouble with it. I know losing weight will help but eventually I will need a knee replacement. I’m almost 50 and lost the cartilage to a skiing accident at 16.
    I used to work with a trainer, but I’m also under employed so I can’t afford that but I do keep up my gym membership. It’s terrible to say but I need motivation aside from avoiding an enlarged heart, fatty liver and premature death… Gosh you’d think that would be enough.

    The knee is pretty iffy. I have periodic flare-ups that are quite painful but I make myself use the knee and do stairs etc, because I know inactivity is the death of everything…
    Any suggestions are welcome. I used to be very athletic, and muscle memory does kick in for me…

  39. Age 24
    Height 74″
    Weight 230
    RHR 46 BPM
    I had to check my RHR quite a few times because I didn’t believe it. I don’t do a whole lot of cardio but can easily go out and run 3 miles under 23 min any day. I recently gotten rid of an addiction which almost ruined my family and with that completely changed my whole family’s diet in the process. I figured If i was going to eliminate one poison I might as well get rid of as many as possible. Starting to get serious about my health and fitness and am proud to say that I will be using this site as a firm base. Thank you Scooby and looked forward to learning and sharing my progress with the members of the site.

  40. My resting heart beat on wake up was 38 and im 27 year old ex ice hockey player with all life athletic background except some teenage years when I smoke weed daily :). now days I`m a natural bodybuilder but not really doing cardio more than 1-2 times a week. At night i took my resting heart beat after 15 mins of sitting down and it got to 45. I train 5 days a week in a gym with routine: Chest, Back, Legs, Shoulders, Arms, rest rest, repeat. When dieting I throw in 3-4 cardio sessions a week but haven´t done that for 2 months now. Earlier when I got plateu abit to 85 kilos I started increasing my cardiovascular shape because I noticed Im lacking air during long sets and it totally break the plateu and now im at 89 kg with 12% fat. (182cm), 4 years of training, I was really skinny at 65 kilos before starting gym again after years of break from gym training that we did during ice hockey season. I seem to gain steadily 5 to 6 kilos of muscle a year with semi proper diet while gaining pretty much fat along. Completely drug free and I don´t abuse supplements or pro hormones. Hopefully in contest shape at 2015 classics !

    Thanks to you Scooby I saved tons of time while finding the best solutions to train and eat healthy. Now been a fan of yours for 4 years.

    My blood pressure is different story. When I was younger I got measured 140 and 90. I did not smoke, Exercise daily and eat food cook by my parents. No doctor could tell me why it was like it was but now days my BB on wake up is ~ 110 and 60. This always wondered me and still if I get too stress because of work it gets elevated..

    I think that´s all the info I have ont he subject right now.

  41. Age 39 RHR is 60 bpm and my max heart rate is 200 bp, Running 6 days a week and weight lifting 5 times a week. I weigh 84 kg ( 67 kg of muscle mass ) and 1m92 tall. Body Fat is 16.5%. I run Marathons and half Marathons for many years now. Only started to BB a little over a year ago. My goal is to reach 90 kg of body weight with as little body fat as possible. I m starting my carb cycling diet also to shed of the remaining fat I have.
    Thanks for everything you do Scoob.

  42. 22 year old male my resting heart rate is 46bpm I never do any “cardio”, I play international sevens rugby and our conditioning consists of sprint intervals with short rests weights circuits e.g. tabata style however I dont feel people do these types of workouts correctly they are not an after thought but training sessions in their own right

  43. I am a 47 year old female. I started exercising and eating healthy four months ago. I don’t know what my RHR was back then but two months ago, it was 70 BPM. It is currently 68 BPM. I do 30-40 minutes of cardio per day. I am currently working out six days a week. On top of the cardio, I do 30 minutes of weight lifting per day as well as 20-30 minutes of stretching. When I started back in Dec 2012, I weighed 178 pounds and 34.6% body fat. I am currently at 166 pounds and 31.4% BF. My is about 144 pounds and I would like to get down to about 25% BF.
    I have been doing all my workouts in the gym, as here in WI it is cold and there is snow on the ground. I can’t wait to take my running outside!!!

  44. According to Scooby, a RHR of 35-40 BPM will put you in the category of elite athletes with peak cardiovascular fitness; according to cardiologists at the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, a RHR of 35-40 BPM indicates disease and is classified as bradycardia: “Although there’s a wide range of normal, an unusually high or low heart rate may indicate an underlying problem. Consult your doctor if your resting heart rate is consistently above 100 beats a minute (tachycardia) or below 60 beats a minute (bradycardia) — especially if you have other signs or symptoms, such as fainting, dizziness or shortness of breath.” For the average person to expect and push for a RHR of 35-40 BPM from exercise is beyond idiotic. Warning to all just starting an exercise program: don’t get your advice from the Internet.

    1. there are two types of bradycardia – in athletes its a result of the heart being able to oxygenate the body in less beats per a minute… a good thing. In unhealthy people it can be a problem with your heart which mixed with being unfit can cause to lack of oxygen getting around the body leading to the symptoms you mentioned

        1. My RHR is from 42-45. I consider myself an average athlete. To me dangerous would be working in a upper heart range that is dangerous. I use RHR as an indicator of my overall health. It can even help indicate your body still needs more recovery time. I found out in previous remote jobs it was good to make aware to the medical staff where my health was at. If they are not aware of your true physical health they may treat for symptoms ore-mature.

  45. Age 33: RHR 42 (taken with monitor for 3 minutes while reading this article). I run 4 times a week, between 20-35 miles/week, depending on if I’m training, and what I’m training for. On my off days, I bike to work (18 miles round trip), and/or do Rip:60 Suspension Training workouts/weights.

  46. Thank you very much for this article. It has helped me a lot. Although I knew all or most of this, it’s still good to read about it – see it in a different perspective.

  47. Age 21.. RHR – 86… Just starting out in bodybuilding.. Following scooby’s beginning plan.. I had ECGs and Stress-Test done.. Nothing abnormal.. but i fatigue very easily :(

  48. I’m 30 years old. Ten months ago I weighed 403 pounds, had a resting heart rate between 85 and 90, and got sweaty and winded from walking three miles. For some reason, it just clicked for me. I started out walking what I could, and built and built on that. Now my resting heart rate is 52, I weigh 249 pounds and I’m running my first half-marathon tomorrow. It’s not typical, but this fat, out of shape slob did it.

  49. Age 45 – RHR 71 – Zumba once/week, Machine Cardio (rotate between elliptical, bike and treadmill) 3-4 times/week for 30 mins. I sometimes complete intervals, endurance at a slower steady speed or slower plateaus of increasing then decreasing resistance, speed etc. I also stay active with fully body TABATA class once or twice/week, horseback riding once/week, Ashtanga Yoga (power yoga) once/week, body combat once/week & strength training/weights 4 times/week. I love variety & mixing things up constantly but not sure if this is good or not as it does not allow me the opportunity to practice ‘proper form’, increase weights/reps/etc. for any one thing on a regular basis??
    Two years ago I was very overweight, bordering obese, had a wake up call & proceeded to lose over 40 pounds through diet & cardio starting with the 3.0 mph walk with a 0 incline on the treadmill. I still have a body fat % and weight slightly above where I’d like to be & would be consided as being a ‘high normal’ average. At this point I’m trying to shake things up a bit more using intervals and strength training to try to break out of the plateau I’ve found myself in. Some of my current goals include being able to complete full, unassisted/unmodified, pull ups, dips & tricep pushups….

  50. Age 29- RHR between 44-48 as of this morning- it is most accurate to measure your RHR right after getting out of bed and going to the bathroom. I run long training for a spring half marathon. Currently running on average 6 days/week (range from 5-7) and mileage between 55-70 mpw, strength train 2X/week, which is the most i can do right now to balance with my running schedule. A typical week right now would include 2 hard workouts- tempo run and intervals during the week and a long run on the weekend.

  51. I’m 31 years old, 6’0 222 lbs (few years ago I was 470 lbs). My RHR when I was extremely overweight was in the 80s, today with the exercise I do (Insanity workout + a bit of weight lifting) my RHR is 46 bpm. In one of my classes we were checking pulse rates and the person checking my pulse thought I may have bradychardia because it was so low. The professor was like, no – he just has a strong, healthy heart because of the exercise he does. I imagine I could get my RHR lower, but I am also a smoker (working on quitting). But anyway, my anatomy professor basically backed up the information given on this website.

  52. RHR – 72, Age – 20. I’m a newbie bodybuilder, I do walking every do often, but it just doesn’t beat the adrenaline and satisfaction of pulling and pushing heavy weight for me :( I should really start incorporating jogging.

  53. Age 55 – RHR 70 – Got back to business two weeks ago as I work on transitioning life. Seven days per week using Precor 100i AMT at gym for 35-minutes with HR at 140 – 155. Reading your sight to learn and begin work out (beginners) regimen. In two weeks, feeling better than I have in a very long time. Thanks!

  54. im glad to read this about the value of cardio, i used to run on a regular basis but stopped about 5years ago, my RHR at the time was mid 50-60 . now its 70. I am 46 years old and have been reading alot of mens fitness magazines and they usually devalue cardio and say just lift weights to lose fat.Today i am trying to combine the 2 workouts for all around health

  55. RHR 55, Age 27 Female. Weight 172 (I’ve been losing weight, starting weight in May was 211). I walk briskly for 30 mins 3x a day, and do three or four 25 minute sessions of HIIT a week.

    I wish I knew what my RHR was when I started, but I’ve only recently been looking at it!

  56. Age: 28 – RHR 47 – Sprint kayak training 10 – 12 hours a week, including interval sessions, long slow sessions and body weight resistance training (push ups and pull ups) twice a week. Had two discs replaced in my lower back at age 19. 10 years later in better shape than ever. Your barriers are there to be beaten. The key to fitness is not intensity – it is consistency.

  57. Age 26 – RHR 56

    * 45 minutes of cardio everyday (swimming/biking/running)
    * Weight resistance training 3 times per week for 30 minutes (push ups, pull ups, crunches, legs in triathlon off season)

  58. 30/m, 57. I’ve been indoor climbing about 2-4 times per week (5-10 hours a week), for about two years. That’s my only consistent sporting activity, and I have a desk-job. Am I just genetically lucky? Is climbing better than I expected for this? Who knows…

    (Measurement taken with the heart rate monitor app for Android, which measures your heart rate by having you hold your finger against the camera. The camera then records changes in your blood oxygen. It’s by all accounts very accurate; I’d recommend it over counting your pulse with a stop-watch.)

  59. I do “Strong Lifts 5×5 Program” for 3 times a week, and I do not do cardio. Here are my values:
    Body Weight: 63 kg ( about 140 lbs)
    Body Fat Percentage: 10% (measured on the foot with an electronic scale)
    Resting Heart Rate: 65 BPM

    That article made me motivated for doing daily cardio. My goal is to decrease my RHR to 50 BPM until summer.

  60. Female, Age 22 – RHR – 47 height 5’2, weight 119 lbs. 45 minutes of running @ 8km/hr 3 times a week, 2 x 15 minute interval cycling per week, 2 X 15 minute interval elliptical per week, weight training 5 times a week. rest days include pilates once a week and 30 minutes easy swimming + 20 minute sauna once a week.

  61. weight 299, RHR 62. Started out at 350 and have been working my way down every since. Doing 30-60 mins of cardio a day with 30-40 mins of weight training. Thanks for all the info over the years scooby

  62. Age 33 – RHR between 48 (after getting up) and 58 (in the evening), 66kg/146lbs

    I’m definitely NOT an athlete, and I hated physical education in school.
    I eat and generally feel healthy, so I’m not worried.

    I do 30 minutes of cardio every second day, some more on the weekends (cycling or nordic skiing). I started this routine only a couple of months ago. At the moment I do mostly hybrid workout in the evening, because of time efficiency and because it’s too cold and dark outside to do much on weekdays. After each strength workout, my heart rate is at the lower end of the cardio zone, so this works fine for me (I could probably do better with separate cardio and strength workout, which is what I will try when the winter is over).

    I tried moving my workout to the morning, but I had trouble getting into the cardio zone even during high-intensity intervals (weird!).

    Before I started this routine, I didn’t do more than occasional biking (10-30km, on average 1-2 times a week, only during the summer) or the occasional mountain hike. At an age between 20 and 28, I didn’t do any workout or cardio at all.

    I don’t have a car, and I have a habit of walking very fast. However, walking (in flat terrain) generally doesn’t get my heart into the cardio zone.

  63. Scooby, I’m 53, RHR 68. I have been researching for months now on getting in shape and implementing several options, including HIT and long, long walks. I must say that of all the sites I’ve encountered that yours is the best. No short cuts, no BS, no silver bullets. Seems like truth to me. Seems like those photos of the bag of bones distance runners compared to the muscular cut sprinters maybe were not a good realistic cross section. Your my new goto site bro!

  64. Age 30 – RHR 47-48 – Running 5-6 days a week ( I’ll add sprint-intervals 3-4 times a week while running) **sprinting… 30secs on 30secs off at least 4 times before cooling down**—–Gym in the mornings then Muay Thai training in the evenings; 5-6 days a week ( I only lift heavy twice or tthree a week just to get some added strength..just a lot of HIIT workouts)….I can Honestly say that since I started training Muay Thai, its been easier to keep my body Fat between 6-8% (at least thats what the formulas say..i don’t trust those things, lol)…( current weight 144 @ 5’4)—before anyone criticizes my routine, its what works for me…helps alot while in the ring :0)—–FYI, i don’t lift all the time while at the gym.. I don’t drink or smoke…haven’t had an alcoholic bev in over 6-7 years..water and gatorade are my main sources..and milk if i eat cereal….my diet is quite clean…cheating more lately , tho.. lol

  65. Graham Ian Mann Gogs

    Age 40 RHR 52 Running 3 times a week 7-8 mph pace. 2×3.5 mile runs that have an evil 1.2 mile hill climb and a 7-10 mile run on and off road on the weekend that always has a couple of nasty hills half hour on the heavy bag 1 min on 1 min off every Friday and Strong lifts 5×5 3 day plan with a couple of extra bits added on (pull ups chin ups dips crunches curls plank)

  66. age 29 bpm 56. Just started doing cardio about 8 months ago. at the time my bpm was usually around 94 and my blood pressure was hovering around 140/95. My bp the last few times I had it checked was near 115/80. Thanks Scooby, I was going to try to correct this problem by using a muscle building routine, but when I saw that you said only cardio if you had to choose because of time constraints, it was a no brainer. I do 1 day a week spin class, 2 days a week of 1 hour freestyle laps in the pool, 2 days 1 hour elliptical sessions and 2 days either running outdoors for an hour or running on a treadmill. as per your recommendation I have been using loseit to track my calorie intake and make sure my protein intake is reasonable and have been eating 5-7 small well ballanced meals a day up from 2 monstrous meals with occasional vending machine pastries as snacks. Thank you scooby!! I have lost 35 pounds so far and I know I have put on muscle, I am stronger and can do things now with ease that used to be big challenges, especially when it comes to playing with my children! Thank you Scooby!! I always look forward to your weekly videos! Keep it coming!

  67. I’m a freak. I’m 47 and my RHR is typically below 50. I used to be very active, cycling and army but I’ve been sedentary for 20 odd years and only started back at the gym last year (2012), doing bodybuilding only and losing 12 kg. Bodyfat is around 21% now. No cardio.

    When I did my army physical I was cycling >150km a week and my RHR was about 40. The doctor tried taking my pulse at the wrist, then on my neck. Thinking he was missing beats he got out his stethoscope and said it was the slowest he’d ever heard.

  68. Age: 22 weight: 80kg Height:5’11 RHR- 44-46bpm

    Basically gym 6 days a week with a rest day, for 45mins to 1 hour. Hardly any cardio as i am trying to lean bulk, only heavy lifting with high intensity, maximum 1 min break between sets and exercises. I try to maintain my heart rate above 140bpm for 80-90% of the duration of my workout. I eat clean everyday, high protein and complex carbs and good fats. Don’t drink nor smoke, atleast 9 hours of sleep everyday. This is not a fad, this is a life style. I started lifting 2 years ago, and my RHR was about 65- 70bpm range. This comes to show, heart is a muscle and it adapts to workload put upon it, can be done both via cardio and resistance training, if done correctly.

    Very helpful site mate, Cheers.

  69. age 18, i dont know my heart rate, weight 155, gym 3 times a week always a full body workout for 2:30 hours each day 8 hours of sleep each day and 5 meals a day but my only problem is that i smoke cigarettes! which makes me feel like crap when i realize i do all this hard work to try and get the body i want but i still smoke! i started off by searching how to quit smoking and i ended up here ahaha i will quit smoking because if i dont i will never be able to follow all those exercises and tips your giving on this website

  70. I thought I was healthy but now I’m wondering. My stats: RHR = 72; blood pressure = 108/70; I’m female, 5’5″, 112 lbs, run 3-4 times/week, usually 10 miles at 9 min/mile pace on sat; either 5 or, if intense speed work, 4 miles on mon; and 5 (which usually includes a hill workout) on thurs. if I do a 4th run during the week, the trainings shift accordingly. I have a very hard and loud heart beat, which I always thought was (1) because I’m thin and (2) because I’m in good shape. But my heart rate doesn’t sound too good based on the stats above. Any ideas on what I should do to reduce it? I work full-time and have kids so it is hard to add more workouts but would love advice as maybe I can find a way…

  71. 46 yrs old RHR of 60. 5ft 6 and 135 Ib, I run 6 times a week, 3-4 miles M thru F and a longer one of 6-9 miles at the weekend. I do weights 3 times during the week. I have done this now for over 5 years. I am pain free during my running and enjoy it. I also love my weights and am lifting well.

  72. Age 40 – RHR 80 Was 98. over 360 pounds, 5’8 Just started to work out. Keeping my heart rate at 130 to 140 so as not to have heart attack when working out. So far 15 mins a day, hope to get up to 30 min soon. Thank you for site. love it.

    1. “So nope, you don’t need cardio”….People tend to look at themselves and then make an assumption for the masses…maybe YOU don’t need much cardio..but likely someone else does…you gotta remember that we’re all different.

  73. Age 21
    Jogging 6 days/week.. 20-30mins … (But in case i can’t jog.. i jump rope)
    RHR – 56
    But its only been a few weeks that i have started with cardio.. so i am happy with the result..for now :D

  74. RHR: 38, age: 14. Run 5 days a week at a moderate/high intensity for around 30 minutes upwards each time. Weights/callisthenics 3 days a week. I would like to start training for half marathons and eventually full marathons, have always been better at endurance exercise.

    Great website Scooby, thanks for your work, its extremely helpful and interesting. :)

  75. I am 45 with a resting heart rate between 52 and 54, i check a couple times a week. Just checked now, while reading this at 8pm, it is at 54. My cardio routine usually consists of 20 minutes elliptical trainer full speed burst intervals of 40 seconds followed by 45 second of moderate speed. Some days I just ride my mountain bike to the gym and back, which is like 22 minutes. some days I just mountain bike up and down hills in the woods. Never more than 5 days in a week.
    Also do sports training with a trainer 2 times a week, and periodically make multiple climbs up 294 steps within a monument. All of these get the heart revved up, I promise you. And bringing the groceries in has never been easier ;-)

  76. I Just want to add to what you mentioned in the post and to help persons see the benefits of doing aerobic exercises. Studies have shown that at least 20 minutes of daily cardio exercise can significantly increase your all fitness and cardio exercises are also linked to the secretion of analgesic and feel-good chemicals inside the body. The chemicals are called endomorphins and much higher levels are produced during aerobic exercises than during weight training.Thanks for the informative post Scooby!

  77. 35 year old female, I am 5’1″. I weighed 190 two weeks ago, and now weigh 185. My resting heart rate the day I decided to change my life was 76BPM. This morning upon waking up it was 48 BPM. I can’t believe such a wonderful result, but sure enough there it is. I am very healthy in all aspects except my weight, which I am working to remedy. I am doing elliptical at “Fat Burn” rate for 1 Hour a day and then Elliptical Intervalls or hills for an hour at night aiming for 140 BPM during this session. Is this quick of a turn around normal? I feel like an olympian right now ;)

  78. Age 19. Height 178 – 180cm. Weight 62,8kg. RHR 56 bpm. Exercise? Very little. Beginning to take my health seriously now, and starting exercising in the coming days.
    However, my heart rate can be elevated significantly for several hours a day due to extreme coughing. From two lung illnesses. That doesn’t count as cardio exercise, but, it’s probably what’s kept me somewhat fit my whole life.
    Scooby, among other factors has made me want to change my life. and take me health seriously. Gotten on top of my medications, and lung illnesses (for the most part). So, thankyou :)

  79. Age 23- RHR 72- Beginner at working out and getting into shape, Currently 6’4″ 260 pounds, I was 288 pounds at my heaviest about 4 or 5 months ago. I am currently on high blood pressure meds and I hope to get off of them soon with my change in lifestyle. My BP has gone down since I began but still not enough to stop them entirely. I try to do at least 20 mins of good cardio a day by jogging at the gym on a treadmill. I am also decently active at work and do alot of walking on a typical 12 hour shift. I had my Resting Metobolic Rate taken at the doctors office and I was told I burn over 3,200 calories a day at REST alone! I was eating large pizzas in one sitting so obviously the only way I got that big was eating my way to it. My cardiologist was impressed at my treadmill stress test that lasted 13 mins. Anyways, Thanks Scooby (and Hodgetwins!) for leading me down the path to health. My fiance is on board and cooking healthy, which helps a ton too!

    1. Dont blame yourself, its what everybody has been telling you. That their workouts are “better than” doing cardio. Sixpackshortcuts has duped millions into thinking this which is why he #1 in my Fitness Hall of Shame.

  80. Female, 23-years-old, college student

    RHR approx. 85-91 BPM

    Height: 5’7″
    Weight: 147 lb
    Body Fat %: 29

    I have recently (past 3 months) started to take my health and fitness seriously. I have always ‘watched’ my diet and have been logging my food intake now for over 3 years. I have tried lifting weights here and there, but have never really stuck to it. I wasn’t getting any results from running or doing cardio at the gym so I bought a home workout DVD set (TurboFire) which required me to purchase a heart rate monitor to get an estimate of the calories I was burning.

    I was SHOCKED how high my resting heart rate was after I got it. I wore it for a couple days to make sure it wasn’t just a ‘fluke’ and it wasn’t- my average resting heart rate was between 85-91 BPM. While doing interval training it easily sores above 200 BPM.

    My question is, how long will it be before I will see my resting heart rate fall? I am doing HIIT 2 days a week, long distance running (40 mins per session) 4 times a week, and weight training 2-3 times a week. I’m having a lot of trouble losing the weight. I average around 1700 calories/day – 20% carbohydrates, 40% protein, 40% fat.


    1. My guess is that you will see relatively rapid improvements in your cardiovascular health and RHR. I would guess that if you keep it up, your RHR will drop from your current 91BPM to 60BPM within a year. PLEASE enter my “Success Stories” contest! I keep trying to tell people that its not a beauty pagent, its about HEALTH transformations. If you can lower your RHR to 60BPM by the date entries are due next spring then you are IN!

  81. Age 57 : RHR

    3 1/2
    years ago I was told I was pre- diabetic
    and recommended to take meds. At that time my triglycerides were 730, HDL was
    only 37. Reduced my weight 33 pounds, lowered my triglycerides to 75 and
    increased HDL to 57.

    Don’t take any meds anymore only vitamins.

    Lift weights 3 times a week and include body
    weight exercises on other days. Been using Scooby’s “Body Composition Analysis”
    to track my progress. Body fat percent was 22, now 15, Lean Body Mass making
    slow but sure progress.

    I walk briskly 2 to 3 miles a day
    with either a weighted back pack or leg weights.

  82. I am 38 years old and have lifted weights 3 times a week for a decade and my RHR was 64 until about 4 weeks ago I also started cycling twice a week..offroad about 10 miles per session…it is obviously working as my RHR is now 52 and thats after only 4 weeks cycling !!!

      1. I’m an avid runner and like to race now and again so it is my staple. This year I have introduced weights into my training regime as I suffer from lower back problems and the results have been amazing in terms of strength and pain reduction. My running has improved so much too!

  83. I’m 50 and my RHR is 48 – 52. I used to do 30 minutes of cardio + weights everyday. Most recently I’m down to 3 days of weights and 1 run per week and a 2 hour session of fencing.

    thanks for the great job you do on your site Scooby, it’s inspired me to stay fit.

  84. Age 24 – RHR 45 – On weeks that I go jogging (because I am a constant skipper, either I jog the whole week every day, or none at all, sometimes going 2-3 weeks at a time without so much as walking), I do 40 minutes with 3-5 min. intervals (i.e. 3 min jog/3 min walk), with at least one segment of jogging for 6-12 minutes (depending on how much energy I have).

    But here is my confusion/caveat — I am overweight (approx. 88 kg, I am 176 cm), my nutrition is nowhere perfect (but not horrible), and I smoke approximately 15 cigarettes a day (and have been since I was 15 years old). So how is my RHR in the athlete zone?

  85. This is very true, not only for health but functional Muscles. Take it from someone who wrestles on a regular basis, you are not likely to be very usefull in a brawl no matter how big your muscles are if you don’t do your cardio.
    All that strength becomes useless if you get tired after the first take down.

  86. I have to find out how to change the user name later. But resting Hr is 51, 28 years old. Don’t do any cardio, due to a foot injury in 2008. Before that would run a lot. I am here looking for new ways to get back into shape.

  87. I read all the comments and I can only say that You, people, are really lucky – I can only envy You, ’cause I’ll never be able to do so much weekly cardio… ;-)
    Age 21, but I have a heavy mitral valve prolapse (diagnosed when my problems with “heart rate going through the roof” first started, circa 4 years ago), so my RHR is 124. My cardiologist told me I should only do mild cardio and absolutely forget about intensive exercising or manual labour (haha, yeah, sure, too bad the only job a student can get around here is manual labour… ;-)), so the only daily cardio I can do is cycling/stationary bike or hiking (pros of living close to the mountains) – but both raise my HR to around 180 BPM. :) I’m also trying to jog at least once a week, but I have to stop ca. every 2km, because even if I’m not running very fast, my HR easily exceeds 200 and I have to rest a few minutes to lower it back down. ;-)
    But still, I enjoy both cardio and gym, so I’m gonna keep on pushin’ myself harder and harder… :)

  88. 38 beats per minute
    13 years old
    Here’s how much exersise I do on Monday
    I wake up at 4 do insanity month 2 after cooking
    Then during school I warm up in gym and run all of class 55 min
    Then I have competitive swimming later for 60 minutes
    Then I do break dancing at 9 then when I
    Get home I do weight training for 45 min

    In every week I workout 27 hours which 5.25 hours is weight training

  89. Age: 25; RHR: 44; Cardio: 30 minutes of HITT(40 secs work/20 secs rest) every other day alternating with 1 hour of Strength Training every other day. My HITT’s are a rotation of Shadow Boxing, Squat Jumps, Mountain Climbing Sprints and Varied Jump Roping.

  90. Age 41 – RHR 53 – Running 5 days a week (average 70k per week distance) – Gym 2 days a week full body compound workout. Started changing my lifestyle a year ago and have lost 50lbs, high blood pressure gone, and found I have a strong desire to constantly be running (competing in first sanctioned half marathon in 3 weeks with goal time of 1:45 or better).

    Scooby – don’t visit your site as much now but when I was first making my lifestyle transition I read absolutely everything. It was a great tool in helping me make the changes I needed to. Keep up the good work!

  91. Age 15 – RHR 45 (maybe 1 more or less) – now while football (soccer) season is going again I play football like 3-4 times a week – sports in school 2 times a week – my own gymnastic/calisthenic + weights for legs program + extra static exercises on off days.
    Also when it’s summer and no football training, for instance this summer I did like this nearly the whole summer:
    3 cardio sessions a week
    One of them was HIIT running with different types of intervals each week (hills, 40s-20s etc.)
    One of them was short distance running, usually 4 km very close to max pace.
    One of them was long distance running, between 7-10 km (sometimes when I was lazy only 5.6 km)

    PS: For all of those who are commenting here and reading, check out the forum! I’ve been a member of the forum for one year and I’ve learned so much! Strongly recommend it :D

  92. RHR 55bbm, age 43, cardio 3 days per week 20 minutes when I do weight training & 3 days 40 minutes non-weight days, I do Scooby’s custom workout 3 days per week – push, pull, legs/shoulders. Started 4 weeks ago.

  93. 20 years old, full-time mechanical engineering student, RHR 54 BPM, four 30 min runs a week (sometimes 5 miles sometimes only 3), ab ripper x two times a week, 30 min strength training three times a week

  94. Age – 21; Doing cardio for 4 months now 6 time a week 4 times 1 hour jog with 150 BPM and Cycling 2 times a week over 2 hours and mostly over 160 BPM because I do like to climb but my 180 pound doesn’t really let me to climb too much. I usually stop at half of the mountain and get back home. After all this useless information, my RHR is 71.

  95. age 17, resting heart rate 49. 30-70 mins cardio 5 or 6 days a week (intensity varies). Most often I go jogging or do uphill sprints. Resistance training 2 or 3 times a week. I 100% agree with you that cardio is more important than weights; I love the endorphin rush and the feeling of having achieved something after cardio. Sadly, a lot of people my age are concerned only with their physical appearances and prioritise weights over cardio. I feel I’m fairly fit for my age; I ran my first half marathon this summer, but would like to lower my resting heart rate more as I’m only just within the athletic category for my age!

  96. 42 resting heart rate. Age 16. Along with being a bodybuilder I am a cross country runner – most days I run 5-8 miles, with an interval workout once a week, a “long run” (8-10 miles) once a week, and a race (5K or 10K) every other week.

  97. Age: 36
    RHR: 47-54 Depending on the time of the day. Ave: 52.
    I do weights 5 days a week for 30 min a session. Cardio: Running, Jump Rope, Insanity….. For 2 days a week. 30-45 Mins a session. I plan on increasing my cardio to 6 days a week, 45-60 mins a session and cut my weight lifting to three days a week to shred some body fat. Currently at 12 % have a goal of 8% by the end of the year.

  98. Scooby, I believe what you have said before that cardio is more important than weight training for fitness however after watching the Olympics and comparing Usain Bolt to Mo Farah I am starting to wonder if all the running I have been doing ( sometimes 30 miles a week at about 7 miles per hour) have held back my muscle gains ?

  99. Age 41 – RHR 52 – SixPackShortcuts and Insane Home Fat Loss routines as I see fit or when on vacation. With SixPackShortcuts, I finally get routines spelled out so I don’t have to figure out what I need to do or make up my own workouts. Also, I shorten the rest periods or eliminate them to finish the weight workouts in about 30 minutes and keep my heart rate up over 140 bpm to give me the cardio benefits at the same time. It’s long duration HIIT and I can finally see my abs and have a strong core. So I, for one, do not agree with SPS being in the fitness hall of shame. I do not follow their specific zero willpower diet but do follow their principles in my diet. After discovery Scooby’s website but before SPS, I tried doing over 300 minutes of cardio a week for two months, keeping my heart rate up over 150 bpm, and three days of weights. But I have never been able to cut down my bodyfat % to see my abs. It’s in the diet and concentrating on building more muscle, which is what SPS is based on. The meaning of “shortcuts” in the SPS system is that they spell out what you have to do with your workout, but more importantly, with your diet. They did all the research, diet and workout planning for you. You just have to do the “work”. Fix your diet first. Workout is secondary. Of course, self motivation is key. Since I was already working out 7 days a week, transitioning to SPS was easy. And I now call it training because training isn’t optional, exercise and working out is.

    1. SPS discredits himself by admittedly lifting too heavy for the camera, barely being able to do 25 cleans/burpees with light weight, and endorsing terrible nutrition. For his size and physique he is very underwhelming strength wise and has no endurance. Just imho.

  100. 26 years, rhr 60.. Circuit training classes 4-5 days a week for 60 minutes plus a minimum of 30 min of cardio 3 days a week, mostly jogging with occasional stairs.. Based on my rhr.. I guess I need to step up the cardio! I thought I was pretty in shape!

  101. Age 22 – RHR 45 – weight training 4-5x/week, rarely do cardio..

    I walk my dog and take a walk with my girlfriend but that’s pretty much it.. But I like riding the bike so I do that as soon as I have some extra time, which sadly isn’t very often.. 2 years ago I was biking every other day for 1h but that have for some reason left behind me.. I’m gonna get better now!

  102. Age: 34, RHR: 52-56, 5-6 days a week 30min on a crosswalker and then 30min on a treadmill (brisk walkung or running) … I’ve to keep going … but I’m close .-)

  103. Age 43, RHR 75-80. 60 to 90mins cycling 3 times a week. covering 20 to 25 miles in one session. Do weighted pull ups and chin ups and leg raises one day and then dips and push ups the next. Heart rate always been a little on the high side all my life although I have always kept fit. Same weight as when I was 18. 5’4″ around 130 pounds

  104. Can control my RHR.
    AGE 21/Triathlet, RHR average 47 BPM. Best RHR 42 BPM.
    Habe immer einen guten “RHR”-Wert (45-47), wenn ich einen Tag davor 60min schwimmen war und 3km geschwommen bin.
    Durch Laufentraining bisher den besten Ruhepuls-Wert gehabt. 3h Jogging und nichts essen,nur süßes trinken.
    Habe natürlich so strakt an Muskelmasse verloren :P.
    I have a training-diary. If you want more information ask me .

  105. Age 35 – RHR 60. My cardio is my cycle commute to work. All year round 5 days a week and can vary from 7-14 miles a day dependant on route. Weight training is 3 to 4 times a week. That’s the first time I’ve checked my RHR for years. Last time was when I was alot more active, probably doing between 14-20 miles per day cycle and weights 4-5 days a week. My RHR then was around 45. Note to self. Time to up the cardio.

  106. Totally agree with you in this issue. I have been a gym-rat since 15. I am now 40. I´m 5´8´ and 205 ponds. The last 4 years I changed my workout routines doing at least 50% cardio. I have a RHR at 34 now (it probably genetical too) and a VO2max at 55. I am very muscular but can easily run a half-marathon. Later this year I will run a marathon. To me it is very important to be fit. Beeing just muscular but not be able to run for 5 minutes are not beeing fit. Another undervalued point with doing cardio are that the cardio helps your strength training! It increases the VO2 (oxygen) available in your body. And improves your lactic (milkacid) tolerance. Both of these factors enables you to work out harder on the weights. I am as strong as ever, low fat% as ever and have been blessed with the incredible nice feeling of beeing able to run and run ;)

  107. Age 46 RHR 51.(just now after a cup of coffee) Weighttraining 6 days a week. Coretraining 7 days a week. 1 day (rest day) yoga. 2 day’s a week I make a 40 kM bike trip. 3 days a week i do 20 minutes cardio.

  108. Age 35, male, RHR 52. I’m 20 kgs overweight due to a disturbance in fat metabolism (medicated). Competitive sports (canoeing) between the ages of 11 and 15. Diving & serious swimming between 16 and 26. Then the desk job era started. Since the age of 30 I do a mix of running (5-10 km, pace 6-7, up to twice a week), Escrima (weekly training plus some practicing at home) and weightlifting clean & jerk style (twice per week for half a year now; yesterday: 100 repetitions “challenge” with a 52 kg barbell – finished after 33:28 min). Not to forget: I live on the 5th floor. No elevator, just 98 honest steps.

  109. RHR: 48. Age: 26. I do cardio 3-5 times a week and lift weights 3 times a week. I think it’s also important to note that my RHR can vary anywhere from 45-65 BPM. I think a lot of this might be environmental and your state of mind at the time you measure your pulse. For instance, if you’re in a cool, relaxed environment, aren’t stressed, and have done minimal physical activity in the past several minutes, then I would presume that your heart rate would be lower than normal.

  110. RHR- 49, Age-23, cardio is my commute to work, which is 1-3 times a week and is 22 miles round trip. I also walk a total of ~5 miles a day for my job, and weight training 5 times a week. You’re the man Scooby

  111. Age: 32 (Female)
    RHR: 45bpm (tested at my last medical, The Dr actually said it was to low)
    Cardio: Running middle distance, H.I.I.T & Kickboxing. Resistance training 4 times per week

  112. I’m buzzing pretty hard on caffeine, so my measurement is a little higher than a normal resting heart rate, but I’m 20 and had 58BPM, and I run a 5k in about 25 minutes every second day

  113. 20 yrs old, 60-64 BPM, Weight Lift 3 times a week and various cardio (bike, jog, rope, HIIT) 3-4 times a week. I think saying non-athlete with a BPM over 50 is a little inaccurate personally.

  114. i have never understood this, i am 30years old 72 bpm and i can run a marathon and be fine after it what the heck, and my face will go red, i can get my breath back after any cardio in under 30 seconds but my heart rate is always fast, i had to edit i forgot after cardi my bpm are in the zone that says i will die :s

  115. Age 29 RHR 43 Lift weights 2-3x a week and play basketball daily since the age of maybe 10 or so. I never run but I play bball every day. Some days for an hour some days for 3 hours. Usually full court. I am 6’2 175lbs good upper body with abs but skinny legs because I neglect legs at the gym lol

  116. age 37, RHR 60, 3 days of strength and 3 days of cardio of varying types and lengths. I like a mix to keep my body challenged, so some days I’ll do 10 mins of HIIT (dead at the end of it) some days I’ll do an hours’ aerobics. depends what I fancy. I don’t think being dogmatic about which cardio is superior helps anyone – it’s much more important to to do something. you’re much more likely to do something if you enjoy it. If you prefer LISS over HIIT, have at it. If crawling out the gym after 10 minutes with Zuska Light’s your thing, go for it. As long as you do some kind of cardio at least three times a week. For me, that’s the main thing.

  117. 39 RHR 64.
    I do cardio at least 5X a week for 30 to 40 min. a crack. I also lift with intesity 5X a week for 45 min. I work out so hard, that I have to take the 2 days off a week beause if I don’t, I feel too run down. I set a goal at the beginning of summer to run my first 10K by the end of summer. I accompished that goal a month early, and ran it in 65 min. I thought I was in very good shape but according to you I have a way to go. (Very Depressed now). :(


  118. Heart rate: 45-50
    Age: 25
    Cardio: Last 2 months, almost nothing, but I bike a little bit everyday, to and from work (1,5 km one-way). I always push myself, also if I go longer distances. Always take the bike.

  119. Cardio is even fun. Unfortunately, some conditions just leave a dent in the daily time allotment. I try to do some 10-15 minutes at the end of every workout, roughly 4 times a week, and go running 1 hour on Sat or Sund. Yet I do that knowing full well that it is just “better than nothing”. Best ripped I have ever been? Karate years. 3 / week 90 minutes lessons with crazy cardio. Weights (full body, high reps workout) 2 / week. Bike to dojo. Bike to gym and back, Jogging on the weekends. Felt SO healthy and full of energy. Slept like a baby.

  120. BPM-54, Age-19, cardio: jogging, sprinting followed by walking (no tabata, hiit or sth like that, i do it my own way ;) ), football (or as you call it in US, soccer but i hate this name).
    It seems I’m close to elite-athletes but I think there should be a cathegory between elite-athletes and non-athletes, shouldn’t it?

  121. Age: 20
    BPM: 54
    Cardio: 20 to 30 minutes of low paced cardio after weight session; occasionnal running
    No wonder my body fat reached a plateau… I think it’s time for more cardio.

  122. I am 35 yrs old. I do cardio 5 days a week. 15 min Stationary bike before workout, plus 25 min elliptical every Mon, Wed, Fri after my regular workout. I swim 60 to 100 laps (time factor) on Tuesdays, and Thursdays I run 10 k… My resting heart rate is 61bpm.

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