Healthy Fast Food

Healthy Fast Food

You know fast food is bad for you but when you are driving home starved after a long workday, McDonalds is tempting.  Here is a quick, healthy, and cheap alternative. Head on home and make “Sa-Mush” (Salmon Mush) which tastes WAY better than it sounds!  It tastes so good that you will think its fast food but its healthy and will help you gain muscle and lose body fat.  Its high in vitamins, fiber, omega-III fatty acids, protein, and a bit of complex carbs – a perfect meal in a pan. The  beauty of Sa-Mush is that all of the ingredients for it last weeks or months in the freezer so you can make it at any time even if you have not had time for that weekend grocery store trip.

Sa-Mush Ingredients:

  • 1-2 cups mixed frozen vegetables, you favorite blend.  Get organic if you can
  • 2 ounces (60g) smoked salmon
  • 4-6 egg whites, organic if you can

Healthy Fast Food Alternative Sa-Mush To help you decide on proper portion sizes, please use my calorie calculator.  With this meal you will find something amazing, it is SO filling because of all the fiber that you will be completely stuffed if you consume the number of calories that my calorie calculator specifies!  Its not often you can feel stuffed without feeling guilty but this is one time you can.  Heat smoked salmon and frozen veggies in a pan till hot then add egg whites.  Cook until done.  If you must, add a bit of shredded cheese. An awesome and healthy meal you can make quickly.  Omega-III fatty acids are very important for gaining muscle mass and most people dont get enough of them.  In my opinion, getting these critical fatty acids from fish is far superior to the pill form at the grocery store.  The frozen vegetables supply important vitamins in their natural state but also provide fiber that helps in fat loss because it causes you to feel full with fewer calories.  Not only that, the high fiber in this dish can help prevent colon cancer, one of the top five most common forms of cancer. Quick Healthy Recipe For Muscle Gain And Fat Loss

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  1. Trying a variation of this puppy, smoked rainbow trout + mush. I noticed a bit of knocking in the comments, but I’d rather take the word of someone who’s willing to put his face and name to his comments, than some random guy spouting “don’t try this”

  2. Today I came home and had a serious meal of pork, corn and Brussel sprouts. Took 6 minutes to prep, cook and clean. It would have taken longer to pick up fast food or stand in line at subway.

  3. What to do with the leftover yolks:

    -Make mayonnaise or hollandaise sauce for your family.
    -Or, give it to someone else you know so that they can do something with it.

    Don’t throw them away. They can be used by someone else. :)

  4. I see alot of people ripping on scooby because his meals are not fatty enough for ectos. Im an ecto, and did the whole “dirty bulk” thing. I ate whatever i wanted and as much as i possibly could. I gained 15 pounds (of fat and muscle) in 2 months. I realized now that the unhealthy habits i had would catch up to me later in life. Now, i follow scoobys nutition (with less restrictions, for example i love adding some fatty ham to the scash, yum). It doesnt matter how skinny you are, your health is more important. gain a healthy amount of fat but dont over do it. And this is only when i cook for myself, when my wife cooks for me i dont care about the calories or fat, just protein. As for cardio, it is limited to playful boxing sparring with a few friends. Long story short, be educated. His meals are meant for endos, mesos, and PROFESSIONAL ecto bodybuilders, so if you are looking to gain weight then just ease up on some of the restrictions.

  5. I got hooked on Scooby on 3/15/12. Now, a fan forever. Best advice: no smoking, no alcohol, hydration, nutritional planning and batch cooking. Worst advice: Poo-bars! In all fairness Scooby warned us all he’s not a cook. Results: super lean, much stronger, but body building is not for me. The amount of calories required for massive muscle gain is obscene. My family loves what you’ve done for me Scooby. Keep up the good work.

  6. My point here is simple. Scooby says that your body type(endo/meso/ecto) does not matter when building muscle. That’s because he doesn’t know s*** about other body types except his.. How the hell can an ectomorph whose metabolism is already blasting all his calories away do a full body routine for 60 mins, eat a small meal and then do 20 mins of cardio??? And what the hell would that small meal be??? Sa-Mush or Scash??? Maybe his body type allows him to do so. I am not saying Scooby’s website is s***. Am just saying it’s clearly not for ectomorphs. It’s for the endo or meso but definitely not for the ecto. PLEASE SCOOBY, CLAIMING THAT BODY TYPES DON’T AFFECT TRAINING, CARDIO AND NUTRITION. YOU ARE SO WRONG MY FRIEND! ALLES KLAR???

  7. This article here clearly reflects Scooby’s area of weakness. How many grams of fat in this dish? TO MY DEAR ECTOMORPH FRIENDS OUT THERE, DO NOT READ OR FOLLOW ANY OF SCOOBY’S ADVICE ON NUTRITION AND CARDIO, HIS VIEWS WILL KILL YOUR GAINS! First of all, this meal will make you feel hungry after just 1 hour if not 45 mins. Believe me, I had followed this guy’s nutrition plans for 6 months and all I can tell you is that everyone around me were asking me if I was sick or something. but I thought there was no way Scooby could be wrong could he??? It’s only when I loosened up his restrictions that I started to make gains. As an ectomorph, it is impossible to make significant gains with Scooby’s meal plans. Life will feel like hell if you eat like him and people around you, especially those close to you will feel kind of alien to you. Trust me on this one, I just don’t want anyone to go through what I’ve been through. His exercises videos are probably the best out there regarding form and safety. BUT ECTOMORPHS SHOULD SURELY DITCH THE CARDIO AND MEAL PLANS SECTIONS. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY INSTEAD. YOU CAN’T GAIN MUSCLE WITHOUT GAININGFAT, IT IS PHYSIOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE.

  8. Do you live on the West Coast scoob? I love you and it would make my whole year if you replied to me :)
    Ontopic: Meal sounds good, but I’ll probably add some salsa or pico de gayo for flavor.

  9. For those objecting to wasting money by throwing out the yolks, consider this information passed on to me by YouTube reader “officialdjtsunami”. At Walmart, 5 dozen eggs is $7 or about 12 cents per egg. A carton of egg whites there is $3 and has 20 egg whites, thats 15 cents per egg white. I have not confirmed this information myself but have no reason to doubt its accuracy as it seems reasonable, processed foods always cost more than raw foods.

    1. The Yolk is the best part healthy fats and cholesterol you and the lots of other bodybuilders recommend low fat diet to people which is dumb Guess what happens to people after the government recommended a low fat diet in the 1970’s. They got fat while people on the low carb diet remained thin.

        1. Yes I know look up cholesterol myth on Google but then again I don’t like eggs all that much and I don’t eat them that often. Nuts and Peanut butter Oh yes at least 25% fat in the diet if not more.

  10. i will be trying this out asap. on another subject i thought i would point out a mistake on your skateboard squats. “Most home exercises for quads work only work for beginners”. i didnt know how to contact you directly so hopefully you will see it here. :)

    1. Why not simply replace the salmon with lets say some diced chicken then ? I do that from time to time, you need some oil then cause the chicken doesn’t contain much but tastewise I think it works well, too. Bacon also works though that contains lots of fat and salt of course (I assume it is still better than fast food).

  11. Manuel De Oliveira Fernandes

    I eat this lots of times when i get home,…
    Frozen Vegetables and smoked salmon steaks,…in German it is called “Stremel-lachs”
    it is bit different than smoked salmon, because the meat is thicker and has more flavour.
    The Vegetables are always a good base for everything,…i circle it often with chicken-breast, tuna, lean pork or beef cuts, and so on,… some times i add a toasted whole grain slice of bread when i am really hungry,…
    Since i started eating Veggies as a base instead of rice and noodles, i lost 7 Kilogramms of fat in 1 year, because all my life i ate noodles and rice as a base of almost every suppertime,…but i changed it with Vegetables…
    i do not like it very much with eggswhites or eggs at all, it makes it so itchy, glitchy,…but i do the eggs seperately sunny side up and cut around the yolks,…thats awesome

      1. For Germans who loves cheese they can buy “Harzer Käse”. It contains only 1 percent fat and is high on good quality protein (up to 30%). Tastes strange, but if you mix it up with potatos, beans and corn it can replace the expensive eggwhites for a much lower price

  12. Salt hold water and might cause heart disease or high blood pressure. Those two negatives still have not been proven, so it really only holds water. I don’t get why people don’t use it.

    1. You’re right that it hasn’t been fully proven. But the average American consumes about 5 times the necessary amount of sodium every day. Most basic food items like breads, cereals, poultry etc already have enough salt as is.

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