Complete Killer Home Pull Workout for Intermediates

Complete Killer Pull Workout for Intermediates

This is a complete intermediate bodybuilding workout for gaining muscle and getting stronger.  All you need is a used set of dumbbells and your carpeted floor.  This is the pull workout day of my intermediate home workout plan.  My intermediate home workout consists of a four day repeating cycle: a push workout (this one), a pull workout, a leg workout, and a rest day. This workout will take you about 60 minutes to complete.

Day 2 – Pull

Bodypart Exercise Number sets Number reps
lats overhand pullups 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
lats barbell row 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
lats underhand pullups 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
biceps dumbbell curls 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
biceps hammer curls 3 sets, 1-2min rest between 6-12
Weights: 60 minutes & Cardio: 20 minutes – jog, brisk walk or bike

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24 thoughts on “Complete Killer Home Pull Workout for Intermediates”

  1. Thank you Scooby for your helpful workout plan. It has been three weeks that I’m into this plan. Currently I am capable of doing 5 pull ups. But during the pull up I’m experiencing a very bad pain in my arm especially in forearm and arm. What’s your thoughts on this?

  2. hi,

    wouldn’t a slight forward move of the ellbow while doing dumbbell curls be okay since the long head of the biceps inserts above the shoulder joint?

    hope the english is okay ^^

    1. Yoko Joséphine Matsui

      Yes both triceps and biceps need to be worked out equally. I would add triceps kick back on push day. I guess he wanted to make things easier to understand by categorizing push/pull/leg. And it’s hard to think of a workout that falls into push. And probably 7 workouts in one row may be too much. Anyway, this is intermediate. We all will move to more body splits soon. But your question is good. Yes, both protagonist and antagonist need to be worked out for better effects and injure prevention.

    2. As Yoko says, its always tough to balance an intermediate workout because you only have so many sets you can allocate. I’m still pretty happy with it though. For triceps, the intense exercise is the last exercise in the push workout, the skullcrushers but two other exercises also hit triceps in that push workout: the chest dumbbell press and the alternating dumbbell press for shoulders. I think that pretty well balances the biceps exercises here.

    1. foam rolling is great if you know how to do it right, its not really for stretching, its more of a deep massager to loosen the muscles. helps prevent cramp in the muscles you loosen, and pain you may feel after workouts on muscle you dont offten use

  3. Hey Scooby – another great workout for intermediates. I am more advanced, but I always watch your videos just in case there is something I can learn. Just a suggestion for a leg exercise I have found to be great and safe for bad backs, the dip belt squat. This has become the foundation of my leg workout, as I cannot squat anymore (herniated discs for 10 years, now). Look into it and see what you think.

    1. Interesting! Very similar to the goblet chair squat I do. Hadnt heard of the dip belt squat, a great variation to do heavier weight and keep the strain off the back. Thanks for the idea!!!!

      1. I appreciate you looking at this. I’ve been following you for a long time (since your first crude YouTube videos – the ones with no verbal instructions), and have tried to engage you of few times on the topic of legs for bad backs. I’ve made great gains overall, with my lean muscle mass increasing by 15-18 pounds over several years, but my legs lag a bit. I would like them to catch up even more, which led me to experiment with squat variations. The belt squat takes a lot of effort to set up, but I think it is the only machine-free squat version that places no weight on the spine. Still, I keep it in the lighter range and do a lot of reps (4 sets @ 30, 25, 20 and 15 reps with increasing weight per set). Anyways, thanks for everything you do.

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