Please Vote, It Does Make A Difference

So im running out the door to catch a plane to head out on my two week bike tour and Im frantically looking thru my 8″ high box of mail from the last month to find my absentee ballot. I dump it out and spread it around in a panic to find the ballot, success! Run out the front door and race to the airport. I knew Id have a chance to vote while flying to DFW and then put it in the mail there before leaving the country. In DFW, I race around to find a stamp and mailbox, my OJ Simpson airport act. Success! (picture is of my ballot!)

Why did I go to all that stress and trouble to vote? Because my vote matters! People are cynical sometimes to cover up laziness and cover the fact that they didnt bother to inform themselves about the election. With local and state elections and measures, you have a very important role and you DO make a huge difference. Often these elections are really, really close and the election can be turned by a few hundred votes.

With the presidential elections, its become easy for people to be cynical. In the past, the presidency was like a supertanker with the president at the helm. He could turn the supertanker very, very slowly but it took years. The problem now is that with the “Citizens United” decision and the floodgates of corporate money being unleashed on our democratic election process, the rudder of the supertanker has been taken over by the super-pacs leaving the President with just one oar to try to steer the supertanker. But oars are better than nothing, the president still makes supreme court nominations and with the “Citizens United” decision we have seen what a huge impact that can have.

So if you are cynical and dont think your presidential vote matters, you are kinda right. The president is powerless in many matters and in some cases it wouldnt matter if it were Obama or Romney in the Oval Office; however, the president DOES make those all important supreme court nominations. So think of it this way, you are not voting for Romney or Obama, you are voting for concervative or liberal judges on the supreme court. If you think of it in those terms, your vote is incredibly important!!

Inform yourself about local issues and …



14 thoughts on “Please Vote, It Does Make A Difference”

  1. Yes please vote, but only if you are truly aware of what the candidate supports. I think most people only vote based on party. And thats why we are stuck in a 2 party system. Theres not much difference between the 2 big candidates. Both support the Patriot Act, NDAA,(SCARY), Fed Reserve, Federal Bali outs, Endless Wars, The pointless war on drugs and many other wasteful/unconstitutional acts. The Libertarians have a guy named Gary Johnson running and would be a great president. However he doesn’t have much of a chance to win. That being said, if he does win only 5% of the PEOPLES vote it will secure the Libertarian party a real shot at the next election. And end the 2 party system. Wether you like the Libertarians or not, its hard to disagree that more choices would be nice. So check out Gary Johnson and make your own opinion. Jill Stein is also running, and though shes a lot more liberal than I would like I would vote for her over Romney or Obama

  2. Why is it that other people try to tell us what Scooby means by his words? You are only able to see the exact same words as we are, so please do not try to interpret and read into what he says as though you have some inside knowledge. You are correct in saying people should get informed and educated, and had Scooby actually said that I would agree with him 100%, however, as he dis not say that, I have to agree with Artur Wieleżyński and say, Stay home and Do Not Vote.. A vote made in ignorance will cancel and nullify the vote made by someone who has taken the time to become informed and has voted with a degree of rational competence.

  3. It’s not just between liberal and conservative judges. We could choose liberal judges, conservative judges, OR judges who actually uphold the Constitution like the ones that would be appointed by Gary Johnson.

  4. I would say: if you don’t know anything about politics and/or economy – DO NOT VOTE! You’ll only do more harm than good. All this “duty to vote” thing is popularized by politicians, because most of the people aren’t interested in politics, so it’s easier to convince them and make them vote for what is in government’s interest, not ordinary people’s. So if you’re not familiar with how economy works and you judge presidential candidates only by what they promise and the way they smile to the camera – do your country a big favor and STAY AT HOME.

  5. Scooby I have been following you for several years now on youtube and I have finally made an important decision. I want you to be my neighbor! I love to cycle, I actually work as a aircraft structural mechanic so I could supply you in any cherry max/rivets/hi locks – you could ever need, and with all the beans that i consume we could just buy by the truck loads —think of all the money we could save. + you have one killer cardio mountain bike routine; however we have a 15 month old daughter. Do you know how many calories could be burnt while chasing her throughout the day? The possibilities are endless….
    I know I am not by any means the only one who shares this sentiment but thanks for all the time you take in all of your videos/posts/live chats. It really means alot!!!

    Have a great bike tour! —

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