December 21, End or Beginning?

 December 21, End or Beginning?

Is today the end of the world or the beginning?  Although some predict the end of the world, I am rejoicing today.  The winter solstice is today and its the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere where I live.  From now on, every day gets longer – more daylight!  I can nearly taste springtime already.  I am a creature of summer.  I love the heat, beach volleyball, and sweating puddles when going for a run.  Its always a fight for me to keep up my fitness motivation in the winter, I even try light therapy.  I hate the cold, grey, short days of winter.  I know there are people who love snow and winter but not me.  Anyway, for me mentally December 21 is a huge day.  I know its the middle of winter but after today, its mentally the start of spring because each day will get brighter and warmer.

So what am I going to do today which is supposed to be the end of the world?  My celebration will be to go for a 10k run and then do pushups for the first time in 3 weeks!  For some that doesn’t seem like much of a celebration but for me it is.  Because of a wrist injury (typing) I had to stop ALL lifting that involved the use of my hand for the last 3 weeks to let it heal.  I was able to do adaptive workouts but today is the first day in three weeks that I can add a pushing exercise to my chest workout.  The worst thing you can do when recovering from an injury is to push too hard too fast.  I used ice and immobilization for 2 weeks, caution for one week, and now I ready to try some loads.  I will start with knee pushups on my fists (the safest position for the wrist).  If I have zero discomfort then I will do full pushups but if I notice any pain or discomfort then I will stop immediately and make that doctors appointment.

barefoot running on beach

Happy Winter Solstice! Get Ready For Summer!


25 thoughts on “December 21, End or Beginning?”

    1. I thought that was snow skiing/boarding!
      Seriously, I had winter blues as a teenager and young adult until I went snow skiing for the first time. After that I have always looked forward to as many trips to the slopes that I can afford. My son’s and nephew’s say its the funnest thing they have ever done. I’m guessing thats only because they have yet to ride a surfboard or fly a plane by themselsves.

  1. Dear Scooby,

    Sorry about your injury. It happens that I’m injured too. I run about 5 kms a day now(I used to be a decent 100 miler), but lately I’ve had severe cramp-like pains in my calf muscles. Any advice?

    By the way, thank you for all that you are doing. You have been a very big positive force in my life.

  2. I know what you mean about the wrist. I’m a plasterer and injured my wrist half way through a job but had to finish it to get paid. The pain was so bad I thought I’d broken it. Recovery seemed to take forever.

  3. Sorry for nitpicking here, but it gets warmer with a delay. I takes time for the hemisphere to cool down and it’s still cooling down despite the longer days. I too celebrate the longer days, but warmer, sorry, nah.

    Dont mind the gloomy winter that much myself, but it could be above zero with a longer daytime.

    Having said that, looks like a nice forefoot strike, but you’re not landing below your center of gravity. Stay healthy! I’m almost your age and know those little nagging injuries myself firsthand, but am not too keen on getting to know them better in the future.

    1. I’ve experimented with different running techniques and i am RPM-limited. Some people, especially youngsters, can move their legs so fast its like an egg beater. They can take tiny strides and still go really fast. I am slow, my legs just wont move. Since I cant spin my legs at high RPM, the only method available to me to run fast is to increase my stride.

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