Zyzz and YOLO

Zyzz and YOLO

zyzz and yolo

Zyzz epitomized the YOLO attitude. If you dont know what either of those are, dont feel bad because I didnt either until two years ago. YOLO means You Only Live Once. Live for the moment, fast and furious, and dont worry about consequences. Zyzz is someone who polarized the fitness community, many hated him with a passion and others loved and admired him. Even his detractors had to admit though that in a few short years, Zyzz became the most talked about fitness personality on the planet and after his death his popularity has not decreased.

Zyzz’s life points out both the advantages and disadvantages of the YOLO attitude.  What I need help with is in coming up with another acronym, an anti-YOLO so to speak.    I want a snappy way of conveying the life approach I recommend on my website.   Something as catchy as YOLO but that means the opposite.  Don’t take shortcuts.  Work hard and get your gains the slow, old fashioned way.  Help others and give back to the community. Make your goals and work toward them.  Think about health and fitness rather than just cosmetics. The thing that immediately came to mind was from Spock on Star Trek:

Live long and prosper

Trouble is LLAP makes a really cruddy acronym and it will never catch on because it sounds about as appealing as MRSA. I want some sexy acronym that is as catchy as YOLO but glamorizes the anti-yolo attitude.

Ideas???  Help me come up with a snappy acronym!

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  1. What I always tell myself:

    “Squatz and oatz”

    When i’m struggling with those last sets at the gym, i just remember that old fashioned hard work is the way to go. That’s what “Squatz and Oatz” means to me: hard work and good nutrition.

  2. LIMS – Life of Integrity, Moderation and Strength

    TBH Lifestyle – Turtle Beats the Hare Lifestyle

    HADIL – Health and Dedication in Life
    SCOOBY – Success Comes Only Once By Youth (thinking in the context of strength and health)

  3. BIG-O-DAT become insanely great one day at a time, PIA-WIP progress is work in process. Or it could be stated as The Law of Dr. Alped dreams realized a little progress every day.

  4. Scooby, I really don’t think you should bash Zyzz.
    Zyzz is an inspiration! He’s a lifestyle!
    He did take drugs, but that’s not the point of his lifestyle! Watch his videos, he never mentions drugs! He never promoted them! That’s all the haters that hate’s bullshit!
    Zyzz only wanted to inspire people to become the stronger version of themselves mentally. Caring about consequences in life too much, will prevent you from doing things that sometimes might be your turning point in life! Simple example, you see a girl that you like, you think of consequences “She might reject me”, “she might laugh at me”, what he promotes is simple: Stop caring and start doing! Dont think “they won’t accept me in this job”, “this school is too expensive”. DO IT!
    It’s very good to think about future, I agree, but what creates future, Scooby? It’s the NOW that creates the future!
    Even in the gym, you should live the NOW and focus and concentrate, in order to achieve the physique in future!
    What Zyzz promotes, is a lifestyle that builds a stronger character. A stronger character is needed for success in life! A stronger character will get you whatever you want, because you don’t think of the consequences, you act upon a feeling!

    Forever mirin brotha! All my respect to Zyzz!

    RIP ;'(

  5. BTW, the reason I need this acronym is that I am doing a video on tips for staying fit after 50 and I want a catchy acronym. Its going to be tough to decide, so many good ones. BTW, I want new ones. YODO is very funny but its already a bit overused.

  6. Moreover:
    Hurry Up Slowly, Ken Yields!

    Please think it over! verb KEN is old, but HUSKY sounds brilliantly.
    Hurry Up Slowly is an old polish adage which encourage Poles to rebuild after the occupancy.
    So it already has strong value.

  7. MY TAGS : manage your time and get success
    MY TAYS : manage your time and yield success
    MY LAGS: manage your lifestyle and get success
    MY LAGS: manage your life and get success
    MY LAYS: manage your life (or lifetime) and yield success

  8. “TIMSHEL ” The main theme for the book “East of Eden” . Essentially it means that we have choices in life. In a nut shell we can choose either right or wrongs way to live our lives. It’s up to us.

    1. LOL! Reminds me. No matter how dangerous a stunt, you can do anything once. Of course there is the small matter that you die and can’t do any other stunts after that.

  9. Zyzz was different ,he was YOLO himself but didn’t promote the shortcuts. He promoted ways like you Scooby ,he wrote a book too about workouts and nutrition ,all natural ways… just he didn’t follow himslef ,this was a big contradiction alltogether….
    from his formspring >
    “why did you delete me off facebook for calling you a roid muncher?”
    “John Luong, i find it extremely offensive that after i solidly promote myself as a natural bodybuilder and encourage natural bodybuilding, display my meals everyday on fb to show everybody how i eat, check into the gym sometimes twice a day, perform endless amounts of cardio, avoid going out and drinking on weekends, answer all your questions on formspring, take my time to educate you on living a healthy lifestyle and getting in shape not to mention teaching you bodybuilding lingo (natty), for what? so someone like you, fat, unhealthy, out of shape, and uneducated in being fit, can call me such a derogative term? mate your lucky i dont break your nose next time i see u in auburn gym. u owe me an apology for being so rude, specially since i was so courteous to you.”

  10. wow scoopy like 3 days ago i was thinking posting about Zyzz and ask ur opinion on him, do u even know that he exsisted, and now there we go YOU MADE SOMETHING ABOUT HIM, RESPECT MAN.,

  11. From a fans perspective of Zyzz: He in his videos made you believe like you can do it. he always said in his charismatic and crazy hyped way for example, ” Be a sick cunt”! Anyone can make it”! its weird, but the more i watched his videos i get the sense that Zyzz pushed and motivated people to be the best in the gym and not care what others say or think about them. REMEMBER, no one is perfect! Regardless, he inspired and motivated a lot of people like you Scooby!!

  12. zyzz life was the best, seriously he inspired so many people regardless, its sad this article portrayed him in a negative way. He’s passed on, rest in peace zyzz.

  13. Throughout history words have changed or even completely reversed meaning through what’s called common practice. I don’t think that you need a different acronym, but to draw a different meaning from the idea of only living once. You see, it’s absolutely true (staying shy of discussions of re-incarnation, which I don’t necessarily disagree with, but it distracts from the current point), that we only live once. But, to me, that’s all the more reason to commit craft and dedication to the experience. I don’t think that YOLO should imply that we just run rampant and/or do whatever. I think it should mean that we value the experience of life, and really pay attention to it, and give it every bit of thoughtful creativity we can muster.

    “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”
    ~Richard Buckminster Fuller~

  14. Oh Goddamn it Scooby! I’ve been lifting and reading bodybuilding literature for 3 years now and until RIGHT NOW, I did not know who Zyzz was. Now I have confirmation that I was reading the right and relevant stuff.

    His videos are like train-wrecks, they’re so awful, you can’t look away…

        1. Sorry Az. Zyzz was on a few different types of Anabolic Steroids. Which I will not name for reasons out of respect. Steroids weren’t the CAUSE of his death, however they did not help. He had an undiagnosed heart defect, which was not discovered until his death. According to sources Zyzz died in a sauna whilst visiting Thailand. Anabolic steroids have side effects that eventually lead to problems such as increased heart rate, I believe this in some way Steroids had an effect. Then again, Caffeine increases heart rate as well, so it’s hard to pin point any alone causes of death in relation to Steroid abuse. I’m not an advocate of Steroids at all, it is however exasperating to consistently see people argue about the NEGATIVE side effects of anabolic steroids, then when asked to provide a single piece of evidence, they can’t. Anabolic steroids seem to be the critical blame for an athlete who dies, generally if you look further into these circumstances it’s not the case. 

      1. Here are two more that go off your Gnome theme:
        Gaining Natural outcomes; Modestly Earned

        And this one, that I feel fits what your site has done for me personally, and probably for many others is:

        Gaining New Optimism, Muscles and Energy

        Doesn’t really fit for the saying or “way of life” theme, but fitting for what your site probably means – and gives – a lot of people.

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