New Years Eve – Amateur Night

Amateur Night. Thats what I call New Years Eve. As you might guess, You most likely will not see me out at the clubs tomorrow night ringing in the new year. In my opinion, its the most over-rated “holiday” of all time. Its a night when people who normally dont go out and dont know their limits head out to whoop it up and get really messy – some with drugs and others with alcohol. Some just get a hang over, some throw up, but a very unfortunate few die.

To me, New Years Eve seems like a holiday where everyone could really care less except that they feel this pressure to force themselves to go have the most fabulous night of the year. Why bother? Consider skipping going out altogether. Its an expensive, messy, crowded, and over rated night that is sure to dissappoint. How about staying home and starting your own tradition? One year we had a fabulous “New Years Eve” party where we mockingly declared Midnight to be at 9pm, it was our most fun party ever. Or just invite friends over and watch a movie. Better yet, stay home and make your fitness plan for 2013.

Am I the only one who thinks New Years Eve is over-rated? What are YOU doing for new years eve?????

New Years Eve, are we having fun yet?Drinking so much that you throw up is NOT funny.


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  1. Hello,I took 2 month pause (from BB) and for new year’s resolution i started working out again
    but i noticed that i lost a lot of my strength :(,is there any way to regain that without starting from point 0
    Btw my looks and weights are all the same
    (Some example i was able to do 20 – 25 pull ups but now i struggle to make 5)

  2. I was upset as my gym closed for 2 days during new year’s eve. I couldn’t get my fix. So I worked out at home. I agree with you Scoob the new year’s holiday is overrated. It’s a joke as so many people at work the following day were out of pocket and were suffering with hang overs, I on the other hand was pumping with energy and so was able to have a much more productive day. Scoob your a legend as you’ve helped me so much with my weight loss and muscle gain program. Thanks

  3. This new years eve i went to a friends for a BBQ and a swim in the pool but we where home for 9 and the kids tucked up and a sleep. i think it would be irresponsible for me to get wasted on beer not only is it a bad example for my children it also ruins the day after where i would not be able to do anything constructive with them. I think in my younger days with out kids it was a different story lol.

  4. My wife and I had this same conversation on New Years Eve. Never really got into the whole going out and getting wasted and we’ve been married 25 years. We went out for appetizers and went to the movies. Made it home before midnight, watched the ball drop, and went to bed….

  5. I had a quiet dinner with my girlfriend and my parents, spent my night working on goals, and then went to bed shortly after midnight. It was actually one of the better New Years Eve nights I’ve had. New Years day we cooked a nice roast, watched some movies, and played cards. The best part was that it was a cheap time, with no money wasted on alcohol, or bail. LOL :)

  6. I also think New Years is a pointless overrated holiday, that people who normally don’t get excited about anything get excited for, but I’d be lying if i said I didn’t go out and drink with my friends on NYE.

    but I didn’t throw up, and I felt fine the next morning. I did 20:13 on the treadmill in the morning. toast to the new year! twice in my life I had to work on New Years Eve, it wasn’t nearly as fun as partying

  7. I’m watching my idiot neighbors disregarding my property lines and firing off illegal fireworks in a residential community with no action by the cops. I’m just making sure they don’t set my stuff on fire.

  8. 10 years ago, on a New Year Eve, I had the loneliest feeling while a heavy drinking party was going on. Since, I realized happiness had to start within not obtain. Currently, I am watching George Michael on TV and go to sleep to count down.

  9. Just finished my workout tonight. Tried your triceps kisckback for the first time. No alcohol for me but some kind of nice cheat meal with foie gras, smoke salmon and french chocolate.

  10. I’m just doing the same thing I do every night, trying to take over the world. Just kidding! I’m studying for exams in January and I went out for a run earlier. I don’t like the pressure of the Christmas and new year holidays either. Nice post, I don’t feel as bad for staying in now.

  11. You’re right about that Scooby, many people prefer to spend the new years eve away from home drinking and get really messy. I prefer to stay home with my family, we always make dinner and share together, talking and laughing. Have a happy new year, I wish you the best of success! Thanks for all your videos :-) in this 2012!

  12. For me (;-)) I Have a nice big feast, watch a movie, then just kick back in my aprtmnt and watch the fireworks display from outside my window. When I was younger (read: stupid) I would be out drinking and smoking and being young (read: stupid). Now, for me, I like to take things easy. You are right about knowing your limits. KNOW THYSELF.

    Oh, and Happy New Years Scooby and all!

  13. Going out is definitely overrated, it’s overcrowded and the prices are normally even higher than usual. Most years we have been to friends houses as a family which I personally enjoy, but this year I decided I’ve had enough alcohol and unhealthy food already over Christmas and am just going to stay in and revise for uni and probably watch some TV before going to bed.

  14. Well… my gym was open today ’til 3:00 p.m. (bastards!) so I used my lunch break to get there and do a proper workout.

    New year’s eve? I got the tradition: some nice food, some nice wine, some nice movie, some nice girl…

    One problem: dunno how in U.S. but here in Poland the idiots with fireworks make sleeping virtually impossible before 2-3 a.m.

  15. Haha Scooby, unfortunately in Australia every time you go out all year round you have to drink till you throw up, and going to the hospital to get your stomach pumped is a badge of honour. As a male it is extremely difficult to refuse multiple drinks, it’s an insult to refuse and I’ve been literally pulled by the arm to drink before. Makes it very hard to go for a night out at times. Worse still some people can’t seem to talk until they drink. This applies to guys and girls. I agree with your sentiment entirely. Happy and Fit New Year!

  16. Scoobs I want to thank you. its been a good 8 months for me. Your site and the support of family, friends ,has got me to the weight loss goal 4 months early. But now that the weight is off i need to start lifting a lot more. PS….I’m entering your contest this coming year.

  17. Will attend a soirée at our church tonight with my wife and my 2 years old daughter. Starts at 5:30 PM with dinner, then games, dances, songs and more stuff. Will probably come back home around 2:00 AM. Did workout this morning and I intend to workout tomorrow, too, albeit in the afternoon :)

    I should point out that my 2013 Nutrition and Fitness plans are already scheduled in and ready to go.

    Happy New Year, Scooby and everyone else!

  18. Scooby,

    I totally agree with your comments. It’s really just another day like any other .
    So many people make resolutions that hardly last two weeks.
    Like you say,” stay home and make your fitness plan for 2013″ . For me it makes a big difference to keep a log book and WRITE down and Date my fitness goals instead of just relying on memories.
    Scooby, have you ever been to the Pasadena Rose Parade ? That’s cool in person…

  19. This New Years Eve I have vowed to be the last time I ever drink, ready for my new years resolution of quitting all fizzy drinks and alcohol. Over this year I have drank on two nights so far, one night during my dad’s funeral, and another on my bosses 40th birthday (peer pressure on both parts). I really don’t enjoy alcohol anymore and I will be glad to end this silly drinking game.

    So this New Years Eve I will be drinking, but I look forward to the healthy life I live after it.

    1. In a sad sort of way, yes. I remember one Jan 2 I was up early walking by a club and watching the wasted people stumbling out, stunned by the fact it was sunny outside. Their hands immediately flew up to their big-as-owl eyes to protect them from the light.. It would have been oh so cruel to take a video of the spectacle.

  20. I will probably go out, but i’ll consider not spending too much. I mean, I paid £8 for a bottle of southern comfort, that’ll probably have me drunk enough before I go out to not need to pay extortianate prices all night long.

    Budgeting ftw. But I agree that NYE can be a HUGE waste of money. I however never go out so using this as an excuse this time, I don’t always do NYE :)

      1. absolutely agree, I was pretenting to have a good time, realized that what you call it an overrated holiday just 10 years ago.

        I just came back to training 2 weeks ago after 2.5 years stop due to me afraid to pop my hernia off after my surgery.

        Also, instead of spending my time in this new year, I am planning to visit Rome this summer and have some real fun on the east coast of Italy !

        Thanks Scooby for your website, I was a follower since 2008 !


  21. I shall be watching all the timezones around the world arrive into 2013 starting with Samoa in about 19 minutes time and ending up with Midway Island in 25 hours and 19 minutes time

  22. Fireworks are legal in Germany (at New Years), as you probably know Scooby ;) So I’ll set a few of them off for some fun and watch a couple movies with my girlfriend. Alcohol, etc. bring me no enjoyment.

  23. Definately over-rated. It’s a good time to get together with friends
    and have a good time. Clubs = NO, worst place to be, they are way too
    crouded. Outside on the street = NO, bloody cold! In the end, do
    whatever you want, but always know your limits :P

  24. Over here in Australia it is already new years and I am just about to go out for a run with my new Garmin Forerunner 10 running watch which I got for christmas :) Jesus is awesome man!

    1. are there alot of Greek Australians in Australia? every Australian I know in Canada is part Greek. but not all the Greeks are part Australian. sorry if you aren’t Greek, just guessing by your nae.

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