Live Bodybuilding and Fitness Q&A Today

Live Bodybuilding and Fitness Q&A Today

Please join me today at 4pm Pacific, 7pm Eastern for a live Q&A session! At the beginning of my office hours I talk about how to choose good cardio equipment. Ask your questions in this post, on YouTube, on Facebook, on the AskScooby Forum, or on

Live Bodybuilding and Fitness Q&A 17th December

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  1. Hi Scooby, my question is related to Overtraining. I lift weights 5 days a week for a period of 1 hour followed by 45-50 mins of moderate to high intensity cardio on a treadmill or the Stairmaster. I’m a 29 years old guy with 20% body fat percentage and my max heart rate is 191bpm. During my cardio sessions, I’m usually between 170-180bpm which puts me in the 90-95% of my max heart rate. I did see some great results in the first few weeks but I’m starting to feel tired and burned out during my workouts now and I have trouble sleeping at night as well. My intensity during the workouts has reduced and I’m unable to push as hard. I follow a balanced diet with 4-5 evenly spread meals a day but I still feel tired and irritated during the day at work and I believe I’m not recovering from my workouts. Do you think I may be Overtraining? If yes, what would you suggest I should do as I’m trying to cut down my body fat percentage while trying to maintain or gain as much muscle mass as possible? I’m afraid that if I reduce my cardio workout intensity, it may take me much longer to reach my goal of 8-10% body fat as I have an Endomorph body type. I’ll really appreciate if you could guide me and throw some light on this. Thank you.

  2. I have this question for ages, and I can’t get it out of my mind: why ALL the massive professional bodybuilders don’t use propper form when training? Rarely you see them making slow, controlled movements, but always they use rapid forced movements and don’t repsect the proper form.
    I respect you Scooby, please don’t take this in a bad way. While training, I usually use proper form, but sometimes I stir things up with more weight than I can usually handle.

    Thank you,

  3. I have chronic tendonitis in my right wrist, I’ve had it for 10 years. I’m 27 years old. Cardio is all good but you need to do some resistance training obviously. I’ve used every wrist strap and hook in the book. What are you supposed to do? I’ve took YEARS off at a time. Trying to get back into lifting. It’s still there worse than ever. I just made an appt for a rheumatologist, recommended by a new dr. MRI and nerve conduction comes back fine. Gotta be tendonitis. What the hell am I gonna do for the rest of my life besides cardio. You can work around it all you want but you gotta use your hands SOMETIMES! ugh

  4. When I go to sleep at night I tend to sleep on one of my arms. I sometimes wake up and they are numb. I was wondering if I am hurting my lifting results anyway by sleeping like this?

  5. I would love to know the difference between doin row exercises with a barbell and EzBar. is it replacable with one another ? cause i dont have a suitable size barbell for doin the row movement, thank you Scooby ! in advance.

    1. just like scooby say,,
      the reason using ez bar is,,
      it more comfortable on wrist,,
      so if u feel good when using straight bar,,
      go on,,
      but i think..using ez bar,,i feel good when grip the inner side of ez bar,,

  6. If i workout shoulder and lats i don’t feel any soreness the next day. But if i workout biceps or chest i feel soreness next day. So my question. Is am i doing something. Wrong if i don’t feel any soreness.

    1. acctually,,when workout biceps,,triceps,,lats,,quad,,and pec u will feel soreness,,
      shoulders is small muscle,,and easy to sick and hurt,,
      so when u feel sore at shoulder that mean u using bad form,,
      the reason u not feel sore is because u using the lighter weight,,
      u r doing right,,increase the weight because ur body not fully challenge,,

  7. I am considering a home workout version of Serge Nubret’s routine which is 12 reps for 6 to 8 sets using the same weight.The reason being with traditional workouts my elbows start complaining when I begin to go heavy.From what I read this style of routine relies on TUT as opposed to progressing with heavier weight to stay in the 8 to 12 rep range for 3 sets.This type of routine is supposed to be easier on the joints.What are your thoughts.

  8. On exercises like dumbbell curls or dumbbell shoulder press you can perform them one arm at a time or with both arms at the same time. Is there any difference when you perform those exercises one arm at a time or with both arms or is it just a matter of preference?

    1. acctually,,
      it does’t matter,,
      the matter is when u do both arm with heavy weight,,
      u will use other muscle to help,,
      so,,use the lighter weight when using both arm as u can control the motion,,
      (2s up 2s down)
      the good thing when use one arm,,is force u to use good form,,

  9. Hello Scooby, I have been working out for 8 months and I am now muscular with low body fat. However I keep having a problem with pain in my shoulders every time I work them out. I think it’s the tendons. Even if I stop doing shoulders for a few weeks, it comes back. How can I avoid this pain and strengthen the tendons/joints in my shoulders? Will gaining body fat help me lift heavy for the shoulders?

  10. Hello scooby. I want to start mountaineering. Im looking for increase my endurance.Cause of i must carry min 30 pound in my back all day without back injury also when climbing. Well im stick with your intermediate training program now. Now im doing pull ups, chin ups with my fingers, ultra wide push ups, tabata intervals and running. Can you give me any advice or new exercises for increase my power and endurance for climbing / mountaineering?

  11. Hi Scooby, what would you say is the best way of doing skullcrushers/french press with only dumbbells? In one of your older videos you said to use a single dumbbell and hold it similar to how you do in goblet squats, however in your recent video showing the new push workout, you did not mention this. Thanks, Chris.

  12. How do you do cardio effectively in freezing temperatures? When I’m cycling in winter when it gets about -10 to -25 degrees celsius, my throat and trachea areas start to get sore after a while. How would you combat this? Is it even safe to do cardio exercise in freezing temperatures? I know that there are these so called “cold weather masks” available in stores that warms and humidifies the air you breathe but Is that the only solution?

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