Supersize Snacks – 1lb Snickers Bar

Supersize Snacks The One Pound Snickers Bar

American Supersize Snacks

Whats wrong with a coke and a candy bar for a snack now and then?  After all, “Snickers satisfies”!  What could be a more American snack?  Vending machines everywhere are stocked with Snickers and other candy bars while offering virtually no healthy choices.  Obesity and its related diseases are skyrocketing, Snack sizes get bigger and bigger every year, and more and more gastric weight control surgeries are done every year.  See any relationships here?  

The latest development on the snack front?  The ONE POUND Snickers bar, that right, a full 16 ounces.  It used to be that 2 ounces was enough for a snack and now we apparently want eight times that amount to satisfy us.  A 12 ounce can used to satisfy us but now we need a 32 ounce big gulp.  Its really tempting to blame the companies offering these products but they are just giving their customers what they are asking for!  Whose fault is it, take a good look in the mirror, its OUR fault!

So whats the problem with splurging now and then?  Moderation, right?  OK, lets say your version of “moderation” is to have a double big gulp and a one pound snickers once a week.  What will that do? Lets add up the calories:

  • Snickers – 2070 calories
  • 32oz Coke – 373 calories
  • 2443 calories total.

If you added this “snack” just once a week to your normal diet you would gain 36 pounds fat in a year!

What is wrong with this world? People want bigger and bigger snacks, refuse to eat their vegetables, then get gastric bypass surgery to slim down.

Vegetables are the weight loss miracle product!

Supersize Snacks - The One Pound Snickers Bar And Double Big Gulp

*Video available after the 4th of November

58 thoughts on “Supersize Snacks – 1lb Snickers Bar”

  1. scooby,
    thanks for drawing attention to this issue. you’re right, as long as customers buy this kind of stuff, it will be produced. but the history of supersize snacks tells a different story. it was a movie theater owner back in the 80ies who “invented” supersize: he was trying to sell more popcorn and by chance or instinct discovered that customers who otherwise didn’t care much for popcorn went crazy about the idea of supersize buckets. what followed was an industry driven trend that has now reached almost every part of the food and fast food industry. there is lots of of scientific data that supports the fact that humans tend to eat more when they are given more (endless soup bowl experiment), regardless of their appetite. scientists explain this behavior with evolution and the tendency of early humans to take advantage of ample food reserves in an otherwise scarce environment.
    so unfortunately it’s not only the demand that is creating this market but first and foremost the marketers.
    If your interested in the research I will be glad to send you the articles I have read.

  2. Scooby,

    I am a college student who plays collegiate lacrosse. I have practice every morning and lifting every afternoon with conditioning 3 days a week. I started the year on the paleo diet which was great for about a month then it resulted in just splurging. Now I eat healthy ( Protein and veggies with some whole grain) for two and a half days and then night time rolls around and it just ends up a splurge and then the next two and a half days same thing. Can you give me any tips on how I can better balance my diet so that I dont consume a days worth of calories in one meal while trying to maintain a healthy diet all the other meals. How do I break this habit.


  3. You know if this trend continues I know how you and I can get rich Scooby…
    We need to design an in-home mounted rail system so our chairs can carry us to the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, and anywhere else we need. That’s the only way Americans are going to be able to get around if they start eating 2k plus calorie “snacks”.
    God bless capitalism!

  4. Hey Scooby :) I started following you 1 month ago, love all your work and motivational talk and of course your awesome pecs >:D< . The thing is I ran into an elbow injury 3 days after I started going to the gym (the injury did not occur at the gym). Anyway, I'm just taking it slow right now, waiting for it to recover, just doing legs/abs/back. Here is my question:
    I am almost 22 years old, never had weight problems, eat a lot, still stay skinny. Should people like me, with such a metabolism, do cardio exercises every day ? A friend of mine strongly reccomends that it gets me skinnier, and I'm overexhausting my heart/muscles with absolutely no reason.

    Thank you.

  5. scooby, I was wondering, if you have any healthy desserts you like, or what about things as of pizza? do you make your own healthy kinds? can you up load a video or more, showing, us that stuff? We all like dessert now and then and pizza lol

  6. What on earth….is this really true they make half a kilo snickers bar lol, and someone can eat that in onesitting…phew imaginethe heart and insuline spike, the least of my concernes would be getting fat. Wow only in America.

    On the other hand how accurate is your calorie calculator in real life Scooby? Does it count in up to 10% thermal effect?
    I mean as we all know the numbers are not written in stone and they vary from person to person. I have used it and i am trying to gain weight but eating the amount it says and I stay the same. My bodyfat % and lbm are more or less the same, been tracking for little over a month. Should I allow more time to see results?

  7. hey scooby,

    i really like the way you calculate the calories and say how they could end in body fat. but i got one doubt, let’s say i skipped a meal(lunch) and have snickers, will it still lead to fat formation?

    oh i forgot to mention, i train frequently(with the help of your videos) 4 times a week

    1. Excess calories consumed get stored as fat. An average lunch is probably 400 calories. Skipping a 400 calorie meal and having a 2400 calorie “snack” like this still will result in getting fat.

  8. I agree Scooby. I’m from Portugal so I don’t have that kind of products here (yet…). But they will come eventually. The problem is that people seem to want theese products and they come a low price. On the other hand, healthy food is allways more expensive. So you need a good dose of motivation and self awerness to stay on the right track.
    Be well!

    1. Could you give examples about “healthy food being expensive”? For example, what is the price of apples, oranges, carrots, and beans per kg as compared to how much a convenience freezer meal costs per kg or snack foods cost per kg?

      1. Hello again.
        I don’t have the precise numbers. I was referring to the price of having a home meal vs. bying a big mac, for example. Many people, specially youngsters, prefere to by junk food because it tastes good and it’s cheap.
        Of course, if you ask me, I rather eat home cooked, healthy food, instead of frozen stuff. And it probably comes cheaper too.
        Thanks for your reply.

      2. protein is what is very expensive and we can all agree that they are a big must if you want to build muscle. Compare 1000cal of junk food vs 1000cal of protein powder (lets forget protein bars) or 1000 cal of lean chicken breasts, 1000 cal of fish (with canned tuna and eggs the exception I know but these two foods have a bad side one being mercury and the other being cholesterol so you can’t eat these all day). In addition, they are pretty hard to store. Ex, milk, meat, eggs, etc.

        Another example, compare the price of brown rice vs white rice. At my local store, I can buy 5 pack of white rice for the price of a brown rice pack. Its true that apples and specially bananas are cheap but we can’t hide the facts that carbs and protein are expensive if you want the good ones and are needed for a serious bodybuilder. Some people like me have an income of less than 1000$ monthly and we can’t afford these foods and even worst, some have to pay a monthly rent that eats most of their wage. Hopefully, this is not the case for me but sadly, it is for some.

  9. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, Snickers was sold under the brand name Marathon until 1990. I think they should re-brand this new 2070kcal bar as marathon again since you would have to run a marathon to burn off the calories!

      1. What would be interesting Scooby is to take a picture of 2070kcal of vegetables for comparison. I reckon its about 3.25kg. I don’t think anyone sensible would sit down to a meal of that size!

  10. Ho my god ! Unbelievable .
    Here in France it’s sound like crazy such a big bar .

    I have little question , are you concerned about where your vegetable come from ? Is it easy to find organic vegetables for you ? because eating non organic vegetable could be worse that than not eating them . I’m a vegan , i work out and eat a lot of them but only organic ( Bio as we said in France ) , i don’t want pesticide or whatever in my body , what’s your opinion about that ?

    1. I never compared the price of organic vs non organic but according to scooby theres not a bid difference. However, you might want to read the consumer report about this. According to them, its a waste of money. Of course its up to you to judge.

      1. To what report do you refer exactly ?

        I’m very well documented , and i can affirm that non organic vegetables are full of bad products , and have more nutrional power than non organic ones .

        Now the problems are all about the Labels , some lables are more permissive than other . So yes you can have bad organic vegetables.

        I know that in USA labels are weaks and very permissives and it start to be the same in Europe because of the industries lobies .

        Bu what is sure is that the ones i grow myself without any chemicals products are more healthy that the ones growed by big industries using chemistry products.

        Also eating only seasonal products is important .

  11. At select stores in Florida, Burger King is going to start delivering its noxious crapola to customers who are too indolent to sit in a drive-thru line. If only there were more healthy fast food chains… I’m convinced that some entrepreneur could make it big by starting one.

    1. Home delivery for those too fat to fit thru their doors so they can leave the house? Someone posted a link to an article like that on my Facebook page. It was a teenager in the UK somewhere where they had to rip out the front wall of the house to get them out. Does anyone remember that article? There were pictures too of the hole they had to rip in the house to get them out.

      1. Hi Scooby,
        I live in the UK and remember this story. The girl was only 19 years old and reportedly weighed 63 stone. They had to erect scaffolding and construct a ramp so that they could get her from the house to the ambulance. I think it was the fire crews that removed the side of the house to get her out. The part that I can’t get my head around was that she was obviously bed bound so her parents kept bringing her obscene amounts of food. Why would they do that????

    2. My husband is spending a year in Peru and guess what…. BURGER KING DELIVERS in Lima! I was shocked….. I’m even more shocked that anyone would order Burger King for home delivery in USA. I guess we have become truely lazy.

  12. Almost 500gr for a snack bar?!? Sounds crazy for us french people.
    Enought calories in one signle bar for more than 24 hours in my current

    Look like nitroglycerin to me: somuch calories in in that if it fall on the floor it can explode (^-^)

    1. What is it? Americans do everything BIG, both good-big and bad-big. We dont seem to know moderation. A “little cheese”, a “little red wine”, a “little dark chocolate” are things we seem to have problems with.

  13. Scooby: I have been using ON 100% whey gold standard. I have been experiencing really scary heart palpitations. I went on google and found many others reporting the same condition. Thought you might like to know.

  14. Oops, I meant to say that I work out six days a week (I know, I know – every day! – I have a 15 month old daughter and it gets difficult) with at least 30 min. cardio and five days a week of 30-45 min. weight lifting to exhaustion. – Thanks again!

  15. Hey scoob, I just want to say, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am now training to run a marathon when I used to barely run. I actually don’t work out at home but as a federal employee they actually provide me a gym and pay me for three hours a week to work out :) Can’t beat that! Anyways, love your videos on youtube and please, please keep it up.
    P.S. I am 170lbs. 6’1” and my goal is for get and maintain around a 6-7% body fat. I do great through the week but I have a hard time not benging on my cheat meal. It would help if I could have a calorie number in my head so I know hey, this is my limit. I really appreciate your time!!! Have a great week!

    1. You are a true success story! I love your forward thinking employer who realizes that your productivity is much higher when you are fit and healthy. It is to employers benefit to encourage fitness in their employees even if it means paying for gym memberships or having exercise programs on the timeclock.

  16. The funny/sad thing is that they advertise them as “slice and share” when we all know that when people buy this they eat the WHOLE thing. Its like a can of Coke claiming there are two servings in a can.

    1. Yes, who can resist a whole bar of snickers… only my girlfriend, but not me… and not Scooby! :D I mean I can only resist on it if I don’t see it, especially at home! That’s why I don’t usually buy candies at home. The same thing with a can of Coke, who drinks only half of the can… nobody! Funny/sad thing, as Scooby already said.

  17. OK, I ATE the one pound snickers to see what it would feel like. Got kinda sick about 3/4 way in to the bar but continued. After 30 minutes, heart was racing. After an hour, I feel, really, really aweful. I’m going to leave this to furiouspete123 from now on!

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