Intermediate Push Workout

Intermediate Push Workout

This is a complete intermediate bodybuilding workout for gaining muscle and getting stronger.  All you need is a used set of dumbbells and your carpeted floor.  This is the push workout day of my intermediate home workout plan.  My intermediate home workout consists of a four day repeating cycle: a push workout (this one), a pull workout, a leg workout, and a rest day. This workout will take you about 60 minutes to complete.

Day 1 – Push

Bodypart Exercise Number sets Number reps
abs rotisserie core workout 2 revolutions n/a
chest dumbbell press 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
chest dumbbell flys 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
shoulders alternating dumbell press 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
shoulders side raise 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
triceps dumbbell french press 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
Weights: 60 minutes & Cardio: 20 minutes – jog, brisk walk or bike


Dont forget your 20 minutes of cardio after the workouts!

The Joy of Home Workouts

intermediate bodybuilding push workout

Intermediate bodybuilding push workout you can do at home with just a used set of dumbbells.

 Many people do not realize the time efficiency of working out at home. This sixty minute workout takes … well, 60 minutes.  On the other hand a “60 minute” gym workout often takes far longer.  Fifteen minutes driving each way adds 30 minutes.  Navigating the crowded locker room to dress and undress adds another 15 minutes.  Chatting with your buddies before your workout adds 10 minutes.  Waiting for your equipment to open up adds another 10 minutes.  By the time you are back home, your “60 minute” gym workout has taken you two hours.  In this day and age, most people are frantically busy and many claim they “dont have time” to workout, home workouts are a great solution to staying healthy, muscular, and ripped on a tight schedule.  Home workouts are perfect for students who are notoriously short on time and new parents with small children who can never seem to escape to the gym.


15 thoughts on “Intermediate Push Workout”

  1. I am currently using this workout plan. I was wondering if I could include your advanced ab workout into the intermediate workout plan. The rotisserie workout is just not enough for me.

  2. Love your focus on form rather than how much weight is on the bar. After years I’ve realised I’ve doing things wrong the whole time. The best website I’ve found! Thanks so much.

  3. Nice workout! I work out at home and at the gym. In some ways I can work out harder at home since I don’t care how loud I am with my grunting. However, at the gym I can go much heavier on the machines and cables (since stabilizer muscles aren’t needed much). So overall, I feel I improve a lot in terms of strength and mass from using the gym in combination with home workouts :)

  4. You’re so right Scooby,
    I do workout at my tiny homegym for over 25 years now.
    The best thing to do.The homegym allways keept my on track. No excuses about the weather and so on. And yes you do get ripped that way. The secret is consistens. The muscles dont now that you are working out at home.. ;- )))

  5. scooby, i switched to this new work out and i have to say it is even better than the previous one. i am seeing better results just after three weeks. unreal. i will keep going until i can switch to the advanced program.
    i do wonder why you changed it though.
    thank you scooby, you are simply amazing.

  6. Scooby, I was doing your old intermediate and I thought it was great. I got awesome strength gains with it.
    With the new workout I am even more happy because I can work out nearly every day and that motivates me a lot more.
    With the old one I had to take up tot 4 days rest between workouts because my muscles took very long to recover. With this one I do not have that problem so thank you for the awesome update.

    I only wonder why you decide to change it.

    Greetings from a dutch fan, I am looking forward to the day that you come to Amsterdam for your bike trip over the Alps to France.

  7. About working out at home: I would never have believed that I could get from chubby to this muscular just working out at home with dumbbells and a pullup bar (I never went to a gym), but it happened. Thanks Scooby.

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